Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A Sister's Gift

“Put my panty on.” Carl stood dumbfounded as his sister held out a panty. “Catching flies, Carl,” Lisa said. Carl closed his mouth.

“I know you want to wear my clothes, Carl.” Lisa put up her hand, “Don’t deny it. All guys want to try it out. It’s natural.”

Carl took the panty feeling the soft fabric on his hand. Carl mumbled, “I don’t know.”

Lisa firmed her voice, “Take your clothes off, put them on the bed and put on the panty.”

Lisa’s hard demand shocked Carl into reluctant action. He placed his clothes on Lisa’s bed embarrassed by his nudity in front of his sister. He hurried on the panty to cover himself.

“Hold out your arms,” Lisa said. She fished his arms through the loops of a cute pink bra with a tiny flower between the cups, stepped behind him and hooked the bra in place.

Lisa smiled as she pulled a dress and heels from her closet. Without a word Carl complied as Lisa dressed him. Lisa sat him front of the dresser mirror and fixed his hair and applied makeup. Lastly, Lisa sprinkled a fine dust over Carl.

Carl had to admit he really looked good until Lisa sprung the surprise. “How do you like it, brother? You better. If you check down there you will find I changed more than your clothes.” Carl swallowed hard. “I always wanted a sister and now I have you Chloe.”

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Kiss of the Vampire

My name is Ken, but when I am a vampire I am Vera. Yes, a girl! Don’t laugh or I’ll bust your lip. I like being a girl when I pretend to be someone else. Who cares if I never get a date? Living alone is not all that bad, I guess.

The neighborhood block party is awesome. Some people I can identify; they have minor costumes. Many are impossible to place and I am sure I fall into this group. Another vampire started eyeballing me from across the street. She started walking my way.

She is very pretty. My heart starts to race. I don’t know who she is, but she really is a female. And she wants to talk to me! It takes every ounce of energy to stay extroverted as the sexy vampire asks about my personal life. Before long she admits she has a crush on me and would not mind spending time together.

We walk back to my home and put the crowd behind us. A date is more important than a party. Hell, yeah! We talk more as we sit on my couch. She leans over and kisses me, then harder until we are in each others’ arms kissing passionately. She breaks the lip lock to kiss my neck. I lean my head to the side so she can kiss my neck deeper.

My body tingles and shivers as she kisses my neck. Then I feel her start to bite. Before I can pull back her sharp canine teeth pierce the skin. She pulls back with a bloody smile. “Now you really are Vera,” she said. “And I still think you are cute.”

It did not make sense. We enjoyed the remainder of the party together. She asked to live with me. I’m okay with that. When I change my clothes I understood what she meant. I am Vera! A woman! It seems I finally have a girlfriend and she really is a vampire. Her kiss is a TG kiss. It bothered me the first day or two, but after that it was no problem at all. It might have had something to do with the next kiss she taught me.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Introvert Abroad

Winning the lottery and traveling the galaxy is a dream for most people. Wally does not dream about it anymore; he lives it. And why not? He won the largest jackpot in history. He can buy anything he wants. The only thing missing is happiness. Wally is single with no friends and only a handful of acquaintances.

Traveling will allow him to meet more people and experience more cultures. His introverted personality will hold him back, however. Wally knew what he had to do. He paid for the premium package at TG Incorporated. As a woman he will have more worlds he can travel to; as a woman people will come to him.

Carol is an introverted woman traveling the Community of Worlds. She is on exciting adventures every day. Where Wally once walked, Carol now lives. Carol does not talk much. Wally did not break out of his shell because he is a woman now. She comes out in different ways. For example, she wears pantyhose with stars which always brings a comment or three while on a spaceship.

Other surprises happened to Carol, too. While enroute to Epsilon II Carol partied with fellow passengers, drinking her sherry in the corner quietly. A handsome young man approached her and started a conversation. It was one-sided at first as Carol nodded and looked down a lot. But as the sherry kept coming Carol loosened up. Soon she was talking and giggling.

Carol does not remember going to the man’s room when she wakes up the next morning in his bed. As the days go by the relationship grows. Carol breaks out of her shell. By the time they reach Epsilon II Carol is known by all on the ship as the happy woman with the hot boyfriend. Carol avoids corners now since she plans on marrying the handsome prince while touring Epsilon II.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Missed Warning

The whole world seems to be suffering from a cold. The same world finally claimed me as a prize. It really sucks to ache so much. A kind angel has provided me with several captions to use in such an event. I hate missing a day without posting so this really helps. Thank you, kind angel, where ever you are. I really needed the break.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Race

The aliens made it simple: the loser of the race would be made a girl via the girly light and taken as a sex slave to the Moorton Colony of the Heximon Empire. Bart had no idea what Moorton or Heximon is, but he knows what a girl is. He also knows he wants to stay a dude. His buddy Alex will have to live as a girl on a far off world, as far as Bart was concerned; he was keeping his junk.

The foreboding UFO hovering over Bart and Alex drove home the seriousness of the situation. It was a simple challenge: the first one to cross the finish line wins. The race is down the old hiking trail, over four miles of rugged terrain. Bart didn’t wait for the starting gun; he took off as soon as the terms were set.

Bart pushed everything he had into his mountain bike. He managed to stay upright as he hit the turns hot. Alex had a late start and was falling further behind. Bart did not ease up. He stepped into his peddles to assure his win. The finish line was in sight. Bart’s throat hurt as he breathed hard, pushing with everything he had to win the race.

The alien craft hovered over the finish line. As Bart crossed the line a bright flash erupted from the UFO. Bart could not believe the aliens lied to him. Those bastards! A moment later Alex limped across the finish line to be greeted by the same flash of the girly light. “Why?” is all Bart could ask.

“The race was to determine which brothel each of you would work in,” said an alien as they herded the boys, ah, I mean girls onto to the UFO bound for Moorton Colony of the Heximon Empire. Bart, as Mary, served the clientele well. She kept moral high on the outpost. 

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Pocket Change

When I cried out in pain an angel offered to help she has asked to remain anonymous for now. Nevertheless, I am ever grateful for her help. She provided several captions to keep my blogs current while I face my struggles.Thank you, where ever you are. You are the best of friends.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Best Joke Ever

Jack pointed up in the sky and laughed. “Nice one guys. A spaceship; a UFO. Very original.” Jack thought it was the funniest joke ever. What he did not realize is his buddies behind him had already turned tail and ran. Jack was standing alone on the walkway pointing and laughing at the sky.

The light in the sky kept coming closer as Jack pointed. What Jack did not do was think. If he did, even for a fraction of a second, he would have known such a gag would be beyond anything his buddies could pull off. If he took a second moment to think he would have realized he was standing alone . But he didn’t.

The UFO did not hover over him as it is so often reported in the news. Instead, the spacecraft stayed high in the sky in front of him forcing Jack to look up at a 45 degree angle. Jack thought it was the most elaborate trick ever when the light flashed at him from the UFO. 

Jack kept smiling and giggling to himself as the UFO sped away. Slowly his buddies returned. They saw the whole think from a safe distance. It was then that Jack discovered it was no gag. The UFO was real and he was hit by a girly light.

The laughing stopped as Jack had to decide what to do. There was nothing he could do really except pick a name. The guys settled on Becky. It was a nice, down-home name. Now Jack and his friends had to figure out what to tell Jack’s wife when they got him home.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Live by the Sword

From the time he was a little boy Arthur wanted to be in law enforcement. Not some lowly Earth schlep of a cop, but rather an interplanetary undercover agent of the Community of Worlds’ Interpol. When he entered college he was approached when word got out of his unyielding desire to serve. The fact that he would need to serve as a female agent did not deter Arthur one bit.

As Mindy, the defender of all that is good, Arthur became the agent of her dreams. Her skill and beauty enhanced her reputation around the galaxy. Bad guys did not want Mindy after them. She always got her man.

Her fame also made her a target. She brought down the largest crime syndicates in the Community of Worlds. Crime lords knew the balance was out of their favor. A plan was hatched; a trap set. Mindy never backed down from a difficult assignment. She walked in eyes wide open and took down most of the bad guys. But there were too many and they outflanked Mindy. When the dust settled Mindy was dead.

On an out world in the Community of Worlds a young boy was reading about Mindy’s death. She was his superhero saving the galaxy from evil. For as long as he could remember he wanted to be in law enforcement. Not some lowly local schlep of a cop; he wanted to be Mindy. It did not bother him if he had to be a girl to get the job done.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Harvey Wallbanger

Sorry for the outburst yesterday; life was crashing in. Thank you to everyone who expressed concern. It is hard to concentrate on stories when so much is bothering me I've decided to take certain actions to keep these two TG blogs current. Another blogger has kindly offered to write some posts for me until I get my head back on straight. I'm taking her up on the offer. I am also going to modify/update some very old posts. Most of you will not notice. Thank you for understanding. 
-Still Krazy

While travelling alone in France, Harvey lost his clothes, passport and money. His belongings, all of them except the clothes on his back, were stolen from the hostel as he slept. With no money for food or another night of shelter, Harvey turned to the hostel owner for help. With an easy smile the hostel owner said in perfect English, “I know just the person who can help you.”

Harvey was introduced to a man with a business at the outskirts of town. He could get Harvey a new passport, shelter for as long as he needed and three square meals a day, plus a change of clothes. All for one low fee. “How can I pay?” asked Harvey. “I have a way,” the man said with a twisted grin.

Harvey had no choice. He let the man put him in a swapping chamber and change his name to Zoe. Harvey works hard every day for his food, clothing and shelter. Soon, he will have earned enough to buy his manhood back and a passport. What Harvey didn’t know was that there was no “going back”. And he would work his new job for a long time. A very, very long time. And the hostel owner laughed as he collected his fee for stealing Harvey’s belongings.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Don't Ask, Don't Tell

Update from Kay: As you know I had a lightning strike a week ago that caused significant damage to my home and appliances. The cost to cover the uninsured portion is huge, more than I can afford. I have accepted a second job so I can get my life back (as if working 15 hours a day is a life). I toyed with a contest to help provide content on my TG blogs: Krazy Kay's TG Captions and Swaps and Exotic TG Captions. Nobody has responded they were interested. Since I write these stories late at night after a long day of work I know I will not keep up the pace. I know I will miss some days, maybe a lot of days here. If someone wants to try their hand at TG captioning I would be happy to post there stuff on the days I don't have time to write. To the best of my ability I will continue to tell stories, just not as often. Please understand. 

Love, Kay
Major Tom while on leave watching a Presidential debate is intrigued by a comment, a comment that women are the largest voting bloc in the country. Why are there so many women compared to men, Tom thought?

Using his authority within the military, Tom starts an investigation. Soon he learns it is true: there are more women than men in the country. More surprising: the disparity is growing at an accelerated pace. What could cause such an anomaly? The disparity can be explained partially with biology, but only part. The disparity is 4 standard deviations off the expected norm. In laymen’s terms that is a massive disparity almost impossible to happen by chance.

The accelerating disparity is even more odd. The evidence suggests some men are turning into women. It is the only way to make the numbers work. Major Tom dug deeper and deeper to find the truth. He discovered a large number of men and boys have gone missing and that police are keeping it secret. And what about women showing up with no background? If Tom did not know it was impossible to completely transform a man into a woman he would swear it was happening.

When digging into paranormal events it is best to keep a low profile. Major Tom walked head high as he worked his pet project. One stormy, foggy night a group of hooded women broke into Tom’s home while he slept. Before he knew what was happening a hood was pulled over his head and he was tied. He was taken to a secret military base and underwent a complete gender reassignment.

After the procedure Tom’s eyes asked “Why” to the doctor. “We need to pacify the masses to control them,” is all the doctor said. Tom was strapped into a chair and a machine brainwashed him.

Major Tom was killed in a freak accident, the military reported. Wanda is a new recruit eager to please her commander. 

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Independence Day Redux

[It is best to read this post while listening to the song below: Children of the Sun, preferably very loud.]

People of the Earth can you hear me?
Came a voice from the sky on that magical night
And in the colors of a thousand sunsets
They traveled through the world on a silvery light

The people of the Earth stood waiting
Watching as the ships came one by one
Setting fire to the sky as they landed
Carrying to the world children of the sun
Children of the sun

Raymond gazed at the late afternoon sky as the first spaceship appeared in Earth’s sky over New York City. It looked like a spaceship from that movie — What’s its name? — oh yes, Independence Day. News outlets were burning with government reports which boiled down to: they know nothing and do not know what to do. And then there was social media.

People gathered outside to view the spectacle. The correlation with the movie was not lost on the people, but it was decided there was nothing that could be done if the aliens meant harm. Reports spread that spaceship were appearing over every major city of the planet. Raymond would be remiss if he did not admit his heart missed at least half a beat.

All at once came a sound from the inside
Then a beam made of light hit the ground
Everyone felt the sound of their heartbeat
Every man, every woman, every child

The bottom of the ship opened as bolts of blue electricity coalesced beneath the ship. Some said prayers and some wondered why an alien species would travel light years just to kill humans. There had to be another answer. Regardless, Raymond would have the answer soon enough as the blue electricity snapped together and fired at the ground.

They passed the limits of imagination
Through the doors to a world of another time
And on the journey of a thousand lifetimes
With the children of the sun, they started to climb

When the energy pulse hit the ground it spread out just like in the movie, but that is where the similarity ends. Instead of destruction, the energy burst caused only a light winds ruffling everyone’s clothing. Raymond thought it odd to see clothing flying through the air; the wind was not that strong. Then he noticed all the men were gone and women were standing in their place.

Raymond was not immune to the transformations taking place. He knew they were hit by a massive girly light. Every city on the planet was suffering the same result. Raymond settled down as Amanda, since he is a woman now. According to the news reports, the aliens made contact with the United Nations and most national leaders around the world after the transformation event. It seems they only make contact with advanced societies with a matriarchal framework. Earth needed a minor adjustment to fit the bill. For Amanda, it was a great day for the human race.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Contest

Hey, everyone, Krazy Kay here. I want to try something new on both my TG captions blogs. To make a long story short, I want to start a contest. I’ll provide the image, you provide the story. Tell me what you think in the comments section below. Some of my other ideas for contests is to either give the winner a piece of women’s clothing or maybe $5 into a Paypal account or maybe have a long running contest where the caption with the most likes wins $100. What do you think?

Send all captions to


Captain Altair goes by many faces. Bart knew this all too well. While trekking the Zemeloo Hinterland he happened into a chance encounter with Captain Altair and her squadron. After a brief disagreement Bart was impressed into service.  Captain Altair needed a ruse and Bart would fit the bill perfectly.

Bart was cuffed and led back to the ship where a quick surgery and nanobot bath turned him into a woman. A few days of feminine training turned Bart into the perfect belly dancer/girl/diversion for Captain Altair.

Captain Altair had Bart’s brain reprogrammed as Maxine. From a distance he would be confused as Captain Altair. Captain Altair would use the moments of confusion to free the captured President of Mentaldo.

The risks to Bart, I mean Maxine, were significant. Good woman that he is, he performed his duties heroically and lived. Never even received a scratch. The President of Mentaldo was freed by Captain Altair and her heroic soldiers. Maxine, unaware she was ever a dude, fought like hell to stop the transformation back to Bart. And she won, breaking free and running like the wind. Captain Altair ordered to let him go. Captain Altair said, “He is happier now as Maxine. Let the poor guy enjoy his life.”

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Closest of Encounters

Marty was content as he relaxed in his hot tub. He enjoyed the fruits of his work. He built a cabin on 400 hectares of pristine woodland. The cabin had just enough amenities to make it feel real. The hot tub on the cool autumn night was the best feeling he ever had. He tilted his head back and enjoys the brilliant stars as the jets massaged his muscles.

A shooting star caught Marty’s eye as it streaked across the sky for just a fraction of a second longer than he thought falling stars should light the sky. The afterglow almost looked like it reached to the ground. It all added up to the most peaceful moment in Marty’s life.

The sound of the jets and bubbles in the water drove Marty to the edge of sleep when a soft whine emanated from the surrounding woods. At first Marty thought he was dreaming. A pale blue flickering light in the distant trees brought Marty full awake. The light came closer as he sank deeper into the water.

Minutes later three strange men looking like alien grays from TV approached his hot tub and dropped a powder into the water. The water began foaming around Marty. When the foam dissipated Marty was a woman. The alien said, “You are Greta. We need you to come with us.”

The aliens took Greta with them to their ship. On the voyage to their home world Greta posed for thousands of photos. Upon arrival on Mintex IV, Greta discovered he was a gift for the king of this planet. The marriage between the king and Greta would be the first step in forging a relationship between Earth and Mintex IV. Greta was honored to serve as queen.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Green Revolution

In this tight economy any job is a good job. Percy felt lucky to get the farm job for summer. He needed the money for when he went back to college in the fall. The work was hard, but satisfying. Every day was different and brought new challenges. It made the time go by fast.

Farming has risks today that never existed before. Certain hybrid crops are infused with unique compounds to achieve higher yields. The latest alfalfa fields used the most advanced genetics ever used in farming. It is important for all people to stay away from the field when it was in bloom. The boss forgot to tell Percy.

During breaks Percy walked the back fields and fencerows of the farm. Percy knew not to walk in the alfalfa field in full bloom. So he walked along the edge admiring the deep purple flowers of the plants. A light breeze blew across the field and towards Percy. He breathed in deep the wonderful smell of the flowers.

By the time a farmhand saw Percy next to the alfalfa field it was too late. Percy looked down at his body and screeched. He ran back to the barn where he was told the alfalfa is using nanobots to increase yields and that the nanobots are the same as the transgender nanobots. The nanobots are only dangerous when the plant is in bloom.

Percy changed his name to Sally and stayed working on the farm. There was plenty of work on a farm, even for girls. When it came time to head back to college, Sally knew she would have some explaining to do. In the end college was okay. She made new friends and starting dating her best friend. It was somewhat odd, but they knew so much about each other they made the perfect match.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

If You Believe it You Can Be It

Put a lightsabre in a guy’s hands and the power usually goes to his head. Before you know it he is off trying to save the galaxy and as long as he is at it he might as well do it as a princess. Not that the idea doesn’t have its appeal, but it is an outlandish fantasy. Right?

Randy is just such a geek. He loves all the sci-fi shows, books and movies. He is a well known regular at all the conventions. He has won more masquerades than anyone else in sci-fi history. He really looks like a real life Leia.

The fantasy is never enough. Soon Randy starts to believe the story line. He recognizes himself as Leia more than his real self. His weak ego dies as Leia takes over. Eventually he undergoes a transformation at the local TG Incorporated office.

Crazy Leia. Now she went and joined the Galactic Corps to save the world, ah, I mean the universe (or at least the galaxy). She will enjoy many adventures. But the best one was her last; the one where Leia meets Prince Charming and gets married. Then, and only then, does Leia hang up her lightsabre. 

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Interstellar FOSE

It was the first movie to hit blockbuster status on every planet in the Community of Worlds. The movie took people from the audience and used their image on the screen all in real time. Despite the risks of a Fantasy Orgasm Swapping Event (FOSE), people flocked to the theaters in droves hoping the computer selected them to be on the big screen.

The erotic nature of the movie did not help. People were turned on by the scenes. If you were chosen by the computer for selection of your image in the movie you were guaranteed a date that night. Chris was seeing the movie for the eighth time tonight. He was unlucky so far, but he wanted to be in the movie so bad.

Tonight was Chris’s lucky night! As the movie began he saw his face on the screen; he was an actor in the movie tonight. Chris was so excited. In the love scene he started to fantasize about the woman his body was loving on the screen. He had to play it cool if he wanted a date from the crowd tonight.

Then the unthinkable happened. Of all the bad luck, a FOSE hit. Chris found himself in Amanda’s body, the woman in the movie. Worse, he was on a completely new world. His head spun as he tried to cover what happened.

Someone was holding his hand. Amanda had a date for the evening. He saw a ring on her finger. My Gawd! Amanda is married to this man; he is married to this man! Amanda faked it all the way home. At some point he has to confess to this man who she really is. As they readied for bed she starts to explain. Her husband cuts her short, telling her he knows. He saw the change in her instantly. It seems he is okay with Chris in his wife’s body. Not like anyone could do anything about it. No one has ever heard of a FOSE reversing. Amanda will need to get used to pleasing her husband.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Prison Blues

It seemed like such a minor crime at the time. Frank hacked the alien T-net, the galactic version of the internet, and downloaded files he found interesting. Frank was addicted to the information feeds. The things governments did around the galaxy made Earth governments look like pussies.

The security force of the Community of Worlds did a snatch and grab in the dead of night. Frank was off world before any Earth government could lodge a complaint. Now that Frank was in security forces control there was nothing anyone could do.

Prisons around the galaxy have a history of driving men insane. In an act of mercy Frank was given food laced with nanobots. He transformed into a woman in a single afternoon. The nanobots helped reduce his anxiety. For the time being he was still confined to the padded room.

The guards started calling Frank Betty. Betty grew smarter by the day — another side effect of the nanobots her captors did not know was happening. Betty turned into an accomplished seductress. We all know clothes make the man. Well, they make the woman, too, especially if the clothes is lingerie.

Within two months Betty seduced her way out of solitary, out of the prison, and into a guard’s bed. Eventually Betty was given a deal she could not pass up: work securing the T-net or return to prison. It was an easy call. She set up an office in the guard’s home. Betty has padded walls in her office. A reminder of where she could be if she breaks the law again. And she gets to work in her underwear. How cool is that?

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Changing Room

The aliens promised gifts to satisfy the dreams of all people. Each gift was different. Desires vary widely among people and Monroe had one of the more unique requests. Monroe wanted a changing room where he could change his clothes and his body. It was an easy gift for the visitors to provide.

The government was concerned about the aliens and their gifts. Why would an advanced race travel the galaxy just to provide gifts to Earth? The only answers officials could think of were unpalatable. Monroe did not care; he had the ultimate toy any man could want.

The deviant reason the aliens came to Earth only became clear much later. Women always wanted more shoes and clothing while the guys wanted sports and toys. But after a while the guys wanted to live out their fantasies. Most guys want to be a woman at least for a day to see what it is like. The temporary opportunity is where the aliens get what they want.

Monroe enjoyed his changing room. He became addicted to the MTF transformations he enjoyed on a regular basis. Today would be different. He was so happy as Annette when he changed into the bikini. Soon Monroe will discover the change is permanent.

All over the world guys were finding their tawdry little flings as girls permanent. The surprise turned the planet into a bunch of hysterical girls running around wild. After the shock wore off it was discovered fewer than 5% of the men remained of the human species. The aliens revealed their reason for coming to Earth; they needed wives. The aliens were real gentleman. They only took volunteers. Transformed men volunteered in large numbers for some reason. Annette was one of the first. His excuse for volunteering, he wanted to see the galaxy and an alien husband would be the ticket. 

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Dancing with the Stars

Note: Sorry for not posting new stuff today. My house was hit by lightning a few days ago and my internet and electronics are all starting to die.I am updating from work, but they don't want me working my blog here. Will have new stuff as soon as my internet is back. Thank you for understanding. Kay

As a minor celebrity I had to work hard to not let it get to my head. My minimal role on a national sitcom turned a few heads. Deep down I was dreaming of making it big time. When my agent said they wanted me on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ I knew my career was rocketing higher. What I did not want to admit is that they needed so many people to fill slots on the show that they were desperate.  I did not care. I was going to be on national television front and center. This will be my ticket.

There is a lot of hard work preparing for the show. The demands are mental as well as physical. The dance moves they had me learn were nothing like I expected. And who is my dance partner?

Once I had the moves down I was told I was doing a solo act. All the better, I thought. Such an honor will only serve to catapult my career ever faster. A week before airing, I was asked to visit TG Incorporated. What the hell! They told me I needed to have a few temporary changes for the show. I guess an actor will do anything to get a gig.

I must admit, I killed’em out there. The crowd cheered like mad. The only part that upset me is when they introduced me by my female stage name, Gina, instead of Nathan. The next day I was ready to get my old body back when my agent called out of breath. She said I have a gig as a leading woman in a mega budget action film. What can I say? I kept the tits.

That was seven years ago. I think the warrantee on my old body expired. Don’t know if there is any way for me to go back. Not that it matters. I’m the highest paid female actress ever and my husband might be a little pissed if I walked in one day packing.

Monday, September 7, 2015

What is Eating You?

Confusion. Where am I? Anton could not remember who he was. A small memory remained of a lightning bolt, no, something else that hit him. And where it this place? What is this place?

Slowly he started to remember. I am Anton, he recalled. But if I am Anton why do I have voluptuous tits? Why? Not that Anton was complaining. The pieces started to fall together as he focused his mind. There was no storm, no lightning, but there were lights in the sky.

A door appeared in the wall. A tall man walked into the room with a tray of food. The whole setup started looking like a Twilight Zone episode where aliens take people on their ship in preparation for eating them.  Too weird, Anton thought.

The man smiled. Anton could hear the man telepathically. ‘You are partly right,’ Anton heard in his head. The voice continued, ‘We do mean to eat you. Trust us, you will enjoy being eaten. You will go by the name Penelope now. You will enjoy us eating you for years to come.’ Penelope? It all fell in place. They have no plans on killing her, they made him a woman to, ah, eat her. All Penelope could think was, ‘Aliens kidnap humans to go down on them?’ The alien voice in her head said, ‘Human males converted to females are the greatest delicacy our planet knows of. You will be treated well to keep your flavor exquisite.’ Penelope thought, ‘It could be worse.’

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Great Calling

The blue light came out of nowhere and bathes Glen in its soft glow. His body tingled everywhere; it felt so good. He did not notice anything strange prior to the light hitting him, but as he looked up now he saw a massive UFO hovering over him and projecting the mesmerizing blue light.

It seemed to last for hours, but Glen knew it was only minutes before the light stopped. He kept looking up at the UFO to see what would happen next. Nothing. Then he noticed his whole body felt different. He looked down and knew the aliens had hit him with some form of galactic girly light.

The UFO started to get closer until a door opened and a ramp extended to the ground. Three alien grays appeared and walked down the ramp. The closest alien gray held out its hand and said, “Join us, Xena. We choose you as Earth’s ambassador.” With such a great honor bestowed upon her, she accepted the hand. The ramp closed behind her as she entered the ship. Xena realized she would be a great ambassador for Earth. She knew the aliens made her female to bring out his kinder, softer side. What a civilized species they must be, Xena thought.

Friday, September 4, 2015

A Long Time Ago...

A long time ago… okay, it was last week, Mike accepted an acting job. The description was vague, but actors can’t be choosy if they want to eat. Upon arrival Mike was pleasantly surprised the gig was a pastiche of Star Wars. How cool is that?

Once the rules for the gig were outlined Mike became apprehensive. It seems this movie is a sort of fight club where the weapon is a girly light in the form of a lightsabre. The contest would continue until one man was left standing.

Mike practiced several martial arts disciplines in the past so he felt confident he could make good money on this gig and keep his junk. And if he did go down he did not mind the idea of life as a woman. Besides, women get all the cool acting jobs.

True to form Mike won each contest. One guy after another fell to the girly light. The producer was delighted in the results. The look on their faces when the girly light made contact was priceless. Then the last contest began. The two remaining guys out of a group of 32 faced each other. Mike used every skill he had to make fast work of his opponent.

Mike was the winner! The other newly minted girls had had enough. They moved in and with one awesome stroke forced Mike to join them in womanhood. Mike went to his knees. He looked up and smiled. The producer came over, reached down and swatted him on the ass. “You look good, Julie.” 

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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Personality Adjustment

There will be some changes to your personality, Ron was told by the TG Incorporated technician. Ron was too excited about his planned transformation to consider any problems, especially something as minor as a personality adjustment.

The transformation into Cheryl went smoothly. He lost twenty years in the transformation and a hundred pounds. Cheryl is young, sexy,vivacious, perky and fun; all things Ron admired in a woman. Ron refused to wear anything but a short skirt when he stepped out of the chamber. The feeling was awesome! He felt like such a girl. He giggled like one, too.

Ron was a quiet guy keeping to himself. Cheryl is outgoing, talkative and snuggling up to everyone she can. Cheryl is a naive girl, however. What do you expect from a girl who did not exist an hour ago? This immediately led to some problems. The boys were all staring at her and she did not notice. Girls learn from a young age to notice men looking at them and to keep their guard up. Cheryl will need time to build this natural female defense. If she does not learn soon she will be one of those girls, if you know what I mean.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Fighting Back

I was out of options. I either had to succumb to their demands or destroy them. I chose to destroy them. Who are they? Why the Church of Scientology, of course.

What kind of church refuses to let a member leave? What kind of church destroys a person’s reputation just because they want to leave? For me, the church worked hard to keep me in the fold. I lost control as I entered adulthood and that is something the church cannot stand. I tried; I really did. But I could not follow the teachings of a guy named Ron who thought aliens tossed evil beings, thetans, into a volcano that infest people. Can’t do it.

Before I could escape they captured and imprisoned me. Weeks of solitary did not change my mind so they changed me from Samuel to June. They did a good job; I admit that, but they ripped my life from me so I am fighting back.

A Scientologist does know a thing or three about science and I know how to make things go BOOM! really big. I planned on destroying the heart of the organization. I rented a cube van and filled it with fertilizer and diesel. I drove to the headquarters of the church and parked the van. I looked up at the cross on the center of the building. What non-Christian church does that? I set the timer and walk quickly from the scene. The explosion should be large enough to take down most of the building. I want that son-of-a-bitch Miscavige, the leader of the horror show and as many of his freaks as I can kill.

Moments later, after I was well out of sight, the explosion ripped through the afternoon breeze. Scientology headquarters is a pile of rubble. That bastard never understood that when he made me a woman he also made me a bitch and payback is a bitch.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Holy Shit! Tammy thought as she examined her body. Okay, her name is James, or at least it was a few minutes ago before the vortex hit the school. Still it was all planned. The vortex was tracked. Several of the guys decided to leave the shielded area and experience the awesome transformation the vortex performs.

It happened so fast James could not tell the transformation happened. One moment he was James, the next Tammy. James always wanted to be a Tammy. It felt so sexy. No longer a geek no one notices, Tammy knows she will be a popular girl in school. She looks at her waist and tests out her breasts. Awesome!

There were a few concerns about the transformation. A vortex does not tell you what kind of body you get. It is usually a very sexy body, but a few guys have been disappointed. Not James. He is happier than a pig in shit.

There is something James did not realize. The vortex does more than change the body, it changes the mind. Tammy felt an unquenchable lust for a boyfriend. By the weekend he had a date and got laid. It was such a good choice he made about experiencing the vortex transformation. It turned about a million times better than imagined.

Paying Bills