Monday, February 29, 2016

Leaving It All Behind

Carly left her past behind her. All the legal troubles and threats from the mob were over as she left TG Incorporated. She felt good inside knowing she did the right thing testifying against the powerful crime syndicate. She has a new life to start over again. Bill is gone now; only Carly is left.

It was strange stepping out of the nanobot hot tub with bouncing breasts and no junk between the legs. It was different wearing a bra and panties. The dress tickled her pantyhose covered legs. A cool breeze swirled under her dress. She promised herself she would not look back. It was too much. She glanced over her left shoulder with a wry smile knowing she will never see her boy parts again.

Carrying a purse is also different from a wallet in the back pocket. A girl has to carry a few more things than guys. To help her adjust to her new life the government provided a female trainer to live with her. Little did Carly know it was a rogue agent working for the crime syndicate. Carly was afraid she might be a lesbian as a girl. Instead, she was groomed to work for the syndicate earning back the money she cost them.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

New World, New Home, New Body

Carl had to get away and start a new life. It was nothing like legal problems; it was more like he needed a new life where he could start over. His business failed and a lot of people lost their job and people have a long memory.

With his last money he booked passage to Frentar II. Carl could not catch a break even on a new world until he changed who he was. It wasn’t the location that was the problem; Carl was the problem. Luck was on Carl’s side, however. A Jewel of Odan appeared just when he needed it. He knew what the jewel was and what it did. Any man who held the jewel and thought of a woman became that woman. What could he lose? He was on a new world trying to start a new life. Starting over as a new woman would be the only logical choice. He closed his eyes with the jewel in his left hand and imagined the most beautiful girl he could imagine.

The Jewel of Odan was the turning point in his life. As Tonya, she was able to start a new business and it grew wildly. The money poured in and life was good. Tonya used some of the profits and bought an old estate. The place needed work. Tonya had no problem doing some work. A little work never hurt anyone and besides, the guys thought she looked sexy as she cleaned up the place.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Friday, February 26, 2016

Thursday, February 25, 2016

New Part of Town

The revitalization project changed the slums into the most hip part of town. Everyone wanted to live there. Randy was one of the lucky ones rich enough to afford the rent. And, of course, the required transformation; the new part of town is a girls-only district.

The best part for Randy, or should we say, Tamara, is wearing a mini dress and pantyhose. The cool air felt invigorating as it rubbed her legs and swirled under her dress. She headed out this afternoon to meet her boyfriend for a night of dancing and fun. The sensation on her legs might be more than a slight breeze.

Randy was an average guy, but Tamara is hot! Women rarely noticed Randy; it is why he made so much money; he didn’t have much else to do in life other than create a blog with a huge following. He sold the blog for millions. Tamara is another story. She has no time for serious stuff. She is the most popular girl in the new part of town. And cute has its rewards, like the best looking guy in town, the other part of town. The relationship is getting so steamy Tamara is thinking of moving out of the new part of town to be with her sweetheart. 

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

A Simple Card Game

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

No 1 Cares

After the trauma wore off Scott tried to tell anyone who would listen. He had a tall tale of alien abduction and experimentation. It was all too much to believe. Nobody believed the hysterical woman. They named her Jane Doe until they could learn more about her.

The doctors felt it would be best if she remained hospitalized until she settled down. Interns made Jane the laughing stock of the mental ward. The only clothes she had to wear were what was given her by the hospital. The shirt said it all. Nobody believed her story.

Jane tried using logic. She gave details about Scott’s life and told the doctors he was missing. Yes, there was a missing man in the area, but police believed he was lost in the heavily wooded area and was probably dead, never to be found. Jane had to make a decision. If she were to ever have a normal life again she would have to accept what happened to her and play along with the doctors. It was not hard. Surprisingly she adjusted to the feminine lifestyle well.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Dancing a New Tune

Franklin adjusted just fine when the aliens came to Earth and demanded men become women. You see, the alien men did not want competition from Earth men so they demanded all the men be transformed into women which also had the pleasant side effect of providing the alien men with even more women to date.

A vast galactic girly light canon fired from space converted most men the first day. Certain things are expected when so many new women join the club: a run on panties and pantyhose, a dress shortage and plenty of PMS as the first month progressed. There were other unusual side effects. Action movies died while love ballads became hits everywhere.

The aliens got more than they expected. Franklin, now Erika, is a good example. Erika and a group of her new women friends seem to be synchronized for that special time of the month. The aliens never knew what hit them. By the time it was over the Earth women controlled the alien men and demanded marriage. It also seems the Earth women were gold diggers. They put the alien men to work while they enjoyed life as the women of the party.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Friday, February 19, 2016

Alex Can Handle His Inheritance

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Forced Feminization

From the day Melinda married Luke she started the process of feminizing him. It started small. Melinda refused to buy Luke underwear, forcing him to wear panties to work. Later she required he wear a bra under his shirt. Before long Luke spent his weekends wearing a skirt and heels. Nights required a negligee.

Luke fought back at first, not understanding Melinda had such a fetish for guys in drag. What Luke didn’t understand is that for Melinda is was much more. She wanted a feminine lover. As Melinda’s lust grew she knew she wanted a woman in her bed. She couldn’t give up Luke. She loved him and was always faithful.

After two years of marriage Melinda took Luke to TG Incorporated the start the transitioning process. By now Luke wasn’t fighting it; he actually liked wearing girl’s clothing. He wore dresses so much he started thinking like a girl; his manhood was mentally gone.

The doctor at TG Incorporated decided hormones followed by surgery with a follow-up nanobot treatment would be the best course of action. The changes went faster than Luke thought. Soon the breast forms were no longer needed; Luke filled out her bra fine without them.

Luke changed his name to Alice and broke the news at work. Everyone was so supportive. In a few months the surgery and nanobot treatment finished the transition. It goes to show that even a guy with no desire to be a woman can fill the role just fine without any problems. Melinda was happy, too; she has the best lover ever in bed.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016


In the Old West there was a woman known to those who lived long enough as May. Whenever trouble came to town May was sure to follow. Girls were far and few between in those days west of the Mississippi. And for the few brave souls to cross that river came risks and… terrors. Men were cruel to women and children, treating them more as property than as people.

When men came to town looking for some companionship, May seemed to always be there. She kept the girls safe from men with bad intentions on their mind. When the danger had passed, so was May. Like the wind she would disappear.

Some say she was a man at one time, a man that promised a witch he would protect women the rest of his days if she would save his life from a gunshot wound. It sounds impossible, but the greatest gunslinger in the Old West disappeared, never to be heard from again, the same time May arrived. She shots straight and knows how to avoid injury. Too strange to be true? Maybe. Maybe not.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Monday, February 15, 2016

A Warm Glow

It started out as a curiosity for Wayne. The idea of wearing magic panties and all they did for a man became an insatiable drive. He started dressing up until he finally had it perfect. He could pass as a woman easily after an hour or so of prepping.

 Finally he decided to buy a magic panty. He dressed up and as the last part, slipped the magic panty on. Wayne expected something to happen immediately. Nothing. He decided as long as he was dressed up to go out for a walk.

While walking down the street he could tell the magic panty was starting to work. A green glow lit up the inside of his mini skirt as the magic panty did its job. It felt awesome. A young man asked him why there was a glow from her skirt. “Oh,” Wayne said, “I have an LED light skirt.” He was cute. “By the way, my name is Misty.” Misty and the young man talked for hours as they walked. The young man spent the night at Misty’s house, and then the next, and the next . . .

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Greatest Wife

Want to talk about the best wife in the world? Well, I have her. From the day we met she loved to dress me up as a girl. Man, could she do a job. With her help I learned to walk and talk like a girl. Coupled with the perfect makeup job, I was a knock-down gorgeous woman.

By the time we married I rarely wore men’s clothes anymore. In all honesty I did wear a tux for the wedding so my mother would not have a coronary, but as soon as we left the reception I was back in pantyhose and heels.

I think it was around the six month mark when I wore men’s clothing for the last time. My wife, Becky, loved making out with me as a girl. She started suggesting I take hormones. I was reluctant for about two weeks. Then I realized how awesome it would be to start growing tits.

Eight months later women’s clothes fit much better with only one problem, the bulge in the shorts. We lived with it until our two year wedding anniversary. Then Becky convinced me to go all the way. TG Incorporated finished the job. They widened my hips, smoothed out any male-ish issues and gave me the tightest virgin clam any woman on the planet has.

We celebrated two wonderful years by making out. This time I am a real girl. We giggled and laughed as we discussed names for me. We finally settled on Krysten. A pretty name, I thought. And it feels so good to have all the right parts in the right places. See, I told you I have the best wife in the world.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Friday, February 12, 2016

Dear Jane

Dear Jane,

I know you miss me, honey; I miss you too. It has been so hard on you, my transformation. Please don’t cry; please understand. The pain was too great for me to carry on any longer. I had to run away, find myself.

The enclosed picture is me. They did such a good job. I wanted to call you so many times to share my happiness, but was always afraid I’d hurt you by just being there. No more. I know you, honey; you are strong. We were married for eight wonderful years. I also know you are dating a wonderful young man. You cannot know how happy I am for you.

I also have a boyfriend. He is kind and gentle. We are deeply in love. I am writing, hoping, praying you will forgive me and be friends. My fondest dream is to double date with you. Ah, the stories we will be able to tell. Please say yes.

Your faithful husband, Carly

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Monday, February 8, 2016

Like New

The car accident left Ralph with serious and significant injuries. Emergency workers were able to extract him from his car without further damage. The doctors did a bang-up job at fixing the cuts and bruises. The cracked ribs healed, the broken leg mended and mental trauma subsided. The one problem the doctors had was the damage to Ralph’s midsection.

When the drunk driver crossed the centerline and hit Ralph’s car head on the dashboard collapsed downward pushing into Ralph’s groin. His pelvis was crushed and his manhood shredded beyond recognition. All the doctors could do was reconstruction. The other problem: there wasn’t enough material to make Ralph a man again. The only choice was to turn Ralph into a woman.

Ralph was unconscious for weeks while the doctors worked furiously to repair the damage to his body. Ralph woke after the reconstruction was done and the healing complete. Though groggy, Ralph knew something was wrong the moment he gained consciousness. A councilor was ready for Ralph and went to work explaining what happened and what had to be done. The councilor showed Ralph his new driver’s license with his new name: Agnes.  That was three years ago. Ralph adjusted well to his new life, don’t you think.

Sunday, February 7, 2016


Stress at work caused Dan to stop sleeping. Lack of sleep only added to his stress as he spiraled down. A Facebook friend he met online had a solution that worked for him. Dan’s friend lived in Colorado where marijuana was legal. He offered to make some edibles and send them to Dan. Dan was reluctant and did not want to get into trouble with the law. Dan finally gave in and accepted the offer when lack of sleep and appetite left him no other choice; it was try the edibles or lose his job and have even more stress and sleepless nights.

Two days later the package came in the mail. Dan ate one of the brownies for dinner and relaxed on the couch with Netflix playing a new original series on the TV. Soon, all of Dan’s worries started melting away. He felt tired and sleepy, but something else, too. He couldn’t hold his eyes open any longer. It was the best night of sleep Dan had in weeks.

The next morning he was groggy as he stirred. He knew he was different, but didn’t care; it felt good. He ate another brownie and noticed a note in the box of brownies from his friend in Colorado:

Paying Bills