Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Behave Yourself Zoe

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Good Grades

Mom and dad were mad as hell about Warren’s grades in college. Dad saved his whole life to send Warren to an Ivy League school and he was throwing it away with grades at the low end of D. Mom was madder than dad. She knew there was only one way to salvage the investment. Mom knew girls got better grades and also can get paid if they engage in certain party favors.

Mom dragged Warren to TG Inc. and had the cute female doctors transform him on the spot. By the end of the afternoon Warren turned into Lucretia. The cute nurses then rubbed her down with TG dust to cement the transformation and enhance female definition.

Lucretia’s grades were straight A’s. She also discovered the art of paying her own way through college. Sure, Luctretia has a reputation. Who cares? Mom and dad are no longer footing the bill and her grades show she is responsible enough to make her own adult decisions. As an afterthought, mom thinks Warren intentionally had bad grades so he would get the TG treatment, but Lucretia is not talking.

Paying Bills