Saturday, April 30, 2016

A Good Hand

Friday, April 29, 2016

TG Hotel

Keith looked forward to conferences. The time on the road gave him the perfect opportunity to practice his little secret. His favorite conference was the summer sales conference in Boise. The week-long event allowed him plenty of time to cross-dress in his room with two weekends bookending the event for full girl days, uninterrupted. The whole thing was planned. He had a new pair of heels and a casual outfit he could not wait to step into. The nights were even better as he slept in a silk camisole.

As soon as he could leave the training session the first day he did. He spent the remainder of the evening as Kate. By ten o’clock he was getting tired and changed into a pink silk camisole. Keith had no idea what was waiting for him that night. The hotel was recently purchased by TG Incorporated and outfitted with detectors. Guys caught dressed as girls were hit with a girly light.

The next morning Kate enjoyed the morning in the soft camisole. When she went to shower the truth was revealed. At first Kate was concerned about how he would handle the situation. Then she knew she was okay. Kate had a suitcase filled with girl’s clothing. She finished the conference and discovered girls have it easier when it comes to making contacts and sales. You would never expect that from such a soft spoken woman.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Moment of Truth

How stunned can a guy be? Pretty darn stunned if you observe the look on Randy’s face. It all started as a college gag. The boys decided to pay the sorority girls a visit and stir things up a bit by stealing all their panties. Then the girls would have to go to class in their cute dresses without panties. An opportunity guys can only fanaticize about.

Well, the sorority girls knew the boys were coming and switched out their panties with magic panties. Randy was the first to do what every boys dreams of doing after stealing panties from beautiful girls; he wore a pair. As you know, magic panties are a special product from our favorite company, TG Incorporated that turns the wearer into a girl. A hot girl with the sex drive of a rabbit.

It only took a few minutes for the panties to do their work. Look at Randy’s face, or should we say, Tara’s face. I think she is ready to serve the frat boys right out of the gate. Awesome! She does look cute in the bra/panty set. I love how Tara stands there with her mouth open slightly as if she is waiting for a prize to be shoved in. There is no doubt she will be the most popular girl in college.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Tripped Up

Ever since Tyler had the sex change into Patricia she has had problems. Sure, the looks from all the guys are nice. Clothes are the best part. Dressing up pretty is so awesome and something boys never really get to do. The problems are with her body. There is a monthly visitor that is not nearly as much fun as Patricia imagined it would be. And walking is a real issue. The wider hips changes the way she walks; there is more of a swing to the hips and she moves.

As nice as the clothes are, heels are a killer. A dress and heels are the perfect excuse for wearing pantyhose, but a day walking in heels is murder on the calves. And then there are those embarrassing moments like you see in the picture. Patricia sometimes still loses her balance and ends up on the pavement. The only good thing about falling is the help men offer. It is also the way she met Kyle, her boyfriend.

Patricia still struggles with walking in stilettos. She gets up every time, brushes herself off, checks her pantyhose for snags, and carries on. To be honest, Patricia loves being a woman in need. Not only is she a drama queen, she is an attention hound. Here is to a successful transformation.

Paying Bills