Monday, November 30, 2015

Prosecute This

The crime family had everything under control until the prosecutor played dirty. The cops were dumb enough to accept bribes and smart enough to look the other way once they got said bribe. The prosecutor refused to look the other way. Oh, he took the bribe. Then he sent seven of the crime family’s best assets to the gas chamber.

Sonny viewed himself as a champion of the people while secretly taking cash under the table. He justified it all in his mind, but he was just as big a crook as the crime lords and police accepting payola. Unfortunately, if you accept the payoff you better deliver the goods. Sonny was so cocky he thought he could spit in the face of the country’s biggest crime family.

Bodyguards followed Sonny wherever he went. An ambush at his home killed all but one of the bodyguards. The remaining bodyguard was too injured to be of any good. Sonny swallowed hard as seven guns were pointed at him. It would not be the last time he swallowed hard.

The henchmen carted Sonny to an undisclosed location. They roughed Sonny up, ripped off his clothes and pushed him into a hot tub of nanobots. The jets of hot water laced with nanobots went to work fast. Sonny flailed as he struggled to keep his head above water. When the jets stopped churning, Sonny was gone, replaced by Cheryl.

The crime family had more plans than just a nanobot bath for Cheryl. They wanted their money back. All of it. Including the payoffs paid to the police. Cheryl stood with her back to the lathing in a pretty panty/bra set. She did not understand for a fraction of a moment. Then the realization hit. Once again, Cheryl was wallowing hard.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Forced to Wear Girl's Clothes

The girls on the tour bus revolted against the guys, sick of their no-it-all attitude. Peter was the biggest offender of all. He knew everything about everything, just ask him. He was ruining the vacation. Finally the ladies had enough. They rose up and revolted against Peter.

The ladies demanded the driver stop the bus. Once the bus came to a halt, Peter was hauled out of the bus and stripped naked by the women. They forced him into a panty, bra, white blouse, skirt and high heel boots. Then they thrust a purse into his hand.

“Now walk, flyboy,” Acie demanded, a tall blonde woman with a beautiful face turned angry. Peter started walking. He stumbled as he adjusted to the heels and the brick sidewalk. “Keep walking, Betsy,” the ladies chided as the new name stuck. “Show us some grace!” Betsy, I mean Peter, oh hell, she looks like a Betsy to me, did her best to show charm in her walk.

Betsy started to feel feminine and quiet, like a prim and proper woman. Before long she had a perfect swing to her hips and when she talked it came out soft and demure. After two hours of walking up and down the street as a girl, they re-boarded the bus, Peter still dressed as Betsy. The ladies refused to let Peter return; only Betsy was allowed. Acie sat in the seat next to Betsy. She leaned over to Betsy and whispered in her ear, “We’re stopping at the next TG Inc. office. And you will do exactly what I say. Got it?” Betsy nodded as a mischievous grin started at the corner of her mouth. 

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Body Swap Girls

Every tourist is smiling. Aryan, a name Bryan liked as his female name for obvious reasons, was the perfect swap mate for Bryan. Once the body swap was finished it was off for keepsake photos and selfies.

“Hurry up, Aryan,” her friends called. “We want to see the planet.” One last picture for the album and it was off to discover a brave new world as a girl.

Friday, November 27, 2015

The Myth of Bakal Splee

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Thanks you for granting me my rant. — Kay

The thanksgiving festival of Garkin was over and Don retired to his studio to do what he did every year after the festival meal. He removed the Bakal Splee from its case. The feminine musical instrument echoed a soft mournful tone as he pulled the bow across the coiled spring.

They say if you play the Bakal Splee perfectly you become a beautiful woman fitting of the music you play. It was only a myth, but Don could dream. The family gathered around the walls of the room as he started playing. The music sent waves of vibrations through the air. You felt the music as much as heard it.

Don adjusted the Bakal Splee as he started the next movement. The family stood stone still. Don’s talents improved with each passing year. There was no doubt he was nearing perfection and the myth was on everyone’s mind. Don dug deeper into his soul to bring the full sound into the mind, the heart, the spirit of the entire room.

The family noticed before Don did. The changes were subtle at first, then undeniable. With each pull and thrust of the bow a magical sound spread around the room. Then he noticed his hands had changed. He knew the myth and accepted the gift. S/he played deeper from the heart until the soft, beautiful woman in the room echoed the sound Don once made.

Her music would be perfect for all time. Don was a simple man of simple pleasure. His music reflected his simplicity. She took a simple name change: Donna. Why not? It was about the music. The music, the sound is everything. Changlings are so rare they are considered myth, but when one is created they are sought all over the galaxy. Donna played daily for audiences on planets near and far and punctuated the performances with practice sessions on cruise ships to large crowds. She created heavenly sounds for thirty-eight more years before her death on Moordo III at the age of 62. The geniuses always die too young.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Foreign Exchange Student

Traveling as a foreign exchange student to Melinda 9 was an opportunity of a lifetime for Bert. His hard work in school granted him the choice of any world he wanted to spend a year on to finish his schooling. Learning about a world so exotic, so remote mesmerized Bert.

Melinda 9 was a jumping stone for Burt, too. The world had only had sporadic contact with civilized planets throughout the galaxy. There was so much to learn and what Bert brought back to Earth would get him noticed and jump-start his political career.

Bert felt welcomed by the Melindian people. His apartment was lavish, decked out in shades of purple. He always had Melindian women with him to keep him company. One day he asked, “Why do I only see women on this planet?” “Because we are a feminine planet, as many in the galaxy are,” was the reply. “So where are the men?” “They are all converted except for the breeding stock. Once they fulfill their breeding duties they too are converted.”

Later Bert queried a woman walking with him, “Why didn't you require a female exchange student from Earth?” She smiled. “We wanted a male. Specifically asked for a male exchange student. We need to know if males of your species convert as easy as our males do.” “Why?” “You’ll see”

That night Bert was asked to attend a ritual. He was brought to the center of the room and placed in a chamber. Bert was nervous. Moments later the machine went to work and when it finished the door latch popped open and out stepped Clara, as you see here. The woman Bert walked with earlier said, “You are Clara now. We see human males convert as easy as ours. I think we need to send a flotilla to Earth to begin the conversion of your entire species.” Bert opened his mouth but nothing came out.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Try It On

Try it on, they said. So Sam did. It was always a dream for Sam to see what he would look like in a complete female makeover. He had no idea how they would make such a slim dress look right on him. Sam did not care if they could pull it off.

Every boy wonders what it would be like if he were born a girl. Few get the chance to glimpse what it would be like. Sam is one of those lucky guys. He stumbled into The Changing Room and was made an offer he could not refuse. For a guy who never asks for directions it was sure an opportune time to ask.

The girl at the counter smiled and offered to make Sam pretty. He forgot what he came into the store for. Before long he was in the changing room slipping into the perfect dress. When he stepped out the girl shook her head and sat Sam in a chair. She added makeup and adjusted the dress. She then pushed Sam back into the changing room and flipped the switch.

Sam stepped out as Joanne. She twirled in the dress and danced around the store. Then she stopped for a photo for the archive. Joanne was so thankful for the chance at being a woman. Her whole life was before her. 

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Sister's Touch

What boy can resist his sister when she wants to manipulate. Sara knew my buttons and pushed them at will. She knew I stole a pair of her panties and wore them; she was using it to make me twist in the wind. She had me and she knew it; I knew it, too.

She smiled at me as she pointed and curled her index finger indicating for me to follow her. She directed me to her bedroom. In her room she had an empty package on the bed from TG Incorporated, a magic panty wrapper. She took her clothes off slow, teasing me each step of the way. She stopped when she was left with only the panty on.

Without a word she undressed me. My body shivered with lust, forbidden lust. Sara took all my clothes off. I stood next to the bed naked. She hooked her left thumb in the panty and pulled it gently from her skin and then down her legs. Her golden haired public mount looked so warm, soft and smooth.

She held the panty in front of my face as she picked up the wrapper from the bed. It then dawned on me she was wearing the magic panty. She held it to my nose. I wanted to pull back but the sweet smell of Sara was too much to resist. She knelt and kissed my throbbing organ and then placed my left foot, then the right in the panty and pulled then up. Sara stood erect in front of me. Waiting.

Magic panties work fast nowadays. I looked in the mirror and was excited by how hot I was. Sara slipped the panty down just enough to take a taste, one long lick from back to front. I almost passed out from the sensation. Sara whispered in my ear my new name: Dawn. Dawn, what a pretty name. Sara helped me into a costume. The role play fantasy would end soon enough. Then I would start living my life as a girl. I think I’ll live each minute as it comes.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Sister's Eyes

Look into my eyes, the girl said. Jack did not see her lips move, yet the words were clear as day. The hypnotic voice drew him in as the girl swirled a wand. Sparkles erupted from the wand. She smiles as Jack moved within touching distance. The green hair was so pretty to Jack.

A touch of the wand and Jack felt his whole body dissolve and re-form into a beautiful princess. It was a TG Wand the girl had! Jack could hear the girl in his head telling him his name was Justine now. The girl touched Justin’s crotch softly so it tickled. We are sister now, she said. Justine was good with that.

The girl touched Justine again and stood. They kissed softly at first. Justine could not stop the impulse. She rubbed the girl’s groin and crotch until he felt warm wetness cover his hand. The girl stepped back, smiled and said, You are my favorite sister ever. It felt good to have a family, Justine thought. Just in time for the holidays.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

The New Family Jewels

There is a new terrorist loose in the galaxy, a one woman wrecking crew destroying wherever she goes. She has powers, an anti-superhero, if you will. She rarely attacks average men on the street; her targets focus on political leaders abusing their people.

They call her Jewel. Somehow Jewel has modified the Jewel of Odan and incorporated it into her costume: one in each hand and one between the tits. Men don’t have to think of a woman while touching the Jewel of Odan , Jewel decides the woman they will be.

As feared as Jewel is, bad guys can’t stay away. They come to her thinking they can control a superhero. Quentin is one of the worst. He knew Jewel was coming to his world; he made sure of it. His crimes of cruelty were beyond anything seen before.

But attitude does not save your dick. The warning sensors began clamoring; the moment of truth is here for Quentin. He heard screams end with feminine crying as man after man fell to Jewel. Then his door burst open and Jewel stood in the doorway staring at him.

“Now, Jewel, we can talk this out,” Quentin stammered.

Jewel rushed to him in three steps, grabbing Quentin with each hand, a Jewel of Odan against each temple, and pulled his face into her breast where the Jewel of Odan pressed against his forehead. It was over before it started.

Jewel had special plans for Quentin. The new girl, a twin of Jewel, sat crying on the floor. “Can I have some clothes?” “Of course, Gemini; that is your name now. You can wear my clothes; I have another suit.”

It felt so good wearing the costume! Jewel trained Gemini in her new powers. Now bad guys had to worry about twin superheroes. The galaxy has never been so safe, or sexy.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

The Lost Roanoke Colony Finally Found

Ever since 1590 when the settlers of the Roanoke colony disappeared with only two clues (the word “Croatoan” carved on a post and “CRO”onto a tree trunk), people have wondered where the people could have gone. The Lost Colony has captive scientists, historians and archeologists for centuries. Where did the colonists go?

New information using the latest technology from TG Incorporated allows testing of DNA gathered from the original site. The results have allowed scientists to find direct descendants of the colonists living today. Because a large number (over 22,000, all women) of matches found among living people today we know the colonists survived.

The story takes a strange twist when reverse engineering the results. By using the data from living descendants and working back in time, scientists began building a picture of what happened. Salamander (pictured here) was the key to solving the mystery. Once scientists worked back it was discovered only women survived. However, DNA matching the males were found, but altered to make the men female. The genetic code in Salamander has the one key marker that solves why the women and men as women only survived. The proof is irrefutable. Aliens modified the genetic code of the colonists, the first wave of preparation for Earth to be allowed into the Community of Worlds. Scientists now know all the men on Earth will eventually be transformed into girls. As we now know, the universe is a matriarchal place.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Dreams Come True

Every man’s dream is to take a trip to TG World, a planet just outside the Calex Cluster. On TG World a man can live out his greatest fantasy. Since most men want to experience life from the feminine perspective TG World is the obvious place to go. Whereas men can experience a simple male to female transformation anywhere with hormones and surgery, the process is incomplete; the man is only transformed cosmetically. On TG World they developed technology for a full and complete transformation. Every cell of the man’s body is altered. Even the chromosomes are perfectly female. A man on TG World is so female he can have children.

Bud wanted to go to TG World so bad it hurt. Without the money needed to travel space, all he could do was enter lotteries and contests that offered TG World as a prize. The odds were long, but somebody has to win. And one day Bud was that lucky man. His travel was all anxiety. He wanted to be on TG World more than anything. Stepping off the ship and breathing the TG World air energized every cell in his body.

The cute female technicians escorted Bud to the lab to undergo their patented transformation process. The lab techs scanned his mind for the girl of his dreams and then turned Bud into that woman. As you can see here Bud loved trying on some exotic women’s clothing. And why not? It is a once in a lifetime chance to live his dream. It would all be over in a few months. Then Bud had an idea. His petitioned the TG World council for permanent resident status and got it. Now Bud will enjoy the rest of his life as Erika in TG World. What a happy, lucky girl he is.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Ultimate Race

Every world has its own strange customs. On Calmar Major in the Bentar System there is an annual race anxiously anticipated by all the young men. The race is special because of the prize. The first twenty to cross the finish line are hit by a girly light. Since everyone knows how expensive it is to visit TG Incorporated, men enter a lottery to run the race in droves. And since everyone knows girls are better at everything, there is a long line waiting to enter.

Only men in their twenties can enter the lottery. There I am in the middle of the picture with my arms around my two best buds. We were lucky to all get in the race and made sure we got the most out of the opportunity. We trained to maximize speed and endurance. It paid off. The three of us felt the sting of the girly light at the same time. What a glorious moment!

For the record, my name is Justin. I have plans for my life, plans that had no chance unless I was a girl. As you all know, the galaxy is matriarchal and ever since Earth joined the Community of Worlds has also gone feminine. All the best jobs are for girls only. My name is Justine now. I am a girl. I am one of the lucky ones. All my dreams are possible now.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

A New Slit

Manfred knew he was born in the wrong body. Lucky guy that he is, he has a sister that would never deny her brother. Manfred wanted more than just a female body; he wanted to be his twin sister. His sister hugged him. It was so sweet Manfred wanted to be exactly like her. At TG Inc. they programmed the nanobots for the hot tub. They stepped in together. Manfred smiled as he stared at his sister the entire time. Once the nanobots were done Manfred stepped out of the hot tub as Olivia. It felt good to have her sister look at her like an equal. Olivia reached down and ran her hand over her new slit; it felt so right. Olivia put on the clothes her sister brought. He took a selfie and held her sister’s hand as they walked out into a new life together.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Invasion of the Body Snatch... ers

The aliens came without warning. The huge spaceships filled the entire sky as they took position around the Earth. Fear ran high as the governments tried to communicate with the visitors. In a flash, bright lights erupted from every ship in orbit. Women were unaffected, but men had their clothes blown right off. Well, a bit more than their clothes since it was a massive girly light that hit them.

The men were dazed; the women amused. The aliens descended in droves and herded the former men into transports and taken up to the ship. The women protested. The aliens ignored them. When all the men-now-girls were herded up, the aliens left. Only a few men hidden underground remained to repopulate the planet.

Simon’s experience on the ship was similar to everyone else’s. She was tied up and gagged. An alien guard walked past and sneered, “Your name is Sheila. Got it?” The girl nodded. “You know why you are here?” The girl shook her head. The alien guard smiled, cupped her chin in his hand, running his fingers through her hair and squeezing her tits. Sheila was beginning to understand. “You will service species from around the galaxy. You know why we turn guys into girls as our stock?” The alien did not wait for Sheila to respond. “Because we like watching that virgin moment slip away. It pays the most, too.” Sheila looked in horror as she mentally prepared for her fate.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Sister's Jewels

Every brother has a secret; every brother with a sister has a similar secret. Sisters are these weird creatures a brother never quite understands. And sisters get more attention. So it is natural for a brother, like Daemon, to want to be more like his sister, Elise. But sisters are smart cookies. They know when someone is touching their clothes.

Daemon enjoyed wearing Elise’s clothes when she was out. He sometimes kept a panty in his room, assuming Elise would never know. She did. And she did not like it one bit. What irritated her most were the stains he left behind. The least he could do was wash them before returning them.

Elise also knew Daemon liked to go all out, wearing a dress, makeup and jewelry. Elise found the perfect jewel to end her brother’s fantasy. Elsie made it a point to let Daemon know she would be out for the weekend. She left the new jewel on her dresser where Daemon was sure to find it.

No more was Elsie out the door than Daemon was picking out a dress to wear around the house for the day. It took more than an hour to get everything perfect. The makeup, wig and dress were just the thing to make Daemon look like a prim and proper girl. To finish the ensemble Daemon picked the new jewel necklace on the dresser. While he held it in his hand he lusted over his desire to be a girl like Elsie.

The Jewel of Odan has wondrous properties. Elsie knew this. The Jewel of Odan has had a spell on it from antiquity. Anyone holding the jewel while thinking of a female becomes that female. Daemon did such a great job with his makeup he did not notice the changes until the evening when he was ready to change into some of Elsie’s sleepwear.

Elsie walked in as Daemon was making his discovery. Daemon was surprised and caught. He, or should we say she, was at a loss for words. Elsie told her what she had done. Elsie gave her twin sister a new name: Trisha. Elsie did not mind sharing her clothes with Trisha. It was also fun having a sister to gossip with and share makeup tips.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Dream State

Zelda IV is considered the most beautiful planet in the galaxy. Ed agrees. His trip to Zelda is nothing short of awesome. There is only one problem. Soon after he arrived he started to feel like he was walking in a dream.

The dream grew stronger each day. Soon he noticed changes in his appearance. Over the course of a week Ed transformed into a girl. But is it real or a dream? It is so confusing. It seemed natural to sit when using the restroom and then wipe. Sally sounded like her real name. What a beautiful planet.

Sally started wearing makeup. She felt as pretty as the planet, so peaceful and calm. The dream grew more real each day. She knew who Ed was and was well aware she was converted/transformed into a woman. She just did not care.

The vacation should be nearing its end, but two kind women offered her a place to stay. Sally was told she has a job on Zelda now in hospitality. What they meant was Sally serviced men. Of course Sally remembered her past, she just did not care. The dream was where she wanted to spend the rest of her life.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Sister World

The number one fantasy of men as reported by TG Incorporated involves sisters. It seems boys always want to walk a mile in their sister’s heels. Now, for the first time ever, TG Inc. makes this fantasy real. Boys—men, too—can be their sister for a year on Lily, a planet built by TG Inc. for the sole purpose of helping boys be their sister.

Martin (shown here) is a perfect example of a happy customer. He opted for the one year package as his step-sister. The entire planet of Lily is designed to help the fledgling girl get her sea heels. Every facet of Lily’s economy helps the new young lady shop like a life-long woman.

Martin decided to go all-out as his sister, even taking her name: Ellen. She enjoyed carrying her purse and walking down the street in a short dress. The air on her legs felt awesome. And the men. Oh! The men were delightful. It took less than a month to imbibe that decadent little pleasure. Ellen did not know it was so good as a girl. His sister had it made.

Then the fateful day came; it was time to go home. It was too much for Ellen; she loved her life as a girl; she loved the men in her life. She pleaded with TG Inc. to no avail. But when things looked darkest the flicker of light appeared. One of her lovers knew an underground group that helped young women stay on Lily. And so the story goes.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Dream World


That was the slogan on the tourism poster for Enteck VI. Humans were fascinated by Enteck from the moment Earth joined the Community of Worlds. Brad wanted to visit the exotic world of dreams so bad he could taste it. Then his wish came true.

A lottery was held and Brad won an all-expense paid vacation to Enteck VI. Once he arrived he was taken to orientation where the TG Inc. office would carry out his dream. Brad wanted to be Queen Marie, the trashiest woman to ever sit on the throne.

She played the part so well, taking advantage of all the court men. Queen Marie fell so deep under the spell of the dream she forgot it was only a part. She looked so regal at the photo shoot.

As she was ushered toward the TG Inc. office she started yelling commands. “I am Queen Marie; follow my commands. Let me go!” It seems our lovely queen wants to stay queen and keep living her dream world. Poor thing. Soon she will be a disgusting boy again. Maybe if she is nice the TG Inc. office on Earth can help her relive the dream.

A Gift

Look what Alexis made for me. She is AWESOME! Check out her TG blog here.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Rescue Party

Tourists were held captive on Taurus Minor by a terrorist cell. Bathla soldiers were sent to bring the captives home safe. The battle cruiser full of highly trained mercenaries orbited Taurus as they prepared their assault.

Drop pods were loaded with munitions and men. The pods dropped into the heart of the terrorist territory. Adam was the commanding officer of the brigade. With hand signals he got the men into formation as they approached the compound from the north.

With an explosive charge the hatchway was blown in. The men filed into the structure with Adam bringing up the rear. This is too easy, Adam thought. Something is wrong. The structure was deserted. The men looked up and around the large hall in the center of the structure. Nothing. Suddenly a blaring siren and flashing red light disoriented the men as steel barricades dropped down trapping the men.

Stun guns erupted from the walls and took the entire squad out. Adam woke strapped down to a table. None of his men were around; he was alone. Machines were everywhere. Telepathically Adam was informed there were no tourist; it was a trap. Machines run this world. Adam knew he was transformed into a girl. The machine has a metal tube covering his mouth; a small tube wound down his throat.

Adam was told he is now Tracy. She could swear she heard the machines laugh gutturally under their breath. A needle danced above her while a tentacle with a scissors on the end started cutting off Tracy’s clothes. Experiments! Tracy could hear the machines as they planned on experimenting on her nubile little body. There was nothing Tracy could do strapped down. She was resigned to her fate. Her last moment before losing consciousness was, I wonder what happened to my men. Deep down Tracy already knew.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

We're From the Government and We're Here to Help

Armed female soldiers stormed the tourist resort, gun drawn, screaming orders. The tourist knew the risks before they came and the nightmare came true. Drug lords controlled the countryside and the resort was only safe because of the armed guards.

The drug lords won the battle and surrounded the resort. As a gesture of good will, the drug lords were allowing women and children to leave unharmed. Resort management had a plan in place for just such an event. They knew the women would be allowed to leave so they started shooting the men with girly guns.

Eric was one of the men shot. His clothes blew off and he was left wearing, ah, girly clothes. The only way out was to climb out, hand over hand, by rope. “Your name is Melanie, got it?” The guard asked with the tone of a command. Melanie was scared to death. Here she was, only a woman for a few minutes, and she had to use a rope to crawl to freedom.

As Melanie reached the other side she realized freedom was not on this side of the rope. The drug lords needed women to fill the brothel. Melanie was a fast learner; she needed to be if she wanted to stay alive. She services 30 or so men per day as she waits for her opportunity to escape. Deep down she knew she deserves what she got. She was warned before she came about how dangerous it is. Live and learn.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Sherlock Holmes Meets TG Inc.

Amanda is known as the Sherlock Holmes of Antares V. Her skills at uncovering the truth in court proceedings are second to none. And it all started with a chance encounter.

Four years ago Brian was the best investigator in the department. His intuition was better than the mythical woman’s intuition. His skills helped solve more cases than any other investigator. But the long hours were taking their toll; Brian was burning out.

One day while researching in the Grand Master’s library he met a woman named Peach. She was recruiting for the Justice Department of Antares V. The pay was better and the hours shorter. Brian jumped at the opportunity when he was informed of the one requirement: he needed to be a woman. Of course, in a galaxy with TG Inc. it was a simple procedure, but he had to think about it… for three minutes.

Amanda thinks about her life when she was Brian periodically. She has concluded it was the best chance encounter of her life to meet Peach. Amanda gets to do what she loves most—research cases—and has time to enjoy life. Being a girl had unexpected surprises too. The extra attention girls get from the guys boosted Amanda’s ego. She spends her free time satisfying her boyfriend now. Can you imagine what the retirement package must be like?

Monday, November 9, 2015

3D Alien Abduction

Ken woke up with a startle. Something was wrong. He was strapped onto a table; he couldn’t move. The eerie feeling he had for days he was being watched by an alien presence came into focus.

He started to scream but he sounded like a girl. OMG! I am a girl, Ken thought. As her surroundings came into focus three alien grays stood above her with lustful grins. A robot was preparing to do something to her crotch.

“Be still,” the robot droned. “You are a human woman now. There is no going back. I have one last modification. You will be given an unstoppable libido.”

Ken fought with all his strength. Even if she were still a man she doubted she could break the bonds. The three alien grays had dirty, guttural laughs.

The robot finished. The alien grays lined up between her legs. As the first gray penetrated, he said, “Earth woman. You will respond to Rebecca from now on. Do you understand?”

Rebecca could only scream as the gray’s massive member destroyed her virginity. Her breasts bounced to the rough intercourse; the other grays kept up the guttural laughs.

Rebecca could not believe her bad luck. She was abducted by aliens and turned into an intergalactic prostitute. The three grays trained her well for her new line of work. Then the grays looked at Rebecca’s mouth. 

Paying Bills