Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Changing Room

There is a place down below the docks and in the flats where a man can sit back, relax and be himself. A new lounge called The Changing Room opened to the general public two months ago. The place is a hit. Guys can go there are be the person they always wanted to be.

In the lobby are huge binders of women. Every taste and style is represented. Once you make your deposit you are ushered into the changing chamber where you step in naked and walk out one hot, bodacious piece of… Well, you know what I mean.

Need proof? Take Carl here. He is in a high pressure sales job. Most guys burn out in only a handful of years. Not Carl. Carl always found a way to unwind. The Changing Room is the best stress reliever ever! In the two months since The Changing Room opened Carl has tripled his sales; he was already number one before he started visiting The Changing Room.

Carl is known as Nancy here. She is always the life of the party as you can see. Get a couple of drinks in her and it is a good thing there are no men in the place. She knows how to work the legs, don’t you think?

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Escape Plan

First the stock market, then the economy, followed by his business failure pushed Alexander over the edge. He couldn’t take anymore. Everything he valued fell apart or was destroyed. He was sick of it. No more Mister Nice Guy. He needed a way to start over with a clean slate, disappear from his creditors, start a new life. But how?

A friend in military research was looking for a volunteer in a new program. The experiment of switching a person’s appearance had numerous military applications. The ultimate adjustment in appearance is to switch genders. Highly trained men could seduce the enemy out of their secrets as long as they switched into a female body.

The process was perfected recently making minor physical changes. Now, a volunteer would be needed for a full transformation. Any issues could be worked out as the experiment was carried out. Alexander knew it was the perfect way to escape his miserable life.

The military made the changes and gave Alexis, Alexander’s new name, a new identity. Alexis would enjoy her new body for a few weeks as the researchers carried out their studies. She could explore the city in her free time without worry about creditors hounding him. As the study approached its end, Alexis really started to enjoy her new life.

The day before the transformation back to Alexander, Alexis hatched a plan. All the old problems were overwhelming, but Alexis is a beautiful woman everyone wants to know. Alexis disappeared into the city. The military never got their chance to finish the research. Alexis didn’t care. She found a sugar daddy and started living the life she deserved.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Pretty Happy

It starts with a desire to wear something pretty. The lust is small at first, only a thought. Then you see the red negligee and you can’t help yourself. You check around the house to make sure you are alone; you check all the doors and windows to make sure they are locked. Then you race to the bedroom and lay out the red negligee with matching panties.

Time seems to stop as you stare at the soft women’s clothing on the bed, biting your lower lip. The final decision is fast, less than a second. Once you make up your mind you will live your fantasy no matter what. Your clothing in on the floor and the panties slip on so smooth and silky. The feel of the negligee as it drops into place is like no other feeling in the world.

It’s not enough. Next you apply make-up, then a wig. With practice you look like a girl. But something is missing. Well, not missing. There is too much. Money is saved and a doctor’s visit confirms you are ready to make the transformation. Before you know it you are on hormone therapy. In an instant you are headed for surgery. The next moment you are completely healed, examining your beautiful feminine body in the mirror as you keep repeating your name, “Kathy”. You wear panties and a bra every day. Your closet is filled with girl’s clothes. You find a boyfriend and get married.

And it all started because you wanted something pretty to wear.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Rewards for Good Behavior

Credit card rewards programs evolved with technology. As people demanded more and better rewards, money wasn’t enough to seduce people to apply. Banks, always leaders when it comes to making money, tailored bonus rewards towards peoples’ greatest desires. Cash or supporting a favorite charity wasn’t enough to have an edge over the competition.

Janice is a master at playing the credit card bonus reward programs. Two years ago she retired on the bonus rewards after acquiring a new body, the one you see here. People called Janice Odd John before she earned the gender change of her dreams. Now her nickname is Lucky. Janice certainly feels lucky.

Now Odd John can work on what matters most to her. She works for non-profits with her free time. This opens opportunities not available elsewhere. The charities she supports are generally small. Whenever they have expenses she uses her credit card to pay for them and gets reimbursed by the non-profit. She earns huge rewards from the credit card companies and several generous bonuses per year. If you are like me you want to be Janice, I mean, like Janice. And you can. Credit card rewards and sign up bonuses are a great way to make dreams come true. You can buy a lot of dresses, panties, and lingerie with those rewards.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Senior Pictures

The aliens worked hard to fit in when they visited Earth. The promise of peace between the worlds was upheld only because humans tolerated the crazy aliens. The aliens always wanted to please humans so they granted wishes even when they were only thoughts. Here is Carl after passing an alien on the street. Carl had a crush on Amanda and would have died to be just like her. Well, now he was.

That was four years ago when Carl graduated from high school. He had to endure college as a girl. The guys loved how awkward Amanda was. Her choice in fashion caused a few heads to turn. Senior pictures became a sensation. Every guy in the university bought a copy or three for their own personal needs. Amanda tried hard to be a normal girl. She never understood why guys kept telling her her headlights were on when she did not even drive to school. And what is up with the caravan of camel jokes?

Oh, well. Amanda was happy. Her old life as Carl faded as the years went by. She learned to love guys and has been in a steady relationship for two years now and living together for a year now. It proves you can be happy when you get what you want, even if it is an unspoken wish.

Paying Bills