Saturday, October 31, 2015

Prisoner of War

War is no place for a man. The civil war on Pental V is a perfect example of why men should let the fighting be done by those who know best how: women. Modern weapons make men obsolete on the battlefield.

Earth wanted to earn their keep in the Community of Worlds so they offered to send a small peacekeeping force to Pental. Nobody thought humans would be dumb enough to send men to do the fighting. When the troops and advisers arrived they insisted they were the best Earth had to offer.

On the battlefield the men advanced as they were trained. One massive burst of girly light fire and the men were all gone; they were women now. Disoriented, the girls were captured and brought to the enemy training camp. The new girls were trained to fight like women, the only real warriors.

Ricky was the best man in the peacekeeping force from Earth. Now she is the best woman soldier fighting for the rebels. They call her Sarah now. She has a way of tricking the enemy into vulnerable positions and then cutting them down.

Earth is still trying to find their place in the Community of Worlds. But what can you expect from a primitive world? Humans will do fine; it should take no more than 70-80% of the men being turned into girls to get the job done.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Adventures as a Woman

Halloween is the greatest time of the year. Jack travelled to Fantasy World to live out his most exotic dreams and adventures as a woman. The excitement was too much for Jack as he was transformed into Bethany. He spent all his time preparing for the big day. Now that she is a woman she has to decide on what to do.

The first thing Jack had to decide on was a name. He chose Alessandro. Now that she had a name, Alessandro had to decide what kind of adventure she would go on. It was fun thinking like a woman, trying to make up her mind. She felt so girly.

With a cute dimpled grin Alessandro decided what she would do with her day as a woman and all the powers a woman possesses. She was going to save the world. Nothing big, mind you. Just save the entire planet from whatever ravages it. Something most women do every day as they go about their routine.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Tourist Trap

Corbin and his girlfriend, Beatrice, were warned of the risks of taking the tour. Some parts of the world are very dangerous to travel to. But the false sense of security created by a tour group prevailed.

The tour bus of travelers twisted their way to a remote village when a salvage band of marauders hijacked the bus. The tourists were ushered off the bus and into the forest where swapping chambers were set up.

The hijackers forced the tourists into the swapping chambers, careful to keep couples apart in the swapping process. Guys became gals and gals became guys. Everyone changed into a complete stranger.

Corbin was forced to swap bodies with Amelia; Beatrice changed bodies with a burly man names Burt. Corbin and Beatrice found each other through asking questions. The tourists were forced back on the bus with a message to tell the outside world: STAY OUT.

At first Corbin had a hard time adjusting to living as Amelia, but Beatrice as Burt was such a kind and gentle man she finally accepted her fate. Besides, after the first night together there was no way Amelia was giving her body back.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

This is Only an Ad

                                          TG Incorporated Ad







Fund Raiser

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Mind Control

Travelling to alien worlds has risks not listed in the tour books. Jonathon was never explained the risks when he booked a tour to Rigel III. He thought since he was with a group it would be safe. Nothing was further from the truth.

On the third day the group had a free day to shop and sight-see on their own. Jonathon browsed the wares of the merchants in the marketplace and eventually got separated from the group. He asked a kindly woman for direction when she used mind control to force Jonathon to a secluded location.

Under the woman’s spell Jonathon stepping into the swapping chamber without question. When the door opened Mary stepped out. The alien woman took Mary to the beach where they started a beautiful friendship. Mary never remembered what happened or that she was once a man. The mind control was that complete

Monday, October 26, 2015

New TG Captions

Straight out of school Fred started working for the local newspaper. The competition was fierce in the dying newspaper industry. Only the best, fastest and most prolific writers survived. Fred excelled in the high pressure environment.

Then one day writer’s block set in hard. Fred was in a spot. If he did not produce new material and fast he was unemployed. That night he prayed for answers; his prayers were answered. A good witch materialized in his room. “I have heard your plea, Fred. You are a good man worthy of help.”
The witch promised Fred unlimited stories his employer would love in exchange for two things. The witch demanded Fred accept a new identity as Frieda and to write TG captions for good people all over the world. It was an easy choice.

The witch made Frieda’s job easy. Every day she opened a file drawer and several well written stories were in the folder the witch promised would be there. Now Frieda works on new TG captions every day. It is a good world we live in.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

No More Games

Searching in Vain

Todd didn’t ask for it. The vortex cluster hit the Earth unannounced. Twenty million men were instantly transformed into women. Todd was one of those men. He was showering when the vortex floated down from the sky, passing through his home, into his shower stall, and over his body. He closed his eyes to rinse soap from his face and when he opened his eyes he was a woman. His wife freaked out when he ran out of the bathroom stark naked.

Todd quit his job and attended college. She has to learneverything about vortexes she could and how to reverse the process. Highly motivated, Todd graduated in three years with the highest grade in the college’s history. From the list of job offers, Todd picked the job that offered the best chances of learning to reverse the vortex phenomenon.

The government required new identification cards for those affected. Todd chose the name Amber. Here we see Amber working hard to find answers. She works 16 hours a day. Her wife doesn’t mind; she wants Todd back, too. What Todd refuses to admit is that after all these years he no longer wants his old life back. He likes Amber and her life. She is even seeing a guy on the side, a co-worker, without telling his wife. Don’t you love a happy ending?

Friday, October 23, 2015

Working Girl

What started as love devolved into the greatest nightmare Oliver could ever imagine. The love of his life, the woman he lived with, shared his life with, worshiped the ground of for eight years left him for another man. Oliver was devastated.

Oliver lost the will to live. He closed himself in his apartment and drank himself senseless. As Oliver started hitting bottom, his friends planned an intervention. His friends knew Oliver would be dead before long if he kept on his current path.

Oliver fought the intervention. He didn’t care about life anymore. But his friends knew what Oliver needed to enjoy life again. But Oliver didn’t want another girlfriend. His friends knew that. They knew he needed to start life over as a girl. And his friends knew exactly where to go.

Oliver was taken on a small trip to Las Vegas to meet a group of casino owners who were always looking for the right kind of help. Mafia owned casinos were always looking for the “right” kind of help. When Oliver was shown what his new life would be like, his eyes showed sparkle for the first time since you know who left him.

Oliver accepted the offer to work as Natalie. The permanent changes were made and Oliver went right to work. He has never been happier in his life. On day he saw a couple on vacation down in the casino and noticed it was his old girlfriend. The guy she was with looked miserable, so did his girlfriend. Oliver smiled to himself and knew he made the right choice, that life had treated him well after all.

Thursday, October 22, 2015


It started with a neighborhood masquerade. Xavier loved the idea of neighbors getting to know each other. Dressing up is always fun and a great way to bring the neighborhood together. It also appealed to Xavier’s idea that fun shouldn't cost much. Cheap fun is what Xavier enjoyed most.

Xavier also has a kinky side so he dressed as Catwoman. He bought the suit as Late Xperiement. He went all-out and made sure he looked completely female. The neighbors will never guess who he is, but will never forget him once he introduces himself.

Plans always face problems. As the gathering started a large distortion in the atmosphere descended on their little street party. Everyone looked up and pointed at the growing, rippling air. The vortex passed through the crowd and into the ground.

After everyone gathered their senses they started to notice changes. A scream came from the other side of the crowd. That is when Xavier noticed the vortex changed everyone into the person their costume indicated except everyone switched gender.

Xavier looked down and examined himself. He too was changed. After a few stunned moments, he started grinning until his smile reached ear to ear. This is the greatest party ever! Xavier couldn't wait to introduce himself as Yvette to his neighbors. It would be so fun to learn about his neighbors now. No one will guess who he is until he tells them.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

You Were Warned About the TG Virus

It started with a small spot on the top of Nick’s left hand. It looked like a small pimple at first, but then it expanded like a patch of ringworm. Nick tried an over-the-counter anti-fungal ointment without any benefit. He visited the doctor for a stronger prescription.

The doctor warned Nick it could be a virus specific to this planet. Humans have no immunity built up against many environmental irritants. Nick told the doctor he was warned before coming to Beltazar IV and he was willing to take the risk.

The prescription did not work. Before long the rash spread to his whole left arm and started showing up on other parts of his body. The doctor was confused at first. Then it became obvious once additional changes appeared. “You caught the TG Virus,” the doctor said. “It looks different when locals get it, but there is no doubt you have the TG Virus.”

“How long will it last,” Nick asked. The doctor looked down while laughing and shaking his head. “It lasts forever,” the doctor said. “You need to pick a new name so I can get your new identity papers.” “What?” Nick was incredulous. “In less than three days you will be a full-fledged woman,” the doctor said. “Now pick a name.” Nick stared like a deer in the headlights as he said, “Nicole.”

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Somebody Has to Win

Are you one of those lucky guys to get a high paying job right out of high school? You know, it has more to do with luck than skill. But who cares, right? Once you get used to the changes it is all smooth sailing.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Sunday, October 18, 2015

I Love Dick

Be prepared for the consequences if you plan on going out on a bender.

The Fix

Organized crime has a good eye for opportunity. The 3D printer revolution had opportunity written all over it. Cheap knock-off products were only the beginning. The real money lay in the larger 3D printers that could modify the human body into any form desired. Desired?

Joe loved to gamble. More to the point, he loved playing blackjack. Joe was also pretty darn good at it. He counted cards without effort and cleaned up at casinos everywhere he traveled. Many casinos banned Joe from playing in their establishment. With fewer casinos available, he had to play for longer periods risking exposure and banishment from even more casinos. But Joe is a smart cookie. He varied his play and made off with loads of cash before a casino even knew what hit them.

Then Joe walked into a casino owned by organized crime. They knew who Joe was before he sat his tail down at the table. Joe was front and center on every monitor in the security room. The casino changed the dealer to a trusted insider able to manipulate the cards without notice. The fix was in.

Things started out great for Joe. The cards played out as expected and Joe started adding to his stack. Then the dealer went to work doing what she did best. Joe lost a few hands he should have won, but sometimes the cards fall that way. It’s called variance. Just because the odds are in your favor you can still lose. The tough part about card counting is that the cards can get ugly for a long time. Variance is an ugly lady Joe understood all too well. But Joe also understood the odds always revert to the mean. He would have a bad night or two, but eventually he would fill his pockets.

A few bad beats turned into a blood-letting. Joe asked for a marker and received it. The debts kept mounting and like an addicted gambler who knew his luck would turn at any moment, couldn’t stop. When the night was over Joe was in so far he couldn’t cover his marker. Joe was taken to a back room and explained the situation. They had him so scared he would do anything. Then they introduced Joe to their 3D printer. With nowhere to go, Joe stepped into the machine. After a few hours of training, Joe got to work in his new job as Lacy. He should have his debt paid in six or seven years. He will meet the nicest men.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

A Brisk Walk

Brianna enjoys a brisk walk around town now that she is a woman. Brian was safely put away at TG Inc. and the nanobots did a wonderful job of creating a sexy woman. The best part is wearing pantyhose and the bounce of her breasts. Brianna wears pantyhose everywhere now. She loves the cooling feel followed by the warmth. And she can’t get enough of the wonderful feeling as her breasts gently bounce with each step. It gets the guys looking, too, which is always an ego boost.

Easy Choice

If you want a date with the prettiest girl in town you need to have what she wants.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Suit Yourself

The last rummage sale of the season offered little hope of finding a deal. Kevin wasn’t interested in rummaging, but he had an afternoon to kill before going home. Imagine his surprise when he saw a body suit sitting in the corner for sale. The best part was the price.
Halloween is coming up and trick-or-treating as a sexy girl appealed to Kevin.  He tried on the suit. It fit perfectly. And it felt so good against his skin. It tingles and massages his whole body at once. Kevin never heard of a body suit with such features.

Kevin felt so sexy in the suit he went to the photographer for a professional photo. He introduced himself as Kitty. Kitty really liked the way the photo turned out. She framed it and put it up on the wall.

Night was falling and it was time to take off the suit. Kitty struggled as she searched for the retractor seam. Her fingers found the seam but it was fused and healing shut. Kitty did everything she could think of to get the suit off. Over the night it melted into her body. Kitty was a complete girl by morning. She grew to love her body… and her boyfriend. Halloween was fun, too.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Party Favors

You have been to parties. Had a drink. Have you ever wondered what kind of parties TG Incorporated executives have? Not anymore.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

A Fresh Start

First the stock market, then the economy, followed by his business failure pushed Alexander over the edge. He couldn’t take anymore. Everything he valued fell apart or was destroyed. He was sick of it. No more Mister Nice Guy. He needed a way to start over with a clean slate, disappear from his creditors, start a new life. But how?

A friend in military research was looking for a volunteer in a new program. The experiment of switching a person’s appearance had numerous military applications. The ultimate adjustment in appearance is to switch genders. Highly trained men could seduce the enemy out of their secrets as long as they switched into a female body.

The process was perfected recently making minor physical changes. Now, a volunteer would be needed for a full transformation. Any issues could be worked out as the experiment was carried out. Alexander knew it was the perfect way to escape his miserable life.

The military made the changes and gave Alexis, Alexander’s new name, a new identity. Alexis would enjoy her new body for a few weeks as the researchers carried out their studies. She could explore the city in her free time without worry about creditors hounding him. As the study approached its end, Alexis really started to enjoy her new life.

The day before the transformation back to Alexander, Alexis hatched a plan. All the old problems were overwhelming, but Alexis is a beautiful woman everyone wants to know. Alexis disappeared into the city. The military never got their chance to finish the research. Alexis didn’t care. She found a sugar daddy and started living the life she deserved.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Sisterly Love

“I warned you, Ben,” Scott’s sister yelled. “You knew the consequences of wearing my clothes again. You didn’t think I’d catch you, did you? Well, I didn’t have to. I reprogrammed your body suit to make the changes permanent.”

“Tonya, please,” Ben whispered. “It’s my fantasy; I don’t want it to be permanent.”

“You should have thought of that once I warned you about wearing my panties. Now you can buy your own.”

After a moment of silence that felt like forever to Ben, he said, “It isn’t really permanent, is it?” His voice was so quiet Tonya had to lean in to hear him.

“Fraid so, brother. You are a girl top to bottom forever. We need to get you a whole new wardrobe,” Tonya laughed. “Besides, you look great.”

“But people will talk,” Ben pleaded.

“Nah! You’ll just be the new girl in town. So, what should we call you,” Tonya placed her hand on her chin and looked up towards the right. “I got it! You look like a Marie.”

Ben thought for a moment and nodded. He liked the name.

Tonya extended her hand to Marie and said,” Now, come out of that corner. I’ll borrow you a dress so we can go shopping. You’re going to love shopping for dresses and lingerie.”

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Classroom Studies

TG Incorporated invested heavily in advanced transformation technologies. Of course they did a great job already with the vast array of products to make any guy’s dreams come true. But there are a few areas that could use improvement. The brain is the finest example.

TG University provides free education to undergraduates. The university also receives large grants from TG Inc. to improve existing therapies. A breakthrough in nanobot design is ready for testing. Chad’s sister, Amanda, convinced him to volunteer for the program.

Chad had to admit it was exciting. He applied to TG University for just this reason. He felt lucky to have a sister who shared her clothes with him, too. Wearing her panties and bras felt so natural. Now, after all this time and waiting, Chad would become the sister Amanda always wanted.

The process/testing went fast. A quick inoculation followed by a nanobot bath and the transformation was over. The nanobots were programmed to change every facet of the brain as well as the body. Once Ariel dried off and dressed the researchers could test if the procedure worked. Ariel refused to accept she was ever a guy; she was repulsed by it. You never saw a happier group of researchers in your life.

At home Amanda was elated by Ariel. She is the perfect sister. The best part is that there is no training required for Chad’s new body. Ariel and Amanda were instant best friends. They did everything together. Amanda still shared her clothes, except now they fit Ariel a bit better, especially down below. Ariel loves her new boyfriend, too. They double date with Amanda and her boyfriend. All in all, a very happy family.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Blissful Slumber

Neal left home for a long walk in the woods. The warm summer day felt warm against his skin, the sun peaking through the leaves touched his face lightly making Neal smile. After walking an hour he sat next to a tree, leaned back, and closed his eyes.

As soon as Neal fell asleep a witch came down the path. She saw Neal asleep next to the tree and feel deeply in love with him. The witch cast a spell. Neal didn't remember the next 300 years of life he lived with the witch.

Witches live a long time but not forever. Out of love for Neal she used her last bit of energy to cast a spell. The witch sent Neal back in time to the tree and his afternoon nap. She knew Neal wanted to be a woman so she made him the most beautiful woman he knew.

Neal woke from his afternoon nap without any knowledge of a 300 year love affair with a witch. He looked down at his body and never noticed he was now in his wife Sara’s body. Sara stood, stretched and brushed herself off.

Sara returned home and walked into the house to see her husband Neal waiting for her. She wrapped her arms around Neal’s neck and kissed him. Her husband pulled back and held out two tickets to the ballet, Sara’s favorite. Sara loved wearing a new dress and the ballet was the perfect opportunity. Sara and Neal lived a long, happy life together unaware of the role reversal gifted them by the witch.

Friday, October 9, 2015

True Leader

When the aliens came to Earth they brought so much promise. The new technology promised free energy, unlimited food, peace and no crime. The aliens were so confident in their technology and humans could not get enough.

Once new energy sources made energy free, people believed anything the aliens said. The next great societal ill addressed was crime. The aliens promised criminally inclined people would become docile and productive, contributing members of society.

The first criminal “fixed” with the alien technology was Barney. Barney was pushed into a transformation chamber and changed into a female. The aliens promised females created in their machine never committed crimes. Barney became Alice. She smiled when she exited the chamber like a proper woman.

The next day Alice went on a killing spree. She killed 14 people before she started carving up aliens. The reputation of the aliens disappeared with Alice. Outraged people forced the aliens off planet. Alice stayed. Her hyper intellect and energy made her a powerful leader. The best leaders are ruthless and Alice was the best.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

High Crimes and Misdemeanors

Some people refuse to be a deadbeat. They pay their bills no matter what it takes or whoever forces them. Tina might have that deer-in-the-headlight look, but do not be fooled. She will do anything to pay her debts — mostly due to a chance dip in a hot tub of nanobots.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Final Solution

Society demands a solution to the crime problem. Arguments over cause (nature vs. nurture) have raged for years while taxpayers keep paying more and more for poorer results. Politicians are good at keeping their jobs. That is why it was no surprise when they came up with this novel answer. I can feel a tax cut coming already.

Monday, October 5, 2015


One of the first things a client of TG Incorporated learns is etiquette. The first thing the freshly minted woman discovers is how her body works. A woman’s joints, especially the hips, are set slightly different. It requires practice to walk without falling. Then comes walking in heels. It is always a comedy show to see a woman fresh off the press walking on 4 inch spikes. Hilarious! Their legs go out in all directions before they learn the balancing act. But soon our beautiful debutante is walking, even running, in her mini skirt and stilettos.

Once basic training is well under way it is time to learn etiquette. You would think it would be easy-peasy. It isn’t. The body is perfectly transformed; it takes a bit more time to modify the brain. Of course you were born in the wrong body and the problem has been rectified. What you don’t understand is you picked up way too many guy habits by default.

Etiquette is more a mental game. It takes patience, something women possess a significant amount more of than men. As a woman it is unwise to manspread your legs when sitting, unless you are seeking unwanted attention. For a guy it would not be a problem. Men want to fuck 30 women a night, but women can fuck 30 men a night. If you don’t get it, re-read the last sentence.

Each student progresses at his own speed. Dave here is a fast learner. He has been practicing for years while he cross-dressed. It makes a difference. Now Keelee can do anything any woman can do: she can walk in heels, catch a man’s eye, satisfy a man and sit prim and proper. You could learn a lot from Keelee. When you engage TG Inc. services, be sure to request Keelee as your trainer. She is the best and she had been through it all before herself.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Galactic Warrior (Cosplay)

The galaxy is filled with super hero wannabes. Brad happened to be one of those super heroes in training when the cold, hard truth crashed in. If Brad was going to serve the Galactic League of the Community of Worlds he would need to make some radical changes. For starters, the League does not need any more men, but there is a high demand for women warriors.

The decision was easy: when do we start? The League made the necessary adjustments to Brad, well, actually, Marie, if you want to get technical about it, and started training her in female fighting techniques. Marie is a natural. Soon, Marie had the guys coming toward her where she excelled at hand to hand combat. Up close, Marie had the advantage of distraction.

It became clear Brad was a girl in waiting all these years. Brad did not even know about it; Marie has no doubts. With her hand razors she slices and dices the enemy with ease. Her innocent face lulls the enemy into a false sense of superiority. Then Marie does what she does best. The razor wheels flash out at lightning speed killing all enemies of the Community.

In case there is any doubt about Brad, consider the simple truth. As a young boy he wore panties when he could do so unnoticed. He took every opportunity to live as a girl when he moved out on his own. As his dreams grew he put away the fantasy. When the Galactic League told him they needed female warriors he was so happy inside. It took all his strength to keep from jumping for joy. In the end, things worked out well  for Marie.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

The Yoko Littner Story

Science Fiction and Fantasy conventions are filled with role playing and costumes. Cosplay is bleeding into the general population and impossible to miss in Japan and South Korea. Brendan fell in love with the anime character Yoko Littner. He travelled to Japan so he could live out his fantasy as Yoko.

What Brendan did not know is that there are several levels to cosplay. Unsatisfied with stalking Yoko lookalikes, her choose to join in the role play. The costumes only hid so much. He wanted to really be an anime characher: Yoko Littner.

The understanding was the role play would last for the week of the convention. Brendan didn’t think he could be a woman full-time. Too many guys hit on him hard while he was in costume. Of course, when you look like this (see photo) how can you blame the guys for making a move.

As the convention wound down Brendan went to the lab to transform back into his old self. The cute lab tech giggled as she told him he signed up for the highest level of cosplay. It was a permanent transformation.

He left the lab not knowing what to do. What would he tell his wife and kids? What would his boss think! Brendan went outside and laid on a brick wall resigned to his fate when a young man walked by and started complimenting Yoko on her costume. Before long a bond of trust developed. Long story short, Yoko went home with the man. The next day he walked home to his family with a wild story to tell.

Paying Bills