Monday, October 31, 2016

Suits Me

Nick heard about body suits, but never saw one before. It was strange to see one at a rummage sale. There had to be something wrong with it. It was so cheap.

Body suits came in so many flavors. Some gave you incredible strength; others allowed you to tolerate extreme environments. The elderly lady running the rummage sale said she did not know what the body suit did. All she knew was her daughter wore it many years ago. “Strength,” Nick thought.

The price was too good to pass up. He just had to experience what it felt like to wear a body suit. He paid the kind lady and took the body suit home. He took his clothes off and stepped into the suit. The body suit sealed itself tight against his skin until his body began to change. In a few minutes Nick looked in a mirror and saw the suit changed him into a woman.

That was seven years ago. Nick was never able to get the suit off. It became a part of his skin, his body. He went back to the rummage sale to see if he could talk to someone about getting the suit off. The home was abandoned. Neighbors said the place was vacant as long as anyone could remember.

Nick had no choice. He changed his name to Diane and lived the rest of his life as a woman.

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Friday, October 28, 2016

Walking Into the Future

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Take Me to Your Leader

First contact surprised everyone, including scientists. The Begok spaceship was sent to Earth to negotiate a treaty and trade agreement. There was only one problem. Earth is the first world with intelligent life with male political leaders. Strange.

A treaty is only valid if signed by the true female leader of all the nations. The Begok delegation had a solution. If each leader wore special girl clothes it would be possible to work out details of the relationship between Earth and the rest of the galaxy. All Earth’s leaders accepted the terms because the discussions would be closed hearings so the public would not see the sissies.

But it wasn’t that easy. Only a girl can sign the negotiated deal. The special clothes did their job turning all the men into girls. Now Earth could be a part of the galactic community since all the leaders were female. Here we see the President of the United States before Hillary took office. Odd how things worked out. The first black President ended up a pretty white girl opening trade with the universe at large. Barak became Becca. Odd.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

They Came for a Peace

An outpouring of love erupted around the Earth when the alien ship appeared in the night sky. Alan felt the same love for his fellow beings from another world.

The aliens wanted to reciprocate by giving something to the humans they would really want. The aliens discovered humans each wanted different things. Alan had a secret wish that only the aliens could provide.

When it was Alan’s turn to enter the massive spacecraft and ask for his wish he just stood there silent. The aliens read his mind. A beam burst from the ceiling, a girly light, and turned Alan into Bethany, an awesome, beautiful woman. Here is to a future relationship with people from around the galaxy. It certainly got off to a good start.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Red Haired Beauty

Sampson was the only man who could save Earth from imminent attack from the Galactic League. The governments of Earth couldn’t work together to put up a united front; typical humans. Man needed someone who knew and understood how politics in the League worked. Sampson was that man. Only, there was one slight problem.

The galaxy is comprised of worlds led by females. Earth is that rare bird where men run the show. There was only one solution; turn Sampson into a girl. It was a tall task. Sampson is six foot four and 340 pounds of solid muscle. Time was running out. The Galactic League was gathering an armada outside the solar system. Attack was imminent!

A small company called TG Incorporated had recently developed nanobots. TG Inc. engineers claimed they could reprogram the nanobots to transform Sampson into a cute red haired girl the Galactic League would respect and listen to. Two days later Sampson was Delilah and hot as hell.

It worked. Delilah raced to the edge of the solar system and negotiated a truce that eventually turned into full membership within the League for Earth. There was only one casualty. It seems TG Inc. was able to program the nanobots to turns big ‘ol Sampson into a petite girl, but not the other way around. Delilah was a girl until the end now. Not to let a great opportunity pass, Delilah became Earth’s ambassador in the Galactic League Council. It was an awesome start for Earth in the galaxy at large. Everyone was a winner.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Locked in a Box

With the holiday season fast approaching, Mary wanted a special gift for her husband, Lester. Lester is hard to shop for. He has everything he wants. Lester is one of those laid back guys who are happy no matter where he is or with what he has. He is just a happy guy. And Mary wants to surprise him like he has never been surprised before.

The grand opportunity arose by accident. Mary knew she had to buy it once she saw it. It was a huge box sold by TG Inc. The box had special properties for anyone inside. A smaller box held shut with a ribbon was inside the bigger box.

Mary could not wait. As soon as she had it home she showed Lester, asking him to crawl inside. The box did its magic instantly. Lester now had a box of his very own! He opened the smaller box and found the perfect bra/panty set for his new body.

Mary decided she wanted Lester to be named Alice now. Alice had to admit, it was gift he did not expect, but really loved. The inside joke around the house was Alice found her box in a box. Now be honest. What do you want for Christmas?

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Our Little Secret

“Stop pouting, honey,” Monica moaned to her husband, Bill. “It was your idea and I only helped.”

Bill sat on the bed, closed his eyes and looked inward. What was he going to do? How could he show his face at work Monday morning? Would his boss even believe him? All good questions Bill had no answers to.

Deep down Bill was enjoying every moment. He joked with Monica about wearing a bra and panty while they were out on the town; their little secret. Monica took the joke a step further when she came home with a matching bra/panty set the perfect size for Bill. He put on the obligatory resistance, but could not wait to try them on.

It was great night out. They started with dinner at Luigi’s, the most expensive restaurant in town. The rest of the night they spent at nightclubs. It was several hours after they were at the clubs when Bill noticed he felt different. By the time he figured out what was happening it was too late.

By the time they got home Bill was a woman in a suit. He stripped off his outer cloths and sat on the bed in only the bra/panty set. Monica sat beside him. “You know I still love you,” Monica said. Bill nodded. She continued, “I really am bisexual. We will still have a wonderful marriage.” Bill sat statue still.

The silence was deafening. Finally Monica said, “I am sorry. I did not know the panty and bra were laced with nanobots.” “You bought them at the TG Incorporated outlet store. What did you expect?” Bill blurted out. Bill looked all serious and forlorn when a slight smile crossed his face. “Admit it,” Monica said, “you love every minute of this.” Bill’s eyes said it all. Monica said, “I think I will call you Trisha from now on.”

Saturday, October 22, 2016


Late in the night of Megacity crime ran rampant. People feared the night and the smart ones were home before dark and stayed home until morning light. The daily news reported the number of bodies found each morning by police. Then rumors of fear spread among the criminal set, a rumor of a vigilante named Sonya who roamed the dead-of-night streets of Megacity.

Police refused to work the streets much after dark. Citizens barricaded themselves in their home and apartments and prayed the gangs didn’t decide to target their home. There was no help if you came under attack.

Some say it was hope that started the rumors of a superhero roaming the night streets. Once the myth of Sonya started it was hard to stop.  More and more people claimed they were saved by a woman dressed as a superhero. Crime plummeted; people started to dine out well into the evening and walk home. Even a few fleeting, fuzzy pictures of Sonya appeared in the newspapers. Skeptics claimed it was more crazy people acting like the UFO crowd.

Jack knew better. He knew Sonya was real. He wasn’t one of those saved by the mysterious woman from violent assailants. He knew because he knew Sonya personally. You see, Jack bought an old home to remodel. While remodeling Jack found a strange women’s suit/uniform in an old wooden chest in the attic. Living alone and with a fetish for women’s clothing he tried the uniform on. The outfit rippled across his body and transformed him into Sonya: superhero.

Soon Jack discovered the suit gave him more than a great female body, but special powers, super powers. He knew he had to make a difference in the city. He wore the suit every night to help the oppressed. Each morning before sunrise he returned home, took off the suit, transformed back into Jack and assumed his normal life. No one was the wiser. And Megacity was once again the safe city it once was. The legend of Sonya lived on as Jack passed the outfit on as he grew older. And, almost as if by magic, no one ever got a really good look at Sonya. She remained the mysterious savior of Megacity and the bane of all evil.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Live by the Sword

From the time he was a little boy Arthur wanted to be in law enforcement. Not some lowly Earth schlep of a cop, but rather an interplanetary undercover agent of the Community of Worlds’ Interpol. When he entered college he was approached when word got out of his unyielding desire to serve. The fact that he would need to serve as a female agent did not deter Arthur one bit.

As Mindy, the defender of all that is good, Arthur became the agent of her dreams. Her skill and beauty enhanced her reputation around the galaxy. Bad guys did not want Mindy after them. She always got her man.

Her fame also made her a target. She brought down the largest crime syndicates in the Community of Worlds. Crime lords knew the balance was out of their favor. A plan was hatched; a trap set. Mindy never backed down from a difficult assignment. She walked in eyes wide open and took down most of the bad guys. But there were too many and they outflanked Mindy. When the dust settled Mindy was dead.

On an out world in the Community of Worlds a young boy was reading about Mindy’s death. She was his superhero saving the galaxy from evil. For as long as he could remember he wanted to be in law enforcement. Not some lowly local schlep of a cop; he wanted to be Mindy. It did not bother him if he had to be a girl to get the job done.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Woman in Charge

Patrick met Kayla at a dance. From the moment they met Kayla had an intoxicating hold on Patrick. Sure, Kayla had a history of cheating on her boyfriends, even after she was engaged to them, but there was something about her Patrick wanted to obey.

The first week Kayla had Patrick dressed and Patricia. Kayla was a master at transforming a man into a woman and Patrick was the best subject ever. Kayla kept working on Patrick’s mind until he really started to think he was Patricia.

Then, only months before the wedding, Kayla did it again. She forced Patrick to wear magic panties for the day. Soon Patricia was giggling like a school girl in love. The wedding was off. Patricia did not care. Kayla set her up with a boyfriend and then moved on to her next victim. The only thing left to know is who the next lucky victim would be. 

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Tom Would Do Anything to Wear the Pink Babydoll

When Tom saw the model wearing the pink babydoll he wanted to wear it so bad it hurt. But it was only a dream. The babydoll was so skimpy there was no way Tom could pass as a girl in such an outfit. Dreams do come true, however, if you believe strongly enough.

Rumor has it that Tom met a witch later that day who granted him his wish. Others say the picture you see here of Connie is the work of secret doctors at TG Incorporated. Some speculate Connie is really Tom, but DNA evidence says Connie is a full woman. The fact that Connie showed up the same day Tom disappeared and had a key to Tom’s apartment fueled the rumors.

TG Inc. denied they had technology so advanced it would do such a complete job right down to the cellular level. Conspiracy theorists say otherwise. Regardless, Tom is gone and Connie is here wearing the pretty pink babydoll. I don’t know about you, but she looks all woman to me. If she is Tom, he is one lucky guy. He owes that witch or TG Inc. or somebody one hell of a blowjob, ah, I mean, thank you.

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