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Friday, April 28, 2017

Class Project

Samantha had a problem. Going to med school to be a sex change doctor presented unique challenges. To get her degree she needed to work on a live patient. Samantha created cutting edge transitioning technology. To realize her dream she needed a patient willing to accept the permanent transformation.

Enter Samantha’s boyfriend, Johnny. Johnny loved Samantha more than anything in the world and supported her work. When Samantha suggested he be her patient for the required class project Johnny was a bit concerned. He had no desire to spend the rest of his life as a woman. Then Samantha admitted she was bisexual. Johnny decided he was willing to give it a try.

The cutting edge BTG transformation technology worked better than anyone expected. In two months Johnny was gone and Nadine took his place. Nadine discovered life as a girl was much better than anticipated. Samantha was true to her word as a bisexual. Unfortunately, Nadine discovered she was straight. It ended okay, however. Nadine ended up marrying Samantha’s brother.

What’s a girlfriend for?

Monday, April 24, 2017

The Gift of Time

Neal left home for a long walk in the woods. The warm summer day felt warm against his skin, the sun peaking through the leaves touched his face lightly making Neal smile. After walking an hour he sat next to a tree, leaned back, and closed his eyes.

As soon as Neal fell asleep a witch came down the path. She saw Neal asleep next to the tree and feel deeply in love with him. The witch cast a spell. Neal didn't remember the next 300 years of life he lived with the witch.

Witches live a long time but not forever. Out of love for Neal she used her last bit of energy to cast a spell. The witch sent Neal back in time to the tree and his afternoon nap. She knew Neal wanted to be a woman so she made him the most beautiful woman he knew.

Neal woke from his afternoon nap without any knowledge of a 300 year love affair with a witch. He looked down at his body and never noticed he was now in his wife Sara’s body. Sara stood, stretched and brushed herself off.

Sara returned home and walked into the house to see her husband Neal waiting for her. She wrapped her arms around Neal’s neck and kissed him. Her husband pulled back and held out two tickets to the ballet, Sara’s favorite. Sara loved wearing a new dress and the ballet was the perfect opportunity. Sara and Neal lived a long, happy life together unaware of the role reversal gifted them by the witch.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Paying Off the TG Inc Debt

TG Incorporated is not a cheap place to visit as Don can attest. Fortunately, TG Inc. is a progressive company with a variety of methods for paying for your dream transformation.

There are a lot of reasons a guy visits TG Inc.: loss of a loved one; desire to be someone else; unhappy with the hand life dealt you. For Don, it was always simmering underneath. He dreamed of living his life as a woman, but it would be too hard on his friends and family. Then a freak car accident took the love of his life. It was time to leave the pain behind and start all over.

He wanted the cheapest, fastest, most painless transformation possible. The kindly young woman at TG Inc. convinced Don he wanted to make the transformation more personal than a quickie sex change. Don had no resources to fight anymore. He allowed the woman to help him choose a transformation he would be proud of.

Money is always a problem. Good thing TG Inc. has contingency plans to help those in need. A TG Inc. transformation with training adds up to nearly $4 million. The monthly payment is $101,574 for 5 years at 18%. Becky, Don’s new name, had no idea how she would pay for the services. Becky could see she was pretty enough, but what job pays almost $4000 a day for 5 years? Then the light went on.

TG Inc. helped Becky understand the contract, as if there was any going back. She would receive one week of training followed by 5 years of servicing patrons, if you get the drift. Becky would earn $300 per service call. All the men were provided at the club where she would work. Becky’s head was spinning as she realized she would handle an average of 15 customers per day. Her client list would exceed 25,000 at the satisfaction of her loan. Wow! Becky smiled. She might as well get to work. Her customers won’t service themselves… ah, forget the last part.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Game Face

Tyler couldn’t believe what he did. It all started out as an innocent game of poker. The guys from college planned a get-together to relive the great times they had before careers and romantic relationships took over life. The evening started out with alcohol and great stories. Eventually the guys sat down to a good game of poker.

To make the game interesting the guys upped the odds. Instead of playing for money they played for chips and each step of the way they lost clothes and finally, for one lucky loser, a dip in the nanobot pool. The game went on for hours before Tyler started a streak of bad luck. Before long he was stepping into the pool filled with nanobots that changed him into Becky.

On the way home Becky stopped by the mall for appropriate clothing for a woman. He browsed all the women’s clothing stores buying a tight sequin dress, bras, panties, and stilettos. As Becky walked up the sidewalk to the front door he stopped and turned to look back. At first he thought he looked back because he remembered he left the packages of clothes in the car, but then he realized he was looking back and saying goodbye to an old life he’ll never see again.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Office Manager Revenge

Business was bad with the economy and all. Barry did what he had to do to keep his business afloat. He started a TG blog to make some extra money, but his employees found out. At first they laughed, but then they used it against him. Then the blackmail began. To keep quiet, the office manager demanded Barry start dressing the part. She took pictures for insurance.

Barry had nowhere to turn. Soon he was on hormone therapy and growing breasts. Before long the changes were undeniable. Now he had no choice but to play the role of a woman full time. As his breasts kept growing he finally changed his name to Karla.

As Karla, Barry soon found peace with her new life. Soon she was taking selfies to share with her Facebook friends. Business has improved as a female business owner with all the extra grants offered by the government.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

An Eye Out for a Man

Jackie was so excited now that he was a girl. The transformation was perfect. Not only did he look like a girl, he thought like a girl. He wanted to do girl things like paint his nails. He also smiled a lot for some reason.

He also felt like a girl. In fact, he couldn’t remember what it was like to be a boy anymore and it’s been only three weeks since the change. And the desires. Oh. My God! The desires were uncontrollable. All Jackie could think about was snagging a man for marriage.

As a boy Jackie didn’t care about his appearance, as a girl he always wanted to look pretty. It was important to Becky to attract people’s attention with her actions and looks, especially the boys. Here we see Jackie decorating herself. When she is done she will join the men behind her, closely watching each for possible mate material.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Command of Authority

Once a man gains a position of authority it changes the way he holds his body the rest of his life. Senior prosecutor to the county, Morris Beck, adjusted to his position better than most. His ego made the transition easy. Justice is served in strange ways, however. Morris was humbled when the FOSE hit while he was in court trying a woman for owning a lingerie shop.

Beautiful women should not be allowed to hold positions of authority, including business owner, according to Morris. Morris trumped up a charge and took it to trial. It was a sunny late autumn day when reality struck hard. The FOSE hit while the prosecution made their bullshit case. Of course, Morris couldn’t keep his mind and eyes off Peggy, the accused; she came dressed in one of her best-selling products.

The FOSE hit worldwide, but only Morris and Peggy knew it in the courtroom. Morris was now standing in the silk negligee and robe. Peggy, a hell of a lot smarter than Morris, realized what happened and never missed a beat. Morris tried to explain what happened. The judge and jury laughed. Peggy was a far better salesman, ahem, than Morris. She sold the jury that Peggy should be put in jail. And so it was.

Morris ended up in jail in Peggy’s body while Peggy brought reform to the district attorney’s office. Morris eventually adjusted; he even liked wearing lingerie and satisfying her boyfriend. Peggy, in Morris’s body allowed Morris, in Peggy’s body, to continue as a successful shop owner. In the end justice was served.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Class Trip

Walter saved all year to join a tour of China with forty-eight his college buddies. He was excited as he found his seat on the tour bus once they landed in Shanghai. The guys started telling stories of hi jinx committed while in college. Ah, and the girls and panty raids.

The guys had a great tour guide. She smiled brightly and pointed out interesting places and scenery. She was also good natured and accepted ribbing by the guys. Everyone was excited for the surprise the tour guide promised.

Toward evening, as most of the bus was enjoying a late afternoon nap, the tour bus pulled into a warehouse bay. The stopping of the bus woke several of the guys, Walter included. The inside of the warehouse was bright and new, unlike the drab outside. “Well boys,” the tour guide smiled, “time for your surprise.”

The guys looked around and at each other with confusion on their face. The tour guide lowered her head and smiled. “Boys. You are in our state of the art 3D printer factory. We need test subjects and you are it.” The guys looked around nervously and for an exit. Walter worked his way to the back of the crowd. “The room is sealed, boys. We can complete our product testing with you boys. Who’s first?”

That was six weeks ago. The boys soon learned to love their bodies and the estate they are living on. Here we see Mandy, the former Walter, finishing a walk around the park near where the boys now reside. He is so glad he joined his buddies from college. Those were good times.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Lottery Ticket

Cindy is one happy girl. Six weeks ago he entered a lottery for a complete package at TG Incorporated and won. Martin entered the lottery and Cindy is the happy result. TG Incorporated felt the lottery would be a great tool to market their services. People without enough money for a complete package had nothing to lose by entering the lottery. Each ticket was only a dollar.

When the winning number was announced Martin was in disbelief. He won! Without a moment’s hesitation he ran to the nearest TG Incorporated office to cash in his winning ticket. The results were fantastic. He loves his body; he loved his new name: Cindy.

Martin spends a lot of time looking at himself. He is in awe at how he looks. He is also famous. As the winner of the lottery he has received a lot of media coverage. TG Incorporated required the winner to promote the company for three years. As Cindy, Martin is more than happy to. He is easily one of the most beautiful women alive. He has a new date every night, a new body, lots of money from the TG Incorporated promotion contract, and the life he has always wanted. Look into his eyes and tell me he isn’t a winner.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Turkey Dinner

The family sat down for a Thanksgiving turkey dinner. It’s hard to celebrate any holiday without TG Incorporated sitting down with you. The massive profits TG Inc. made were reinvested in nearly every industry. Now TG Inc. owned the turkey business. All Thanksgiving turkeys came from a TG Inc. farm.

Arnold could care less. The country was going to the hell in a hand basket and the politicians were all at fault in his opinion. The family sat down and enjoyed the pleasure of a good meal together. After the meal the whole family migrated to the living room to watch football, scratch and sleep.

TG Inc. turkeys put people to sleep more than any other turkey. The whole family, Arnold included, succumb to the wonderful turkey dinner. When they started to stir from a long after dinner slumber it appeared the Packers took one on the chin.

It took a few seconds for the men to realize there were some changes while they slept. It seems TG Inc. turkeys are laced with nanobots. Arnold was so excited about the changes that he rushed to the bedroom and tried on a bra/panty set of his wife’s. After posing for the family, Arnold announced he was to be addressed as Claudia.

Enjoy your turkey dinner this Thanksgiving. You never know what special ingredient was added.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

You Can Find it in a Library

I remember the first time I met Miss Dinger. It was the first time I walked into a library and there she was, all slim and meek and quiet with a soft smile. She looked at me through her hair and for a fifteen year old boy it awakened a desire in me that had outward manifestations and she noticed. Miss Dinger and I became friends as I visited the library every day after that and took an interest in reading for the first time.

Miss Dinger introduced me to worlds I never knew existed. There they were, large and bold, hidden within the books of the library. I could travel to the future, to ancient civilizations, to worlds unknown all with the turn of the page. As our friendship grew I confided in Tracy, (yes, I call Miss Dinger by her first name now) that I wanted to be like her. She thought I meant I wanted to be a librarian. My look must have told her she was wrong. She soon figured out I wanted to be her. Exactly like her.

Tracy smiled, took my hand, and led me to a back room. She showed me an old, old book on its own pedestal. She slowly opened the pages stopping at a full page sketching with caption. The sketch showed a pair of chambers with light coming out of them. Tracy smiled as she pulled back a curtain at the back of the room revealing the chambers from the book. Without a word she helped me enter a chamber. I was so excited! I knew Tracy was going to swap bodies with me. She stepped into her chamber. In a flash I was in her body.

By now it was after hours for the library. Tracy dressed me like a sexy librarian and took this picture. That was three years ago. I go to the library often. I love books. I love switching bodies with Tracy. People say we are strange because our ages are so different and we are dating. Who cares what “they” think. I spend more time as Tracy than as me and we've never been happier.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Mindy Can't Get Out of the Body Suit

Rummaging through the attic of his grandpa’s home after he passed away, Warren found an antique body suit. It seemed in pristine condition as he took it out of the storage crate. After checking to make sure the house was empty he took off his clothes and stepped into the body suit. As he zipped the suit closed it snapped tight against his skin and sealed.

Warren was pleased with the body. He found a panty and bra in the trunk. It felt good looking like a woman. After a few hours more looking through the attic it was time to take off the suit and go home. His stomach sank when he could not find the release seam. A search of the attic ended without any manual for the body suit.

Embarrassed, Warren had no choice but to seek help. He called his brother Frank. Frank rushed over. He pointed out the model number on the box and used his phone to check if any information was available. Frank found what he needed. He read to Warren as he scrolled, “It seems you have one of the first permanent body suit models to ever hit the market. Your granddad must have bought the thing and never used it. Okay, here it says you are Mindy now.”

Mindy interrupted Frank demanding to know how to get the body suit off. Frank closed the phone and said, “I have a sister now, Mindy. Warren is not coming back.” Then he took a picture for the family scrapbook. 

Monday, April 10, 2017

The Accident

‘Huh? Wha happened?’
‘Just relax honey. You were in a bad accident. Everything is okay now. You are safe.’
‘Safe? Accident? Ahhhh, yeah. I remember. Car accident. I was in a car accident.’
‘That’s right, Leah.  So how are you feeling?’
‘Ah, good. I think. Tired. Hard to remember.’
‘That is to be expected, Leah. You nearly died.’
‘Yes, honey. Don’t you remember anything?’
‘Bright lights. I remember bright lights. Then black. Now I am here.’
‘The accident was six months ago.’
‘Six months?’
‘Yes, Leah. You were out for six months. Your body was mangled. The doctors had to reconstruct. The damage was so bad all they could do was… Well, it does not matter, Leah. You are alive and awake.’
‘Leah? Who is Leah?’
‘Oh, I am so sorry honey. We had to give you a name. You don’t look like a Jack anymore. No. no, honey. We mustn’t touch ourself.’
‘I’m a girl.’
‘Yes you are. And lucky to be alive. Like I said, the doctors worked hard to save your life but you were too damaged in certain areas. The only way to save your life was make you a girl.’
‘A girl.’
‘It’s not that bad being a girl. I am a girl too.’
‘Where is this place?’
‘After you healed enough and the danger was past you were brought here from the hospital, a halfway house for continued healing. We monitor you 24/7.’
‘I want to get up.’
‘That is a good sign. Here, let me help you. We have a lot of training to do.’
‘Yes, silly. Training. You are a girl now. We need to teach you how to act and think like one.’

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Interview With a Woman

Host: We have a special guest with us tonight. Three years ago she underwent gender reassignment with the latest hormone, surgery and nanobot technology. Tonight Chrystal will share with us her awesome story. Welcome Crystal.

Chrystal: Thank you. I’m so happy to be here.

H: To start, what is the one thing that stands out the most since your transformation?

C: Well, as you know, I wanted to be a girl all my life. I knew something was wrong when I looked down at what I was. I always visualized what life would be like once I became a girl. I think everyone in the audience has had a similar experience where what you expected is different from what happens. For me, the thing that stands out most is sleepwear. The feel of soft lingerie as I slide into bed is so much different as a girl than as a guy dressed as a girl. Here is a picture of me in my favorite negligee I sleep in. [The audience applauds.] My skin feels the fabric differently than before the transformation. As a guy a negligee felt erotic, sensual, but now it feels like wearing any other clothes. I feel pretty and special, but not different is the best way I can describe it.

H: There must have been an adjustment period.

C: Wow! Expectations are so different from reality. A man’s body reacts and responds so differently from a woman’s and with today’s technology the boy to girl transformation is one hundred percent accurate. Walking was hard at first. You can’t imagine the sore muscles I had the first week. My hips were killing me. The other thing a woman’s body deals with differently is when wearing heels. I wore heels for years before the transformation, but my calves still needed time to adjust.

H: Has your personal life improved?

C: Wellllll.

H: You’re blushing says it all. Com’on, tell us.

C: Okaaaay. I met this guy a year after the transformation and we are married six months next week Tuesday. And are you ready for this? We are expecting.

H: You are an amazing woman Chrystal. I am sorry, but we are out of time Chrystal’s full interview airs at 11 tonight. See you then.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

No Price at All

When Howard was a small boy he was in a car accident. His mom was unconscious behind the wheel with a nasty cut on her forehead; Howard was in the back seat unhurt, but trapped. A kindly witch happened by. Howard begged her to help his mom. The witch refused saying he had nothing to pay her for her help.

Howard started crying inconsolably. A witch’s heart may be cold, but it isn’t made of stone. The witch examined Howard’s mom and said, “I can help her, but you must give me something I want.” Too young to know better, Howard nodded approval. The witch pushed the metal away from Howard’s mom with a gentle touch of her hand. She removed mom from the car and placed her flat on the ground. Touching mom’s forehead the cut disappeared.

The witch reached into the back seat and helped Howard out and brought him to his mother’s side. “She will awake soon and I’ll be gone. She is safe now.” Howard said ‘thank you’ though tears. “You still need to pay for my services,” the witch said crouching to look Howard straight in the eyes. Howard’s eyes became huge ovals. “You will serve other as a woman as my price.” Howard did not understand at first.

Years later Howard reflected on his life before the witch turned him into Beatrice. His mother didn’t recognize him when she regained consciousness. He was a little girl back then. Now he serves his country, helping others in need every day. Deep down Howard knew the witch was not paid. The witch paid Howard for allowing her to help his mother.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Time Off With Friends

Spring break is different on Mystery Island. Terrance and his buddies had big plans for their time off. They ordered the full package from the tour company. Two weeks of all-inclusive fun. They guys were in for the time of their life.

The weather was perfect when they landed on Mystery Island. The tour bus had every amenity a person could think of: food, liquor, music, comfortable seats and an attractive and knowledgeable tour guide. What more could the guys ask for.

The tour guide had a mischievous grin as they stopped at the beach. “The water is warm, boys. Have fun.” The guys put on their swimming suits and enjoyed the surf. It happened so slow at first no one noticed as the day got away from them. By the time dinner was called the boys looked very different.

Terrance, in the middle, was the first to notice. As they stepped into shallower water they saw just how far the changes went. The tour guide, always so helpful, offered them bikinis in exchange for their swimming shorts. The boys were grateful.

As spring break neared its end the boys lined up on the fence for a group photo of the best vacation they ever had. “When do we get our bodies back?” Terrance asked. The tour guide smiled, “Don’t be silly. You get to keep the bodies as a gift of Mystery Island.” She handed them identification papers. Terrance examined his passport and saw his name is Betty now. He was good with that.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Knocked Off Her Feet

Tony was getting ready for a night out on the town when the swarm of micro vortexes hit. Because of their small size and speed scientists did not provide a warning. Nobody was intentionally in a shielded shelter. As you know, vortexes are bubbles of space floating around the universe with special properties. Vortexes have no effect on females, but any male lucky enough to be in a vortex’s path is instantly transformed into a female by the null space inside the vortex. It happens so fast the victims feel it is instantaneous: one second they are a man, the next a woman.

The micro vortexes were different from anything seen before. Every vortex in the past transformed their victims on the spot. The victim frequently did not know they were transformed until they looked down. These micro vortexes knocked their victims unconscious. This is where Tony comes in. He had plans for a fun evening out with friends from work when a vortex smashed him. He was knocked back on the bed, out cold. This vortex also gave Tony a bonus: a hot outfit and already with perfect makeup.

It was not long before Tony came to. He knew what happened the second he opened his eyes. At first he was mad the vortex ruined his plan for the evening. Then a huge grin grew on his face as he looked at himself in the mirror. He will go out tonight with his co-workers. They will not know who he is so he will introduce himself as Pam and mess with everyone before he tells them what happens. Gawd, what fun!

It worked better than Tony expected. As Pam he had every guy from work drooling before he told them about the vortex. The guys kept drooling. Tony took it all in. He thought for a moment and then accepted the offer to spend the night with Cory, his best friend at work. Tony is so happy as Pam.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Tuesday, April 4, 2017


Todd didn’t ask for it. The vortex cluster hit the Earth unannounced. Twenty million men were instantly transformed into women. Todd was one of those men. He was showering when the vortex floated down from the sky, passing through his home, into his shower stall, and over his body. He closed his eyes to rinse soap from his face and when he opened his eyes he was a woman. His wife freaked out when he ran out of the bathroom stark naked.

Todd quit his job and attended college. He has to learn everything about vortexes her could and how to reverse the process. Highly motivated, Todd graduated in three years with the highest grade in the college’s history. From the list of job offers, Todd picked the job that offered the best chances of learning to reverse the vortex phenomenon.

The government required new identification cards for those affected. Todd chose the name Amber. Here we see Amber working hard to find answers. She works 16 hours a day. His wife doesn’t mind; she wants Todd back, too. What Todd refuses to admit is that after all these years he no longer wants his old life back. He likes Amber and her life. She is even seeing a guy on the side, a co-worker, without telling his wife. Don’t you love a happy ending?

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Paying Bills