Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Charity Car Wash

Bryan wanted to raise money at the charity car wash for his best friend suffering from cancer. The girls started raising money from the start; Bryan, not so much. Bryan knew they had to raise $10,000 to pay for his friend’s cancer treatment. Drivers were more motivated to leave large tips when the girls washed the car.

After an hour Bryan was near tears. One of the girls took him to the side and helped him look better for the customers. It took a while to get everything just right, but it was worth it. Now Bryan was raking in the dough as Wanda, just like the other girls. He was able to convince the guys getting their cars washed to part with sizable tips.

When the sun went down and the car wash came to an end the girls, including Wanda, raised over twice the funds needed to help Bryan’s friend. The girls teased Wanda about how cute she was. Then the girls realized how much Bryan loved being a girl. Now the girls invite Bryan over every Friday night and dress him up for a night on the town. She is a cutie.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Top Producer

Felix Securities has a big problem. They are the lowest producing office in the country and the manager’s job is on the line. The all-male office is given an ultimatum: produce or face the consequences.

A sales contest was devised with ample motivation attached. The top three producers of the month would receive a bonus; the bottom producer would be forced to work dressed as a woman until he produced sales equal to the top three salesmen during the contest period.

Edgar became Elisha in the office. The rules for Elisha were simple, sell an equal or greater amount than the top three salesmen during the contest before going back to wearing a suit and tie. The sales must be completed within three months or magic panties from TG Inc. would replace the panties he wore the first three months.

Elisha was on a mission. There was no way he would wear magic panties and be a woman forever. A team of women makeup artists were brought in to make Edgar look like a real woman. As Elisha, Edgar settled into the role soon enough. Sales escalated as the first month progressed. On day eighty seven it looked like Elisha would exceed the sales needed to be Edgar again when the unthinkable happened. The same guy pulled his deal again. Elisha swore in a very unlady like manner.

On day ninety one Elisha was resigned to her fate. Minutes after the makeup artists slipped Edgar into magic panties he could feel the changes. Elisha accepted her fate. It seems the office manager thought Edgar made a helluva woman. He wasn’t gay so he asked the client to withdraw the sale until after Elisha was a real woman. On the first day Elisha was a woman she was asked out for drinks after work by the manager. Soon Elisha was a stay at home mom and happier than ever.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Swapping Sports

Charlie grew up playing baseball with his sister, Tonya. Tonya went on to be a superstar pitcher in college while Charlie’s fast ball could not get him on the men’s team. Since Tonya and Charlie were close Tonya decided to help her brother. Tonya always practiced the underhand throw. It gave her a full scholarship. However, the underhand fast ball was giving way to the more common over hand fast ball familiar in the men’s baseball leagues. This is where Charlie had an opportunity.

For some reason the men’s team was not interested in Charlie even though he had a powerful fast ball and slider. If Charlie could somehow play on the girl’s team he would be a valuable asset. Tonya hatched a plan. She told her coach she had a twin sister who could throw overhand as well as she threw underhand. The coach loved the idea. Tonya dragged Charlie to TG Inc. to turn him into her twin sister, Tara.

Tara was a bit confused at first, but it all came back. She adjusted to her new body and the fast ball flew out of her paw so fast coach called it a barn burner. Tara knew giving up her manhood for a game was extreme. When the team won the state championship she knew it was all worth it. Tara felt lucky to have such a wonderful and close sister in Tonya. As sisters they dominated girl’s baseball for decades.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Emily's Education

You would think a guy would not look a gift horse in the mouth. But not our friend, Anon. No. He taunted me, the pro tempore spokeswoman of TG Incorporated, and as a reward I had the boss change the internet connection on him, modifying the radiation from his computer screen. Poor Anon. The TG radiation turned him into Emily.

Well, Emily went out and purchased a package of new panties for the occasion and ridiculed me in a comment section on it. What our dear Emily did not know was the TG radiation from his computer screen was only temporary. Unfortunately, we kept an eye on our girl. When we saw she was purchasing panties we made sure they were the special magical kind. Too bad the magic panties are a permanent deal. Emily will never be Anon again.

Look at the girl. She is giggling from the sensation of those magic panties going to work. Have you ever seen a happier girl in the world? I think Anon has learned a lesson. We took his manhood and increased his libido. I think our friend, Emily, will keep the boys around town very happy. She is such a girl. 

Friday, February 24, 2017

Balancing Act

Ever since Tyler had the sex change into Patricia she has had problems. Sure, the looks from all the guys are nice. Clothes are the best part. Dressing up pretty is so awesome and something boys never really get to do. The problems are with her body. There is a monthly visitor that is not nearly as much fun as Patricia imagined it would be. And walking is a real issue. The wider hips changes the way she walks; there is more of a swing to the hips and she moves.

As nice as the clothes are, heels are a killer. A dress and heels are the perfect excuse for wearing pantyhose, but a day walking in heels is murder on the calves. And then there are those embarrassing moments like you see in the picture. Patricia sometimes still loses her balance and ends up on the pavement. The only good thing about falling is the help men offer. It is also the way she met Kyle, her boyfriend.

Patricia still struggles with walking in stilettos. She gets up every time, brushes herself off, checks her pantyhose for snags, and carries on. To be honest, Patricia loves being a woman in need. Not only is she a drama queen, she is an attention hound. Here is to a successful transformation.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Perfect Switch

Paying Bills