Sunday, August 20, 2017

Birthday Girl

Over the years TG Incorporated has invented or created every TG virus, magic panty and nanobot known to man, ahem, woman. With every method of transforming a man into a higher being, a woman, now fully implemented there was no reason to continue the business; their job was done (almost). Then one remaining man, NeoRock, asked for the only unthought of product: TG high heel boots.

TG Incorporated was honored to produce such a wonderful product for a man who has stood patiently by for so long waiting to be a girl. Now, for NeoRock’s birthday, TG Inc. presented him with the high heel boots of is dreams.

The boots worked wonderfully turning Neo into Melody. She is a pretty girl, don’t you think. And the boots look awesome!

You were the last man left standing. Now you can enjoy the rest of your life, Melody, with a smooth crotch. And TG Inc. has filled your closet with boxes of boots. Please enjoy. I know we do just seeing the smile of your face.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Game Face

Tyler couldn’t believe what he did. It all started out as an innocent game of poker. The guys from college planned a get-together to relive the great times they had before careers and romantic relationships took over life. The evening started out with alcohol and great stories. Eventually the guys sat down to a good game of poker.

To make the game interesting the guys upped the odds. Instead of playing for money they played for chips and each step of the way they lost clothes and finally, for one lucky loser, a dip in the nanobot pool. The game went on for hours before Tyler started a streak of bad luck. Before long he was stepping into the pool filled with nanobots that changed him into Becky.

On the way home Becky stopped by the mall for appropriate clothing for a woman. He browsed all the women’s clothing stores buying a tight sequin dress, bras, panties, and stilettos. As Becky walked up the sidewalk to the front door he stopped and turned to look back. At first he thought he looked back because he remembered he left the packages of clothes in the car, but then he realized he was looking back and saying goodbye to an old life he’ll never see again.

Paying Bills