Paying Bills

Saturday, August 27, 2016

First Time as a Woman

The nanobot booth at the convention, sponsored by TG Incorporated, was more than Randy could resist. Since his girlfriend, Alexis, was into girls too, she was also excited to see her guy as a cute girl doing cosplay. The convention had a special affordable price for a temporary switch. The nanobots gave you 24 hours as a girl before you turned back.

After Randy drank the nanobot laced elixir, Alexis grabbed Randy by the hand and dragged him to a quiet alley. She shoved him against the wood lathing and said, “I only have you for 24 hours so I’m not wasting a second. You answer to Roxy now. Got it?”

Roxy did not have a chance to respond before Alexis pushed Roxy’s back harder against the lathing and kissed her deep. That evening the relationship grew deeper than ever before. The next morning, with only a few hours remaining for Roxy, Alexis said, “Want to go for the lifetime change?” Roxy only uttered a squeak as she nodded.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Forced Feminization

From the day Melinda married Luke she started the process of feminizing him. It started small. Melinda refused to buy Luke underwear, forcing him to wear panties to work. Later she required he wear a bra under his shirt. Before long Luke spent his weekends wearing a skirt and heels. Nights required a negligee.

Luke fought back at first, not understanding Melinda had such a fetish for guys in drag. What Luke didn’t understand is that for Melinda is was much more. She wanted a feminine lover. As Melinda’s lust grew she knew she wanted a woman in her bed. She couldn’t give up Luke. She loved him and was always faithful.

After two years of marriage Melinda took Luke to TG Incorporated the start the transitioning process. By now Luke wasn’t fighting it; he actually liked wearing girl’s clothing. He wore dresses so much he started thinking like a girl; his manhood was mentally gone.

The doctor at TG Incorporated decided hormones followed by surgery with a follow-up nanobot treatment would be the best course of action. The changes went faster than Luke thought. Soon the breast forms were no longer needed; Luke filled out her bra fine without them.

Luke changed his name to Alice and broke the news at work. Everyone was so supportive. In a few months the surgery and nanobot treatment finished the transition. It goes to show that even a guy with no desire to be a woman can fill the role just fine without any problems. Melinda was happy, too; she has the best lover ever in bed.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Peace Train

“What happened to you?” the stranger asked.

“I… ah… don’t know,” said Josh.

“That must be that train I heard about in the news,” the stranger said pointing to the train behind her.

“We were in the news?” Josh said perplexed. “How could we be on the news already?”

“You’re from that there train, right?”

Josh turned to look back at the train and nodded.

“Well, that there train ran into a vortex. You know, the ones that change men into women. The difference is that this time the whole train disappeared for a day and then showed back up again where it left off. Scientists said it might be because such a large object hit the vortex at high speed.”

“All I remember,” Josh mumbled, “was a lot of yelling and screaming. I can’t even remember anything about missing a whole day.”

“What is your name,” the stranger said as he put his arm around Josh’s shoulders for support. “I can take you to the hospital.”

“My name is…” Josh thought hard. “My name is Rosalie.”

The stranger took Rosalie to the hospital. She checked out healthy. The doctors later discover that the missing man from the train, Josh, was really Rosalie. But that wasn’t until years later when Rosalie and the stranger were married for eighteen months.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Practice Makes Perfect

Wendell was so excited about Halloween he forgot to check the manual before stepping into the body suit. Here is the section of the manual Wendell should have read first:

1.)    This body suit is permanent. Once you put it on you can never go back. Make sure you really want to be Samantha before pressing the sealing seam.
2.)    Samantha is a real girl with all the lusts of a real girl. It is important to understand you will want what a young, horny girl wants.
3.)    The transformation is instantaneous.
4.)    You will forget your old self within minutes. New memories will be implanted into your brain. Some girl-appropriate memories will remain, as well as, language and education. However, you will remember growing up a deprived girl eager to please men.
5.)    The body suit emits pheromones. Men will find you irresistible and you will be helpless in denying their hunger.
6.)    Enjoy

Samantha can barely remember who she was as she practiced on the Popsicle.  The old memories faded fast as she plotted her strategy to lose her virginity.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Infiltration Team

North Korea had flaunted international law for the last time. The testing on banned weapons of mass destruction led to sanctions. Nothing seemed to work. A quick, surgical strike was determined to end the repressive regime once and for all. A crack commando team was brought together to infiltrate North Korea and kill several top members of government.

The big day finally arrived. The infiltration went smooth. The approach to the government living quarters was too easy. Then it all went wrong. A vortex bubble appeared out of nowhere and moved as if controlled. It then was obvious the North Koreans could not only control, but create a vortex bubble. As each commando was touched by the bubble of null space they instantaneously turned into women.

North Korea sent the women back with a message: Don’t send women to do a man’s job. The North Koreans laughed hard. But women are a whole different animal from men. Arnold, now called Bambi, trained his women to finish the job they started. Three months later North Korea fell.