Wednesday, September 12, 2018

The Easy Way to Pay a Debt

The cruelest joke was played on Betsy. After shopping for panties, she walked towards home when everything she thought she knew was turned upside-down. How, you ask? Well, you see, Betsy remembered things from a former life she never knew she had when she heard the code word.

It all started three years ago when Betsy was a young man, Fred, and ran a successful retail store. Filled with confidence, Fred expanded his operations with financing from the only source available to him, organized crime. The interest rate was at market rates and the other terms of the loan acceptable. Organized crime offered competitive loans, unknown to many people. The only issues arise when the borrower fails to pay. Where a bank has rules it must follow when collecting on a delinquent loan, organized crime has more, ah, incentives to make the loan current.

Soon afterwards a major employer in the area closed down killing Fred’s retail store. Soon he ran short of funds. The crime boss used several methods to collect on the loan, but Fred had no money to pay the loan regardless the tactics used.

Out of ideas, the crime boss knew he would have to think outside the box to get paid. He had Fred brought in for hormone treatment. Fred was informed he would be transformed into Betsy and forced to work as a call girl to pay his debt. As Betsy, Fred was a terrible call girl so they put Fred through intensive hypnosis therapy. Before long Fred couldn’t remember anything of his former life. He was a happy call girl raking in big bucks for her boss.

As part of the therapy a key word was inserted into the hypnosis. When the loan was paid in full and Betsy heard the word “sexy” she would remember her old life. Earlier that morning Betsy was given the good news she could change careers if she wanted due to an old debt satisfied in full. On the way home from shopping for women’s clothing a man looked at Betsy and said, “Hey, sexy!” Betsy stopped in her tracks, all the memories of his old life mingling with her call girl actions of the last three years. The look on her face: priceless.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

A Girl for a Weekend

Sam felt like partying. His luck had finally changed when he met the witch that offered him three wishes. At first he thought it was a joke so he wished for money. Lots of money. The witch handed him a dollar to buy a lottery ticket. Sam won. The joke turned serious as a heart attack in an instant.

Now that Sam knew he had a real two wishes remaining he wanted to focus on what he wanted most. He always wanted to know what it was like to be a girl for a day, maybe a weekend. With a mischievous grin he looked up, returning from his thoughts, and said to the witch, “I want to be a girl, a happy girl.” And so it was. Sam turned into Helen in an instant and started dancing in the street.

Sam had the best weekend of his life as Helen. Now it was time to go back to his old life. The witch just smiled when Sam asked for his last wish to be returned to his own body. “Oh, honey,” the witch said. “You already used your three wishes.” “No, I didn’t,” Sam shot back. “Oh yes, you did,” the witch smiled. “You asked for money, then to be a girl, and last to be a happy girl.” Sam remembered stuttering out the words, but… The witch cupped Sam’s chin in her hand. “You better get used to living as Helen.” 

Monday, September 10, 2018

Fantasy Vacation

Vacation is about trying new things. Ever since 3D printers could modify a human body into any form wanted Mort has fantasized about being a woman. His wife was intrigued by the idea of seeing her husband in a dress and high heels. 

Vacation plans were made and money saved. Mort set an appointment with the 3D printing store. His wife came along to watch her husband transform before her eyes. The procedure went perfect and the results were, shall we say, stunning. Mort took the name Tori.

Mort and his wife had the best vacation ever. Here we see Mort posing while on vacation. Very pretty. His wife is even jealous. But not too jealous. When they returned from their dream vacation, Mort’s wife discovered she preferred Mort as a woman. Mort had to confess he liked being a girl more than his old body. Mort and his wife smiled as they tore the return card in half. There was no going back to the 3D printer store; the changes were permanent. 

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Good Credit

Credit card rewards programs have come a long way. Greg loved shopping for the best credit cards. He would sign up for a new card, meet the minimum requirements to get the bonus, cancel the card, and then start all over again. One day Greg found a credit card reward bonus he couldn’t refuse. Normally he wanted cash rewards, but this card offered something better: a new body.

Greg signed up immediately and mapped out his spending to reach the required spending to get the bonus. He figured it would take no more than six months if he planned every detail correctly. It took Greg less than six months. He was so excited about the bonus he reached it in 3 ½ months.

Greg cashed in his rewards points for his dream body. The switching took place at a local branch of the bank. It felt so good leaving the house as Greg and returning home as Stacy. He felt so pretty, so alive. He used the remaining rewards points to furnish his closet with dresses, lingerie, bras, panties, and other girly things. He is so proud he had good credit.

Saturday, September 8, 2018

The Prodigal Wife Returned

John could not stand the silence in his home now that his wife, Tara, was gone. The emptiness was more than he could stand. John did not understand why Tara had to die. As a Wiccan she could do almost anything. But cancer was more than she could cure.

The last words from his beloved wife were, “I will always take care of you, dearest. I will not leave you. A part of me will always be with you.” John didn't understand due to the grief. He sat by Tara’s bedside and refused to move until she took her last breath. And now he is home, alone. The funeral is over, family and friends have gone on with their lives, and all John has is emptiness.

It was mid afternoon when John sat up in bed. He wasn't hungry so he went to Tara’s closet and touched her dresses. It was the closest he’ll ever get to his beloved ever again. In grief, he decided to wear Tara’s clothes. He removed his own clothes, put on a panty and bra he always thought looked good on Tara, and stepped into her favorite dress. He put on jewelry, something Tara called the Jewel of Odan, and a wig.

He laid on top the sheets of the bed and drifted back to sleep. When he woke it was already dark out. John felt different in the dark. He turned on the hall light and walked to the mirror. He could not believe his eyes. Tara stood before him! Then he heard the voice, “Welcome back, honey.” It was Tara! She was inside him, his mind. And he had her body!

John would never be a lone again. His beloved wife had returned home.

Friday, September 7, 2018

Dream Vacation

Mike saved for twenty years so he could retire and sail around the world. His dream came true by saving over half his income for over two decades. He quit his job when he had enough to buy his dream boat in cash and still had enough left throwing off an income to support him for life.

To realize his dream he never married and lived a single purpose life. His new sailboat was a slick work of beauty. His whole body shivered in ecstasy as he set said. Fully stocked for the first leg of the long voyage, he set a course for the mythical Mystery Island. Rumor had it that Mystery Island existed somewhere in the vast South Pacific.

Before setting sail Mike did his research. Each leg of his journey was meticulously planned. Talking with sailors from around the world he discovered the most likely place Mystery Island was. Now he could see a small island on the horizon that wasn't on any of his maps. He bristled with excitement.

Mystery Island granted wishes according to rumor and Mike had a lot of wished needing fulfillment. He weighed anchor in a small lagoon of the uncharted island. It felt good to step on firm ground again. He found a shaded area and laid back for an afternoon nap. Mike dreamed of all the wishes he had for Mystery Island when he found it.

As the afternoon ran late Mike woke from his nap. He knew instantly he had found Mystery Island. His first and greatest wish already fulfilled. He would savor his new life as Olivia for a few weeks before demanding more fantasies from the wonderful island. 

Thursday, September 6, 2018

The Sister I Always Wanted

“Put my panty on.” Carl stood dumbfounded as his sister held out a panty. “Catching flies, Carl,” Lisa said. Carl closed his mouth.

“I know you want to wear my clothes, Carl.” Lisa put up her hand, “Don’t deny it. All guys want to try it out. It’s natural.”

Carl took the panty feeling the soft fabric on his hand. Carl mumbled, “I don’t know.”

Lisa firmed her voice, “Take your clothes off, put them on the bed and put on the panty.”

Lisa’s hard demand shocked Carl into reluctant action. He placed his clothes on Lisa’s bed embarrassed by his nudity in front of his sister. He hurried on the panty to cover himself.

“Hold out your arms,” Lisa said. She fished his arms through the loops of a cute pink bra with a tiny flower between the cups, stepped behind him and hooked the bra in place.

Lisa smiled as she pulled a dress and heels from her closet. Without a word Carl complied as Lisa dressed him. Lisa sat him front of the dresser mirror and fixed his hair and applied makeup. Lastly, Lisa sprinkled a fine dust over Carl.

Carl had to admit he really looked good until Lisa sprung the surprise. “How do you like it, brother? You better. If you check down there you will find I changed more than your clothes.” Carl swallowed hard. “I always wanted a sister and now I have you Chloe.” 

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

The Prodigal Wife Returned

John could not stand the silence in his home now that his wife, Tara, was gone. The emptiness was more than he could stand. John did not understand why Tara had to die. As a Wiccan she could do almost anything. But cancer was more than she could cure.

The last words from his beloved wife were, “I will always take care of you, dearest. I will not leave you. A part of me will always be with you.” John didn't understand due to the grief. He sat by Tara’s bedside and refused to move until she took her last breath. And now he is home, alone. The funeral is over, family and friends have gone on with their lives, and all John has is emptiness.

It was mid afternoon when John sat up in bed. He wasn't hungry so he went to Tara’s closet and touched her dresses. It was the closest he’ll ever get to his beloved ever again. In grief, he decided to wear Tara’s clothes. He removed his own clothes, put on a panty and bra he always thought looked good on Tara, and stepped into her favorite dress. He put on jewelry, something Tara called the Jewel of Odan, and a wig.

He laid on top the sheets of the bed and drifted back to sleep. When he woke it was already dark out. John felt different in the dark. He turned on the hall light and walked to the mirror. He could not believe his eyes. Tara stood before him! Then he heard the voice, “Welcome back, honey.” It was Tara! She was inside him, his mind. And he had her body!

John would never be a lone again. His beloved wife had returned home.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Close Encounters of the Seventh Kind

 UFO reports in England brought large numbers of people hoping to see aliens. From all over the world they came to view the dancing lights in the night sky. Some came with only the shirt on their back, others with high-tech recording and viewing equipment. Every night the lights raced around the deep-dark sky in impossible maneuvers for anything man made.

Roger and Curt were known as the storm chasers of alien sightings. The England lights were by far the best opportunity in years for viewing strange happenings and that the lights were visible at Stonehenge only added to the mystery.

Several days of night viewing soon took the edge off the excitement. An afternoon dinner party allowed all the light chasers to share stories and camaraderie. As the party moved along a strange sound came from every direction. It sounded like the lid of a jar being unscrewed at a very high volume. The crowd cheered when the lights appeared for the first time in daylight.

Small dots of light grew in size until details of the spacecraft were visible. Several lights speckled the distance as one light moved closer until it hovered over the crowd. A bright pale blue light shot out in a cone shape from the bottom of the spaceship. Instantly, every male transformed into a woman. “They have the girly light,” Roger muttered under his breath as he digested his new feminine form.

The light stopped and the ship disappeared. The lights were never seen again in those parts. Roger and Curt digested their new life without any problems. They still chased aliens. Roger and Curt took new names: Zoe and Rose. The girl alien chasers were as much the excitement as the lights in the sky from that point on.

[Note: There really is a close encounter of the seventh kind. Look it up.]

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Buyer's Market

Kirk and Olivia fell in the love with the home the moment they saw it. The property was in the right neighborhood and at the right price. What surprised Kirk and Olivia was how long the property was on the market. They questioned the real estate agent on what could be wrong with the property. They were assured the property had no problems to worry about. The reason it was on the market for so long was due to the myth the home possessed physic powers. Kirk and Olivia didn’t believe in such hocus-pocus so they bought the home.

Move-in was a perfect sunny day. Within a few weeks Kirk and Olivia were settled in without any indication the house had ulterior motives. Then, four weeks into ownership, strange noises one night unhinged our couple. Kirk finally had enough, jumping out of bed and turning on the light to investigate the noise. Olivia screamed before she realized the woman in her room was really Kirk. I don’t want to belabor the event, but Olivia liked Kirk as a woman; Kirk liked being a woman.

Kirk assumed the name Hollie while he was a woman. It seemed the house wanted Kirk to be a woman about half the time. Olivia and Kirk were madly in love even when Kirk was Hollie. They didn’t care what people thought when they showed affection in public.

Olivia promised Kirk she would never sell the house. They couldn’t understand why anyone would sell such a wonderful home. I bet there are a few of you out there who would love to own this property. 

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Nice Boss

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Monday, August 27, 2018

Happy Birthday, Honey!

Phil had the perfect gift for his wife as her birthday approached. He saw an ad on a TG blog for a satin chemise he knew would look super hot on Terri, his wife.  When the package arrived he was so excited. He took the shimmering chemise from the box and laid it on the bed. It looked so sexy.

Visions of Terri wearing the chemise smothered Phil’s mind. How could he ever wait until her birthday to try out the chemise? He checked the house to make sure no one was home and then slipped into the silky smooth fabric. It felt so soft against his skin.

Phil found a wig in Terri’s closet and stilettos. He finished the ensemble with light makeup. He stood in front of the mirror admiring his handiwork when the chemise began to sparkle. Soon it electrified, filling with static electricity. It didn’t hurt, but it certainly tingled the right places in the right way.  When it was over, Phil looked up and saw a woman reflecting in the mirror. Just then Terri walked in. “Didn’t think I knew you wore my clothes, did you, honey?” Terri put her arm around Phil lovingly. “I like you this way. Glad I asked the wizard for the permanent switch. How about we call you Anita?”

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Guess Who I Am

It started with a neighborhood masquerade. Xavier loved the idea of neighbors getting to know each other. Dressing up is always fun and a great way to bring the neighborhood together. It also appealed to Xavier’s idea that fun shouldn't cost much. Cheap fun is what Xavier enjoyed most.

Xavier also has a kinky side so he dressed as Catwoman. He bought the suit as Late Xperiement. He went all-out and made sure he looked completely female. The neighbors will never guess who he is, but will never forget him once he introduces himself.

Plans always face problems. As the gathering started a large distortion in the atmosphere descended on their little street party. Everyone looked up and pointed at the growing, rippling air. The vortex passed through the crowd and into the ground.

After everyone gathered their senses they started to notice changes. A scream came from the other side of the crowd. That is when Xavier noticed the vortex changed everyone into the person their costume indicated except everyone switched gender.

Xavier looked down and examined himself. He too was changed. After a few stunned moments, he started grinning until his smile reached ear to ear. This is the greatest party ever! Xavier couldn't wait to introduce himself as Yvette to his neighbors. It would be so fun to learn about his neighbors now. No one will guess who he is until he tells them.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Divorce Decree

Gambling addiction and the consequent debts destroyed Floyd’s marriage. The relationship was less than perfect before, but when Floyd tried to gamble his way out of debt he only dug in deeper.  Before long the stain on his marriage was too much. His wife filed for divorce and had some unusual divorce settlement requests.

Floyd was a nice guy to his wife when they met, but as the money problems grew so did Floyd’s anger issues. In counseling it was mentioned that if Floyd were more feminine he would not lash out as he does now. In divorce Floyd’s wife convinced the judge Floyd needed gender reassignment to protect her from his anger and stalking.

Floyd fought the order at first. Then he saw the woman he would be transformed into and he was intrigued. And who knows? Maybe it will tame his temper and compulsive tendencies. Once the court order was executed Floyd’s name was changed to Polly. Floyd liked the way he looked and his anger was gone. Everything looked brighter and happier now that he was a woman.

The divorce would be final in three days. Floyd now transformed into Polly, Floyd’s wife found a new attraction for her husband. She dropped the divorce as she fell deeply in love with her new, gentler husband. As Polly, Floyd’s wife found his demeanor intoxicating. And the best part: the government paid for the whole procedure since it was a court order. If Floyd would have known sooner he would have insisted his wife file for divorce years ago.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Sister's Slumber Party

You would think Michelle is too old for a slumber party now that she is in high school. Nevertheless, mom okayed the idea without consulting me. Now I have to put up with brats for a whole weekend. Sick.

The slumber party starts Friday night with Michelle and four of her friends. Michelle asked me if I would help out. I don’t want to hang out with no stupid girls. It’s not like I’ll ever get a date. Just because I am small for my age does not make me a dork. When Michelle’s friends arrived they pleaded. There is no way I’ll get any rest anyway so I relented. I agreed to allow the girls to dress me up, to add insult to injury.

By ten o’clock the girls had stripped me naked and applied makeup, a wig and, well, you can see what they did to me. I know I have no chance with any of Michelle’s friends, but this pretty much ends any respect any girl in school will ever have of me once Michelle and her friends start talking.

The girls squealed with delight as they saw their creation. They started addressing me as Sissy. Great. Now that they had their fun I wanted to take outfit off. They would not hear of it. They said I could sleep with them. Big deal. I’m dressed like a girl and when they say sleep, they mean sleep.

Michelle made some hot cocoa. The sweetness felt good. The cocoa made me tired so I laid back and before I knew I was out.

The next morning the girls were up when I awoke. They were giggling and pointing at me. It seems the girls had hatched a plan to get me in a compromising position, drug my cocoa and then sprinkle me with TG Dust once I drifted off to sleep. I demanded they change me back, but I knew TG Dust was a one-way street.

I did not want to be a girl; I am a boy, ah, well, I was a boy, kind’of. The girls invited me to spend the weekend with them and their party. It seems even mom was in one it. She thought the change looked good on me. Mom said if I can’t get a date with a girl I should have no problem bedding a guy looking like this. Mom had a point.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Runestone Returns

Conrad is more myth now than legend now. After a career saving the universe as a man it was time to get away. Conrad met a woman named Natasha in a tax office in a backwater state. Natasha was a skuzzy woman, walking out on her boyfriend, abandoning her son, drinking too much, smoking too much, covered in tattoos, and smoking weed, Natasha had few admirable qualities. But she did own a pair of mystery high heel boots and she sold them to Conrad.

Now the stories of Alexis Runestone have returned. A demure woman was out and about saving the down-trodden from harm. It is amazing how things turn out. A totally worthless woman sells a simple pair of mystery boots and the world is a safer place. A few even surmised Conrad disappeared around the same time Alexis Runestone arrived. Coincidence? I think not.

It is a hard job being a woman. The paparazzi managed a photo of Alexis dealing with the stress of life as a woman saving mankind from evil. Don’t fret for Alexis, however. She can handle anything; she is a woman. And who doesn’t want to be rescued by a beautiful, sexy woman.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

The Last Blowjob

The end of an era was at hand. Nearly every male had been transformed into a woman by one TG Inc technology or another. The remaining few men were too macho and had it too good to accept any offer TG Inc threw in their direction. There was only one thing to do.

TG Inc ordered women to withhold services from the remaining men. The ultimatum was clear: the men could enjoy one last blowjob before undergoing the transformation by any means TG Inc had or they would be celibate for life.

That did the job. The remaining men lined up for their last deep thrust down the hatch before losing their junk replaced by a smooth slit.

The most stubborn men went into hiding. Hot women armed with girly light rifles patrolled the countryside to fix the remaining stragglers too proud to don a skirt. It wouldn’t be long before the nasty infection of maleness was obliterated. Androids capable to inseminating a woman took over the duties of biological males without all the annoying features women hate.

The world is truly a good place now.

Friday, September 29, 2017

TG Inc Declares Bankruptcy

Every planet in the galaxy finally reached its logical end. The feminine had won the battle of the sexes. Men volunteered at first to accept life as a woman. Then contests and awards were used. Finally, the last man lost his pride. Androids filled the roles men filled formerly while serving their woman rather than annoying her.

Every client of TG Inc was satisfied. The business model no longer worked. Here we see Cherry, the replacement for the last man standing, Gary. The world TG Inc created naturally would reach a conclusion; everyone was female.

Male babies were switched within a few hours and the lone holdouts in the hillside would eventually die or be captured and taken to a retraining center.

The judge felt it was in society’s best interest to keep the company is receivership for as long as possible to handle the rare case emerging from the woods.

This is it, folks. The final good-bye. It was an awesome journey, girls. If I pass this way again I’m sure to share a tale or three. But my plans will take me in another direction for now.

Remember me.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017


Lucus loved to hunt for treasure is antique shops. Most stuff was over-priced junk. But every now and then a gem would appear from the bottom of a box or the back of a rack. Today was one of those days, Lucas thought. It was an old chest. By itself it had no real value. But inside there was clothing from another era. Again, the value was small. But one article of clothing at the bottom of the chest was a body suit, a body suit legend said could transform any man into a fully functional woman while he wore it. Even though Lucas doubted it would work the legend would make the body suit priceless.

Lucas paid the modest price asked for the chest without any haggling. Lucas normally would dicker on price, but he was too excited. Had carried the chest to his car and raced home. Curiosity had the best of him. He ripped off his clothes and pulled on the body suit. Instantly the fabric snapped tight against his skin. His body transformed within minutes. Then he was a beautiful woman. He called himself Lily.

He took out more old clothes and dressed his new body and took a walk around town. No one had a clue who he was. That night he dressed in the sexiest negligee he ever saw. In the morning he jumped out of bed and admired his beautiful female body in the mirror.

The novelty started to wear off. He knew a body suit with such abilities would fetch millions. He stripped off his clothes and stood naked in his bedroom. The body suit was so tight against his skin he couldn’t tell where it was. Lily, I mean Lucas, went back to the chest and found a book at the bottom. He started paging until he found a bold head: HOW TO REMOVE THE BODY SUIT. There was only one sentence. “The body suit cannot be removed until after the wearer dies.” Lucas’ heart sank. He was going to spend the rest of his life as Lily. And he was not going to make millions. 

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

True Womanhood

The aliens came with a promise of peace and an offer for mankind to join the Galactic Community. People around the world were eager to meet our new friends. One favor was asked by the aliens. They brought a device to Earth which revealed the true heart of all who entered; you became what you really are.

The evil were guarded to protect all involved: human and alien. Norbert knew he had nothing to worry about. He had a good heart. He stepped into the machine. It did what is always does; turns the person inside into who they really are.

Helen stepped out of the machine, the person she really was inside. Norbert knew his deepest inner thoughts could cause the transformation. Helen was okay with it. It felt good to finally be the person she really is. The aliens really did come in peace.

Friday, September 8, 2017

The Girl Inside

It was time to take the relationship to the next level and Gary knew it. After years of marriage to the leading sex change doctor in the world the relationship grew stale. Doctor Rebecca loved her husband and would never think of divorce, but she wanted Gary to see the world from a woman’s perspective.

Following a long discussion, Gary started the transformation process. The hormone therapy started to smooth Gary into Sylvia. As her breasts grew, her skin softened, and the shape of her body changed. Using his own cells, Rebecca grew a uterus, vagina, and cervix. In the past, part of the male anatomy would be used to create female looking parts. They functioned generally well, but the created girl parts required stretching and lubrication. The incubated parts worked and felt exactly like a real woman; no stretching or lubrication required, but don’t let that stop you.

The magically day came. Gary fell asleep on the surgery table as Rebecca went to work installing the last piece to his transformation. After surgery Sylvia was so excited at how awesome she looked and felt. After a few weeks of healing Rebecca and Sylvia could enjoy each other like never before. It was at this time Rebecca wanted to see Sylvia experience life as a woman does. She brought in a young chiseled man to take her virginity. I could give more details, but let me just say a girl never forgets her first time.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Tough Choice

Mugsy walked into Tyler’s living room unannounced with two goons following. Tyler swallowed hard as he knew this would not be good. Mugsy demanded full payment on the loan Tyler took from the mob. Tyler just stared.

Mugsy shook his head. He gave Tyler a choice: either take a bullet to the head or a sex change and work off the debt. It was an impossible choice. Tyler is a ladies’ man. Giving up his manhood was too much. Death would be preferable.

But dead was so . . .  so . . . permanent. And it probably hurts too. The goons started raising their weapons. “Okay! Okay! I’ll take the sex change.” It was a good choice and Tyler knew it. When the transformation was done she was amazed at how much she liked the Cami body. Cami? What a nice name. Now Cami needed to get to work. She knew she would love that too.

Anyone else need a loan?

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Freedom Through Grace

Everyone hated Logan at the office. The only reason he has a job at Air Tech Jumble is because his dad owns the place. Logan is a total jerk and bully always pushing people around, sabotaging their work, and getting people fired for things he did. Yes, everyone hated Logan. There is not even one woman working in the place anymore after Logan harassed them all into quitting.  Every guy in the place would quit on the spot if another job presented itself.

During break one day the remaining workers at Air Tech Jumble hatched an idea to put an end to Logan’s behavior. The workers pooled all their money and bought a girly light, you know, the device where the light converts anyone it touches into a girl forever. It took four months for the group to save enough money. Once the girly light was purchased, Logan was lured to a back room in the warehouse. As soon as he opened the door they hit him with the girly light. His body shrunk and contorted until he was a perfect girl. The girly light worked fast, in less than a minute.

After the transformation into Grace, Logan had a serious personality change. At first the workers treated him terrible, harassing him to tears. Soon they discovered Grace was not Logan. Grace is a gentle, kind woman willing to please. As Grace, Logan did plenty to please. He invited workers to the corporate suite one at a time. Jobs at Air Tech Jumble were highly sought after word got out that Grace was in charge of morale. 

Paying Bills