Paying Bills

Friday, January 20, 2017

Female Led Relationship

You understand how this marriage is going to work, don’t you? Rhonda said to her new husband, Kyle. Kyle nodded as he adjusted his skirt and gently pushed a strand of hair to the side with his left hand. He sat on the unpainted bench and did his best to look pretty.

Kyle felt sexy as Amber. It was frustrating though since Rhonda fitted him with a chastity belt and he had no way to release his tension. His whole purpose in life was to follow whatever order Rhonda gave. Rhonda’s pleasure is all Kyle could think about since he was not allowed any release unless Rhonda allowed it.

As time went by the pressure was too much to bear. Kyle would do anything Rhonda asked him. He has lived as a woman since the moment he said, I do. Now, eight months later, Rhonda had a surprise for him. She allowed the crushing chastity belt to come off if he wore magic panties for the day. Kyle knew what that means, but anything was better than another day with that device clamped on his manhood.

It was not more than a few minutes when the dress fit better than ever before. Kyle finally could drop the pretense of being a man. From now on he was really Amber. He really loved his wife for what she gave him.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

A Change of Worldview

There once was a man named Alex who lived on Earth working as a construction worker.  As a young man Alex felt wrong. He worked hard, drank hard, played hard and smoked. He wanted to seem normal so he tried spending time with girls, not just as friends, but as, you know, lovers. It did not go well. Alex felt he should be the girl! He felt sorry for the girls he was with; he could not be a ‘real’ man.

Alex took early retirement to avoid people. He moved off-world to Trantoon 6, sometimes called the fairy tale world, where vast areas of the planet were covered in forest. Alex avoided facing his confused feelings about gender by avoiding all people. But even on a world like Trantoon, people move into the neighborhood.

Goldie took Alex’s hands and told him the truth about her. It seems Goldie is a witch, or at least a magical being able to grant wishes. Does it matter on the fairy tale world? Goldie asked Alex to close his eyes while holding her hands. When he reopened his eyes he saw himself. He was in Goldie’s body! “Go home,” Goldie said from his body. “Live my life for a while and see if you like it. If you want this body and life back I will return it. If not, I can dispose of this body and move on.”

The months and years went by with no desire to be Alex again. One day Alex (his body, at least) showed up at Goldie’s doorstep with a marriage proposal. It seems when Goldie moved into Alex’s body she became Alex, only without the insecurities about women. And now he was in love. Goldie had to admit his old body looked good for its age. Of course she said yes. It’s the fairy tale world.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

A New Way Home

A late summer heat wave made the bike ride home from work brutal for Matt. The heat was not the worst part, the humidity was. The saving grace was the wooded path he took for most of the ride home. Unfortunately, Matt hit a small, sharp stone that pinched the tire just right and punctured the inner tube.

The wind while riding made the humidity and temperature bearable. Sweat formed on his forehead immediately now and started dripping into his eyes. Without a spare inner tube or the tools to change it, Matt was forced to walk his bike home. A few minutes after he started walking a hiker came from the other direction. She smiled at Matt and stopped when she noticed the flat.

“I can help,” the beautiful waif said. The girl, waif, had long blonde hair. Her frail stature made it hard for Matt to believe she could carry her backpack. Her soft features drew Matt into her. She handed Matt a bottle of water. The heat was getting to Matt so he accepted the gift. After drinking deeply he started to get dizzy. He struggled to stay awake to no avail. He sat on the ground and lay back, losing consciousness.

Matt could not tell how much time had passed since he fell asleep. It was still light out. His bike was fixed and in perfect working order. He kept thinking his name is Alisha. He felt and looked like Alisha. Then the rumors came back to him, rumors about a witch in the woods protecting travelers for a price. Alisha never paid much stock in paranormal mysteries, until now. His wife will sure be surprised when he walks in the door tonight. He has a story to tell.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Reporting Live! From the TG Convention

Sebastian needed a break. His career was going nowhere in the difficult news reporting field. Online news organizations needed stories that stuck out and grabbed reader’s attention. It was by luck he discovered the TG convention coming to town. The story promised to launch his career. The only catch was he had to go dressed as a girl and he had no idea how to make it look real.

Desperate, Sebastian showed up early opening day. Several girls — he thought they were girls — offered to help him. When they were done Sebastian looked like the perfect girl. He was allowed to enter the convention and started taking notes for his exposé.   

Near the end of the conference the MC informed the crowd there would be three lucky winners in the girly light contest. Three lucky TG guys had a special girly light inserted into their skirt. Sebastian’s heart stopped. He looked around and realized there were so many people here the odds he would . . .

The blue girly light glowed under Sebastian’s mini skirt. It was all over in an instant. Play-acting time was over; it was all real now. Refused his own clothes, Tina had to walk home with the whole world seeing his situation. People stopped to take photos. Tina has a slit down below now; a bulls-eye for every guy in town. She had to hurry home and get the story written. Her career was made the second the story hit the blog.