Monday, August 31, 2015

Book of Spells

When my grandmother died it was a hard time for me. My parents died years ago in an auto accident and I have no siblings. I heard granddad saw grandmother die, but my memory might be a little off. Now I have no family. Some would say I should be happy as I have been left a sizable legacy, but I feel so empty.

It is confusing now. Grandmother died? Yes, I remember that. I remember going through her belongings after the funeral. Grandmother loved books as much as I do. I found a special book hidden among the piles of books, a Book of Spells.

Grandmother loved paranormal books; so do I. I could not resist. As I started reading the words got heavy. No? I mean, I got tired, or something like that. I can’t remember. I struggled to remember simple things like my name: Scott. Scott? Yes, my name is… I don’t remember.

I enjoy reading late into the evening. If only I could keep my eyes open a little while longer. The spells are so interesting. If only they were true, if only spells really worked that way. My eyes no longer focused. I fell asleep, book in hand, forgetting where I left the page.

The morning light wakened me. I stretched and reopened the book to find my place. I know who I am better than ever. I am Becca, rebuilding the family name from the ashes of death. It is such an exciting time. This book is so interesting. Grandmother really knew how to pick them.

Sunday, August 30, 2015


Superheroes: they are everywhere. Given a chance most humans want to do something significant with their life. They want to make a difference, to protect their fellow man, to be recognized as someone who does good. Enter the Council of Emtacor directive authorizing Earth to send 300 superheroes per year to serve the Community of Worlds.

Larry and Oxley desperately wanted to make a difference. They knew they had to be changed into girls to get the opportunity. Larry won the lottery and took Oxley with him. A trip to TG Incorporated for a short dip in a hot tub filled with nanobots and our girls were off to save the galaxy as Lawanda and Jane.

The girls refused regular girl clothes; they wanted to dress the part. In their minds superheroes wear costumes. All the girls packed for their trip was skimpy costumes. Sure hope they get assigned to a warm planet.

Travel to their host world would take three months, plenty of time to train Lawanda and Jane. By the time they reached their destination they were well prepared to handle anything that came their way. Jane had to admit she did not expect superhero work to go the way she was trained. It seems like her work saving the world would require and cute smile and twist of the hips to brings bad guys to justice. The girls shrugged their shoulders and went to work.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Peace Offering

How could the people of Earth do this to me, Kevin thought. They traded me to the Fremtorit Federation because they think it will bring peace. This is not the Dark Ages; this is the modern world.

Anger did not solve Kevin’s problem. Earth authorities sacrificed him to protect the planet from attack. Just like Earth’s Dark Ages, a beautiful woman was sent to the foreign power as a wife for the king, except now the beautiful woman is a man forced to be a woman. And also like the Dark Ages, Kevin wanted to go as bad as the King’s daughter wanted to be married to some brutish king in a foreign land and culture.

The sexy clothes are nice. But it would be nice if people stopped calling her Julia. My name is Kevin, Kevin thought. He leaned against the mantle in frustration. What could Julie do? There was no way out and certainly no transport willing to take her back to Earth.

There is one saving grace. Julia’s husband is a gentle man. The marriage was forced, but he is always gentle and kind. It will take time for Julia to understand how important her sacrifice has been to the people of Earth; the lives saved. 

Friday, August 28, 2015

Well "Laid" Plan

Oh, my god, it worked, Frank thought. The transformation into Janice worked perfectly. The rumors were true. The Jewel of Odan does everything Frank heard it did. The plan took over a year to layout and now it has all come true. The woman of Frank’s dreams is now a possibility.

Frank knew Wendy was bisexual when they started dating. He felt his charm would win her over and keep her faithful, but Wendy’s drive was too strong and what she thought was bisexuality was nothing of the sort. Wendy is a lesbian. There was nothing Frank could do to keep the woman of his dreams. Or so he thought.

When he heard about the Jewel of Odan he knew what he had to do. He sold his entire life for that one jewel and the promise it held. Now Janice is the woman of Wendy’s dreams. Two years of dating taught Janice exactly what Wendy wanted and he allowed the Jewel of Odan to turn him into that woman.

Janice practiced all the moves a woman makes: the smile, arms over the head, the walk. Janice dressed the way Wendy liked her women dressed. Now the final phase was about to happen. She will meet Wendy in only a few minutes. If she can catch her eye the plan will have been worth it. If not, Janice will have to learn to enjoy going down on a boyfriend.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Cobra Woman

There once lived in the woods of Melchiptck an orc everyone knew as Cobra Woman. She was gentle and kind and kept to herself. People liked her, trusted her, but still feared her because of her awesome power. The desperately ill went to see her because they were out of options. Cobra Woman healed all who asked her help.

But awesome power breeds fear among the ignorant. Cobra Woman never harmed a soul, yet the villagers feared she cursed people, especially those who asked her help. Many believed the price of cure was the control of their minds. And it was true. People healed by her were different when they returned. Their personalities changed leading the villagers to believe Cobra Woman took control of their minds in exchange for health.

Nothing was further from the truth. Cobra Woman healed more than the body; she healed the mind. The healed tried to explain. The villagers refused to listen. Cobra Woman healed the body and then talked with the healed person until they understood life better. They all left healed and optimistic; something uncommon among the villagers.

Axel could take no more. He paid the orc a visit. When she asked him how he was ill he had no answer. Cobra Woman would not see him. Then he explained how the villagers laughed at him when he dressed as a woman; he wanted people to stop laughing. Cobra Woman promised to do one better. She took Axel’s hand. Slowly her hand melted into his body. It continued until Cobra Woman absorbs Axel completely. Their minds joined, Cobra Woman shares the meaning of life with Axel. Three days later she forces Axel out of her body. As they separate Axel can see he looks exactly like Cobra Woman.

Axel needed a new name. Cobra Woman suggests Tia. Axel likes it. Tia returns to the village to tell her story. Nobody believes at first and then they fear a curse. Soon they learn Tia is telling the truth. Tia starts a community center where she teaches daily all the things shared with her from Cobra Woman. The village was no longer a group of fearful sour pusses, but a happy, optimist group excited about the future. Cobra Woman smiled. She knew she did well.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A True Leader

“How do you enjoy your room, Mister President?” The female attaché smiled softly as she spoke. “The room is nice,” the President said. “But I still want to leave. And I want my body back.” It almost turned into a yell. The President was in no position to yell. The alien force attacked Earth, destroying all military power in one night. The aliens wanted to control the minds of the people by starting at the top. They kidnapped the President and turned him into a woman. For two weeks they educated him in womanly ways… all womanly ways.

Each day the aliens provided the President with a report on how many men were transformed as he was. The numbers were remarkable. In less than a month over half the men were women. At this rate there will be no men left to repopulate the planet in another month.

The next month went fast. Only eight men survived as men. The aliens demanded the President address the nation and the world. He was to refer to himself as Madam President and sign his name Tina. The President argued but relented quickly. There is no reason to struggle anymore. Humanity will need a strong leader willing to accept her new position. The President decided to serve her country with dignity and grace. Besides, after two months as a woman the President had no intentions of going back.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Strange FOSE

“Shhhh.” Alexandra could hear the word in her head as her kitten put its paw to her lips. Morris the cat continued, “I know you love me; I know about the FOSE; I know you were fantasizing about me when the FOSE occurred.

Except Alexandra was not Alexandra anymore, she was Morris the cat. And Morris was a human girl in love with her cat. How weird can life get? There are no recorded cases of a FOSE occurring between human and animal. Alexandra assumed it happened since it happened to her. She could see why they would keep it quiet.

Morris and Alexandra have a mental connection like no other. They hear each other’s thoughts. Alexandra felt so cute as a kitten. Morris liked the idea of being a female, even if it was human. Morris was a pussy that now has a pussy and Alexandra had a pussy and now is a pussy. Confusing?

No matter. Morris promised Alexandra not to have him fixed. Alexandra was relieved. Life should be interesting as a lazy tom cat horny 24/7.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Strange Love

Fantasy Orgasm Swapping Events (FOSE) are rare and lead to strange outcomes. When the cosmos aligns just right people switch bodies with those they are fantasizing about, usual erotically. The girl at the pet store certainly fired Bill’s imagination. Bill worried a FOSE would hit while he was thinking, ah, excessively, about Elaine. He could not hold back, however. He wanted Elaine so bad. Her kindness and love for animals drew Bill in.

Then it happened. A FOSE struck while Bill was fantasizing about Elaine. The next moment he was talking to a cute kitten. He picked up the darling kitten as it “ewww’ed” and headed for his home; he had a lot to explain to Elaine, forced into his body.  At his house Elaine did not seem fazed at all. When Bill tried to explain, Elaine smiled and said, “You know the FOSE only works between people that have an interest in each other?” Bill smiled as the realization settled in. Elaine loved him too. Weird. Now he gets to date the girl of his dreams by being the girl of his dreams dating his old self. Strange world we live in.

Sunday, August 23, 2015


Nicolas thought it was so cool. The visiting delegation from Quintor IV have a special gift no human could ever hope to possess: they can see several minutes into the future and affect the outcome. This gift comes in handy when dealing with the government or working on a business deal.

A Quintor girl, Jennifer, took an interest in Nicolas when he showed up every day for the news briefing. The briefings are stale news events few paid any attention to. Jennifer knew Nicolas was not there for the news.

Nicolas was too shy to approach the delegation so Jennifer introduced herself to Nicolas. The friendship grew from the start and fast. Jennifer took Nicolas under her wing and taught him about the universe around him. Nicolas lamented his lack of ability. That is when Jennifer revealed only a Quintor female has such skills. She also revealed they have the technology to make him such a girl.

Nicolas would do anything to see the future like the Quintor’s do. Jennifer took him to her spaceship and showed him the lab. The technician was so excited to be working on a human subject. Nicolas took a seat in the transformation chamber. The door closed and the chamber filled with a dense vapor. When the vapor cleared Nicolas was the Quintor girl you see here.

Jennifer changed Nicolas’s name to Lucinda and helped her learn the skill of seeing the future. Lucinda is a fast learner. Lucinda soon became a liaison between Earth and Quintor IV. Earth governments trusted Lucinda to have their best interests at heart. It was a bad assumption. Lucinda considers herself far more Quintorian than human anymore. 

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Dreams Do Come True

The newcomers offered gifts. The government advised caution, but was helpless to stop the aliens from roaming the Earth. The aliens made it clear they came in peace. Many people wanted to believe advanced intelligence is never warlike; they forget human history.

But the aliens are friendly. Concern died down after the thrill wore off. Then people started to get gifts from the visitors from another world. Sick people were healed, the old made young and the poor made wealthy. One disturbing fact no one wanted to talk about were the disappearances.

The number was small at first, yet growing. People were vanishing without a trace. New people were also reported in small towns; young women, bubbly and happy. What is stranger still is the new aliens.

The original aliens are easy to spot. They are all over the news. They look alike. Now, a new alien is starting to appear. And for some reason the new aliens are all female. Marty made the mistake of befriending an alien. He shared his deepest thoughts and secrets.

Marty now knows where the disappeared people go; he also knows who the new aliens are. Marty told his alien friends his desire to be a girl. Seeing the aliens he fantasizes about being a beautiful alien girl. His alien friends give him his wish.

Marty always wanted to take the name Marie, but wanted a more alien sounding name now that he is an alien girl. He thinks for a while and settles on Rieski. So there you have it. Earth makes first contact with benevolent creatures from another world and Marty becomes Reiski, the hot alien chick.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Meaning of a Woman

What does it mean to be a woman? Randall always wondered what it would be like to live as a girl. He thought it would be cool to be female, but never thought much about surgery and hormones. It did not seem natural. But when Earth made first contact with alien life all the rules changed.

The Maxines are a warrior species. They are peaceful, but do not shy away from a fight. They also demand their warriors to be women. The technology to bring their ship across the great expanse of space also contains the technology to transform matter into any shape desired. All entering the military among the Maxines are transformed into females. The transformation is so complete it is impossible to tell the individual was ever male.

Randall jumped at the offer when the Maxines opened several positions on their ship. Randall was transformed into an alien woman: Martha. After training she was able to fight any creature and win. Martha’s eyes glowed when her power grew.

The answer is simple: What does it mean to be a woman? Power. Especially over men. 

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Invasion of the Weird Kind

Marcy cannot remember life before the Malcoshians transformed him with a girly light specially designed to turn humans into aliens. Deep down Marcy has a vague recollection of a prior human life as Anthony, but it is a fleeting recollection. Marcy also has difficulty remembering what it is like as a male.

The reasons were never provided. The girly light never causes insanity in human male to female transformations. The same cannot be said of human male to alien female transformations. Marcy is considered very pretty for an alien woman so all is not lost.

When the Malcoshians discovered the human transformation was successful they planned on turning Earth into an alien paradise filled with alien women ready to repopulate the planet. If only the Malcoshians considered the consequences of a planet filled with insane women.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Groomed for Leadership

I still find it hard to believe I live in Beth’s home now, her alien home. It started innocent enough and I knew she was alien, but I did it anyway. Aliens are safe, everyone says it and the government tells us endlessly. Still, deep down, I knew Beth had plans for me. Her interest in me was unnatural. She came from a wealthy alien family and I am from common human stock.

College is hard if you are serious about good grades and a real future. Beth noticed my efforts and befriended me. It was not long before I started to fall in love with her. I resisted the urge; my family is from the wrong side of town and we both knew it. But Beth was a very good friend. I was honored when she invited me to dinner at her home. Her parents are awesome aliens. Beth’s whole family looks so… so… human.

Beth’s mother is a great cook. Dinner was the best I ever had. You can’t imagine her home either. It is huge and ornate. Three levels below ground filled with entertainment, libraries, and secret rooms I was not allowed to see. The ground and second floor looked like a human billionaire’s home. After dinner Beth demanded I enjoy a movie with her. I could not resist; she had a hold on me I cannot explain.

Beth took me to the lowest level to a theatre. She started a movie from her home world. It did something to my mind; I became so tired I lost consciousness. When I woke the movie was over. Beth brought the lights up only a fraction. I was wearing a slinky pink dress and had long blond hair. I was stunned.

Beth kissed me and said, “You are my Roxanne now. I love you and always will. Do you know why I brought you here?” I shook my head slowly. Beth continued, “Because you are destined for great things. My home world needs people like you, intelligent, hard workers to create bridges between our worlds. I saw you at school and knew you were the perfect fit. Only women can hold such positions on my world. Now you are qualified.”

I lived with Beth the remained of my school years. Soon I will leave with Beth and her family for her home world. I will assume my position as Earth’s ambassador there. I am honored that Beth chose me. 

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Alien Abduction

Alien abductions are more common than ever, not that anyone considers it weird or anything. Ever since Earth was approached by the Community of Worlds, humans now know they are not alone in the universe.

Abductions make the news on page 3 if you are lucky. Many people consider it an honor to be abducted. As you know, most worlds in the universe are matriarchal; Earth is one of the few patriarchal worlds. This makes Earth a bit of an oddity and a tourist attraction around the galaxy. A game aliens like to play is “abduct the human male and turn him into a female”.

Terrance never paid attention to that alien stuff. He lived way out in the boondocks and preferred quiet and the Bible. Sure, he saw strange lights in the night sky on occasion, but they are nothing more than caveman TV.

In the wee hours of the morning Terrance discovered his quiet is an illusion in a crowded galaxy. He is beamed out of his bed around 2 a.m. to the ship waiting in orbit. The fancy medical equipment made quick work of his gonads and maleness. Less than an hour later he was a full-fledged woman. He was given the name Erin and a full wardrobe of women’s clothes.

Terrance still did not care about the lights in the sky. Soon he came to believe it was all a dream. It was harder sawing wood and milking the cows as a woman, but she was sure it was God’s plan. After a hard day of work he would settle in with the Bible and thank God for all her blessings. Erin accepts God works in mysterious ways.

Monday, August 17, 2015


Zack was addicted to his Tinder app. He spent hours each day viewing girls in his area open to casual sex. He was in the zone scoring five or more times a week. His friends told him to slow down and be careful; not everyone on Tinder is safe. Zack did not care. He wore protection to prevent disease and as a guy he knew he could handle anything any girl threw at him.

Tina was different. She shared many of Zack’s interests. Her dark skin glowed a golden hue in the light. She was open to sex if Zack could be at her place in twenty minutes. Zack had no time to spare. He pulled on his coat and raced out the door.

It was the best sex he ever had. Gawd, how he loved modern technology and Tinder. Spent, he wanted to spend a few more minutes inside Tina. Zack rested his head on Tina’s shoulder and closed his eyes. He felt his tool slowly slide out as he grew limper. Then it started to feel different; even his chest felt different. He opened his eyes to find breasts and… and… girl parts.

Who are you, Zack’s eyes said as he looked into Tina’s eyes? “I am a Mentol from the planet Partnon VIII. I desired a mate and you answered my request. You are my wife now, Belinda.” “I never agreed to a sex change,” Zack nearly screamed. “But you did. You did read my profile?” Tina kissed Belinda’s new, soft feminine lips. “Change me back,” Zack demanded. “I can’t,” Tina said. “My species finds a mate and turns him into a female for the lifelong coupling. We will grow old together.”

Belinda fought it at first, but Tina loved so many of the same things he did. Belinda does have a few problems with the new body as illustrated by the picture here. She still likes to stand like a man with her legs apart. Not very ladylike. She will eventually learn.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Difficult Adjustment

Allison was having a hard time adjusting to his new reality. Three weeks ago Al was accidentally shot with a girly light by visiting aliens. It really was an accident. The group of aliens was touring Earth enjoying the sites. The crowds were disorienting to the aliens as their cultural norms provide for more personal space. They also carried girly light guns as they are allowed to do.

While moving through a market someone got too close and rubbed against an alien discharging the girly light. The angle was just right that it hit Al. In a flash everything Al knew was upside down; he was a girl.

To make it easy he started using the name Allison. He adjusted pretty well with a few peculiar exceptions. The clothes were fun to wear since girls get to wear more variety and prettier clothing. The toilet was the difficult part. Allison felt weird using the women’s restroom. Yes, he sat when going number 1, but he preferred to stand.

Without thinking he used the men’s restroom at the mall. When men entered he started laughing at what they must be thinking. The guys did not care; they think Allison is cool. When Allison finished she washed her hands and prepared to leave when she was asked out on a date. How could she refuse such an offer? Who knows what the future will hold? But I smell a wedding in the near future.

Saturday, August 15, 2015


The surprise attack came from space. The peaceful people of Onteg III never saw it coming and had no defense to stop it even if they did see it coming. The Toreg fleet did not destroy worlds, they subjugated them. To weaken the will of a planet they hit with the most powerful weapon ever developed: the girly light.

Girly light cannons struck without warning from orbit. Millions of men instantly changed into women as the largest cities were hit first. Each blast covered over 30 city blocks and the cannons could fire over 90 times a second. In the first few minutes 98% of the men were converted. The remaining men living in rural areas were subdued in less than one and a half hours.

Onteg III was ready for subjugation. The will to fight was gone. The women were numb from losing their men and the men were in shock over their breasts and the clothes they wore. Glen was a lucky one. He was hit with the first blast of the girly gun. He was lucky because he always wanted to be a girl. The name Miranda always appealed to him so Miranda he is.

Miranda did not mind the Toreg fleet turning him into a girl; he enjoyed subjugation as a slave providing pleasure to the Toreg troops; but he did not like his world ruled by outsiders. Other men with a secret desire to be women also did not suffer the shock most men did. Miranda began organizing women and converted men into the first resistance. It took 30 years, but Miranda won his world back. Men were offered a comfortable life if they moved to Onteg III and took several wives. Soon Onteg III was repopulated and after several generations the male/female ratio was back to normal. And it all started with a brave woman named Miranda.

Friday, August 14, 2015

The Last Mission to Save the World

Altair had the perfect disguise. She sits in coach as a woman travelling alone. Anyone seeing her would think she is a woman on a business trip. Instead, she is really Max Flink, superspy, on a mission to save the world. If you look hard you can see it in her eyes and facial expression.

Max loves wearing heels. The dress makes him feel more manly and in control, with power. Men feared him as Max, but freely give up their secrets when Altair questions them. Men come to her now that he is a woman. Bad guys are drawn to her tight ass and determined look.

This could be his last mission. He will save the world, don’t you fret, but the long hours and sacrifice are taking their toll. Max has his eye on a bad guy turned good. After he saves the world he thinks he can land a husband. This bad guy, now good guy, will make the perfect mate for Altair. It will be the perfect job for retirement: settling down to a quiet life and keeping an eye on her husband to make sure old habits don’t return. And besides, he is a hunk.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Get It Right

Aliens have tried to infiltrate Earth for centuries. They started by studying human civilization from space and graduated to assimilating spies into social groups. But humans are a strange species. Assimilating human mores and values is nearly impossible for aliens. Humans are just too unique.

Jack wanted to be on the forefront of discovery. Only a select few were able to qualify for an assignment on an alien world preparing an intelligent species for admission into the Community of Worlds. Jack accepted his role as a female human; it was felt a female is more trusted among humans.

Getting it right is another story. The human form is different from other intelligent life. Jack transformed into Tina, but it wasn’t a perfect transformation. He thought he looked like a great human, but humans gave her strange looks. Isn’t he a pretty girl? He thought he was pretty. Tina was designed to be the kind of girl male humans noticed and trusted.

Tina didn’t allow the looks and the talk behind her back to divert her from her task. She knew she would spend the rest of her life as a woman living with humans. It wasn’t that bad. Some guys found her cute and asked her on dates. Other just found her strange. Tina did not care. She loved living with humans. She wants humans to be a part of the Community of Worlds.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Best Pussy

You gave me a pussy, Whiskers, Rachel said holding her cat above her. Only an hour prior James snuggled Whiskers in his arms. When he transformed into a woman he knew Whiskers was the cause. Alien animals sometimes have the ability to do extraordinary things.

James brought Whiskers back from Anton IV when he vacationed there two months prior. Whiskers took an instant liking to James. She looked exactly like an Earth cat. Whiskers’ species was able to shapeshift to a pleasing form. She also helped the ones she loves become what they most desire. As a woman James can love Whiskers more than ever, exactly what Whiskers wanted.

There was some adjustment to the gender change. Rachel adjusted quickly. A new wardrobe was the first thing she needed to do. Whiskers snuggles in bed every night now with Rachel. She is one irresistible pussy.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

A Good Decision

Disease struck Majipoor Mining Colony killing most of the women. By the time a cure was discovered the male population was all that remained. Mining life is hard, but without women to help the men relieve stress it is unbearable.

A call went out to repopulate the colony. Women were offered free passage, deluxe accommodations and a massive signing bonus if they volunteered for a 10 year term on Majipoor. The women were promised good treatment. Unless desired, the volunteer would only pleasure one man.

There are not enough women to satisfy the needs galaxywide. TG Incorporated has a program to help fill that need. Melvin saw the ad explaining the situation and what he could do. He decided he needed a good paying job requiring no real work so he signed up. He underwent the hormone/surgery/nanobot treatment, received his bonus and booked travel to Majipoor.

Now as Sonya, Melvin engaged in intensive feminine training while en route. At first Melvin had his doubts he could do what his husband would ask, but before halfway to Majipoor Sonya knew she could do anything any woman could do.

Sonya expected a dirty planet. Majipoor Mining Colony was clean with all the modern comforts a girl could want. Her husband was a real gentleman and Sonya was eager to please him. Melvin considered himself very lucky to see the ad so many years ago. Sonya married her man and stayed the rest of her life and mothered three children. She would recommend her life choice to anyone.

Monday, August 10, 2015

The Good Life

Luke wanted to join the sales force of TG Incorporated. The rules are strict and quotas are required. It also requires you to be a woman. Only women have the poise and grace necessary to convince men to undergo the procedures. The investment is huge so the saleswoman has to make the client feel safe and comfortable. Statistics show only a woman can handle the job.

It did not matter to Luke. He enjoyed a nice nanobot bath at company expense. Training entailed how to act like a woman and sales. Luke became Irina and could not believe how good it felt. He felt so free now that he did not have extra junk down there. He has a beautiful slit which he uses to control men and close sales.

Grace and poise are the first things you think of when you see Irina. Men want to sign the contract within moments of seeing her. Sales are easy for her. She is a fast learner. Irina lives the good life now. Her income is one of the highest on the planet. She lives a life of luxury. Any man she wants, she has. Then she sells them a package that eliminates their package. Life is good.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Ghost Ship

War is coming to the galaxy. Economic problems caused many worlds to lash out against their neighbors to meet their basic living needs. War works too well at spurring economic growth. Building stuff to blow up stuff that needs to be rebuilt guarantees the need for lots of workers. Busy workers are happy workers with no time to cause problems. The Community of Worlds was at the building bombs and blowing up stuff phase.

Randall is patriotic and signed up to serve the first opportunity he had. Pandel V sided with the Alliance against the Rebels. He trained for the light infantry. When they arrived at a world his team would land first to secure the planet.

As the war dragged on the weapons got more advanced. For the first time whole star destroyers were at risk before the landing troops ever hit the ground. Randall hated it. He had no control of what happened. He could die before he gets a chance to fight.

Rumors circulated amongst the troops of abandoned star destroyers, ghost ships, empty, drifting hulks. Whole crews disappeared and the star destroyer drifting through space. What weapon could do such a thing? Randall had other worries. On route to Alltor II they came under attack. He has confidence Captain Altair can kick anyone’s ass. Still, there was nothing for Randall to do but wait.

The attacker stayed out of range. Long range scanners reported the attack vessel was deploying a weapon never seen before. Without warning a blinding light struck the star destroyer. The light penetrated the walls to the inner core of the ship. When the light stopped the whole crew was turned into women. It was a massive girly light! But that isn’t possible, Randall thought.

The attack ship easily subdued the star destroyer. All personnel were taken from the star destroyer to the attack vessel. Randall was made a belly dancer forced to service the enemy troops. They called him Nadine. She danced all day and served all night. And the star destroyer floated empty through space, another mystery to the Alliance. 

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Advanced Technology

The aliens brought numerous new technologies to Earth. Brian loved all the new geeky stuff now available to people. The government advised caution when volunteering for the new technologies. Humans responded differently to the therapies so testing is required before human use.

Nathaniel did not care about the testing. He trusted the new gadgets and gizmos. Nathaniel could not wait to try the transformation machine. The promise of being anyone he wanted was more temptation than he could resist.

The aliens were willing to share their stuff with humans. Nathaniel ignored government warnings and accepted the offer from the aliens to try out the device. Nathaniel always wanted to know what it was like to be a woman. The aliens gave him his wish.

After the transformation Nathaniel was Simone. There were a few problems, however, the first being the machine shorted out when used on a human and made the change permanent; the second being that it made Simone a little goofy. Okay, a lot goofy. Crazy, in fact. But she is one fun girl to have around.

Friday, August 7, 2015


The invaders attacked Earth with a rapid assault starting in North America. The government collapsed within days; people were herded into concentration camps. The only hope Earth had was to get a message to Captain Alexis of the Community of Worlds’ military armada. Brave men would never survive an attempt to reach the offices housing the relay outside the camp. But a woman could.

Jayden worried about an attack on Earth. Ever since entering the Community of Worlds, Earth has been the most backward planet in the federation. As a result, Earth was at risk from unscrupulous planets bent on empire. Jayden planned for attack just in case.  When the attack came he hid and waited for the dust to settle.

Enough humans still lived to cause problems for the invaders. People were not searched as they were herded into the concentration camps. Jayden counted on the confusion to keep his secret weapon. No man will ever get out of the camp and to the relay station, but… Jayden found a private spot in the camp, a restroom stall. He took the vile of TG dust from his pocket and sprinkled it over his head. No man could, but a woman…

Where Jayden disappeared, Beatrice was born. Beautiful, intoxicatingly beautiful Beatrice was able to convince the guards to accept a night of lust. She used the neurotoxin vile she kept with the TG dust to incapacitate the guards as they finish relieving their stress. Beatrice dressed, took the keys from the guards and left the camp. She made it to the relay station just before dawn. She got the message out to Captain Alexis.

Beatrice returned to the camp to spread the good news. A pretty girl has no problem reentering the camp. The guards let her in. As she excitedly started to tell her story she noticed the guards getting nervous. It seems news travels fast in these parts. The invaders knew Captain Alexis was on her way and when she arrived there would be hell to pay. Beatrice smiled and finished her story. It felt good knowing she did her part to bring freedom back to Earth.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Fantasy Role Play

Raymond enjoys role playing. But some games are more real than others. Laser Tag is a game enjoyed by many, including Raymond. As fun as the game is, one must be careful not to enter the game where girly lights are used instead. Raymond made that mistake and now lives with the life changing results.

People call Raymond Elaine now. Raymond still enjoys are good game of Laser Tag and if he accidentally  walks into the girly light game there is no problem. Without worries she usually gets the high score

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

History Lesson

As the human race expanded throughout the galaxy technological advancement continue to grow at ever increasing rates. After Earth joined the Community of Worlds, new technology led to the creation of TG Incorporated. Once that novelty wore off new technologies caught the imagination of the public. Today, the rage is time travel. Since it is impossible to travel back in time as yourself—the laws of physics will not let you travel back in time to warn yourself of a future event—you time travel by stepping into someone else’s body; you live as them.

Leonard was one of the first to try time travel. As a history buff, Leonard wanted to travel back into Marie Antoinette’s body. The time jump into Marie’s body was disorienting. He has only a modest amount of control over his host’s body; Marie kept most of the control over her actions. Leonard needed the modest control. It was important to keep some control to trigger the return device by twitching her wrist. Without it the traveler would remain stuck in time. In Leonard’s case he could lose his head if he didn’t have enough control to trigger the device.

Leonard wanted to live as Marie Antoinette in her last months of life in 1792. The adventure started perfectly for Leonard. He felt every emotion and every inch of her female body. But soon Leonard knew something was going wrong. Ms. Antoinette started to realize something was in her. She thought it was the devil. She feared discovery which meant certain death by the church. She learned how to stop Leonard from any action. Leonard was trapped, unable to trigger the return device.

It was now early August and Leonard knew Marie would lose her head in a matter of days. He fought with all his strength to regain control. Marie got better at restraining Leonard. Leonard put every ounce of energy he had left to trigger the device as Marie walked to the guillotine. As her neck was in the guillotine and the blade was ready to fall, Leonard was able in that split second of confusion able to flick her wrist enough to trigger the return device. As his body was ripped out of Marie and pulled back to his own time he could hear the grating of the blade starting to fall.

Leonard gasped and grabbed for his neck as he reentered his own body. All he could keep thinking was how cool it was to live in a woman’s body. Isn’t history fun?

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Dream Woman

Okay, most guys would not consider her the woman of his dreams. For an orc, Matt found Zelda to be the most beautiful woman alive. Don’t listen to the rumors about the ill temper of orcs. Zelda is gentle and kind, full of love.

But orcs are a feminine species. Men are for breeding and nothing else. When a man is not breeding he is a worthless obligation to feed and keep caged. Zelda loved Matt more than her own life so she did the only thing she could; she cast a spell turning him into a companion, a lover.

Matt struggled with his new female orc body. Humans don’t adjust well to life as another species and gender. Zelda helped Tracy— Matt’s new name— adjust to life in an orc colony. Before long Tracy forgot what it felt like to be a human man.

Rumors of the fighting and killing among orcs are false. The community cohesiveness is what a gathering of orcs thrive on. They build cities and whole worlds by working together as a team. And Zelda and Tracy have finally found happiness in each other’s arms. Goes to show: never let a pretty face fool you.

Monday, August 3, 2015


The atrocities of war linger on for generations. When the tribes of Leluck III started a civil war tourist were warned to avoid the planet until the conflict ended. Of course that does not stop everybody. Some people think the adrenaline rush is worth it. Tourism can actually increase for a while after such a warning.

Tex found the added excitement and risks an adventure. He felt if he stayed with the tour bus he would be safe. However, the rival tribe was offended the tourists were spending money (read supporting) their enemy. A quick raid captured the bus with Tex.

Due to the risk of gang rape, women avoided the planet. They left the risk-taking to the macho men. Tex’s bus was all men. Tex was worried they might be killed since they were all men and could be considered a threat.

Tex’s fears were soon allayed. The warriors set up a contest all the tourist would have to participate in. Each man from the tour bus would have to run 300 meters to a post. The first one there won. All the losers would be forced into a nanobot bath, turned into a woman and forced to service the warriors of the tribe.

Tex is an athletic man. There is no way he is losing this competition. Unfortunately, he was tripped as he neared his goal and joined the losers in the nanobot bath. To add insult to injury, the guy that tripped him won. As each man stepped into the nanobot bath, the winner taunted them. Tex was fuming. Now his captors call him Bridget and dressed him in pink lingerie. When all the men were transformed except the winner, the warriors pointed at the winner and forced him into the nanobot bath, too. The group of women—the former male tourists—laughed their asses off.

The warriors had a sense of humor. The winner was forced to service the warriors first. Too bad for Bridget she was next in line. It took a few weeks for Tex to adjust, but soon Bridget forgot all about Tex and focused on her job. Turned out to be a great vacation after all. Lots of adventure. Tex got to do things he never did before.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

New Home

Have you ever wondered how you would survive if stranded on an alien planet without any lifeline? Sam didn’t have to wonder; he was living the nightmare. He also knew how relentless the Telsur authorities were if they caught an outsider in restricted territory.

It wasn’t Sam’s fault. He had an upset stomach—probably from the rich food of the strange and exotic world—and ran to the restroom as soon as the tour bus came to a stop. Sam needed more time than was allotted for the stop and the tour guide didn’t realize Sam was missing. By the time Sam was done the tour bus had left. From that moment on Sam was in grave danger. Getting back to the tour bus, or the space port for that matter, would be nearly impossible and if he were caught away from the group there would be consequences.

The odds of finding your way on a strange world are about zero. Sam had no idea which way to even start walking. Locals called the magistrate. Sam was taken into custody. To protect the population the Telsur laws are clear: no unrestricted men. The problem was easily remedied. They could have spent the time and money to get Sam back to his tour group, but taxpayer money is too precious to waste on such foolish errands. Instead Sam was taken to the TG Incorporated office and pushed into a nanobot pool. By the time he pulled himself out he was Samantha.

As a woman the magistrate had no problem with Samantha roaming the countryside. Hopelessly lost on an alien world, Samantha did the only thing she could think of. She needed money, food and a place to stay so she sold herself. She was repulsed at first, but soon discovered she liked being a woman and was good at it. Samantha had to admit, she loved her new home.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Morale Boost

Civil War has broken out in the Community of Worlds. The armies of 87 planets joined forces against an entrenched rebel force. The government made progress against the rebels, but morale was starting to wane as the war dragged on for decades. Women were brought in to entertain the troops. As the years went by a shortage of women available to the troops on the front became acute.

Drastic times call for drastic measures. The troops needed an outlet for the stress from fighting on the front line. The military had the perfect solution. Men were allowed to undergo a gender reassignment and then to serve as a belly dancer for the troops. If they wanted they could do even more for the men fighting for our freedom. They did.

Alan always wanted to serve. He wanted to be a hero, but a medical condition denied him his dream. The new military program was just the ticket. He raced to the recruitment office and signed up. The government paid for the transformation. Each term is for 8 years of service. It didn’t seem long to Alan, now Lucretia; he planned on serving until the war ended or he died.

Lucretia became the most famous dancer in the military. Men dreamed of her all the time. She was a hit wherever she danced for the men. She was popular because the troops knew the entertainment didn’t end with the dancing.

Morale rose so high the rebels were defeated in only four more years. Lucretia knew she was a large part of the reason our men won. She missed the cheering men, but she did manage to snag a fine young soldier willing to settle down with her and start a family.

Paying Bills