Friday, July 31, 2015

Great Beyond

Harper wore a brave face to cover the pain she feels inside. It started with an accident while travelling. A malfunction killed Ty’s wife and children. He was lost. He wanted to be closer to his now lost wife. He was able to scrounge a DNA sample and bring it to a TG Incorporated office. They confirmed they could turn him into a carbon copy of his deceased wife, Harper.

He still felt empty. He struggled every moment of every day to smile. No one knew how much he hurt; how lost he was. He sees his wife’s face in the mirror, but she is still gone. The emptiness grows each day and is no longer controllable. Harper knows his wife is a sexy woman and he should move on with his life, finding a good man and settling down. It didn’t matter; he knew he would be unhappy.

At the family reunion he posed for one last picture. Harper went home that night and laid on the couch. She took the pills, washing them down with water. Soon sleep overcame her. It was the one thing she always craved. Sleep eluded her, but not tonight. She drifted off to the Great Beyond. Before she died she dreamed of seeing his wife again, holding her warm beautiful body. And then Ty and Harper were no more.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Convent

Matilda found me when I was a small boy living on the streets of an outpost in the Quantan Sector. You could say she saved my life. The Quantan Sector is no place for an orphan of the street. The living conditions virtually guarantee death within a year for most street urchins. I was lucky. Matilda found me weeks after I was abandoned. I was starving, dirty and closing in on death fast.

The Order of her Holiness has rules. Matilda served Her Holiness and took pity on me. She brought me to the convent, cleaned my sores, fed me and nursed me to health. Once I regained my strength Her Holiness demanded I follow custom. I didn’t understand at the time, but you can see the results in my picture here. Men—including boys—are not allowed in the convent.

Matilda worried about me. Truth is I didn’t know what was about to happen to me. I sat in the chair inside the switching chamber without any fear. Matilda saved my life; I knew she would allow no harm to come to me. When the transformation was done I stepped out a girl. I didn’t care; I was safe.

I grew up in the ways of the convent and worshiped Her Holiness. She granted me the name Corinne. I think it is a pretty name. Matilda and I are still great friends. We search the streets daily for abandoned children. There are too many on this mining world. Children are discarded by unfit parents all too often. Matilda and I bring them into the safety on the convent and a blessed new life.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015


A pretty face will get you further than an ugly one. Alana had a plan to use her pretty face to get home. Captured while on Mentor Colony as an intern on an archaeological dig, Alana desperately needed to get home before the nanobots began the permanent process of her transformation. You see, Alana is really Peter and Peter needed to undergo a gender reassignment to qualify for a visa to Mentor Colony. The nanobot therapy is temporary unless the nanobots are in your system too long. Peter needed to get out fast or he’ll never be Peter again, but Alana for the rest of her life.

Her captors would never have been seduced by the ugly face of Peter, but Alana is a beautiful woman and beautiful women can do what no man can. Alana used her eyes, body language and voice as a weapon against her captors. They wanted to make a political statement. Alana could care less about their politics. The life of thirty-eight scientists hung in the balance. What Alana did would determine if the hostages lived or died.

The situation grew more desperate by the day. Alana had to take drastic measures to save herself and her friends. Several of their captors took a liking to Alana. She allowed herself to be seduced. She shared the bed of all her captors and convinced them to release all the hostages. It was a selfless act. The only way it could work is if Alana stayed as a slave. Alana resigned herself to her fate.  The hostages were released and Alana spent the rest of her life on Mentor Colony pleasuring her captors.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

What a Girl Needs

Some undercover agents are easier to spot than others. Sazan is supposed to be seen, known as an agent of the civil service. Her job is to strike fear by her appearance. By spending time on the street she lets the gangs know she is everywhere at all times protecting the peace.

Not all criminals get the message. They think Sazan is a weak woman when in reality she joined the corps when she was John and was transformed into Sazan. Sazan retained his strength, experience and cunning in the transformation. Bad guys are not safe with Sazan in town. Some are smart enough to know to keep a low profile. But a few are too stupid to keep clean when Sazan walks her beat.

Now our hero is looking for companionship, a husband. And she’ll find one. Her undercover work is demanding, but a girl needs to unwind with a fine man holding her. Sazan has found the man she wants, a thug wanted is six sectors for violent crimes and drugs. Sazan knows how to tame a man. The thug is outmatched. He will occupy Sazan’s bed within a week and his days of crime will be over. She has a way with men like that.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Marriage Vow

“I love you so much, Katania.” Mike pulled the woman of his dreams tighter into his embrace. A forbidden love has grown beyond the point of return. Mike thought of Katania all day long. She is all he wants. Mike knew when he met Katania that a relationship was forbidden. He knew the rules. But he fell so hopelessly in love so fast he couldn’t pull away. Girls from Tektow have that effect on men.

Katania kissed Mike’s lips softly. Her breath and touch sent a wave of euphoria through him as it always does. The chemicals in Katania’s body have a powerful effect on him. “There is a way,” Katania said. Mike looked deep into her eyes as if to read her mind. He finally said with resignation, “Marriage.” “Yes,” Katania said so softly it was barely a whisper.

Mike looked away struggling with the thought and what it meant. Katania brought her blue hand to his chin and turned him to face her. “Melting into me, sharing the same body with me is a gift not to be feared. What you feel when we touch, when we kiss will be multiplied a thousand times over and continue nonstop.” Mike swallowed hard. “I am afraid.” “Don’t be. I love you and will never harm you.”

Katania brought her lips to Mike’s and kissed him hard. She used her extended prehensile tongue to force Mike’s mouth open. With her prehensile tongue she blocked his nasal passages, forcing him to breathe through her. Mike struggled at first. As he adjusted he relaxed. He could feel his body melting into Katania’s. The feelings were powerful beyond belief. As his body shuddered he sank deeper inside Katania.

And then Mike was gone, inside Katania. A symbiotic love, a symbiotic marriage shared together in one body. It felt strange in Katania’s body, as a woman. It felt good. So very good. The forbidden love is now acceptable. Katania will return home to Tektow; Mike is safe at home inside Katania. 

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Employee of the Year

It still blows Linda’s mind when she thinks about how she became a middle-aged woman working for the Brendar Corporation. The Galactic Recession hit the Community of Worlds hard. Few worlds were spared from the devastating economic collapse. Jobs were impossible to come by. Government efforts to restart the economy were a slow process the middle class could ill afford to wait for. Linda needed a job and she needed it now.

The temp agency had an opening on the Brendar Corp’s home world for a secretary. Only a female would do. Linda, then Brad, had no choice; it was take the job with the gender reassignment or starve. That was five years ago. Linda adjusted well, but still muses over the series of events that led her to this place.

The boss wanted to put a picture of all staff members on the company webpage. Here we see Linda posing for her photo. People around the company learned Linda is a go-to guy, ah, gal. When calling the home office everyone knew you talked with Linda if you want to get things done. Linda is proud of her work. She just made “Employee of the Year”.

Living With Transgender Friends

Here is a blog article I recently found on living with a transgender friend. It talks about the transitioning process mostly. I found it interesting/informative. Give it a read if you have the time.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Stray Thoughts

New apartment, new clothes, new life. That is how Marc looked at life after the event, you know, the FOSE. You know how it works, right? Tourists from a certain world, that world, you know the one, the one that has telepathy, the one that can cause spontaneous shifts between people experiencing high emotional energies, like during climax when, ah, engaged in, you know, the big nasty. Yeah, you get it. I can see it in your eyes.

Well, my girlfriend is gone now; I don’t know where she is. We were, ah, do’in the thing when POW, out of nowhere I was in this chick’s body getting nailed by this big dude called Bruno. Ugly bastard. I have no idea who I was swapped with from the FOSE. I swear I was only thinking of this woman I saw online. If I could find my way back to my girlfriend, to make sure she is safe with whoever ended up in my body, I could accept the results of the FOSE. But no luck.

I learned my name is Megan. It’s a pretty name; I like it. Her apartment, my apartment is really nice and cozy. Must admit, I am still getting used to wearing a dress. The air is a little cold when I’m wide open down there. Feels good having so many people check me out though. Never knew girls went through that so much. It is kind of nice. Wonder if I find the tourists who caused the FOSE if they could change me back? Doubt it. Heard the FOSE is a one-way ticket. Besides, they are probably off-world by now.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Locked Up Abroad

What is it about the eyes? Every world you travel to that requires a TG change has problems with the eyes. Look at Brett here, hot as hell as Tonya, but there is something about the eyes. Okay, the mouth, too.

Okay, I admit it. Tonya didn’t travel to another world; she took an exotic vacation to North Korea. But you know how paranoid those guys are. They won’t let any guys in for fear they’ll start a fight or try to overthrow the government. So Brad accepted—as if he had a choice—gender reassignment at the border—a one week nanobot switch, if you will.

Brad was okay with the idea of wearing a dress for a week, but the North Koreans are nuts. They made up a story to arrest him, the whole tour bus, in fact. The problem with being detained is that the nanobots will start making the changes permanent after a week. It’s been over two weeks now since Tonya and the other tourists were detained.

The North Korean guards laughed as they released the prisoners. Brett knew he was stuck as Tonya forever. That is what the North Koreans wanted; to force the tour group to all stay girls—as if that would provide some tactical advantage.

A week eating prison food in North Korea and you understand the look in Tonya’s eyes. It’ll be a trip she always remembers.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Keeping the Faith

It is hard for Wendy to remember what it feels like to be a guy and it has only been a month since he was transformed, or more accurately, converted, into a woman. It all started at a church meeting. Sick of the abuse hurled at them for their strong faith and trust in god, the church formed a group to build a new cult on Mentilig IV. Wendy, full of faith and moved by the lord, was the first to volunteer.

Eighty-two parishioners joined the movement against the priest’s recommendation. The group would not listen. They wanted their group to be something different, faith-based. The priest called it a cult. Wendy didn’t care.

On Earth Wendy was a guy named Cort. He volunteered for every duty in the church he could, but still felt his faith needed more. He needed to take it to the next level. Cort was excited when the new group formed. The plans were made and the group traveled to Mentilig IV to start their colony. Upon arrival the government quarantined the group and converted every male to female; the religion of Mentilig IV.

It bothered Cort at first, but he adjusted to life as Wendy quickly. Now he can’t remember what life was like before. The group fell apart after the forced conversions. Wendy now spends her days reflecting on life. The weather is so beautiful all the time on Mentilig IV that Wendy spends most of her time reflecting on the deep questions of life.

In the end Wendy agrees the group was a success. The dream was different, but the faith was more satisfying.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Showing Off

Every world has a Mystery Island and Temporal III is no different. Too bad Ted didn’t know that. He thought he was just lucky to find a beach with so many beautiful girls. It blew his mind the guys haven’t discovered this place.

But the beach on Mystery Island is filled with surprises. Ted didn’t last long before Mystery Island did its magic. He did a slow run down the beach showing off to the ladies when he started to notice his chest bounce. He almost tripped when he looked down and saw perfectly formed tits.

The girls started to laugh. A kind young woman handed him a bikini and said, “You’ll need this now that you are one of us. Just an FYI: you stay this way so I hope you like the body.” Ken started to stutter. The woman helped Ken tuck into the bikini. “Now what should we call you,” the young woman said. “Hmmm. How about Brianna?” Ted thought for a moment and said, “I like it.” 

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Ditz Abroad

Carl knew the changes would make him look like a hot human woman. Of course, he was happy with the design. He was hot. And he loved the name Peggy. Who wouldn’t? But he never planned on the transformation affecting his personality or intelligence. It was kind of sexy, but Peggy is ditzy.

Interplanetary travel is always full of surprises. Meteors, sun flares, ship troubles and vortex bubbles are all part of the risks when traveling to such exotic worlds. The transformation to local customs (read: most worlds only allow females full public access) must be completed before allowed to board the space ship.

Most travelers opt for nanobots for their transformation. Nanobots are easiest to reverse back to your old self after the vacation as long as you don’t experience an electrical shock. If you receive such a shock the nanobots lock into formation and you stay as you are for the rest of your life.

You would think Peggy would be careful even as a ditz. And she was all during the vacation. Peggy was ready to return to his old life again. After showering he would leave for the TG Incorporated office to receive his new nanobot dose programmed to his male appearance. After the shower Peggy blow dried his hair. As she reached to unplug the dryer a spark of electricity jumped out and nailed her wet hand.

Peggy jumped. She knew what the electric shock meant. She called and cancelled her appointment at TG Incorporated and used the money she saved to buy a new wardrobe. Looks like Peggy will have lots of memories of her vacation.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Father FOSE

George was always warned not to have evil thoughts by the minister of the Amish commune. The leaders worked hard to separate the young people of the community from temptations of the flesh, the devil’s tools. George is a pious young man, but he is still human. The reverend always warned George he would be punished by God should he commit sins of the flesh in thought, word or deed. George took the advice seriously.

While working in the barn moving hay, George allowed his mind to wander. He didn’t even notice he descended into thoughts of debauchery with Pinkie, a girl he saw in town earlier in the day. It was one of those rare moments when thoughts became real. A fantasy orgasm swapping event (FOSE) happened while his thoughts hit climax. When George opened his eyes he was Pinkie.

He sat down on a pile of hay to figure out what he was going to do. What was he going to tell his family when he had to explain what happened? Just then a woman walked past the barn. She had platinum blond hair, wearing a mini skirt and high heels. George couldn’t stop himself. He blurted out what happened and asked the woman what he could do.

“I always told you there was a price to pay if you had evil thoughts,” the woman said.

George could only whisper one word: “Reverend?”

Sunday, July 19, 2015

A Woman on a Mission

Brent knew his girlfriend, Kaylee, was up to no good; he could feel it in his bones. She was visiting some old woman living deep in the woods multiple times a week. The old woman in the woods has a reputation of being crazy—some even call her a witch.

Kaylee kept coming home with strange items from the old woman. She claimed they were beauty products, but Brent saw the old woman before and whatever beauty products she was using don’t work. Against Brent’s complaints, Kaylee continued to see the old woman.

Brent tired of Kaylee and her drama. He already had another girlfriend Kaylee didn’t know about. Today, when Kaylee returned, Brent would end the relationship with her.

That evening for dinner Kaylee prepared a marvelous meal, complete with a new bottle of red wine, compliments of the old woman. The meal was so delicious Brent almost changed his mind. He decided waiting will not help so he blurted it out.

Kaylee just smiled and said she knew about the other hussy he was seeing. Brent told Kaylee he would leave in the morning. Kaylee kept smiling.

In the morning Brent snapped awake when his subconscious mind realized his body had transformed into a woman over night. He knew instantly the old woman was a witch and that the wine was a potion. Brent was mad at first, but after feeling his breasts changed his mind; he rather liked the body. Kaylee started calling Brent Mattie. The name stuck. Mattie made up to Kaylee and discovered they made the most adorable same-sex couple. And they lived happily ever after.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

More Pussy Than You Can Handle

Keeping a pet from a strange world carries risks. Randall didn’t care; he wanted the cat from Zephyr Prime. Cats are funny creatures regardless the world they come from. It is said cats domesticated people, not the other way around. Anyone with a cat can attest to this oddity.

Randall’s cat seemed normal. He loved to call his cat a “pussy cat” instead of just “cat”. It seemed to annoy the cat. At least Randall started to think so. The cat would bite just enough to get Randall’s attention when he petted her and called her his favorite pussy cat.

One day Randall is skimming several TG blogs reading the flash fiction to pass the time. The cat, which he decided to name Pussy, started to rub up against him. He scratched Pussy behind the ears as he read the stories and ogled the models on the TG blogs. He started to finger the medallion around Pussy’s neck when he heard a loud “POP!”

Randall looked around to see what happened. Pussy seemed amused when Randall noticed he transformed into a woman. Egad! Randall thought. What happened? Pussy pawed at the medallion until it came off: a jewel of Odan! It all made sense to Randall. He was fantasying about a woman while he touched the magical BTG transforming jewel.

Pussy started to paw at the computer screen. “What is it, girl? What are you pointing at? A name? Virginia? You want me to change my name to Virginia?” Pussy started purring and rubbing against Virginia. Those two girls have more fun together now than any two females ever should. Unfortunately, Virginia didn’t stay that way for long. A virgin that is.  

Friday, July 17, 2015

Preparing for Family

You can take the boy out of the body, but you can’t take the body out of the boy. Mike lived his dream of being a girl. He invested his inheritance in the perfect female body. He wanted everything perfect for the family reunion. People were coming in from all over the galaxy. This will be the only time he will ever see many of his extended family members.

The transformation to Samantha was the easy part. Taking care of his new body was harder than he anticipated. Women really have to work hard at looking good, with all the sunbathing, makeup, clothes, and dealing with body parts. Samantha has plenty of time to look perfect for the reunion and she will need every minute of it.

It was at the family reunion where it was pointed out to Samantha she had made a few critical errors. Her tan lines didn’t match the dress she chose. She brushed it off at first until she was shown a picture, the one you see here. Finally, Samantha got it. It did look funny.

Samantha had a great time meeting so much of her family. Nobody cared she was the replacement for Mike. The tan lines were a great conversation piece. Samantha knew she still had a lot to learn about being a girl. Every day is an adventure, an adventure she enjoyed to the max. To Samantha, nothing beats being a girl.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Melting Pot

It started when the Vegorans discovered Earth. The Vegorans are an advanced species that merge with other life to give them special powers and perspective on life. The Vegorans evolved into a pure feminine species due to several intelligent peoples finding males more uncomfortable to merge with.

They call it melting. Some humans find the process disturbing. Take Adam’s experience, for example. Adam was one of the first humans to accept a merging, melting as people called it, with a Vegoran. Her name was Celia. Celia and Adam became fast friends, as Celia wanted, because she found Adam desirable. Vegorans have a strong urge to melt with other species.

Once Adam was deep in love, Celia convinced Adam to melt with her. Lust caused Adam to drop his apprehension. To Adam melting would be the ultimate sex. It went like this: After a light dinner and a glass of wine our cute couple declothed. Celia took Adam in her arms. In moments their bodies began melting into each other. It felt sticky to Adam at first, but then he could feel Celia’s heart beat against his. Adam was aroused when their groins began merging.

Eventually Adam was completely absorbed by Celia. Celia kept her form while Adam resided inside her. Celia made all the calls. Adam can see, feel and hear everything Celia does. Adam can’t hide his thoughts from Celia. She did things to herself that sent Adam through the roof. As the novelty started to wear off, Adam wanted out. But Celia wants Adam right where he is and Celia calls all the shots.

Welcome to Earth.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Perfect Disguise

The cops will never catch me, Dillon thought moments before he heard the cops crash the gate. How could they have found him? His plan was foolproof and Dillon is no fool. After a crime spree that netted him trillions of dollars Dillon had the perfect escape. He covered his tracks perfectly. He had a gender change, moved to a new world and assumed an unassuming life.

Maybe the cops were looking for someone else. If the cops were looking for Dillon they would only find Tracy living here. The swat team stormed the room shouting, “Hands up against the wall!” Tracy followed orders looking over her shoulder with a soft smile. “What is going on, officers?” Tracy has a smooth tongue and knows how to use her body.

“Don’t move, ma’am. We are hunting an intergalactic criminal. Very dangerous. We have intel he is here.” Tracy smiled bringing one hand down, “I’m the only one here, sir.” The swat team stopped in its tracks. “Hmmm,” the swat leader said. “Don’t look at me that way,” Tracy said as the swat leader brought the device he held toward Tracy.

“Well, well, well, Dillon. Thought you could wear a disguise to hide from us.” “Who is Dillon,” Tracy said in the most innocent voice she could muster. “See this,” the swat leader held up the device. “This beauty can see through the most advanced technology. And when you steal trillions the best equipment will be brought in. You should have taken less. Then we wouldn’t have expended so many resources.” The swat team cuffed Tracy and took her to the van. The last words heard from Tracy were, “At least I’ll stay at the women’s prison.”

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Temp Work

Undercover work is the hardest, most dangerous work there is for a detective. The trick is all in the disguise. If the bunny smells a setup years of work can be lost in seconds. Organized crime has learned to sniff out the obvious ruses. Most male agents are not allowed on most planets. That is why Max and Gerald are so sought after. Their undercover work is legendary. To date they have never failed to snag their perp.

Max and Gerald upped their game when they were brought in to bring down the kingpin of the cartel. In the past a simple gender change was enough to fool the bad guys. Once the arrest was made it was back to the lab to get the old body back. But bad guys can detect temporary transformations now. For this assignment the boys will need to undergo a permanent transformation into college girls.

The decision was easy. The cartel needed to be brought down. Max and Gerald became Fatima and Mary. They had to admit it was the best assignment ever. They got to shop as part of the job. And they loved how sexy they looked.

But this story has a sad ending for Fatima and Mary. The cartel can now detect permanent transformations, too. Fatima and Mary were spotted a mile away. Soon the cartel captured the girls and interrogated them. Once the cartel kingpin had all the information he needed he put the girls to work earning money for the cartel. Amazingly, Fatima and Mary still think it’s the best assignment they ever had.

The Perfect Disguise

The cops will never catch me, Dillon thought moments before he heard the cops crash the gate. How could they have found him? His plan was foolproof and Dillon is no fool. After a crime spree that netted him trillions of dollars Dillon had the perfect escape. He covered his tracks perfectly. He had a gender change, moved to a new world and assumed an unassuming life.

Maybe the cops were looking for someone else. If the cops were looking for Dillon they would only find Tracy living here. The swat team stormed the room shouting, “Hands up against the wall!” Tracy followed orders looking over her shoulder with a soft smile. “What is going on, officers?” Tracy has a smooth tongue and knows how to use her body.

“Don’t move, ma’am. We are hunting an intergalactic criminal. Very dangerous. We have intel he is here.” Tracy smiled bringing one hand down, “I’m the only one here, sir.” The swat team stopped in its tracks. “Hmmm,” the swat leader said. “Don’t look at me that way,” Tracy said as the swat leader brought the device he held toward Tracy.

“Well, well, well, Dillon. Thought you could wear a disguise to hide from us.” “Who is Dillon,” Tracy said in the most innocent voice she could muster. “See this,” the swat leader held up the device. “This beauty can see through the most advanced technology. And when you steal trillions the best equipment will be brought in. You should have taken less. Then we wouldn’t have expended so many resources.” The swat team cuffed Tracy and took her to the van. The last words heard from Tracy were, “At least I’ll stay at the women’s prison.”

Monday, July 13, 2015

World Building

Aaron trained from preschool on for leadership. Colonies need powerful leaders to protect the people from the harsh realities of space travel. The qualities of a powerful leader included a caring hand too. Aaron was trained by the best to lead in the most difficult of situations.

It was discovered early on in the space age that a female always does a better job at leading a new colony. A woman’s compassion coupled with the soothing effect of a beautiful woman lends to a more harmonious society. The harsh realities of the first decades on a new planet are demanding. Meridian Prime had all the earmarks of one of the toughest assignments.

It would take the hardiest of pioneers to settle Meridian Prime. Only the highest trained and skilled leader could pull it off. Aaron was the best but always preferred a station where he could stay a man. Some guys like the idea of a gender swap, but Aaron was happy as is.

Pressure from command made Aaron rethink his position. Other guys handle the transition and even enjoy it, Aaron reasoned. He knew he was needed; in fact, he was the only logical choice. Too many lives were at stake. Aaron agreed to the position. He would be Tess, Queen of Meridian Prime.

Tess loved her body. The trip to Meridian Prime allowed Tess to prepare the pioneers for what awaited them. Tess was the lucky one. The nanobots healed her body constantly; she will live for centuries. The pioneers will build the environmental modules used by their descendants. The original pioneers will be dead by the time they reached Meridian Prime, but Queen Tess will be the constant bulwark to the new society on Meridian and the children of the original colonists. 

Sunday, July 12, 2015


They call me Tumbleina. I hated the world I grew up on and always dreamed of running away with the circus. Too bad little boys were not allowed to join the circus. Too many worlds have rules against males in a public spotlight. Why was I ever born a boy?

Tumbleina isn’t my real name. My real name is Roger. Life was hard in my family and my parents were never around. I was left to fend for myself. A young boy gets hungry when no one provides a nourishing meal for him. And I was sick of living outside in the cold.

There was only one thing I could do to pass the time: dance. While I waited for the circus to open one day I danced and did somersaults and cartwheels and other great kid’s stuff in the field behind the tents. A woman named Macy saw me playing in the field and called me over. She told me how talented I was. She asked me if I wanted to join the circus. I clapped my hands like a penguin in delight. Then I told Macy I knew I could never be in the circus; I was a dumb boy.

Macy smiled placing her hand on the top of my head, “I can make you a girl.” I was penguin clapping again. I followed Macy to a tent with all kinds of equipment. I stepped into a chamber Macy told me to. I stepped out Tumbleina. Macy took me to another tent and asked me to dance. As a girl I danced better than ever.

The next night I had my debut performance. I was told I am a natural. I’ve been to 208 worlds since that fateful day. I can’t even remember what it was like as a boy anymore. I do remember the hungry nights; don’t miss those any. I thank god every day for Macy. She made me the woman I am today.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Time Off

Everybody calls it Fantasy World and for good reason. There is only one reason to travel to Lekto II, the Community of Worlds’ premiere TG world. For the price of a home you can spend a month on Fantasy World as anyone you want.

Take Martin here. He always wanted to be a well endowed woman in hooker boots. The fantasy is a complete package. Martin was transformed at a TG Incorporated facility on the transport ship. The process is completed as he arrives at Fantasy World. Martin leaves the ship and steps onto Lekto II soil as Kira.

It might be enough to walk around in a woman’s body, but for the price paid on this vacation more is needed. Kira has a job, apartment and a husband waiting for her; a complete life as a woman. The apartment is fully stocked with clothes sure to make a guy’s head turn, exactly what Martin wants. Martin wants to feel the thrill of getting the attention of all in the room: men by lust; women by jealousy.

Martin enjoyed the entire vacation. She turned more than a few heads and satisfied her husband, too. But now the fun is about to end. Time to slip out of the boots, lose the chest and return to his old life. Kira took a moment for one last selfie before she boards the ship home and the retransformation.

Now Martin will start saving and investing every dime he earns in preparation for a return trip to Fantasy World and Kira.

Friday, July 10, 2015

And Now a Word From...

I wanted to take a brief interlude to share something that made a big difference in my life. Like a lot of people I have debt, mostly the credit card kind. Banks hate lending money to normal people so I was running out of ideas to get my payments and interest down.

With interest rates so low right now you would think the banks would trip over themselves to lend to people like me. I have a job and have never missed a payment. Still, no luck. Recently I started using They are one of the advertisers on this blog so I thought, “What do I have to lose?” Here is how it worked for me.

I applied online. Documentation is also submitted online. They have a customer service rep call to expedite the processing of the loan. Long story short, I refinanced all my credit card debt in one place at less than half the interest rate; my payments also dropped significantly.

I added the link to this blog post for easy access to Prosper. My experience is nothing short of “WOW!” Since a lot of people are in the same (or similar) boat I am in I wanted to share my experience. Not many businesses want to support the TG community. When one does I am all for supporting them, especially if they do super fantastic work like Prosper does.

It doesn’t cost anything to get a quote. If they provide a loan there is a fee, but it is like a small addition to the interest cost. Well worth it considering how much interest I save each month. My break-even point was less than a month. Everyone is different, but I know a lot of you gals could really use some help and Prosper doesn’t have a problem supporting the TG community so they get my vote.

Now back to the show.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Welcome to Earth

Do I look like an alien to you? Ron turned to the girl to see who asked the question. Deep in thought over a business deal, Ron couldn’t believe he missed the woman leaning against the white column of the home he was walking past.  It took even longer for Ron to notice her attire. Must be getting old, Ron thought.

Aliens are common on Earth since joining the Community of Worlds. Most look different, but the shapeshifters appear so human it is impossible to tell the difference. Ron wasn’t sure he heard the woman’s voice or heard her telepathically. I’m sorry, Ron said.

I am new to Earth and I wanted to know if I look like an alien to you, she said. You look very human to me, Ron said. The blond smiled as her chest heaved with each breath.

Ron forgot his manners, saying, I’m Ron. Pleased to meet you. The sultry blond open her mouth ever so slightly and said, Nice to meet you Ron. My name is Juno.

Ron was enraptured by Juno’s beauty. She motioned Ron to come closer. He did. She reached out and held Ron’s hand. You are really strong, Juno said. Ron smiled.

Juno’s face hardened for a second. In that fraction of a second Ron found himself in Juno’s body. Then Ron got it: She isn’t a shapeshifter, she’s a jumper. Ron was confused as Juno walked away in his body.

When do I get my body back? Ron yelled after her. Whatever are you talking about, Ron’s body replied.

Ron swallowed nervously and looked down at his chest and smiled. I like the outfit, he thought.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015


Tourism is big business. If you create the right environment, tourists will flock to your city. Album City on Menthar Prime has the greatest shtick ever created. Every tourist must be female in Album City. Men from around the galaxy spend their life savings for a month there. As part of the deal, every male tourist is given a complimentary BTG transformation. It is all private and anonymous. On Menthar Prime, discretion is the word of the day.

Sara stopped for a photo while strolling the streets of Album City. There is no way to tell if she is a natural woman or a transformed. We’ll find out a little later in the story. She certainly looks happy in that short skirt, but aren’t all women happy when wearing a mini skirt? There is still no way to tell if Sara is a natural or a transformed. We can ask her. Okay, she just giggles. Album City is the happiest place in the universe, I guess.

There is one way to find out who Sara is: at the spaceport. Before tourists leave Menthar Prime, the guys can change back into their old bodies. Not all do. Some like the new look so much they leave as the woman they feel happiest as. Here comes Sara. Darn! She walked right past the BTG transformation booth. If she is a transformed she is keeping her body. There is only one way left to really know who Sara really is: the BTG manifest. Let’s see who was transformed a month ago who hasn’t changed back yet. Hmmmm. There it is. Only one name left on the list. Oscar Bering. Well, that makes sense. I wish you could see his before picture. I’d stay Sara the rest of my life too. 

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Leadership Skills

College girls on all planets join groups. On Qyilar V, Wanda Martins is a living experiment. As you already know, most planets in the Community of Worlds are matriarchal. To prepare girls for leadership positions in business and government they are put in difficult situations and observed as they work out of the problems. Normally, girls do well, learning and growing with each challenge. Wanda Martins is different, a one of a kind experiment to see if a boy, transformed into a girl, can perform as well as a real girl. A lot rides on the outcome for all men on Qyilar V.

Three weeks ago Wanda Martins was Dave Thompson. Dave volunteered for the program. Many boys from university did. Dave was chosen because he was considered a good first candidate and somewhat feminine in his manner. The researchers felt Dave, as a woman, should perform well.

For Wanda’s first test, she will be dropped off in a far away city where girls are known to be kidnapped and sold in slavery. Wanda is allowed one week to find her way back home. If she fails she could die or end up a part of the slave trade. The slavers are brutal so the entire university waits anxiously for a girl sent out to return.

It has been ten days since Wanda was placed in the foreign town. Nobody has seen or heard from her. A search party was dispatched yesterday. It seems boys will never do as well as girls. Sad. What Wanda must be going through is heart-breaking.

Meanwhile in the foreign city Wanda is enjoying her newfound freedom. She has made friends, hiding her from the search party. In ten days Wanda has formed a group she intends to turn into a political party demanding equal rights for all people, even men. Wanda has all the makings of a great leader. 

Monday, July 6, 2015


Brian was so excited to be shopping Meltanik Colony, a modern world deep in the Sagittarius Arm of the galaxy. A terrorist warning had been issued, but security in the tourist areas was high. Brian felt safe as he enjoyed his first off-world vacation.

A sniper was reported in the area. Brian surmised it wasn’t serious as many locals were out and about without worry. It was Brian’s first day on Meltanik Colony when he saw the flash. There was no sound. Brian saw the flash of light in the hills above the outdoor mall.  He looked around to see if anyone was hurt. All he saw was a woman patting herself down. Must’ve thought she was hit, Brian thought.

Another flash. Again, no sound. It felt different this time. Brian felt a tingle when he caught the flash from the corner of his eye. He started to look around when he felt… less clothed. He looked down. He was wearing a dress! And he had, ah, well, boobs!

Brian knew what it was immediately. The locals were not worried because the sniper was using a military grade girly light rifle. A transformation like this at TG Incorporated would cost a year’s wages. But Meltanik Colony had a policy of protecting tourists. Brian would be given a choice of new identification papers for his new body or a transformation back.

Brian was undecided. The college girl behind the tourist center counter handed him identification papers and said, “If you want to transform back, bring in your papers at any time before you leave the colony.” Brian opened the documents: Sophie. With such a pretty name he might just keep the body.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Intergalactic FOSE

Do you have a secret? Of course you do. Everyone does. The real question is: do you have a secret so deep, so hidden, it will never be known to anyone but you? Once again, yes, you do. We all do.

Everybody has thoughts about other people. You wouldn’t share this thought with a girlfriend, boyfriend or spouse. Those little private moments are just that, private. In this fantasy world of yours you also think about the taboo. Things you can never have or do in real life are possible in your mind. And these are the thoughts that create the greatest risk.

I’m sure you heard of the Fantasy Orgasm Swapping Event (FOSE) striking other worlds. It’s the one thing that tones down your most salacious fantasies, the risk that a FOSE could hit while you are in fantasy and cause an unwanted body swap. Most FOSE’s hit a local region only. Rarely do they strike a whole planet at once. But today, the greatest FOSE to ever strike affected seven parsecs of space, 87 worlds. For most this is only a normal FOSE, but for a few…

Greta found herself swapped with the most hideous of creatures when the FOSE happened. The creature, on the other hand, had a secret. He fantasized about human women all the time. He wanted to be a human girl, with a human girl, the mate of a human girl so bad it hurt. It was a daily fantasy. Then the FOSE came and his fantasy became real. It took only a few moments for him to realize what happened. He stopped and smiled for a tourist taking a picture and then continued on his way loving the feel of his new body.

As for Greta, she didn’t adjust so fast. She ended up in an asylum never understanding what happened to her. Sad. 

Saturday, July 4, 2015


Zack Parish is the best union negotiator in the Community of Worlds. Strong unions and laws protecting unions exist on over 90% of planets in the Community. Zack’s services were needed everywhere in Bendex Corp. But a guy can only be in one place at a time; it says so in the physics manual.

Traveling light years from planet to planet would waste so much time the corporations would need massive teams to handle the difficult and delicate matters and there are not that many super talented people at negotiating. Smaller companies hire less talented agents and shuttle them from planet to planet. Not Bendex Corp. Bendex Corp has the resources to engage in long distance body swaps.

Wontalari is the planet closest to the inner core of the galaxy. Union negotiations started and a power broker was needed. The outcome of the five year agreement would mean trillions to Bendex Corp’s bottom line. Zack was ready to make the swap and handle the deal, but there was a problem. For a swap to work both parties needed to be compatible. If they were not compatible either the swap would fail or it could be permanent. Bendex Corp was having a hard time finding a manager suitable to swap with Zack.

Matters were desperate. Bendex Corp needed Zack on site now. No perfect swap matches were found. The closest they could find was Dawn. Zack knew the risks of swapping with someone not a perfect match. Zack is a company man and was willing to accept the risk. The long distance body swap took place immediately.

Zack was pleased when he found himself in Dawn’s body. He went to work negotiating a workable contract with the unions. Zack’s skills saved the company a fortune. Zack really enjoyed Dawn’s body and wanted to spend some time on Wontalari to unwind and relax. Dawn agrees. Zack enjoys two weeks of much needed vacation. Zack found Dawn the most pleasant and natural body he ever swapped into; it’s hard to believe they weren’t swap compatible.

After the two weeks were up Zack was ready for the return swap so he can get back to work. Zack stepped into the swapping chamber and closed the door behind him. He waited for the familiar whir and tingling vibrations indicating he was swapping back. He heard the whir, but didn’t feel the vibration. The swapping chamber door opened. Zack looked down at his body when he saw the disappointed look in the technician’s eyes. The lack of complete compatibility locked Zack in Dawn’s body. There would be no going back or swapping with anyone ever again. Zack stepped out of the chamber and sat on the bench at the back of the room. She smiled. Zack couldn’t have picked a better place or body to retire in.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Big Pussy

Undercover agents have dangerous work, especially for the interplanetary undercover agents. Only the best, most highly trained, were allowed to serve as agents throughout the Community of Worlds. Johnny Tenner is the elite among the best. Johnny worked more worlds than any agent to ever live. Back on Earth people would not recognize Johnny. He was a pussy now named Mari.

Science came a long way since Earth was discovered by the Community of Worlds and granted membership. Crime followed. Special agents tracked down the killers, terrorists and thieves. Mari has a partner: Simone. Mari loves riding on Simone’s shoulders. Bad guys always focus on Simone when the real undercover agent is Mari: pussy extraordinaire. It’s not an easy job, especially when it comes time to making arrests. With all those disadvantages Mari still manages to top the list of arresting agents. For a pussy Mari gets shit done.

Criminal justice changed beyond anything Earth imagined. Police work required officers, prosecutors and agents to all be female. Worse, some agents had to be real female pussies. At least science made it all possible. But Johnny never imagined when he dreamed of being a police officer growing up he would do so as a big pussy, furry and all.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Farm Girls

Agrarian worlds were like most other planets in the Community of Worlds: matriarchal. Women ran the show on these rural worlds. Unlike Earth, women worked and ran the farms, similar to women gardening on Earth, except women ran the whole show in these farming societies. Food and textiles were the leading exports to the rest of the galaxy.

Also like Earth, farm girls are more fun. The hard work firms and tones their bodies while the sun brings their skin to a golden glow. The great news about farm girls on agricultural worlds is offset by the difficulty in getting to one of these worlds. Men are tolerated as breeding stock and disdained when from another planet.

Stephen was determined to be the exception. He fell in love with a farm girl when she vacationed on Earth. She was sweet and kind. She warned Stephen about her society’s views on men. She was willing to commit to Stephen if he could immigrate to her planet, something never allowed a man before.

Finally Stephen had an idea. He would undergo a BTG transformation. She agreed she would still love and want to spend her life with Stephen if he were a woman. Great! Stephen thought. He was transformed into Jean the next day. Two weeks later he was traveling to Herdaa Prime with Edie, his farm girlfriend.

Jean expected to be treated as other men are on Herdaa Prime. He planned on a simple, quiet life in the home while Edie worked the animals and fields. It didn’t work that way. Jean and Edie were accepted as a couple on Herdaa Prime, but Jean was expected to work as the other women did. It was hard at first for Jean, but she got used to the hard work and afternoon romps in the hay. It certainly felt good to slip into bed with Edie after a long hard day of work in the sun.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Trip of a Lifetime

They say clothes make the man. For Weston clothes did more than make the man. Caught wearing his wife’s bra and panty set, Weston couldn’t explain away the situation: he was cross-dressing and his wife was on to him for months. It was time for Weston to come out.

It was easier when it was a secret. Weston found it erotic to wear his wife’s clothing, especially panties. Now that his wife knew it wasn’t erotic anymore; it felt normal.

Weston was caught while on the tourship headed for Bental II. His wife demanded they shop for a full wardrobe for him. Weston was reluctant to shop for women’ clothes for himself. His wife understood. She demanded he undergo a transformation at the TG Incorporated shop on the ship. Weston had little choice.

Weston was happy with the choice. As Ellen he felt like he was in the right body for the first time in his life. He gladly redid his whole wardrobe with the help of his wife. He couldn’t stop trying on all the different panty/bra sets.

There was only one thing bothering Ellen. Why was his wife okay with the transformation? Ellen found out later that night.

Paying Bills