Monday, March 23, 2015

They're Not so Bad

Axel thought the Medusans were kind of pretty. Word around the galaxy was that Medusan women were so ugly they could kill with a look. When Captain Altair set the Bowman down on the planet Axel had to admit he was a little scared. But not anymore.

There were no men on the planet that Axel saw. Axel still felt safe dressed as a woman. His disguise was fool-proof. The Medusans took an interest in their guests, having so few. Axel received more attention than anyone else. Several Medusans took him by the arms and led him to the banquet table where he was given the seat of honor. Axel felt uncomfortable thinking Captain Altair should receive the honor.

The Medusans insisted. The meal was a tasty feast of 32 different courses of local meats and plants. Axel was careful to eat a small sample of each, saving room for additional items. The nectar he was drinking was sweet and after an hour of eating and drinking he needed to use the little girl’s room.

A Medusan showed him the way. A few moments later Axel exited the restroom to see his guide grinning. “The rumors are wrong, honey,” the Medusan said to Axel. “Our look does not kill, it converts men to women.” Axel was taken back to the banquet.

When Axel took his seat the Medusan guide said in a loud voice for the whole room to hear. “I have wonderful news, everyone. Our guest, Axel,” she said pointing to Axel, “came to us as a man in a woman’s disguise. We fixed the problem with a look. Now, behold Zelda, our most female guest.” Axel passed out knowing he would spend the rest of his life on Medusa because he was a Medusan woman now.

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