Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Fresh Start to a New Life

A new body and a new world can make people do crazy things. Consider Cliff here. He traveled to Miranda 11 to get away from the stress of his executive job. Miranda 11 is a female only enclave. That was part of the allure for Cliff. He not only wanted to get away, he wanted to forget, and he wanted to be someone else for a while. As someone else he could forget the financial problems he left behind at his company.

The first thing that happens when you disembark your spacecraft on arrival is orientation. You are required to leave your clothes in a locker and slip into a body suit slimmer, as they are called. The body suit modifies your body until you are a fully functional woman. Then they give you your identity papers with your name. Cliff is Mary for his stay on Miranda 11.

Nothing brings out crazy fun like a body suit on Miranda 11. The body suit regulates environmental comfort so snowboarding, as Cliff is doing here, is a wildly fun time in a bikini. Cliff made the most of his vacation and for six weeks forgot all about the problems back home. But go home he must.

Cliff discovered a way to sneak off planet with the body suit. If he was willing to spend the rest of his life as a woman he could walk away from his financial problems and start over as Mary. Cliff knew what he had to do. It was easier sneaking onto the ship than onto the planet. Cliff hid in his baggage compartment until the flight was underway. Now it is smooth sailing all the way home. Nobody will be looking for him or hounding him for money. He will have a fresh start at life.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Refreshing Rain

The rain never seemed to stop that early summer day. After three days of rain it was time for Kyle to enjoy the wet weather. He was dripping wet in no time as it continued to pour as he danced on his front lawn.

Unknown to Kyle the industrial plant owned by TG Inc. had a problem on their hands. An accidental leak sent nanobot particles up the chimney and spread around the town. It was hoped the weather would dissipate the particles enough to make them inactive. An unusual concentration of particles above Kyle’s house gave the nanobots the critical mass they needed to do their job.

Kyle did not know what was happening as he twirled in the rain with his eyes closed. It felt so good as he allowed the water to wash away his worries. By the time he realized what had happened he was already Tiffany. The rain still felt good. Tiffany was glad she decided to enjoy the rain shower.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Expanding Horizons

Business has its challenges. A CEO of an intergalactic corporation requires numerous trips to exotic worlds to conduct business. Evan is one of the best CEOs ever. His corporation had trade agreements with 957 worlds, more than any other company in the galaxy. There are even rumors Evan will open the first trade route with the Andromeda galaxy.

The work schedule for Evan is brutal. The constant effort to meet the societal mores of each world is a must if Evan plans to expand his empire. On TempaK 11 Evan had to make the ultimate sacrifice. He accepted the gift offered by the TempaK people: a gender change. It is considered a great honor to be offered and accept the gift of a new gender.

At first Evan struggled with the change. Soon he learned women enjoyed a calm men rarely do. As a result Evan found himself wandering fields of grass as he relaxed after a grueling day of negotiations. It was important that Evan keep his new body so he changed his name to Quinn. The name and the body grew on him.

TempaK 11 is the largest trading partner Evan’s company has. Evan enjoys the frequent trips to his favorite world. People there respect Quinn. She never misses an opportunity to wander the grassy areas lost in thought and enjoying bliss. Business is good.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Crime Wave

Magic panties started a crime wave no one predicted or thought possible. Gangs of men roved the streets looking for victims. The gangs bought magic panties programmed to the kind of girl they liked. They found an unwitting sap, dragged him into a dark alley, stripped him naked and pulled the magic panties on him.

Magic panties don’t come off until they finish the job they were programmed to do. The victim writhes and twists on the ground for ten minutes struggling to save his identity. All that remains is a half naked woman shivering on the ground. Now the panties can come off. The gang goes back to work pulling off the one piece of clothing the victim has on. Having created the woman of their dreams they proceed to…. Well, I think you know where this all ends.

Carter had the unfortunate accident of meeting one the aforementioned gangs. As stated above, you know what happens. After the trauma Carter changed his name to May. We shared a picture of May here. She looks very happy, don’t you think? I think you will agree with me; she is less a victim than one lucky woman.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Paulette Has a Taste in Her Mouth

On Rendor V they play a paintball game like no other. In this version of the game challengers face off to settle legal disputes. It keeps the prison population and taxes low. One paintball in each gun is loaded with TG virus. As long as it does not touch your skin you are fine; if it does. . .

Paul had a score to settle and accepted the order to solve the disagreement on the paintball court. All players are required to wear a suit and helmet to prevent permanent injury. It was a fierce game. Paul dodged every paintball shot at him. Paint splattered against the walls around him as he ducked and dodged. When the game was over he noticed his suit was loose. He stripped down as his opponent handed him a compact, laughing.

Paying Bills