Saturday, January 31, 2015

Welcome to my World

There are worlds of exotic wonders in every corner of the galaxy. I am your tour guide to these mystical realms. Once or twice every week a new adventure will come your way.

The worlds, cultures and societies we meet are for women only: no men allowed. If a man should wander our way he will be transformed to meet the standards of our people.

The TG stories on this blog are like no other. We honor the feminine, but do not flaunt it with nudity or brutality. These are male things. Here we show the feminine in all its glory and beauty without the crass. We control these worlds. If you chose to watch, do so with respect for the women you find here.

Are you ready? I am Altair, your goddess and guide. Bow your head in humility when in my presence for I have the power to alter anyone into anything I want. Dishonor me and you shall be my slave, not that that wouldn't be a step up for you.

The time has come to start our adventure. We leave Earth now for our first destination. Are you in your seat, tray table up and strapped in? Some worlds with high gravity and thick atmospheres make for a bumpy ride on take-off. One last check before we start. Have to make sure no men have snuck in. Good. Here we go.

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