Monday, December 18, 2017

Divorce Decree

Gambling addiction and the consequent debts destroyed Floyd’s marriage. The relationship was less than perfect before, but when Floyd tried to gamble his way out of debt he only dug in deeper.  Before long the stain on his marriage was too much. His wife filed for divorce and had some unusual divorce settlement requests.

Floyd was a nice guy to his wife when they met, but as the money problems grew so did Floyd’s anger issues. In counseling it was mentioned that if Floyd were more feminine he would not lash out as he does now. In divorce Floyd’s wife convinced the judge Floyd needed gender reassignment to protect her from his anger and stalking.

Floyd fought the order at first. Then he saw the woman he would be transformed into and he was intrigued. And who knows? Maybe it will tame his temper and compulsive tendencies. Once the court order was executed Floyd’s name was changed to Polly. Floyd liked the way he looked and his anger was gone. Everything looked brighter and happier now that he was a woman.

The divorce would be final in three days. Floyd now transformed into Polly, Floyd’s wife found a new attraction for her husband. She dropped the divorce as she fell deeply in love with her new, gentler husband. As Polly, Floyd’s wife found his demeanor intoxicating. And the best part: the government paid for the whole procedure since it was a court order. If Floyd would have known sooner he would have insisted his wife file for divorce years ago.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Sister's Slumber Party

You would think Michelle is too old for a slumber party now that she is in high school. Nevertheless, mom okayed the idea without consulting me. Now I have to put up with brats for a whole weekend. Sick.

The slumber party starts Friday night with Michelle and four of her friends. Michelle asked me if I would help out. I don’t want to hang out with no stupid girls. It’s not like I’ll ever get a date. Just because I am small for my age does not make me a dork. When Michelle’s friends arrived they pleaded. There is no way I’ll get any rest anyway so I relented. I agreed to allow the girls to dress me up, to add insult to injury.

By ten o’clock the girls had stripped me naked and applied makeup, a wig and, well, you can see what they did to me. I know I have no chance with any of Michelle’s friends, but this pretty much ends any respect any girl in school will ever have of me once Michelle and her friends start talking.

The girls squealed with delight as they saw their creation. They started addressing me as Sissy. Great. Now that they had their fun I wanted to take outfit off. They would not hear of it. They said I could sleep with them. Big deal. I’m dressed like a girl and when they say sleep, they mean sleep.

Michelle made some hot cocoa. The sweetness felt good. The cocoa made me tired so I laid back and before I knew I was out.

The next morning the girls were up when I awoke. They were giggling and pointing at me. It seems the girls had hatched a plan to get me in a compromising position, drug my cocoa and then sprinkle me with TG Dust once I drifted off to sleep. I demanded they change me back, but I knew TG Dust was a one-way street.

I did not want to be a girl; I am a boy, ah, well, I was a boy, kind’of. The girls invited me to spend the weekend with them and their party. It seems even mom was in one it. She thought the change looked good on me. Mom said if I can’t get a date with a girl I should have no problem bedding a guy looking like this. Mom had a point.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Runestone Returns

Conrad is more myth now than legend now. After a career saving the universe as a man it was time to get away. Conrad met a woman named Natasha in a tax office in a backwater state. Natasha was a skuzzy woman, walking out on her boyfriend, abandoning her son, drinking too much, smoking too much, covered in tattoos, and smoking weed, Natasha had few admirable qualities. But she did own a pair of mystery high heel boots and she sold them to Conrad.

Now the stories of Alexis Runestone have returned. A demure woman was out and about saving the down-trodden from harm. It is amazing how things turn out. A totally worthless woman sells a simple pair of mystery boots and the world is a safer place. A few even surmised Conrad disappeared around the same time Alexis Runestone arrived. Coincidence? I think not.

It is a hard job being a woman. The paparazzi managed a photo of Alexis dealing with the stress of life as a woman saving mankind from evil. Don’t fret for Alexis, however. She can handle anything; she is a woman. And who doesn’t want to be rescued by a beautiful, sexy woman.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

The Last Blowjob

The end of an era was at hand. Nearly every male had been transformed into a woman by one TG Inc technology or another. The remaining few men were too macho and had it too good to accept any offer TG Inc threw in their direction. There was only one thing to do.

TG Inc ordered women to withhold services from the remaining men. The ultimatum was clear: the men could enjoy one last blowjob before undergoing the transformation by any means TG Inc had or they would be celibate for life.

That did the job. The remaining men lined up for their last deep thrust down the hatch before losing their junk replaced by a smooth slit.

The most stubborn men went into hiding. Hot women armed with girly light rifles patrolled the countryside to fix the remaining stragglers too proud to don a skirt. It wouldn’t be long before the nasty infection of maleness was obliterated. Androids capable to inseminating a woman took over the duties of biological males without all the annoying features women hate.

The world is truly a good place now.

Friday, September 29, 2017

TG Inc Declares Bankruptcy

Every planet in the galaxy finally reached its logical end. The feminine had won the battle of the sexes. Men volunteered at first to accept life as a woman. Then contests and awards were used. Finally, the last man lost his pride. Androids filled the roles men filled formerly while serving their woman rather than annoying her.

Every client of TG Inc was satisfied. The business model no longer worked. Here we see Cherry, the replacement for the last man standing, Gary. The world TG Inc created naturally would reach a conclusion; everyone was female.

Male babies were switched within a few hours and the lone holdouts in the hillside would eventually die or be captured and taken to a retraining center.

The judge felt it was in society’s best interest to keep the company is receivership for as long as possible to handle the rare case emerging from the woods.

This is it, folks. The final good-bye. It was an awesome journey, girls. If I pass this way again I’m sure to share a tale or three. But my plans will take me in another direction for now.

Remember me.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017


Lucus loved to hunt for treasure is antique shops. Most stuff was over-priced junk. But every now and then a gem would appear from the bottom of a box or the back of a rack. Today was one of those days, Lucas thought. It was an old chest. By itself it had no real value. But inside there was clothing from another era. Again, the value was small. But one article of clothing at the bottom of the chest was a body suit, a body suit legend said could transform any man into a fully functional woman while he wore it. Even though Lucas doubted it would work the legend would make the body suit priceless.

Lucas paid the modest price asked for the chest without any haggling. Lucas normally would dicker on price, but he was too excited. Had carried the chest to his car and raced home. Curiosity had the best of him. He ripped off his clothes and pulled on the body suit. Instantly the fabric snapped tight against his skin. His body transformed within minutes. Then he was a beautiful woman. He called himself Lily.

He took out more old clothes and dressed his new body and took a walk around town. No one had a clue who he was. That night he dressed in the sexiest negligee he ever saw. In the morning he jumped out of bed and admired his beautiful female body in the mirror.

The novelty started to wear off. He knew a body suit with such abilities would fetch millions. He stripped off his clothes and stood naked in his bedroom. The body suit was so tight against his skin he couldn’t tell where it was. Lily, I mean Lucas, went back to the chest and found a book at the bottom. He started paging until he found a bold head: HOW TO REMOVE THE BODY SUIT. There was only one sentence. “The body suit cannot be removed until after the wearer dies.” Lucas’ heart sank. He was going to spend the rest of his life as Lily. And he was not going to make millions. 

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

True Womanhood

The aliens came with a promise of peace and an offer for mankind to join the Galactic Community. People around the world were eager to meet our new friends. One favor was asked by the aliens. They brought a device to Earth which revealed the true heart of all who entered; you became what you really are.

The evil were guarded to protect all involved: human and alien. Norbert knew he had nothing to worry about. He had a good heart. He stepped into the machine. It did what is always does; turns the person inside into who they really are.

Helen stepped out of the machine, the person she really was inside. Norbert knew his deepest inner thoughts could cause the transformation. Helen was okay with it. It felt good to finally be the person she really is. The aliens really did come in peace.

Friday, September 8, 2017

The Girl Inside

It was time to take the relationship to the next level and Gary knew it. After years of marriage to the leading sex change doctor in the world the relationship grew stale. Doctor Rebecca loved her husband and would never think of divorce, but she wanted Gary to see the world from a woman’s perspective.

Following a long discussion, Gary started the transformation process. The hormone therapy started to smooth Gary into Sylvia. As her breasts grew, her skin softened, and the shape of her body changed. Using his own cells, Rebecca grew a uterus, vagina, and cervix. In the past, part of the male anatomy would be used to create female looking parts. They functioned generally well, but the created girl parts required stretching and lubrication. The incubated parts worked and felt exactly like a real woman; no stretching or lubrication required, but don’t let that stop you.

The magically day came. Gary fell asleep on the surgery table as Rebecca went to work installing the last piece to his transformation. After surgery Sylvia was so excited at how awesome she looked and felt. After a few weeks of healing Rebecca and Sylvia could enjoy each other like never before. It was at this time Rebecca wanted to see Sylvia experience life as a woman does. She brought in a young chiseled man to take her virginity. I could give more details, but let me just say a girl never forgets her first time.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Tough Choice

Mugsy walked into Tyler’s living room unannounced with two goons following. Tyler swallowed hard as he knew this would not be good. Mugsy demanded full payment on the loan Tyler took from the mob. Tyler just stared.

Mugsy shook his head. He gave Tyler a choice: either take a bullet to the head or a sex change and work off the debt. It was an impossible choice. Tyler is a ladies’ man. Giving up his manhood was too much. Death would be preferable.

But dead was so . . .  so . . . permanent. And it probably hurts too. The goons started raising their weapons. “Okay! Okay! I’ll take the sex change.” It was a good choice and Tyler knew it. When the transformation was done she was amazed at how much she liked the Cami body. Cami? What a nice name. Now Cami needed to get to work. She knew she would love that too.

Anyone else need a loan?

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Freedom Through Grace

Everyone hated Logan at the office. The only reason he has a job at Air Tech Jumble is because his dad owns the place. Logan is a total jerk and bully always pushing people around, sabotaging their work, and getting people fired for things he did. Yes, everyone hated Logan. There is not even one woman working in the place anymore after Logan harassed them all into quitting.  Every guy in the place would quit on the spot if another job presented itself.

During break one day the remaining workers at Air Tech Jumble hatched an idea to put an end to Logan’s behavior. The workers pooled all their money and bought a girly light, you know, the device where the light converts anyone it touches into a girl forever. It took four months for the group to save enough money. Once the girly light was purchased, Logan was lured to a back room in the warehouse. As soon as he opened the door they hit him with the girly light. His body shrunk and contorted until he was a perfect girl. The girly light worked fast, in less than a minute.

After the transformation into Grace, Logan had a serious personality change. At first the workers treated him terrible, harassing him to tears. Soon they discovered Grace was not Logan. Grace is a gentle, kind woman willing to please. As Grace, Logan did plenty to please. He invited workers to the corporate suite one at a time. Jobs at Air Tech Jumble were highly sought after word got out that Grace was in charge of morale. 

Saturday, August 26, 2017

A Winner

Friday, August 25, 2017

Summer Camp

Summer camp is a wonderful time of life for young people. Steve was so happy when his parents signed him up. All his friends were going and there were many things to explore, like the abandoned rail station and rail cars.

I will not bore you with all the details. The boys had loads of fun during the structured time, but the free time was the absolute best. Steve and his buddies loved exploring. The boys were warned to stay away from the old rail cars and track. The site of the camp was built next to a TG Incorporated industrial accident from many years ago. Once it was declared safe the camp bought land adjacent to the rail area.

Boys are always warned, but rarely heed the warning. Steve and company are no different. An afternoon exploring and playing around the tracks and dilapidated rail cars caused some changes. At first the boys thought it was cool. Then they saw an old worm WARNING sign saying to KEEP CLEAR as nanobots were released into the environment here. The boys, now girls, knew nanobots were a one-way ticket.

The councilors worried about the boys being gone so long. They caught up with the girls as they sat on the track. The camp councilors knew what happened. Steve demanded they address him as Delilah. The other boys also had girl names picked out. The camp councilors knew the girls would be a problem in the all-boy summer camp. Our seven changelings would make sure of it.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Forced to Wear a Dress by Sister

Have you ever been caught in a lie? I sure have. A big one actually. By my sister, of all people. It was nothing really. I consider myself an urban artist and beautify the community with my graffiti. Some hate it, but it is really awesome to see. People sometimes travel to the city just to photograph my work.

The police questioned me a few time, so did mom and dad, but they had nothing on me. Then along came Dorothy, my twin sister. Miss Goodie Two-Shoes found my stash of supplies and threatened to rat me out. I could end up in juvie! And I would never have a chance to practice my art again.

I pleaded with Dorothy to keep her big mouth shut. She promised to do so if I let her dress me up as a girl, the full Monty. What choice did I have? We are both about the same size and build with subtle changes to accommodate boy or girl parts. There was one more problem: Dorothy demanded I take a girly walk of shame. Okay, I can do this. (Like I have any choice.)

You have to admit, Dorothy did a heck of a job. She made me so hot I had to take saltpeter to keep the bulge down.  I walked that walk of shame wearing my sister’s panty and dress. It felt so good I started thinking I might want to try it again some day. I must have been deep in the daydream as I stumbled as Dorothy pulled me into a shop. TG Incorporated!

Why bother anyone with details. You know what happens in that place. Well, seems I fit into Dorothy’s dresses better than ever now. Kind’of like the name they gave me too: Teri. I still practice my urban art. Dorothy tags along sometimes. Seems the whole thing was a ruse on Dorothy’s part. She only wanted to join me on the adventures and knew no other way to get what she wanted. I’m not complaining.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Birthday Girl

Over the years TG Incorporated has invented or created every TG virus, magic panty and nanobot known to man, ahem, woman. With every method of transforming a man into a higher being, a woman, now fully implemented there was no reason to continue the business; their job was done (almost). Then one remaining man, NeoRock, asked for the only unthought of product: TG high heel boots.

TG Incorporated was honored to produce such a wonderful product for a man who has stood patiently by for so long waiting to be a girl. Now, for NeoRock’s birthday, TG Inc. presented him with the high heel boots of is dreams.

The boots worked wonderfully turning Neo into Melody. She is a pretty girl, don’t you think. And the boots look awesome!

You were the last man left standing. Now you can enjoy the rest of your life, Melody, with a smooth crotch. And TG Inc. has filled your closet with boxes of boots. Please enjoy. I know we do just seeing the smile of your face.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Game Face

Tyler couldn’t believe what he did. It all started out as an innocent game of poker. The guys from college planned a get-together to relive the great times they had before careers and romantic relationships took over life. The evening started out with alcohol and great stories. Eventually the guys sat down to a good game of poker.

To make the game interesting the guys upped the odds. Instead of playing for money they played for chips and each step of the way they lost clothes and finally, for one lucky loser, a dip in the nanobot pool. The game went on for hours before Tyler started a streak of bad luck. Before long he was stepping into the pool filled with nanobots that changed him into Becky.

On the way home Becky stopped by the mall for appropriate clothing for a woman. He browsed all the women’s clothing stores buying a tight sequin dress, bras, panties, and stilettos. As Becky walked up the sidewalk to the front door he stopped and turned to look back. At first he thought he looked back because he remembered he left the packages of clothes in the car, but then he realized he was looking back and saying goodbye to an old life he’ll never see again.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Thy Sister's Keeper

Cherie had had enough of her brother rummaging through her clothes, dressing up and reading her books. Cliff didn’t care what Cherie thought. Her clothes felt so good against his skin even if the fit wasn’t perfect and her choice in reading matched his perfectly. Cliff would keep reading when Cherie entered the room as if she were not there. Dad and mom stopped talking to Cliff about wearing his sister’s clothes because Cliff refused to listen.

It would not be so bad if Cliff didn’t stretch out her clothes, Cherie thought. But he did. When a witch offered Cherie magic dust to sprinkle on her clothes it was an easy sale. Anyone, according to the witch, would turn into her twin if they wore her clothes. Cherie sprinkles the invisible dust on every piece of clothing she had and warned Cliff he’d turn into a girl if he wore her clothes again. Cliff pfffttt’d.

That afternoon Cliff settled into a nice book Cherie was half finished reading and her jeans, sweater, scarf and boots, not to mention her bra and panty. An hour later Cherie walked in. “How you feel, brother?” Cliff ignored her. “My clothes fit better now?” Cliff stopped reading as he did notice Cherie’s clothes did fit better. “I met a witch. She sold me magic dust. I put it on all my clothes.” Cliff put the book down and checked himself out. He was a girl! An exact copy of Cherie! “Don’t worry, sis. I love you and will take care of you. I think I’ll call you Chastity.” Cliff looked at Cherie for a moment and went back to reading her book.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Hard Choices

Men are so excited about their transformation when they enter TG Incorporated they forget about what happens after. Mel came to TG Incorporated to start a new life as a woman. Of course the transformation wentsmooth. What do you expect? Some kind of malfunction, an accident, a change of heart. That hasn’t happened in decades.

The process is fast, complete and smooth. Once you finish orientation to make sure this is what you want—there is no going back—you choose the date for the transformation and method: surgery, hormones, nanobots, body suit, swapping chamber, girly light, the list goes on.

Mel chose nanobots. No surprise there. A full 72% of men now chose nanobots as their preferred method of gender transformation. When Mel stepped out of the hot tub as Erika she was so excited she could barely dry herself off. The next part is the hardest.

The orientation staff needs to get you dressed before they update all your identity papers to help you get on with life. They march you, bare-assed naked, into the on-site clothing store. It is your first opportunity to try on women’s clothing that really fit for the first time. Mel, like most guys, spends a lot of time in the store before making up her mind. Makeup causes the same problem.

Well, Mel is no longer with us—god rest his soul—but Erika is a hot little number in that pink skirt, don’t you think? Now remember, guys. Plan ahead when going to TG Incorporated. Leave plenty of time to find the right outfit the first day you are a girl. It’s important.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

So Pretty

It starts with a desire to wear something pretty. The lust is small at first, only a thought. Then you see the red negligee and you can’t help yourself. You check around the house to make sure you are alone; you check all the doors and windows to make sure they are locked. Then you race to the bedroom and lay out the red negligee with matching panties.

Time seems to stop as you stare at the soft women’s clothing on the bed, biting your lower lip. The final decision is fast, less than a second. Once you make up your mind you will live your fantasy no matter what. Your clothing in on the floor and the panties slip on so smooth and silky. The feel of the negligee as it drops into place is like no other feeling in the world.

It’s not enough. Next you apply make-up, then a wig. With practice you look like a girl. But something is missing. Well, not missing. There is too much. Money is saved and a doctor’s visit confirms you are ready to make the transformation. Before you know it you are on hormone therapy. In an instant you are headed for surgery. The next moment you are completely healed, examining your beautiful feminine body in the mirror as you keep repeating your name, “Kathy”. You wear panties and a bra every day. Your closet is filled with girl’s clothes. You find a boyfriend and get married.

And it all started because you wanted something pretty to wear.

Friday, August 4, 2017

The Unnoticed Blessings of Life

Adam never realized how different it felt to be a woman. He feels colder than he would have before the transformation, especially in the wind. But for every action, there is an opposite, but equal, reaction: Adam sees beauty more than ever.

Before transforming into Samantha, Adam ran through life, always in a hurry. Now he stops and enjoys a beautiful day, the color of the autumn leaves, the warmth of a goose down jacket. He also smiles more. He never noticed how much girls smile. Not a pale, tight smile like so many men, but a full, ear-to-ear grin with teeth showing.

Transforming into a girl was the best idea he ever had. Now Adam is content. And Samantha is such a pretty name. The biggest feeling of all that Adam noticed is the mothering instinct. He wanted to take care of people so bad. He wanted a man in her life he could love, and hold, and comfort. Adam took a deep breath and enjoyed all life has blessed him with.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Performance Report

Corporate headquarters was under pressure to meet investor’s sales expectations. To encourage performance, rewards were offered for certain levels of sales growth. Employees did not respond. Then management tried a different approach. The worst sales performance would be forced to dress as a sissy for one month.

Pete worked his tail off. There was no way he would spend a month at work dressed as a woman. Unfortunately, his biggest sale of the month fell through at the last minute. To keep his job he has to don a black skirt and high heel boots.

It did not take long for Pete to start enjoying his new Beth persona. He loved it so much he lived it at home too. Management saw Pete underperforming so he could stay dressed as a girl for another month so they changed the deal. The winner would get the Full Monty at TG Inc.

Pete killed it. He raced to TG Inc. to be a real girl, the real Beth. It felt so good. Beth is a steady top performer now. She really found her footing as a woman. Most guys just don’t have it. Turn them into a girl and watch them shine. Beth never looked back. She is a star performer. Her live-in boyfriend also thinks she is the hottest.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Hiding Places

It started as a prank. His frat buddies dared Tim to wear magic panties. Now Tim dresses the part of Tina. She hides behind sunglasses as if nobody will recognize her. Nobody recognizes her because Tina is a new girl at college and Tim dropped off the map.

Tina had to admit there were advantages to being a girl. Guys paid attention to her and were always looking over their shoulder at her. Heels are easier to walk in if they are boots; Skater dresses feel great when walking outdoors. If there was any problem at all it was washing her hair. Long hair takes more time to wash, dry and style than a crew cut.

Now Tina is ready to get her revenge. She snuck into the frat house and sprinkled a generous portion of TG dust in the underwear drawer of the frat boys. Looks like a few more boys will go AWOL and a new group of girls will be attending college this semester.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Happy Anniversary, Michelle

It has been so long I don’t remember what it was like when I was a man. Ten years ago. I remember it like yesterday, but everything that came before is all a foggy dream. Ten years ago today I made my last of two trips to Neenah.

Theda Clark Hospital is one of the best in the world when it comes to gender reassignment surgery. Doctor Schrang always had time to discuss my concerns. I’ll admit, I was scared. The second trip removed any manhood I had left; there was no going back. My original fear evaporated quickly. I was making the right choice, the choice I should have made years ago.

Wisconsin is a cold place and it was cold that early October day. A few flurries mixed with the colorful leaves blowing in the wind. The wind chewed into my cheeks as I walked from the hotel to the hospital. No matter what my body said I was already a woman, a beautiful woman.

The waiting is the hardest part and there isn’t much to do while waiting in Neenah, Wisconsin. So I drank beer in the hotel bar. A wonderful young woman, the bartender, talked the hours away with me. She liked the name I picked: Michelle. A pretty name, she said, for a pretty girl. She is still a Facebook friend.

The ten year anniversary has me thinking as does a TG captioning blogger from northern Wisconsin. She does not know it, but I know the general area where she lives. She gave hints without knowing it. I’m such a stalker. I don’t have the money to go visit her, but I know she lives straight north of Neenah in a backwoods area around the small town of Lena. Her name is Alice. She is as kind and thoughtful as the bartender.

Tonight I pour myself a beer in celebration of my personal victory. Alone in my living room I lift my glass and say, “To you Alice, wherever you live in that frosty wonderland.” A tear comes to my eye. I have a friend out there. Her and her husband and daughters and five cats live a quiet backwoods life and could care less about my gender. They see me as a good person, no more. I lift my glass again. “To you, Alice.”

Thursday, July 27, 2017

The High Cost of Education

Heavy college costs require some students to take on any job they can get. Brad worked hard to get into college and now he did whatever was necessary to pay to stay. His college had opportunities in the lab. New technologies needed test subjects. Once in a while Brad would suffer a minor rash, dizziness or sleepiness when he volunteered for a study. It was all worth it. The fees paid are incredibly high.

The latest study paid more than any other in history. The test required two subjects, preferable boyfriend/girlfriend. The fee was so high that Brad and his girlfriend, Marie, would be set for the remainder of their college careers. Brad talked Marie into it in short order.

The test was simple. Brad and Marie lay on separate beds next to each other. A special leather helmet is fit over the top of the head like a helmet with wires coming out from all directions. The experiment will copy the mind of each individual and write it to the other person’s brain. In effect, they will switch brains. Brad knew it would be hot to live in Marie’s body for a while.

The test went smooth. After playing with their new bodies for a while, Brad dressed in the hottest outfit Marie had in her closet and went out for an interview with the press. The sensation was awesome! Marie enjoyed Brad’s body, but Brad was going wild with Marie’s body.

After their fun and interviews with the press, it was time to have their minds switched back to their original bodies. When the procedure was done Brad sat up confused. He was still in Marie’s body. He had faint images of Marie’s memories, but he was in her body. Marie had a similar experience.

The scientists worked hard to discover the problem. It was soon discovered that the human mind only would allow one transfer. Brad and Marie were stuck in each other’s body. Marie was a little pissed, but Brad was taking it very well.

Paying Bills