Friday, March 31, 2017

Hot Girl's Office Job

Good paying jobs are hard to come by. Karl needed one of those “good paying jobs” if he was going to keep his apartment. TG Incorporated was hiring—business is booming for those guys—but they are selective. In other words, only hot girls need apply.

Karl is neither hot nor a girl. Okay, it is only a receptionist job, but hey, when money is tight anything will do. Never mind TG Inc. pays receptionists massive salaries. Desperate, Karl walked into the human resources department and filled out an application. He was invited into a back room to discuss the job. Sarah Lemon interviewed Karl and liked what she heard.

“I think you would be a perfect team member here at TG Inc.,” Sarah started. “You have all the qualifications and the right attitude. We have just one minor problem.” Karl dropped his head. “However, I do have a solution. We have a nanobot hot tub waiting for you in back with a fresh wardrobe of clothing. All yours Karl, or should I say Lacy, as part of a two year work assignment.”

Karl nodded. He needed the job, but did not want to give up his manhood. The job won. The nanobot hot tub was a sensation like no other. Lacy enjoyed the relaxing bubbles. She never felt so beautiful as when she put on the mini skirt and heels. The guys complimented her as she walked home. The next day she started work. Life was looking up for Lacy.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

A Well Deserved Retirement

Karl’s wife, Alexis, wanted a more caring and tender significant other. Years of working as a lumberjack has left Karl’s skin scarred and twisted; his attitude sharp and raw. The sun baked his face into a stiff leather. Now, at age 40, his body is worn out from two decades of overwork. Even Karl had to admit his joints hurt all the time.

Alexis snuggled up to her rugged man and asked him a favor. She asked him to start a new life with her as a woman, soft and warm. If it meant getting rid of all the aches and pains Karl was open to the idea. He wasn’t as sure about the woman part, but soft, normal skin would be nice. Alexis confessed to Karl she would rather be with a woman than a worn out man. Karl understood.

A nano-shop opened in town last year. Karl knew what it was. So did Alexis. Alexis ordered the woman she wanted to spend the rest of her life with from the nano-shop. Karl agreed to set an appointment at the naano-shop for a nice soak in one of their nanobot hot tubs.

The next day Alexis drove Karl to the shop for his appointment. The nanobots were programmed and poured into the hot tub. Karl removed his clothes and stepped in slowly; his knees hurt too much to move faster. The nanobots went to work immediately. The water rose to a frothy boil. Karl felt all the pain in his body melt away. A short time later the water settled and Karl stepped out of the hot tub feeling better than he has in years. The pain was all gone!

Alexis helped Karl dry off. She slipped panties and a chemise on him. The young woman working at the nano-shop prepared paperwork for him, changing his name and so forth. She asked Karl what name he wanted to assume. He had no idea. Alexis wanted him to take the name Delilah. Karl was okay with that. Before they left the shop Alexis wanted a picture of Delilah for her scrapbook. Delilah is a looker, don’t you think?

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

A Long Time Ago...

A long time ago… okay, it was last week, Mike accepted an acting job. The description was vague, but actors can’t be choosy if they want to eat. Upon arrival Mike was pleasantly surprised the gig was a pastiche of Star Wars. How cool is that?

Once the rules for the gig were outlined Mike became apprehensive. It seems this movie is a sort of fight club where the weapon is a girly light in the form of a lightsabre. The contest would continue until one man was left standing.

Mike practiced several martial arts disciplines in the past so he felt confident he could make good money on this gig and keep his junk. And if he did go down he did not mind the idea of life as a woman. Besides, women get all the cool acting jobs.

True to form Mike won each contest. One guy after another fell to the girly light. The producer was delighted in the results. The look on their faces when the girly light made contact was priceless. Then the last contest began. The two remaining guys out of a group of 32 faced each other. Mike used every skill he had to make fast work of his opponent.

Mike was the winner! The other newly minted girls had had enough. They moved in and with one awesome stroke forced Mike to join them in womanhood. Mike went to his knees. He looked up and smiled. The producer came over, reached down and swatted him on the ass. “You look good, Julie.” 

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Military Exercise

The vortex phenomenon was growing. Scientists discovered Earth was passing through a section of space with millions of vortex bubbles. What scientists couldn’t understand was how the vortexes transformed men into women instantly, nor could they figure out how to change them back.

Shielded homes and cars were developed. The military shielded all their equipment. Steve was part of the training exercise the Navy conducted. The ship was shielded, of course. The exercise was to test a new weapon against the vortex bubbles. The hope was the military could defuse them high above the Earth. Steve’s job was to fire the weapon. For safety reasons the Navy conducted the exercise in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Right on schedule a swarm of vortexes approached the Earth. Timing was everything. The shield had to come down for a second each time the weapon was fired. The first few shots were off. They could not tell if the vortexes were neutralized. Then they started to come faster. A vortex slipped through the shield and hit Steve!

Steve stopped firing the weapon. It didn’t matter to him anymore; the vortexes didn’t affect females. Steve walked to the deck and found the captain. He was granted leave. His military career was over as far as Steve was concerned. He would sit back and collect combat pay.

The military gave Steve a new identity as Sandra. He kept the uniform as a keepsake. Steve has lots of free time now to party with the boys when they sail into port. Too bad the weapon had no affect on the vortexes.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Frat Girl

Thomas had a secret when he went to college. At home it was easy to find time to dress like a girl. Addicted to women’s clothing he decided his frat brothers would have to accept his persona of Beatrice. The guys had no problem with Tom dressed as Bea, except that she was hot.

It was decided a collection would be gathered to give Tom more than a change of clothes. A few weeks later the money was collected and it was enough to pay TG Inc. to perform the complete transformation. Tom was in tears he was so happy.

When Bea returned to the frat house the guys no longer had to hold back. Bea is the first girl allowed in frat membership. She was a good sport too. She rewarded every guy in the frat house. After she sowed her wild oats she settled down with a boyfriend and planned their life together.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Nobody Wonders at Burning Man

Jake was so excited to attend the Burning Man festival in the Nevada desert this year. The temporary city built in the middle of the desert catered to every desire: exotic or tame. There were rumors TG Incorporated would have agents wandering the city looking for vulnerable men ripe for conversion. The added element of suspense made it all the more exciting. There was a chance Jake could end up a woman instead of landing a woman or three at the festival.

The last day of the festival Jake saw the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. After a brief introduction they agreed to go back to her tent for some close and personal fun. She offered Jake an exotic beverage specially concocted for the festival. Jake never though much of it as he drank. He expected an alcoholic drink, but it tasted like coconut.

The drink knocked Jake out. When he woke his clothes were gone and a painted Wonder Woman outfit was all that covered his female body. A note left by the beautiful girl said Jake’s new name was Linda, after the actress who played the first TV Wonder Woman.

Linda made the most of the last day of the festival spreading her wild oats. No one doubted she was a woman. Linda never saw the beautiful girl who turned him into a woman. She sure was a cute TG Inc. agent.

Paying Bills