Sunday, May 31, 2015

TG Blog Writer

It was a plan. Wayne needed to get away from all the noise and distractions to catch up on his TG blog. His followers expected regular stories or they went elsewhere. The ego trip of a popular TG blog motivated Wayne to step up his game.

The plan was simple: book flight to TG World where he could get a hotel room, dress the part and start writing TG caption flash fiction for his blog. The goal over the one month stay was to amass several months of posts to be delivered each day for up to a year.

The hotel room was beautiful and comfortable on TG World and made it easy for Wayne to change into Ramona for a month and write serious TG stories. Wayne discarded all the boy clothes. He wanted to live as a woman for the entire month to focus his attention.

Before long Wayne felt the part. He was Ramona inside and out. The stories and captions flowed from his fingertips. The queue was filling with awesome TG stories coupled with pictures of beautiful women Wayne and his readers would want to become.

Time flies when having fun. Before he knew it the month was over and it was time to be a man again. Wayne felt melancholy over giving up Ramona for being simply Wayne again. As he pulled the boy clothes from storage he prepared to change. As he looked down he WAS Ramona! Concerned, he called the front desk clerk. She laughed, “What did you expect to happen on TG World? You are one of us now. No going back.” Wayne thought for a moment before a grim crossed his face. Gawd, he loved writing a TG blog. 

Saturday, May 30, 2015

The TG World Experience

Hello, everyone. Randy here. Your favorite reporter for all things exotic. Today I am going undercover to give you a first person account of what happens to people traveling to TG World.

Travel to TG World is by invitation only and we all know the requirements. Guys think it is cool to say they’ve been to TG World, but we all get a sense they are holding something back. For me, TG World is like any other except you have to be a woman while on planet. The real mystery is the transformation.

I landed on TG World traveling on TG Incorporated Flight 2298. All passengers walk a tunnel to the transformation area. It is dark and I admit, a little creepy. At the end of the tunnel is a brightly lit lab. The technician is always female, attractive and soothing. She gave me a brief outline of what would happen to me.

There is a black bed tilted at a 45 degree angle and made of some sort of hard plastic. I was asked to step into the bed indentation in the shape of a human. As soon as I did the bed developed straps to hold my arms and legs. A small black box had suction to draw in my manhood. It was too small and hurt like hell. The lab tech told me it would hurt for about 15 minutes and when it stopped hurting it meant I had a slit between my legs. A special device attached to my chest and face.

It was a long 15 minutes, but when the pain stopped I could tell the process was done. The table/bed released me and the photo here is what I was for my three months on TG World. I used the name Randi. I know. Real creative. But Randi is a sexy name. I regretted coming home. After this article is done I’m returning to TG World for permanent residency. Come join me.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Run For Your Life

Dick and Lyle had to run for their lives after their spaceship crashed on Mentill 7. The Mentillian people have no respect for men on their world. They felt men brought an element of aggression their society has no tolerance for.

Spaceship trouble required an emergency landing for Dick and Lyle that ended in a crash that destroyed their only means of transportation. Injured, the men were rescued by a Mentillian medical team. The doctors healed Dick and Lyle and made the gender change necessary for Dick and Lyle to remain on-planet.

The men escaped with their new bodies only hours prior to the mental modifications. Dick and Lyle were given new names: Randi and Nisha. As girls, they knew the Mentillian doctors wanted to modify their minds to a female state. Once the mental transformation was complete Randi and Nisha knew the Mentillians planned on pimping them out to pay for the medical bills before they were turned lose.

Dick was more open minded to the gender swap, but Lyle wanted his manhood back. Both had come to accept they would be women for life regardless. Still, the pimping out thing was more than either could handle so they ran. Now the girls are hiding in a hay loft hoping an idea emerges. It doesn’t matter really. Eventually they will be caught, forced to pay their medical bills and allowed to live the rest of their lives on Mentill 7.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

So Far Yet So Close

***Note:The above book is offered by Nikki Jenkins at The Feminization Station and Sissy Captions blog. Please support her work. 

In a galaxy far, far away a young man retired from the stress of an intergalactic corporation. This man, Mitch, burned-out by the time he hit 30. He invented TG Dust and it grew so fast throughout the galaxy that he became the richest being to ever live. And when the stress drove him to a nervous breakdown he decided to disappear rather than die young of stress related disease.

Mitch had the perfect tool to disappear—his own invention: TG Dust. In retirement he wanted to do something meaningful. He had no desire to trade a stressful business life for an easy chair, remote and a cold beer. Life only has meaning for people like Mitch if he makes a difference.

Mitch created the perfect TG Dust formula. TG Dust might be traceable, but this one batch would be so perfect no one would know the truth. Mitch would really be Aalya. He would also make a difference by protecting the downtrodden of the galaxy. To those worthy he would administer TG Dust so they could start their life anew.

Word spread about Aayla. Before long crime went down galaxywide. The down and out had hope as they disappeared and powerful women appeared out of nowhere. Life everywhere was better. All because a burnt out young man took an early retirement and made a difference. Best of all: rumor has it Aayla, the hero of the galaxy, has found a life mate. Some even say she has children of her own. Who knows? All I can say is Mitch made a difference.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

TG Park

Adam had to try out the new TG Park. People all over town were talking about it and tourists from around the world crowded the parking lot waiting to get in. What is TG Park, you ask? Well, TG Park is a 3000 acre park where everyone who enters is transformed into a female while they are inside the park. It is a good way for guys to see what it is like on the other side. Pets are welcome.

Ticket prices for a full day were a bit steep but Adam saved up the money. He paid for his ticket and chose the Erin body. Inside the park he was so excited by how fast the transformation happened. After twenty minutes he remembered he wanted to take an—ahh—selfie of his new gender. Another tourist was amused by Adam as he created an image for the photo album and took a picture of his own— the one you see here.

Erin heard the shrill scream moments later and saw the tourist pointing. He laughed. Erin knew the lion was someone’s pet cat in for a day of ego. Erin loved his day at the park and did not want the day to end. He applied for a full time job working inside the park. Then he could be the lady park ranger of his dreams every day.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

What is Family For

What could John do? His sister-in-law caught him dressed in her clothes. Becky enjoyed watching John squirm. She thought John looked hot in her clothes and now John will be spending a lot of time at Becky’s house dressed as a sissy.

Becky took advantage of John in every possible way. Becky demanded John stop by every day or she would tell his wife. John had no choice. He dutifully arrived at Becky’s doorstep and was promptly escorted to her dressing room for a complete makeover, every day, as directed. At first Becky was satisfied with watching John walk the house in heels, hose and a little black dress. Becky soon bored. She demanded John respond to the name Lisa.

Watching Lisa walk the house was fun at first, but Becky needed more. Soon John was doing Becky’s housework. He cleaned the house, made the bed and cooked meals as a sissy. John was so embarrassed at first but soon adjusted to the new lifestyle. Just when John thought Becky would be happy she demanded one more step: transformation.

Becky made Lisa the most awesome woman ever. While John labored in the kitchen Becky snuck up behind him and sprinkled TG dust on him.  John was so busy be never noticed until later that night when it was time to change into his guy clothes and return home. John started yelling in his girly Lisa voice, “What am I going to tell my wife now?” Becky gave John an evil grin, “The truth.” Lisa and Becky now live together as a couple.

Monday, May 25, 2015

The Journey of a Lifetime

Alex and Bethany had plans after the big inheritance came in. They worked so many hours before they had no time for each other. Now they can do all the things together—and with each other—they never had time to before. They set a goal. An important goal. They would travel all 50 states and consummate each one.

They started out on their road journey enjoying each state and each stop. Not only did they enjoy each other in each state but tried different ways. After 22 states Alex and Bethany felt the routine sex was getting stale. They needed a way to spice it up before finishing off the rest of the country.

State 23 was the worst. It was only average sex. And worst of all they were in northern Wisconsin! Before they continued the sexual journey west they needed to make radical changes. Alex and Bethany took a walk in the woods to discuss the situation when a pixie overheard them. The pixie took pity on the young married couple and waited for them to reach the clearing to make her move.

As Alex and Bethany cleared the trees the pixie flew overhead and sprinkled TG dust over them. The air started to shimmer and sparkle. Alex and Bethany put out their hands to touch the sparkling air as if it were raining. Alex and Bethany stated to laugh when they turned to each other and saw their own bodies. “Whatever this is, honey, it caused us to swap bodies,” Alex said in Bethany’s body.

Alex and Bethany held hands as they ran back to the hotel. They consummated Wisconsin one last time before traveling to the remaining states. Sex was never dull again for Alex and Bethany.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

You Messed With the Wrong Girl

How did I get here? Megan thought. She remembered… nothing. Okay, she remembered her name is Megan. But where is she from? Earth! Yes, she is from Earth. And her name is Fredrick! Not Megan! Fred reached down and doubted his memories. He had Megan parts, not Fredrick parts. It also felt natural as if she were a woman all her life.

What happened to me? Megan kept repeating the thought as new memories emerged. My name was Fredrick and now is Megan and I am from Earth. Okay, I got that much right. But how did I end up as Megan?

Megan rested his head in the leaves as more memories returned. She thought, I was a leader, no, I was a CEO of a corporation. Right? Yes! My corporation made military equipment. Yes! Megan was so proud of herself for remembering. But then how did I get here?

After relaxing her mind the final memories flooded back. It all made sense. Fredrick was kidnapped and held for ransom, the ransom was not paid so the militants turned Fredrick into woman to discredit him. As a woman he would be less effective as a CEO of a military contractor. Those bastards! I’ll show them. Megan remembered he left orders to never pay a ransom if he were kidnapped. He saw his orders were followed. The militants think if he is a woman he would be more harm than if he were dead. Idiots! Don’t they know about a woman scorned? Don’t they know I am now the biggest bitch they ever deal with? 

Saturday, May 23, 2015

A Normal Girl

Andy was always feminine. He loved girly things. As he grew older he wore girl’s clothes whenever he could and put flowers in his hair. Many people accepted Andy for who he was, but a few were very cruel, indeed. It was the few angry people in the world that made so many like Andy hide away.

Earth joined the Community of Worlds in ’78. A group of Gonquont’s built a colony in a remote area of Southeast Asia. From their colony they shared their culture with people around the planet. In certain instances a human would be asked to join their colony. It seems the Gonquonts favored the downtrodden and sick at heart. Andy was a perfect candidate for inclusion in the Gonquont colony.

Gonquont’s did more than offer refuge; they offered a totally new life as the person you really want to be without discrimination. Andy accepted the kind offer of the Gonquonts. He passively allowed the Gonquont doctors to do their magic on him.

When the surgery was over Andy was amazed at how good he looked. He looked exactly as he thought he should. He cried and hugged the Gonquont doctors. He begged to stay in the colony and was granted permission to stay as long as he liked. Andy changed his name to Debbie and learned how his new body worked. Soon Debbie was caught walking among humans again. No one cared because Debbie was normal to them. If only they knew.

Friday, May 22, 2015

No More Pain

After losing his family in an accident Flynn went on an extended holiday. He booked passage on Captain Altair’s starship for a three year tour of the galaxy’s inner core worlds. The worlds Flynn saw helped him forget his pain for a while, but the worlds soon looked all alike. Each planet has its own strange customs which are fun to learn and adjust to. Once the novelty wore off Flynn felt the sharp pain of loss all the more.

Until he arrived at Qinla Prime that is. On Qinla Prime women rule the world both politically and in private life. Men were rarely seen on Qinla. Women gathered in social groups to share stories, ideas and meet travelers. There was one quirk on Qinla Prime Flynn never expected. He was promised his pain could be removed forever. The strange part is he never told anyone on Qunla about his personal life. Flynn discovered the women of Qinla can read minds. Flynn was intrigued and he wanted the numbing pain to stop.

The women took Flynn to a bathhouse where he was disrobed and led to a pool. The women stepped into the water and took Flynn by the hand and led him in as well. Soon the water bubbled around him as he settled in the water to his neck. Moments later Flynn saw his reflection in the water. He was a Qinla woman! Flynn though only humans had nanobot technology. After seeing how beautiful he was, Flynn took the name Tamera and stayed the remainder of his life on Qinla Prime, enjoying friends wherever he went without any more pain.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Bounty Hunter

Life as a bounty hunter is full of surprises. Earl tracked the deadly, Marfoo Signus to Beta Prime. Marfoo is the number one criminal in the galaxy, guilty of assassinating 37 world leaders to date. The price on his head was so high the bounty hunter who bagged him could have any life he wanted thereafter. But Marfoo went to Beta Prime, a world where few, if any, bounty hunter would dare to follow.

Earl wasn’t any bounty hunter. He spent seven years tracking Marfoo and he refused to let his quarry slip away after all this time. Beta Prime is a feminine world where a man would stand out and not live long. So Marfoo did a body swap. Earl had no problem with that. A transformation is the simplest thing for a bounty hunter to acquire.

Here we see Earl as bounty hunter Renee. On Beta Prime Renee is questioning locals about strangers new to town. Earl has a new lead on Marfoo. It is only a matter of time before he has Marfoo dead or alive; Earl gets paid either way. Earl will spend a lifetime as a woman bounty hunter on Beta Prime if he has to. Until Marfoo’s skull hangs in his ship’s galley he will never rest. Besides, Earl considers life as a woman a bonus.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Harmony looked so delicate to Sean. It was hard to believe she was dying. Harmony appeared so young, so vibrant, so alive. But a rare disease was drawing life from her body. Sean met Harmony while serving as a missionary to her world, a goodwill ambassador from Earth. Harmony was sad because she did not have to die. Sean did not understand.

Harmony rested her head on Sean’s shoulder and struggled for breath. “Harmony?” Sean inquired when he didn’t hear her take a breath for a while. “Yes, my love.” Sean knew how Harmony felt. She was deeply in love with him. Sean needed every fiber of strength to keep the relationship professional. “I heard rumors that there is a cure for your sickness, but you refuse to take it.” Harmony waited a long moment to answer. “It is true.” “But why, Harmony?”

A tear dropped from her cheek to Sean’s shoulder, a small wet circle expanding in the cloth. “The only cure is melting and the only one I want to melt with has not offered,” Harmony said. “Offered? I do not understand.” Harmony lifted her head and looked Sean in the eyes. “My life force was damaged at birth. My life was destined to be short as a result. The only way for me to live now is for another to give me his life force.” “It sounds dangerous to the person giving.” “The person giving,” Harmony said, “dies. But his soul, his spirit would live inside me. The two would be as one in my body. Together we would have a long, happy life.”

Sean understands what Harmony is saying. “You want me to offer.” Harmony nods. “Then I offer myself to you.” Harmony leans forward, “It will not hurt. You will feel disoriented for a moment. Then you will see from my eyes.” “Will I still have free will?” Sean was scared. “Yes, my love. We will be together, work together, as a team.” Harmony’s lips touched Sean’s. Electricity welded their lips together. Sean felt his life ripped from his body, but no pain as Harmony promised. Then it stopped and he was in Harmony’s body. “Now we will be together forever, my love,” Harmony said. Sean settled into the warmth of Harmony’s body. At last he was at home.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Queen Seelee

The only way Alexander could save the Matubee people was to become their queen. Disease decimated the world. Alexander developed a cure, but the fiercely independent people of Matubee did not trust outsiders. The species was doomed unless Alexander could get to them.

It was underhanded. Alexander and his team kidnapped the queen of the tribe. Alexander underwent surgery and training to take the queen’s place. As you can see, Alexander is a perfect doppelganger of Queen Seelee.

Alexander slipped into Matubee society without any problems. The few faux pas he committed were the result of stress from the weather, he told his court. No one dared question the queen so they believed. Alexander used his authority as Queen Seelee to spread the cure. The death rate was out of control and people feared their queen would be next. Alexander promised he was powerful enough as queen to never succumb to sickness.

Once the cure was added to the food supply the death rate immediately began to drop to normal levels for a preindustrial society. Before long the population slowly started growing again. It was time for Alexander to hang up his queen’s robe and return to his own life. The real Queen Seelee was helped with medication and mental conditioning before she was returned to her people.

Alexander took one last moment to reflect before the doctor put him under. Surgery would give him his old body back. But he would miss life as queen. He felt good when he was a woman in control, in power. Alexander envied Queen Seelee. 

Monday, May 18, 2015

An Honor to Serve

It did not feel normal to Glenn. Traveling to a new world required some commitments Glenn was beginning to have some doubts about. It sounded exotic and exciting at first, but now he looks unreal, like a plastic person, when he looks in the mirror. There was no choice, however. If you want to live on Zalikee C then you had to accept transformation into a local. As an ambassador from Earth, Glenn was required to assume a female persona.

The transformation was painless as the Zalikee doctor promised. Glenn also thinks he is very attractive; Zalikee men think so too, considering the attention they heap on Glenn. On Zalikee C Glenn needed a name worthy of an ambassador: Honor. The name seemed as strange as his look.

The different body soon became normal for Glenn as he attended dinners every night, meeting with dignitaries and other important people of Zalikee society. It soon was obvious that a beautiful single woman in a high position is in need of a husband. Glenn had to admit that life as Honor has stirred feelings he never knew he had. He started looking for the right man to share his life with. Then Ambassador Mollack of Centaur 3 came to dinner one night and Honor could not keep her eyes off him.

Six months later Honor and Ambassador Mollack were married, cementing a new alliance between Earth, Centaur 3 and Zalikee C. Today children read about the historic moment when the three worlds joined together and started the galactic alliance bringing peace to the galaxy. And it all started with Honor, a beautiful, kind, understanding woman from Earth.

Sunday, May 17, 2015


The crazy’s came out of the woodwork when rumors floated around the rural town that people were getting abducted by aliens and experimented on. Evan made a good living writing stories told by these crazy people. He certainly did not believe the stories about aliens, but he had to admit some were real doozies.

Evan was always amazed at the lengths people would go to to prove they had an alien contact. Some would burn circles in their field or show doctored photographs or strange skin lesions. Evan dutifully listened to their stories, took notes and photographs, and sent it all to his editor.

The abduction stories in the rural town were typical. Evan decided to photograph the location of the alleged abductions. He got directions and went alone because everyone in town was too scared to travel to “the” spot. At the location nothing seemed out of place. The hot afternoon sun cast an eerie glow over the field. Evan knew he was working too many hours when he saw a light or maybe a glint from an airplane and started to panic. The light moved so fast Evan never had a chance to get his camera out.

In an instant Evan was snatched from the field and into a spacecraft. Once Evan realized it was no dream he got really scared. He remembered stories about experiments. The aliens had him strapped down. All Evan could make out was an outline as the aliens giggled and laughed over him. When the aliens were done experimenting with him he was appalled. They had transformed him into a woman! Who would ever believe his story? Nobody! They would laugh him out of town.

The aliens returned Evan to the field. Evan ran to his car and raced back to town. If anyone asked he would tell them his name was Trixy. What? It was the only name he could think of. Evan cleaned out his hotel room and raced home to figure out what he was going to do. And what was he going to tell his wife? 

Saturday, May 16, 2015

More Than Expected

Some people have traveling in their blood. Not me, I was just along for the ride. In fact I hated traveling. Until my legal troubles I never traveled more than 100 kilometers from home ever. Now I am on a planet 308 light years away from home: Saran Moon 9. That’s right, I live on a moon world and will never see my home or even home world ever again. And for the record, I didn't commit the crime.

Politicians don’t care if you committed the crime. All they want to do is feather their cap and use taxpayer money to do it. I had enough so I ran; far away where no one will ever find me. Saran Moon 9 has no extradition to any world, for any reason, ever. There is only one little catch.

Let me introduce myself: I am Oren. You could not tell by looking at me. That is because I go by the name Raelyn now. I dance for a living on Saran Moon 9. Here I am at a photo op after a gig. The work is hard yet enjoyable. Dancers are in held very high esteem in Saran society. I guess I am lucky. It took a bit of getting used to, being a girl and all. But I adjusted fine. Maybe too fine. Once I hit a certain level I started thinking like a girl. I started to have an eye for cute guys. Now I am getting married. I guess if you really think about it, crime does pay. 

Friday, May 15, 2015

The Majestic Horse

The only thing Daphne could think of was horses. She loved riding horses, feeding horses, tending horses, and feeding horse. He thought horses were the most majestic animals on Earth. Horses determined the measure of a person the way Daphne saw it. But Daphne almost lost her greatest love.

Alien first contact offered a bright future for the human race but brought a deadly disease to horses. Most horses died before the aliens formulated a cure. Horses were safe at last. But for a young boy named Samuel things were still dark. The aliens sequestered all remaining horses on a ranch far away from risks.

The horse population rose. The aliens are a matriarchal species and only allowed females to have contact with the horses. Samuel would have been happy as a lowly stable boy feeding and cleaning up after the horses. The aliens refused to allow it.

There was only one way. The aliens only allowed females to have contact with the horses and the aliens had the technology to transform Samuel into Daphne. Samuel pleaded with the aliens until they relented. Samuel’s dedication and devotion to the magnificent animal moved the aliens. Now Daphne rides the horses every day. He has a special bond with the horses. A bond only a girl can have.

Something Pretty to Wear

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Thursday, May 14, 2015


Elaine loved walking the fields of Elysium, a world so beautiful many consider it on par with the afterlife. The best part of Elysium is it is always daytime; one or more of the suns are high in the sky at all times. The air always feels like spring on Earth. Speaking of Earth, Elaine wasn’t always the meek and mild woman you see here. Back on Earth she was known as Jako the Macco, a ruthless business broker with a trail of corpses strung out behind him.

Jako made a lot of enemies on Earth; he also made a lot of money. When you have as many enemies as Jako you need money to stay alive. A long successful career (with the accompanying victims) gave Jako the opportunity to retire to the quiet life he always wanted without pesky victims showing up bent on revenge.

On Elysium you can be anyone you want as long as you have the money. The Elysium Council discovered how to capture and control a vortex, a bubble of distorted space where anything that passes through exits as a woman. Vortexes have been the bane of any planet unlucky enough, or lucky if you like that sort of thing, to be plagued by them.

Jako paid his dues to the Elysium government and walked through the vortex and into a simple life of comfort and pleasure. Many still search for the Macco, but none have found him. Some say he lives on a planet somewhere near the galactic core, others, on a planet in the Sagittarius Arm. But we know better. Jako is walking the warm fields of Elysium enjoying the beauty and comfort he earned. Elaine is a woman for the ages.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Read All About It

Ken enjoyed reading. A promotion at work sent him to a far off planet: Endigo II. The decision to take the job was easy as the pay was very high. Five years working on Endigo and he could retire if he choose. There were only two problems: only women are allowed to hold jobs on Endigo and Endigo has no written language and the number of books you can bring is limited.

Ken could handle the limitations on books since he was allowed a reasonable number. The gender issue took more time to get his arms around. He had no desire to be a woman. Still, the job offer was too great to pass up. Ken set an appointment at the TG Incorporated office and walked out the perfect professional for Endigo II.

Once Ken transformed into Arianne the rest was easy. A short training course on proper lady-like behavior and job training prepared Ken for his trip to Endigo II. The job was even better than Ken imagined. As Arianne he was granted a large home as part of his pay package. Ken posed for this photo standing next to his books.

As an aside: when Ken finished his five year job contract he loved his work so much he remained on Endigo II. The cute young man he married had nothing to do with it, I’m sure.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

From the Jaws of Defeat

The President of the Liber Federation masterminded the defeat of the Argon Hegemony. Rebels from the Hegemony planned a last ditch effort to save their civilization. In a bold raid only the desperate would attempt, rebel commandos kidnapped the Federation President. It would take more than a kidnapping to save the Hegemony and the rebels knew it.

The rebels had their scientists transformed the President into a beautiful woman. They trained the President to act, walk, and talk like a woman. Soon the President started enjoying his new body. The attention he got now was different than when he was President. He liked it. Everyone started calling the President, Ivy. It was a pretty name the President liked.

Before long the President felt completely feminine and fell in love with the Hegemony leader. Marriage followed. What was certain defeat for the Argon Hegemony has turned into a powerful alliance. Within a year the alliance turned into a merger. The Hegemony now had real power within the Federation and the President is the wife of the Argon leader. There was peace in the galaxy thanks to those daring commandos years ago. The President made an unwilling, at first, sacrifice which turned out to be the greatest blessing for all involved.

Don’t you love a happy ending? Excuse me, but I think I need to cry now.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Dreams Come True

Every man’s dream is to take a trip to TG World, a planet just outside the Calex Cluster. On TG World a man can live out his greatest fantasy. Since most men want to experience life from the feminine perspective TG World is the obvious place to go. Whereas men can experience a simple male to female transformation anywhere with hormones and surgery, the process is incomplete; the man is only transformed cosmetically. On TG World they developed technology for a full and complete transformation. Every cell of the man’s body is altered. Even the chromosomes are perfectly female. A man on TG World is so female he can have children.

Bud wanted to go to TG World so bad it hurt. Without the money needed to travel space, all he could do was enter lotteries and contests that offered TG World as a prize. The odds were long, but somebody has to win. And one day Bud was that lucky man. His travel was all anxiety. He wanted to be on TG World more than anything. Stepping off the ship and breathing the TG World air energized every cell in his body.

The cute female technicians escorted Bud to the lab to undergo their patented transformation process. The lab techs scanned his mind for the girl of his dreams and then turned Bud into that woman. As you can see here Bud loved trying on some exotic women’s clothing. And why not? It is a once in a lifetime chance to live his dream. It would all be over in a few months. Then Bud had an idea. His petitioned the TG World council for permanent resident status and got it. Now Bud will enjoy the rest of his life as Erika in TG World. What a happy, lucky girl he is.

Sunday, May 10, 2015


An old Earth custom from medieval Europe returned when first contact was made. Humankind no longer enjoyed the illusion of being God’s only crowning creation. Custom demanded Earth engage in an exchange with each of the civilized worlds in the galaxy. Leaders of Earth would join the court of a foreign world while a foreign dignitary would come to Earth.

Alvin was called to serve as emissary to Borgon. In Borgon society the emissary is always a man transformed into a woman while he served. Alvin was nervous at first. When he saw the results he knew he would enjoy his term on Borgon.

Alvin assumed his role as Vera. Soon he learned of another quirk in the exchange program. Alvin’s job is to use his newly acquired female persuasion to encourage agreement among tribal leaders on the planet. After a two month training program Alvin became an active emissary. The training removed all reluctance. Alvin soon grew a reputation for providing tribal leaders with a strong desire to cooperate.

Eventually the time came for Alvin to return to Earth. He had grown a massive following almost cult-like in nature. He had many friends in high places and enjoyed great respect. It would be hard to give up such accomplishments. After long soul searching Alvin contacted Earth to inform he was staying on Borgon as permanent emissary. Earth was perplexed by Alvin’s choice, but on Borgon they understood his choice very well. They knew Emissary Vera built a life envied by all, a life no one in their right mind would give up.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Conventional Dreams

Arnold loves science fiction conventions. He always goes as Angelina: space nymph. It has been a fetish of his from an early age. He attends several conventions per month which gives Arnold plenty of opportunities to dress as his favorite girl.

Science fiction conventions have activities for every taste. The futuristic displays draw large crowds. Arnold took time off from listening to panels to view all the great projects people put together for the convention. One display looked rather bland. It was a tunnel you can easily walk through with flashing colored lights inside. The tunnel was lined with aluminum foil. It looked cool with maybe a hint of something futuristic, but not much else. Arnold introduced himself as Angelina when he shook the inventor’s hand. After a short casual chat the inventor asked if Angelina would like to walk the tunnel of tomorrow. Arnold smiled and walked the tunnel with a soft sway to his hips.

The inventor, knowing who Arnold really is, smiled when Arnold walked out the other side. The inventor said, “You can be anyone you want in the future.” Arnold didn't notice he was transformed into a real girl. The tunnel was filled with girly lights. As soon as the beams hit him he was transformed into Angelina for real. The inventor knew who Arnold really was and gave him his dream.

Angelina loves science fiction conventions.  She always goes as a space nymph, not much different from any other day of the week.

Thursday, May 7, 2015


Abduction by aliens: whoever plans for that? I certainly didn't. Then it happened. The buggers snatched me right out of bed in the middle of the night interrupting a pleasant dream. Now I am living a nightmare. I heard about people reporting abductions and the experiments performed on them. Well I can tell you it’s all true. I am living proof.

My name is Fred. I live a normal, if quiet, life out in the country far away from the city lights. People leave me alone because they think I am weird. I don’t mind. I like the peace and solitude of living alone away from people. Then those alien bastards show up turning my life upside down. From what I gather their little experiment went awry. They somehow transformed me into a girl and don’t know how to turn me back. For several days they examine me hoping an answer appears. They start calling me Alexis, a name I like.

Then they give up and feel it would be wrong to return me to my home as a woman. I wanted to go home, but they would not hear of it. They took me to a world always cold. I thought I would hate it. Soon I realized my transformation made me very hot blooded. I preferred wearing no clothes or a bikini (as you see here) in the coldest of weather. The cold does not bother me and I think I look sexy. My alien friends said they were going to Earth to bring me back a mate. Wish they wouldn't. Never convinced them I prefer to be alone. Now I will have to contend with a man and his desires while adjusting to my new body. Whatever.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Living in a 3D World

Traveling worlds around the galaxy is filled with problems. Some planets have too much or too little oxygen; cultures are more varied than there are grains of sand on the beach; and adjusting to each world takes a special technology few are willing to trust. But Brian has no problem traveling from world to world.

The accepted method for travelers moving from planet to planet is the 3D printer. Upon entering port of a new world our tourist walks through a 3D printer and is transformed into an indigenous life form of the host planet. Brian loves the feeling of the 3D printer working on his body. He always chooses a female for his stay on every world. The opportunities to experience the mating rituals of a planet are greatly increased if you are a female.

On Atex V Brian once again assumed a female form. He looked human enough, but now he could breathe the Atex V air and consume the food without dying a painful death. The green skin looked kind of sexy to Brian (and to the Atexian men by their reaction to seeing Brian). He introduced himself as Matilda.

Matilda was a smash as Brian lived on Atex V for two and a half years now. He has a child and a husband to think about. He applied for citizenship and married the father of his bouncing daughter. Brian did not plan it this way. Deep down he is a family man. Settling down as Matilda, a mom and a wife, seemed natural to him.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

It Is All Words

Language. We never really think about it until we are trying to learn a new one. As a linguistic professor I need to constantly sharpen my skills. That is why I applied for a sabbatical to Betelgeuse. The language there is considered the hardest in the galaxy. If I want to keep my crown as Earth’s leading linguist I need to conqueror all the subtleties of Betelgeusian language.

There is one slight problem for me. On Betelgeuse only females speak, the males are mute. I reluctantly went to the university lab for a transformation. As you can see they did a marvelous job. Not only can I form my mouth into the shapes needed to speak Betelgeuse language, but I am quite beautiful if I don’t say so myself.

My work on Betelgeuse has been very successful. I extended my sabbatical and have considered relinquishing my position at the university. All this language has taught me other skills, too. I now know why only females speak on Betelgeuse. All those sounds force certain skills to develop with the mouth which are also needed for mating rituals. Okay, I admit it. I like life as a woman. And yes, I found a mate I am in love with. So sue me. And my name is Carol now. Don’t forget it.

Monday, May 4, 2015

The Servant Woman

Kyle kept running his hands through his long silky hair. It was hard to believe he was transformed into a Kiku woman. He traveled to Transco Base in the Mantee Zone to study the Miridu tribe. Their backward ways were a perfect way to learn alien cultures early in their development. Kyle received a grant for a three year study of the Miridu tribe.

Kyle planned on blending in to their society and recording the life of the people from the inside. What he did not plan for, nor was he warned about, was for the Miridu elders to order his arrest. They locked him in a cave with a mud pit. He was told to relax in the mud pit. He did as he was told to build rapport. It was too late when he realized the mud pit was filled with naturally occurring nanobots. He jumped from the mud pit as fast as he could and splashed into the water pool to clean himself and hopefully stop the nanobots from finishing their job. But it was too late. Kyle was a woman.

 Totally a woman now and clean, he stood stark naked in the cave. The door was unlocked and the chief of the tribe motioned for Kyle to follow. He was given the clothes you see here. Kyle kept fingering his hair. It felt so clean. A Kiku woman came to Kyle and said, “You are a Kiku woman now, like me. You have been given the name Betti.” “Why?” is all Kyle could ask. “It was decided to allow you to live with the tribe as long as you were a woman. As a man you might be prone to violence or lack respect for the elders. As a Kiku woman you are safe to us.” “When I leave this place will I get my old body back?” “Leave this place? You will never leave this place, Betti. You are one of us now. You are a Kiku woman, a servant.”

Sunday, May 3, 2015


Every girl wants to feel special. Timothy did not understand this until he was kidnapped and taken to Miranda IV, a world in the constellation Pegasus. To prevent escape, Timothy was transformed into a girl and forced to dance for his room and board.

Work shocked Timothy’s system. He came from privilege. Now he dances and goes by the name Tracy. If his family does not pay the ransom, Timothy will spend the rest of his life on Miranda IV. The life of comfort he was so accustomed to will be history for Timothy.

Unknown to Timothy his captors never sent a ransom request. They never intended on returning him to his family. When they saw Timothy they knew they needed him as a dancer on their home world. Timothy held out hope and asked often if the ransom came. As time went by he asked less often.

Timothy started liking his life as Tracy. Secretly he did not want to go back. It felt good to be a girl. Of course he had fame and wealth and luxury in his old life, but life had no meaning. As Tracy he makes people happy every day. He has real friends now, not fake friends that only hang around because of what he can give them or do for them. And let’s face it, life a beautiful woman brings plenty of attention. Timothy feels good when heads turn to look at Tracy.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

The Exotic Woman

When a man travels to Xerex II he does so at his own risk. The Xerexian people are ruthless when it comes to foreign men. If discovered a man is transformed into a woman and put to work servicing men until they pay all the fees and penalties associated with the paperwork for any man to enter Xerex II. And they always get caught.

Elroy didn't care about the rules. He had a foolproof way to skirt the law and get away with it. The disguise he designed can pass a Level 7 bio scan. Too many rumors of fantastic women and scenery made Xerex II the most sought after travel destination in the galaxy. If not for the ruthless nature of the government on Xerex II it would be the galaxies number one travel destination. Elroy had to see the exotic women of Xerex II. He had to. He is a man, isn't he? And what man can resist the temptation of so many exotic women?

Elroy stepped off the spaceship and within 30 seconds was in custody. You see, Xerex II is the only planet in the galaxy with a Level 8 bio scan. Elroy was restrained and taken to detention where he was stripped of all clothing and placed on a table. He was knocked out and when he awoke he was a woman. The Xerexian guards wasted no time. They grabbed Elroy, told him his name was Marie now, put a silver outfit on him and put him to work. Elroy never believed he would be the exotic woman.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Dance of Words

Humans think of language as the spoken word, but on many worlds the highest form of communication use no words at all. On Zeltare they use music to communicate and on Quinlep 6 they use body odor to communicate. And here we see Martha communicate with dance, considered the highest form of communication in the Wontel Federation.

Martha did not always communicate by dance. When he came from Earth, a scientist fresh out of an Ivy League school, Terry was an over-serious man bent on building a career. But in the Wontel Federation only women had rights. Terry did the only thing a serious scientist could do; he accepted the gender reassignment to further mankind’s knowledge.

Now Terry spends his days in long conversations learning all he can about Wontelian culture. Terry enjoys talking with his hosts. There is so much to learn from these highly civilized people. It will take a career, a lifetime, to get a firm understanding of what makes the Wontel Federation so dominant in the galaxy. Terry is up to the task. Besides, he can’t see himself as anyone but Martha anymore.

Paying Bills