Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Life Aboard Ship

Life in space is difficult in the best of times, even on a modern galaxy class starship. Since the beginning of space travel it was known women handle space better. The female body can handle acceleration and weightlessness better. At first men were a major part of space travel, but as longer journeys were planned it was apparent men would no longer participate in deep space.

The demand grew for a technology to improve men so their bodies can handle the rigors of deep space travel. Several technologies solved the problems for men: hormones and surgery, nanobots, body swaps, swapping chambers, body suits, girly lights, TG dust and potions. Men with a burning desire to travel to exotic worlds flocked to labs offering full gender reassignment.

Even as a woman life was tough on missions, years away from any planet with no chance of help should something go wrong. And you can guess what an entire ship of women is like. Most people on the ship had few duties until arrival at their destination. Here we see Wayne resting on deck. He chose the body suit treatment and assumed the identity Kara.

Kara is a highly trained exobiologist. When they reach Beta V she will be a busy girl building the colony life support and food systems. Until then she enjoys a quiet life. At least she isn’t lonely. Kara has many girlfriends aboard and she enjoys their company to the fullest.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Business Class

Every culture is different. On Earth multiple cultures can exist in a small geographical area. This is unique to Earth. Most planets with civilized societies have few differences from one location to the next. Brentak  Moonworld is similar to most planets in the Community of Worlds when it comes to customs and traditions.

Businessmen like Curly need to work between different cultures and among several worlds. When necessary, Curly would cross-dress to fit into a society and complete a business deal. The old plan will never work on Brentak Moonworld. The required attire will not fool anyone.

The biggest deal in company history is on the line. A multi-world manufacturing agreement will drive corporate earnings for decades if Curly can close the deal. But to close the deal requires a woman and there isn’t enough time to train a woman to take his place. There is only time for a transformation.

Nanobot technology has come a long way. A simple dip in a hot tub laced with nanobots completes the transformations within hours where old technology would require weeks. With trade negotiations set to begin tomorrow, nanobots are the only choice for Curly.

The transformation felt natural to Curly. Now Celia will handle the negotiations with all the skill, knowledge and experience Curly has. The required clothing in Brentakian society will fit Celia perfectly. By taking the drastic step, Celia will have an advantage over competitors.

The delegates complimented Celia on her appearance. They were impressed by his understanding of their traditions. Before the day was over, Celia closed the entire deal for his company. He impressed the delegates so much he was invited to a prominent position in Brentakian society. The pay was more than triple what he earned now. Curly thought for a moment about how he would handle the remainder of his life as Celia if he accepted. It was a short moment. He collected the huge bonus from his company, resigned and started working on Brentak. It felt like the right thing to do. 

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Converting the Masses

When science opened the interstellar frontier religion soon followed. The cult of Scientology led the way to the stars before Christians and Muslims decided it might be a good idea to spread the word of God throughout the Community of Worlds. The beliefs and values of Scientology were a perfect match for an expanding universe.

Cultural values on most planets caused angst for Christians and Muslims, but were no problem for a cult like Scientology. Matriarchal societies went against God, according to Christians. It was only after Scientology became the leading religion of the galaxy before mainstream religions joined in. It was join in or become obsolete. So they swallowed their pride and joined in.

Brother Ron was a missionary for Scientology. To his chagrin, most societies refused to listen to him. As a man he wasn’t considered an authority in the matriarchal social order. It was obvious what Brother Ron needed to do. He visited a doctor. Hormones, then surgery, fixed the acceptance problem.

A few weeks of feminine training and Sister Maxine was ready to proselytize the masses. As you see here, Sister Maxine loved speaking before crowds of anxious believers. She used her body as a tool, and weapon, to convert the crowd, especially the men. Sister Maxine converted 18 worlds during her long career, more than anyone else. The Community of Worlds would be a different place if it weren’t for Sister Maxine and her sacrifice.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Queen For a Day

Randy was unaware of how unusual marriage customs were on Rana IV. He met Belinda when she was an exchange student in his school. Belinda captured Randy’s heart from the start. The romance blossomed into deep love. Randy and Belinda wanted to spend their lived together.

On Rana IV divorce is unheard of. People stayed married and were happy. Randy and his family traveled with Belinda to Rana IV to prepare for the wedding. Family tradition required they get married on her world even though they planned on moving back to Earth shortly after the wedding.

Randy’s family was told Randy would be quarantined until the wedding day. Belinda explained to Randy the real reason his family was told this. As part of the preparation for the wedding the bride and groom spend two weeks in the other’s body. Belinda explained this is why divorce is unheard of on Rana IV. Husbands and wives see things from the perspective of the other because for a short while they are the other.

Unknown to Randy, Belinda has royal blood. She is in line to be queen, but unless several unfortunate accidents happen she will not be called back from Earth to serve as queen. Still, for two weeks Randy was a queen: Queen Belinda. Okay, not a real queen, but if things worked out just right Belinda would be queen so it was close enough for Randy.

The wedding was beautiful. Afterwards Randy and Belinda returned to their own bodies. Yes, our lovely couple is married in the other’s body. It is expected they will return to Rana IV every five years for two weeks to swap bodies. They have an awesome marriage. The happiest couple you ever met. Randy looks forward to their 5-year anniversaries. 

Friday, June 26, 2015

Vortex Worm

Once intelligent life advances on a world to the point where electronic technology integrates into daily life, the species needs to take protective measures to insure their civilization. Intelligent life needs a sun and this is where the serious issues begin. Stars have a natural desire to spit out massive amounts of radiation from time to time. If the coronal mass ejection happens to point at a world with an advanced civilization real problems could result.

Sontag VII had the most advanced defenses in the Community of Worlds. Anything their local star could throw out was easily handled… until today. Scientists never saw it coming. A massive vortex, the largest ever recorded approached from the opposite side of the sun. The vortex slammed into the sun from the far side of Sontag VII. The star manipulated, and eventually dissipated, the vortex. But before the star ended the vortex, strange things happened.

The vortex made a direct hit, passing through the star. The force of the impact stretched and twisted the vortex into an elongated tube swirling in space. Like a finger from the star it reached out on a direct course toward Sontag VII. Scientists had no time to prepare or warn it happened so fast. The vortex worm, as it was later called in media outlets, reached well past the orbit of Sontag VII.

A fraction of a second before the vortex engulfed Sontag VII the people saw a gray-green sky of clouds swirling as far as the eye could see. There was nowhere to run. One of the few patriarchal worlds of the Community of Worlds was transformed into an entire female species within seconds. The transformation was fast and painless; every male on the planet was transformed.

As fast as the vortex worm shot out from the star it retracted back. It wobbled back and forth several times before the star crushed it out of existence. None of the wobbles reached Sontag VII, not that it would have mattered.

Of the millions of images captured by security cameras of the exact moment the vortex worm hit, this one is the most famous. We see James, a scientist in a lab with the duty to detect such events, screaming moments after the vortex worm hit. Now as Miranda, James gives lectures around the Community of Worlds warning of the unexpected risks posed by vortexes.

Do you know what is lurking behind the sun of your homeworld as you sleep tonight?

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Specific Desire

“Tell me, why do you want to be a woman, Roger?” The female doctor looked out the top of her glasses. Her long blond hair accented her face and softened her eyes.

Roger collected his thoughts for a moment, “I don’t want to be any ‘ol girl, doc. I want to be a Melandian woman.”

“I see,” the doctor said. “You have a very specific idea of who you want to be.”

“I do.”

The doctor drew the pencil from behind her ear, licked the tip and started writing on the pad of paper on her lap. The doctor looked up. “Why a Melandian woman?”

“Oh, doctor, you don’t understand. Melandian women are so smart and pretty, and…and in control.”

The doctor smiled. “I see. Wouldn’t it be easier travelling to the Melandian Colony world and finding a wonderful Melandian woman as a bride?”

“It would be easier, doc,” Roger said, “but not the same.”

“What would you do if you were a Melandian woman?”

“I would book flight to Melandia Colony and find me an awesome Melandian husband to spend the rest of my life with.”

“Okay,” the doctor giggled. “You convinced me. Step into the transformation chamber.”

Xena was born that day; Roger died. Xena did exactly what she said she would. She booked flight to Melandia, trained with a Melandian woman perfecting her feminine skills, found an awesome man, and made him happy for the rest of his life.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Melting in Love

Love can make a man do strange things. Brad’s girlfriend had just such a hold on him. Having an alien girlfriend only makes it weirder. It happened slowly for Brad. He didn’t mean to fall in love. It just happened.

Morgan is the kind of girl guys want to spend their life with. Her quiet demeanor and fierce devotion to her lover created a zone for Brad. Inside this zone created by Morgan, he was drawn into her reality. Brad never intended to fall in love. He knew the consequences of loving a Xexian girl.

She promised she only wanted to be friends. Brad saw no harm in that. Loving a Xexian girl was a death sentence, but they made perfect friends, with their loyalty and all. The friendship grew deeper. Brad found himself spending most of his time with Morgan. She was great company. Brad’s friends saw what was happening, but love had already blinded Brad.

Before long Brad was so deep in love he would never survive. His friends began saying their good-byes, knowing it was only a matter of time.

After lovemaking one night Morgan rolled on top. Brad knew what was about to happen. “I can’t do it without your approval. It has to be love,” Morgan said. “I know,” Brad said. “I’ve known for a while now. I am ready for the melting. I want you to consume me.” “Once I start it cannot be stopped.” Brad nodded.

Xexian girls melted their lovers into their bodies. When the process was done the male was gone, merged into the Xexian girl’s body to spend the remainder of their lives in one body. Xexians have the closest love bond in the galaxy.

Brad felt his body drawn into Morgan’s. In a few minutes the process was over and only Morgan lay on the bed. Brad was still an individual with thoughts and feelings. All this existed while he was inside Morgan. He felt like a girl because he was a girl. Morgan made all the decision, but consulted her lover often. It was the ultimate embrace. Brad knew he made the right call falling in love with Morgan.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Altona 9 needed to improve relations with the rest of the Community of Worlds. Business was down, trade was down, tax receipts were down, and the economy was down. Leadership in the Altona 9 council knew drastic measures needed to be taken to save the colony.  Wealthy investors expected Altona 9 to turn a profit for the corporation. It wasn’t. Heads would roll, careers ended, if a solution was not found.

It was agreed communications were the problem. Business and tourism underperformed because few knew about Altona 9. Samson had an idea. As a senior council member he recommended and forced a vote on a promotional package to bring Altona 9 to the lips of every sentient being in the Community of Worlds. Every corporation would demand a working relationship with Altona 9 if it was the hot world of the galaxy.

Samson knew a man would not be enough in a matriarchal galaxy. A woman’s face and voice would be required to accomplish the job. With all men on the council, Samson volunteered for a BTG transformation in the name of preserving the planet. TG Incorporated had recently set up shop with a nanobot clinic on Altona 9. Samson set an appointment paid for by the council. Within weeks of Samson’s transformation to Sonya every world in the Community of Worlds had to do business with Altona 9. Samson sacrificed himself by becoming a woman for profits never before seen by the investors. It seems Altona 9 was a good investment after all. 

Monday, June 22, 2015

Undercover Cop

Organized crime left Earth, spreading throughout the Community of Worlds. The typical crime perpetrated by crime syndicates included: extortion, racketeering, prostitution, and drugs. To catch the kingpins required a special type of undercover agent. Fighting crime on Earth was easier than among the stars. In the Community of Worlds crime was very low. The local police were not trained to handle such professional criminals.

Enter the Angels. Earth security created a special group of men highly trained to stop the crime syndicates. Their undercover work unearthed the layers of criminal activity. Sometimes undercover agents had to work for years before a bust was made. Patrick is one of those brave men bringing peace to the Community of Worlds.

Angels, as Earth’s elite team of undercover agents were called, came in many forms. There was a high need for specially women. The work was too dangerous for women so men volunteered for a TG transformation. Their skills and bravery made it possible to stop the worst of the worst crime families.

Patrick worked as Melinda. He has been undercover for three years. A few of the lower level thugs were taken out by law enforcement, but the kingpins were still firmly in place. Some days Melinda struggled. She lived as a prostitute for the syndicate, turning upwards to twenty tricks a day most days. She did enjoy it, but it was a bit much some days. She looked forward to the day the big bust brought the crime family down. Until then she kept doing her job. The worst part: she brought in more money for the syndicate than any other girl. Some people are just good at their jobs.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Exotic Travels

Traveling is fraught with dangers. Flora and fauna can injure and even kill the unsuspecting. Laws and traditions are the worst. Drinking or smoking in the wrong place on the wrong planet can lead to life changing consequences. And then there are the things no one can warn you about. There are misinterpretations. Traditions, laws or social mores cannot prepare you for the little things that can trip a traveler bad.

Eric was not about to fall for any of the risks listed above. He knew what he was getting into as he traveled to Westal III. He researched Westalian society top to bottom. And he made sure it wasn’t a matriarchal society bent on ending the livelihood of men dumb enough to venture on-planet.

The flight was pleasant, but Eric was ready to take in some culture. Exhausted, he set his luggage to the side, taking a seat in a small cubby. He leaned his head back and closed his eyes. One of the unwritten rules were about to change Eric’s life forever. A mild whir caused Eric to open his eyes just in time to see the door close. A blue light slowly descended from the ceiling.

It was too late by the time Eric realized he sat down in a 3D printer. 3D printers are not as common as in the past. Eric missed it because he hasn’t seen one in over ten years. When the 3D printer was done Eric was a new man, ah, woman. Eric was rewritten as a woman.

The machine spit out new identification papers for Megan. So, Eric thought, I better get used to life as Megan from now on. Looks like Eric will enjoy his travels better than he expected. Just wait till the guys see his when he gets back home.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Grand Performance

Max had theatre in his blood. From the time he could walk he wanted to perform on stage in front of crowds. He was a natural. When Earth joined the Community of Worlds, Max was considered the most desirable performing artist/actor to hit the travel circuit to civilized worlds.

The Community of Worlds was almost an exact opposite of ancient Greece. In Greece’s Classical Period only men were allowed to act on stage. Men even played the parts of females with appropriate dress. Most planets in the Community of Worlds felt the opposite way. They did not want—refused to allow—men to take the stage.

Max knew what he had to do if he wanted to entertain his fans around the galaxy. A quick trip to TG Incorporated solved his problem. The offending appendage was replaced with acceptable body parts. Max felt pleased with the results.  Now the stunning Electra started her first major tour of the Inner Worlds of the Frontier Zone of the Community of Worlds.

She was more popular than ever on Earth as news feeds transmitted her performances back home. Demand for Electra to visit worlds grew so high she became the highest paid entertainer the galaxy has ever known.

As the years went by Electra forgot about Cole. She felt like a normal woman and refused to change back when she entered retirement. Besides, she could not leave her husband of eighteen years behind all to have a body that no longer meant anything to her. And what would the kids think?

Friday, June 19, 2015

Corporate Benefits

TG Incorporated had an opening, a promotion, on a TG world for a qualified candidate. Joel saw the listing on the corporate bulletin board. His heart skipped a beat when he saw where his dream job, the promotion he worked so hard for, was located. TG Incorporated was known for treating their employees well. Joel was soon to find out how well.

Joel applied for the position and was immediately called in for an interview. His boss really wanted to help Joel realize his dream position in the company. A TG world was only a problem for men that didn’t want to conform to the societal standards of the TG world. Joel struggled with the idea for a few days before informing his boss he would exercise his TG perks at the company.

The procedure was quick, painless and actually felt good. Joel liked the end product. Now he could take the position on the TG world as Lexi. Lexi will fit in perfectly. The skills she acquired while working as Joel will serve her well. The TG world has a great climate, huge homes and active social opportunities.  All this will come in handy as Lexi adjusts to her new job and environment. The open nature of the TG world’s culture should help Lexi build on her ample experience. Then it will be time to find a husband and settle down.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

To Live Another Day

Illness drained the life from Braden’s frail body. A storied career as a pop star had finally caught up with him. His body could take no more and began disintegrating.  His fame gone, all he had left was a massive pile of money. The best he could hope for was a miracle cure in some far future time. Braden put all his money into a trust to be used to freeze and care for his body until such a time when he could be brought back to health.

Centuries passed, but for Braden it was like only a second of time. The last he remembered was the blackness of death freeze and a moment later he was looking into a bright light. It took time for Braden to adjust to the light. As the world came into focus it looked so weird, strange. Colors were different, so was the light. Then he started to feel his body. His body was different!

The centuries in deep freeze required sacrifices to keep Braden alive. The doctors had to eliminate all extra body mass they could while preserving the soul. When technology allowed the doctors to bring Braden back they also had to create a new body for him. Without a template to work from they chose what was considered an ideal body in their future.

Braden had a lot to learn. The first thing he had to get used to was being called Millie. Then he had to adjust to walking and other bodily functions. Before long Millie was up and about discovering all the exciting places and people of the year 2628. Man has come a long way since the early 21st Century. Millie drew in a deep breath and smiled. She was going to like it here. She wondered if they might like pop music.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

A Matter of Time

The Community of Worlds organized a galaxy wide group of scientists from all intelligent life forms to solve the most intractable problems facing physicists. Issues were prioritized by several factors: cost, time to likely discovery, current technology available to solve the problem, and experts available in the field.

Projects with high priority were given large amounts of funding. Other projects were either sidelined for a later time or provided token funding to further knowledge until it rose in priority. Alton was assigned to a later project. Funding was light, but offered real opportunity for advancement. The project: discover the true nature of the universe.

Over a hundred theories existed with five or so likely to hold the key to the ultimate truth. Alton and his team, if they were lucky and worked hard, would find the answer to possible parallel universes, the beginning of time (and the probable end), and where the universe ends.

Alton’s team included the most intelligent beings to ever live. In a few years they discovered the nature of the universe with only a pittance of funding. Here is what they found: there are no parallel universes, but all possible universes exist in segmented time. In layman’s terms: the universe always existed and goes on forever. If you travel far enough (over a trillion times distant than the width of the visible universe) you will find another person exactly like you on a world exactly like yours.

That wasn’t the best part though. On the other end of vast distances and infinite time lived the smallest possible distance and the shortest possible amount of time called Planck distance and Planck time. Alton and his team discovered everything and every possibility is always happening but separated by the smallest amount of time, Planck time. There is a lot of Planck time in each second. In fact there are 1 followed by 43 zeros of Planck time in each second. And that is how many different versions of you exist in each second and it goes on forever at all times.

At first you might say, “Who cares?” Alton did. He knew how to jump from one Planck time to another. He could live any life he wanted for as long as he wanted. He could live forever jumping from one time to another. And Alton had a secret: he always wanted to be an athletic girl. And because every possibility existed, Alton shifted to a female version of himself in another Planck time distorted universe.

I know this all sounds so technical and crazy, but look at Alton. He shifted into a version of himself named Abigail. And she is a fighter, just as Alton is in every version of himself throughout all possible time. You can’t argue with success or a body like that.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Job Promotion

Ray lived for undercover police work. His experience and skills made him the perfect choice for the new intergalactic department. More crimes now involved multiple jurisdictions and multiple worlds than ever. Traveling to another world shielded the worst criminals for a long time. With one department able to cross jurisdictional boundaries without legal issues would be a valuable tool for police to protect intelligent life in the Community of Worlds.

As you know, most worlds are matriarchal. Ray knew this and still jumped at the opportunity to serve. Few men were needed. What was needed was women experienced in undercover police investigation. Ray understood the need and was more than willing to do his duty. When the offer came Ray didn’t hesitate. He underwent the surgical procedures to transform him into Linda.

Training followed the transformation. Ray had to learn his new body and intergalactic laws and regulations. To help solidify his undercover image, Linda took a husband. Ray was surprised how fast he adjusted to life as a wife. It turned into Ray’s dream job.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Best Man

The clothes didn’t feel right to Aaron. Yes, he knew he was on a TG world. Yes, he knew he was best man at his cousin’s wedding. Yes, he knew he had a duty to carry out the family traditions. Yes, he knew his cousin was two steps away from the throne.

It still didn’t feel right. Aaron felt naked and he still forgot to respond to his TG name, Taylor. The transformation was fast and painless, but it caused disorientation for Aaron, I mean Taylor. She struggled with how her new body worked. Walking was hard with extra weight on the chest and her hips moved differently, too.

The bride looked awesome! Taylor looked down and noticed how much she looked like the bride. Must be an honor to look like a relative of the bride, Aaron thought. Taylor tried to look stately. It was hard to do so with clothes to small for her body. Is this what women put up with every day? Aaron thought. He felt like his top was ready to pop out.

To help guests adjust they were given time to partake in some recreation. Taylor grabbed a video game control and started her favorite game. Before long she forgot all about her body and clothes. Before long it all felt natural. Taylor had one last decision to make: Does he stay on the TG world, honoring his cousin’s request? Now that his body feels right he is really thinking about staying.

Sunday, June 14, 2015


Aunt Edna died. She was loved by everyone in the family. Edna was also very rich. The family could not wait for the reading of the will.

The reading of the will was bittersweet for Owen. Everyone in the family loved Aunt Edna because she had money and they were hoping they were in the will, but Owen not only loved Aunt Edna, he spent time with her, took time to understand her life and feelings. Aunt Edna was the mother Owen never had as his mother died when he was an infant.

Owen encouraged Aunt Edna to use her money to do good. He wasn’t rich himself, but he lived a frugal lifestyle so he had all he needed. Owen preferred Aunt Edna alive than the money. The whole family turned on Owen when the will was read. Aunt Edna gave all her money to charity leaving Owen a chest of clothing, the only legacy left to any family member.

The tension caused Owen to withdraw from his family. He lived on his investments having retired early. Owen always felt happy before, but now with Aunt Edna gone he felt empty and alone. Owen decided to see what Aunt Edna left him.

He opened the trunk. It was half filled with clothing. Not old-fashioned stuff Owen expected. The clothes were new and brightly colored. A medallion and note were on top the clothes. The note told Owen to wear the top outfit of the stack of clothing in the chest. Edna said she knew it was a weird request but that Owen just needed to follow her advice.

The pink outfit looked cute… if he were a woman. He shrugged and put it on anyway. Even followed the directions and wore the panties, wig and medallion belt buckle. Owen checked himself out in the full length mirror after he finished dressing. He had to admit he looked good. Perhaps too good.

Owen couldn’t believe it. The buckle was a Jewel of Odan. Owen put on the clothing and medallion while thinking of Aunt Edna. Now he was a spitting image of Aunt Edna when she was a young woman. Owen didn’t realize how hot his aunt was. Owen dug to the bottom of the chest to see if there were any other surprises. It seems Aunt Edna wanted to assure Owen was financially set, more set than he already was. She left sizable investments in his new name: Edna. An old name for sure, but the most beautiful Owen ever heard.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Wish List

What would you buy if you were given $1000?

Let’s play a little game. Imagine you were walking outside a TG Incorporated superstore and the manager came running out the door as you walked past. He runs up to you and says, “It’s your lucky day. I’m authorized to give you anything in the store you want up to $1000.

“You can buy as many items as you want as long as the value does not exceed $1000. You only have one hour to choose. You can buy clothes or books or stuff for around the house, whatever, your choice.”

For our example lets use Amazon prices (they have just about everything). Don’t get hung up on the details. When you make your choices share them in the comments (anonymously if want) section below.

What I am hoping to accomplish is to get more ideas of what you ladies like. It takes work coming up with fresh story ideas each day. I have focused on professions and such for a while, but want to add more variety to my writing. By sharing what you want I can tailor more stories to your tastes and hopefully provide links to affordable products and services that make your life better. 

Friday, June 12, 2015

Exhibit B

Terrance lost control of his spacecraft and sent distress signal. In deep space the odds of rescue are small, but the desperate have little choice. The only hope Terrance had was that he was reasonably close to a habitable planet not listed as having intelligent life on the space charts. For some reason no one explored the planet or at least reported what they found on the planet. It showed on the map without a name, only a number: 263b.

With two days of life support and all options exhausted, Terrance prepared for his death. As the oxygen declined he got sleepy. He was grateful for a painless death.

Then he awoke with a start. He looked around at his strange surroundings. On the back wall was a sign: Earth Human: Wendy. It was then that he noticed he was a woman. The carpet started to scratch his tender, soft skin. He adjusted, but stayed on his side as he was slightly dizzy from the information overload.

Terrance looked around the room. It appeared to be a fully furnished apartment made for comfortable living with a full window for one wall. Outside the window in the distance he could see beings on a walkway stopping to stare at him and then moving on.

Suddenly Terrance realized he wasn’t alone. A man wearing only a loincloth sat next to him. “Don’t worry. I don’t bite,” he said.

“What is this place?” Terrance asked.

“You are in a zoo, Wendy. So am I. We are the human exhibit. They brought me here two years ago when my ship was disabled. When they found you they wanted to finish their zoo exhibit, but wanted a male and female. So they transformed you into a female. They are hoping we breed for their entertainment and to see if you are capable of having children.”

Terrance was stunned at first, but then eyed the man up and down as an evil grin crept across her face.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Candy Girl

There once was a witch that lived deep in the forest of the moonworld of Mendoor IV. She was not the typical evil witch, but rather a sweet old woman spending her last centuries of life helping people live their dreams. She also helped people be pretty and sweet.

Nibs travelled to Mendoor IV on sabbatical. He hoped the wilderness would free his soul. After years of stressful living it was time for a real opportunity to unwind and relax. From Mendoor IV Nibs booked a shuttle to the moonworld orbiting Mendoor.

Nibs purchased supplies and a beacon to call for help if he got in trouble. In eight months the shuttle would return to pick him up. While on the moonworld Nibs would record the vast number of undiscovered species. There are other people on the moonworld, but they are so far apart and so few it’s more a deserted world than a populated one.

The first six weeks Nibs settled in and started his work collected samples of plants and photographing every moving thing he could find. It was so relaxing. Nibs forgot about the stressful life left behind. So caught up in his research, he failed to watch his step while filming a variety of birds. His foot slipped on a ledge. He crashed to the ground a slid down the embankment. Nibs was bruised and bleeding; internally he thought. Both his legs were broken. He pulled the beacon from his pocket, but found a broken jumble instead. Nibs worried for the first time since arriving.

The night was cold and Nibs suffered as he could not move. In the morning he heard an old woman singing softly to herself as she gathered berried. Nibs tried to shout, but only a painful squeak emerged. The old woman had good ears. She found Nibs, helped him on a sled and took him to her small home. The witch boiled a brew she promised would heal Nibs.

Nibs had no choice. He drank the potion and instantly his body began healing… and changing. When the potion finished working Nibs was a healthy, uninjured… candy girl. The witch smiled and told Nibs how sweet she is. The witch loved company and offered Nibs a place to stay until his ride home arrived 6 months or so later. She gave Nibs the name Marimar and offered her sweet treats all the time. Nibs learned to love the old witch so much he stayed on the moonworld the rest of his life. It was a quiet existence, but a very satisfying, fulfilling one.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

New Captain

Captain Alexis has saved the galaxy more times than can be counted. Her legend goes back thousands of years. Bad guys can’t understand how Captain Alexis has lived so long and remained so… vibrant. What the bad guys don’t know and could never understand is Captain Alexis isn’t a person; she is a soul. As one Captain Alexis grows old and weak she leaves the aged body for a new host, with permission, of course. She conveys her courage, bravery and military prowess to each new host. Captain Alexis’s thousand years of experience travel with the soul, helping each new host defend the galaxy from day one.

It was time for Captain Alexis to find a new host, allowing the old host to retire in peace and comfort. Brian was the perfect host, having all the skills and manner, for the next Captain Alexis. Captain Alexis sat with Brian and explained how it worked with her. He had doubts at first; it just seemed too “out there” to be real. But then Brian remembered how long the legend of Captain Alexis has been around.

Brian accepted the story and to Captain Alexis he would be proud to serve as the next host. The final requirement caused Brian to hesitate for a moment. Only a woman can be Captain Alexis. When her spirit melted into his body he would transform into a woman, an irreversible process. Once he started to weaken Captain Alexis would allow him to retire to a quiet life, but he would still be a woman. Brian nodded approval. He felt it his duty to defend the galaxy in any way possible. To do so as Captain Alexis would be an honor.

The spirit melted into Brian. Meet the new Captain Alexis: protector of the galaxy.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

It's Good to be Queen

Opportunities to rise in rank are limited and the competition is high where they exist. Jack worked hard to improve his position in life when he was held back by corporate politics. Jack knew he was a natural born leader and wanted more than just corporate leadership; he deserved to rule a world. He forged strategic alliances and built friendships with the right people around the galaxy for future use in his much larger plans.

As you already know most worlds outside Earth are matriarchal; this posses a huge obstacle for Jack’s plans. He was undaunted by the challenge. Jack used his corporate connections to build a relationship with the Zemba II council. Before long Jack had a majority willing to vote him world leader if he were a woman.

Jack’s connections were valuable on Zemba II and the council knew it. They funded Jack’s transformation to Isabella and voted him Queen the same day. The people cheered in the streets over their new Queen. The people knew Queen Isabella’s connections would bring economic prosperity to Zemba II for decades. The people of Zemba II always wanted to evolve from a backwater planet in the Community of Worlds to a leadership role in galactic matters. Their dream was coming true.

Jack wasted no time putting his talents to work. He forged alliances with multiple worlds and corporations. Jobs sprouted everywhere. Once Queen Isabella had the economy rocking, she turned her attention to a personal matter. Every queen needs a king. Queen Isabella found a suitable King and was married. The celebration lasted 3 ½ months.  Here she is on her wedding night awaiting her King.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Performance Anxiety

There is an old movie from Earth history still popular with the crowd Scottie hangs with. The movie was part of a series. Getting your hands on a copy of any old Earth movie was neigh impossible unless you had the right contacts. Scottie and his friends had such contacts.

The movie series was different than any other. It started with Episode IV, V, and VI before going back to Episode I, II, and III years later. Even later they restarted the series with Episode VII and finally finished producing movies in the series with Episode XVIII.

The government of Pelque IX heard Scottie and his group had a copy of all but one episode of the series. The government always looking for ideas to attract tourists acquired the missing copy and offered it free to Scottie’s group in exchange for a small favor: the group would perform regular theatrical performances of several of the series plots. The government knew what would draw tourists and demanded plots from later in the series focusing on sexy women be performed.

Scottie’s group was all male, posing a problem. Officials of Pelque IX had the perfect solution: several of the boys would be transformed into females via Pelque advanced nanotechnology. Scottie was so excited about seeing the missing episode he volunteered for a female role. He changed his legal name to Lorelei. As you can see he lives his new role. He can’t get enough. And people travel from around the galaxy to see Scottie and his team perform a rare treat of old Earth cinematography. 

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Learning How to Use Her Body

A rare disease ate away at Cary’s body. As the years went by the doctors warned Cary he would soon need to make a hard decision if he wanted to live. The cure was simple. The genetic defect was on the Y chromosome and ate away the gonads. If the cancer was allowed to spread beyond the gonads Cary was doomed. He would need a complete gender reassignment to survive.

The transformation went fast. Modern medicine made the process painless and relatively fast. The hard part was adjusting to his new body. Cary didn’t want to change his name so he only changed the spelling to Kari. Walking and acting like a woman took time and practice. Holding her body the way a woman does was hard at first. His body was modified to do all the things girls do, but he had to think about it whereas a lifetime girl just did it naturally.

Challenges aside, Kari trained quickly. Soon she was using her body like a pro. Kari took a modeling job to supplement her income. Soon after she adjusted to her body Kari made one more adjustment: she started a relationship with a wonderful man. Soon they would be married and live a long happy life together.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Finding Treasure

Life was brighter for Gloria after she found the Jewel of Odan while vacationing on Rigel VII. The old merchant woman looked more like a witch than a human had no idea what she had in her shop. If she had known she would have had a higher price on The Jewel. And the raspy laugh. She was so thrilled to make a sale. Probably the only sale she made that week.

Gloria didn’t care. She took the Jewel of Odan in her left hand and said goodbye to Nash, the man he was. She held The Jewel and begged to be transformed into the prettiest girl to ever live. The Jewel delivered big time as you can see. Not only is Gloria beautiful, but popular and cool.

After Gloria was over halfway to triple digits she decided to pick a decent man and settle down. Yeah, she knows she is settling and will probably stray a time or three in her marriage. She can live with it though. Pretty or not, age will do what it does to all girls. She has to make hay when the sun shines and have ‘ol reliable waiting for her when the sun starts to set.

My Hat is Off to You

Yesterday’s caption hit a nerve. Several emails and comments made me realize I am doing more than providing entertainment. When I set out to do a caption based on information I read in several articles about Bruce, now Caitlyn Jenner, my goal was to provide a short, realistic portrayal of the transformation process and how it affects those undergoing the procedures. What I was unprepared for was the response from people planning to make the change in the future when funds or other parameters allow. Many expressed they would have no doubts about gender reassignment after the surgery. According to some news outlets, Caitlyn Jenner did question herself for a while. I think the media blitz is responsible for the feelings Caitlyn had. I meant to offend no one. I responded to all the comments/emails. I think everyone understood.

That brings me to today’s caption. Rather than tell a story, I want to say “Thank You” to all my readers. Some days the captions come easier than others. I try to tell a story rather than just a scene or situation as many TG blogs do. This is not to say I am better than the others; I am not. Several TG blogs are significantly better than anything I produce. My goal has always been to be different. It is not easy. Telling a fresh story every day is hard and I know I fail too often. Still, you, my faithful readers, have been nothing but kind. I bow my head in humility by your wonderful accolade and continued readership. More than anything, I am humbled by those coming here not to read a story or see a picture for entertainment, but to learn to cope as a transgender person. I cannot fully understand what you go through. I know my daughter does, being born intersex. The struggles must be overwhelming some days. For all of you, I pray you find peace and someday get the body you alwaysknew you should have been born with. Hopefully everyone is entertained too.

Thank you.


Krazy Kay

Friday, June 5, 2015

The Perfect Body

Gender reassignment surgery was the last step for Marc to finish her transformation to Alexis. The decision was a long road. For years Alexis lived as a woman, but hated her body when she went to the restroom or had to unclothe. Not all her friends understood either; family was the hardest. Alexis’s wife, Wanda, had the hardest time. She cried a lot at first, but refused to stop loving her husband. Alexis loved Wanda, too.

Alexis finally decided it was time to make the change. First came hormone therapy (it takes up to two years to get all the testosterone out of the system), followed by several surgeries. The hormones sometimes caused soreness, but the surgeries hurt. Healing had two pains: the pain of physical healing and the pain of waiting for the surgical changes to fully develop. It always seemed like the surgeries failed at first. Then her body adjusted and the feminine beauty came out.

Gender reassignment was the final step. By this time Wanda had come to terms with her husband’s choice. Wanda accepted she now has a wife and that sex would be lesbian if she wanted any at all. She wanted. It took adjusting for all parties involved. Love won out. Marc finally had a body she loved and knew was right. Her relationship with Wanda was better than ever before.

Once the transformation was complete Alexis wanted to condition her body. She was surprised at how her body responded to exercise and lifting. As Marc she could build muscle fast. It wasn’t as easy as a woman. A part of her mind wanted to lift like she was still a man. Alexis also had to focus on different exercises to get the results she wanted. She focused on squats to get a stronger, more round butt—something Wanda was attracted to. Alexis worked hard to please Wanda. Alexis loved Wanda very much.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Doing it with Swag

Before we start today’s caption I want to share something I do to make extra money. I love buying books from Amazon and clothes, you know, Something Pretty to Wear. Well, money is always tight around here; I’m sure you know what I mean. So, what I did a few years ago was join Swagbucks. Swagbucks is a program where you get paid for a lot of different activities. For example, when I went on vacation I used Hotels.com through Swagbucks and received 6% back in Swagbucks which converts into just over 6% back in Amazon gift cards. You can also take cash into your Paypal account. You get paid for internet search, taking a daily poll and much more.

I contacted Swagbucks and asked for a deal for my readers. People normally get 30 Swagbucks  for signing up. For the month of June (and longer if I can talk them into it) you will receive an additional 70 Swagbucks just for signing up. It’s not going to change the world but it is like getting paid $1 for signing up. To get the 70 Swagbucks bonus, use the case sensitive code: TGCap when signing up. You must join Swagbucks though this link to get the bonus.

Now on to the show. (I know. A shameless Swagbucks caption. What can I say?)


Benny had a dream, but lacked the money to carry it out. A new online costume store had a special line of clothes: a TG line. Benny wanted the belly dancer outfit so bad it hurt. The nanobots in the outfit turned the wearer into a woman while he wore it. But the cost! Ugh! Who can afford it? Then Benny saw a TG blog with a Swagbucks promotion. That was it! He now knew how he could afford the outfit.

He signed up and got a nice bonus. In a few months he was the proud owner of a belly dancer outfit. And now to see if it really works.

What do you think? Benny calls himself Corrine when he wears the outfit. The nanobots really did their job. Now Corrine is saving up Swagbucks to update her whole wardrobe.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Warrior Princess

On Terax 4 men were not allowed to serve in the military or police force. The women of Terax 4 were well trained and very powerful. Samson always wanted to be a warrior, but as a man he knew he would never get his dream.

Samson traveled to Terax 4 and made it his permanent home. There he befriended the warrior women. He admired their dedication, duty and strength. He could listen all day to their brave stories and he did. Soon he fell deeply in love with Belinda, a warrior, 8th class. Her rank gave her privileges and authority few warriors had.

Samson moved in with Belinda and shared his boyhood dream of being a warrior princess. Belinda understood his desire; she had the same dream as a child. As a woman her dream came true; for Samson it was out of the question. But Belinda had an idea.

Warriors above 6th class were allotted a certain amount of funds to use as they saw fit to make the communities they served better. Belinda shared this with Samson. Samson was confused. Why would this make any difference? Then Belinda told Samson she had access to a nanobot lab and had the funds available to make Samson’s childhood dream come true.

In the lab Samson stepped into the nanobot pool and enjoyed the tingling on his skin as the nanobots transformed him into a warrior princess. When the process was done, Samson stepped out of the pool a beautiful woman. Belinda dried her off, entered her into warrior training and gave her a name fitting her new life: Macy.

Macy still lives with Belinda. Macy works undercover. She blends into the beach community she works in. Life has been very good to Samson. She knows traveling to Terax 4 was the best thing she ever did.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Earth's Hostess

Kidnapping didn’t happen on civilized worlds, thought Dan. It did not matter. A hooded group of women stormed Dan’s home and grabbed him while he was relaxing on the couch watching TV and eating chips. Before he knew he was on a spaceship headed for Muntwell IV, a TG planet in the Community of Worlds. Dan knew what was about to befall him.

On Muntwell IV no time was wasted turning Dan into Petra. After the procedure Dan thought he looked plain for a girl, yet sexy somehow. After staring at himself in the mirror for what seemed like forever the look grew on Dan. He started enjoying his new body, the way it moved and felt.

Petra wanted to know why she was brought to Muntwell IV. The guards only appeared at meal time. Meals were predetermined; no choice for Dan. At the next meal Dan demanded why he was kidnapped and what his captors planned for him. The guards laughed. “Don’t you know what this world is? What Muntwell IV is famous for?” Dan had no idea. Such things never interested him.

The guards continued when they saw the confused look on Dan’s face. “Muntwell IV is the galactic brothel. We take specimens from every planet in the galaxy. Every government is required to help us gather those we need. It is the law. You are from Earth. We needed a transformed man from Earth to meet increasing demand.”

Dan knelt on the floor of his apartment/jail cell in his skimpy dress. All the fight went out of him. In all his life he never imagined he’d be a whore. Now the thought intrigued him; made him wet. The guards looked at Dan as he knelt. “You need to get ready for your first customer this afternoon. There is a large freighter in dock and most are asking for you.” Dan felt special. He knew the women of Muntwell IV were treated like royalty when they weren’t working. It should work out fine, Dan thought.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Expanding Trade

Business has its challenges. A CEO of an intergalactic corporation requires numerous trips to exotic worlds to conduct business. Evan is one of the best CEOs ever. His corporation had trade agreements with 957 worlds, more than any other company in the galaxy. There are even rumors Evan will open the first trade route with the Andromeda galaxy.

The work schedule for Evan is brutal. The constant effort to meet the societal mores of each world is a must if Evan plans to expand his empire. On TempaK 11 Evan had to make the ultimate sacrifice. He accepted the gift offered by the TempaK people: a gender change. It is considered a great honor to be offered and accept the gift of a new gender.

At first Evan struggled with the change. Soon he learned women enjoyed a calm men rarely do. As a result Evan found himself wandering fields of grass as he relaxed after a grueling day of negotiations. It was important that Evan keep his new body so he changed his name to Quinn. The name and the body grew on him.

TempaK 11 is the largest trading partner Evan’s company has. Evan enjoys the frequent trips to his favorite world. People there respect Quinn. She never misses an opportunity to wander the grassy areas lost in thought and enjoying bliss. Business is good.

Paying Bills