Thursday, December 31, 2015

Malfunction Junction

Special thanks today to Alexis of Captions by Alexis; she wrote today's caption. She sent it to me a while back and, pressed for time, decided now is the time to share with the world.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Spy Like Me

A long career serving his country as a spy has taken its toll on James. Nobody knows how many times the world was near total catastrophe; how many times James saved civilization. A lifetime of injuries has left him in pain most of the day. His ability to continue saving the world is at an end.

The country never had a better spy defending her. James is the best secret agent the nation ever had. The Agency did not want to lose a man as gifted as James. With new nanobot technology it might be possible to give James another life to serve his people. James agreed to try. The aches and pains made it hard for James to concentrate. Any opportunity to start over again is something he wanted to try.

The nanobots did a hell of a job making James young and beautiful. James was given a new identity as Bonnie. As Bonnie, James, with a whole new life to live, went to work making the world safe. Men— most bad guys are men— could not resist Bonnie. James with a lifetime of experience knew exactly how to sell his new self. Bad guys never had a chance.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Stupid Look

Marie hatched up a plan to rob her employer. Her boyfriend, Brad, loved the idea and egged her on. The thrill of easy money was more than the dweebs could handle. Marie started secretly recording her boss and manipulating the conversation to make it look like he was harassing her when he wasn’t.

The judge was ticked. She could care less who was at fault; she felt they were both guilty. The judge felt it was punishment for both if Brad was forced to get a sex change into Jill. Of course, they appealed (after the transformation was completed). The appeal was denied. Now Brad is forever Jill, walking around with that stupid look on her face. And Marie, lesson unlearned, keeps her recorder ready. I can only imagine what poor Jill will suffer the next time Marie gets caught.

Monday, December 28, 2015

The Halls of TG Incorporated

Walking the halls of TG Inc. one thing comes to mind; you rarely see a man. I worked at TG Inc. for seven years now. I was one of the first guys to get the full change into a fully functional woman, a choice I have never regretted. Over the years I learned a few things about working at the company. The halls are usually fairly empty; I didn’t expect that in the beginning. When you do see people you can always tell when a girlfriend or wife has given her man the ultimatum, whether he is in a group or walking alone. Every guy has a story; so does every girl.

Here is a photo of Amanda, a girl I saw walking alone down the TG Inc. halls. She acted very feminine and if it were not for seeing her in the TG Inc. halls I never would have known she was Alex only a few days prior. Another thing I notice is the girls undergoing feminine training. After all these years it is easy to determine where each girl is at. Amanda is ready to leave, if I read her right. She is ready to tackle the world and a boyfriend. I think she likes it as a girl; I know I certainly do.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

College Pranks 1

College pranks are a part of growing up. The hazing can serious get at times and even carried away. The girls of Phi Beta Epsilon did not approve of the antics the frat boys were conducting. They sorority sisters devised a plan to get even with the leader of the troublemakers, Brad.

Brad had a reputation for using a girl and tossing them away. The sisters knew Brad could not refuse a personal invitation to spend a night naked in a hot tub with several of the sisters. So the invitation was sent and accepted. Brad loved how the sisters made him the only guy on campus to get invited to their hot tub party. Brad, all into himself, thought he was invited because he was so hot.

The girls took good care of Brad. They carried him from the nanobot laced hot tub to the sorority and dressed him proper. The next morning Brad woke with a scream. “What the fuck happened to me!” “Whatever do you mean, Tabby? Nothing happened to you. We take care of our sisters.” Brad decided to stop fighting it when he was brought a mirror. He, ah, she, liked what she saw.

The rest of the frat boys toned down the hazing and pranks, except for a few with a secret desire to switch sides. By the time the sisters took care of the frat problem the campus was a quiet, feminine place to learn.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

A Natural Feel

It started out innocent enough. Joey’s sister dared him to wear a girly outfit while mom and dad were on vacation. The first day was scary, home alone with his sister and dressed as a girl all day. The cloths fit different and were scratchy.

By the end of the week Shayla started to feel sad; mom and dad were due home in three days. Joey took advantage of those last days by going all out. The girl clothes felt so good, so natural he kept wearing the girl clothes know his parent would be home any moment.

When the door opened and his parents stepped in dad stopped in his tracks while mom started to smile. Mom hugged Joey and commented on how pretty he was. The next day the family took a trip to TG Incorporated. By the end of the day Joey did not have to pretend anymore, she was really Shayla.

Friday, December 25, 2015

The Last Gift

The vortex swarm of Christmas Eve goes down as one of the biggest surprises in history. Weather usually makes the news over the holidays. The vortex swarm came unannounced. Scientists missed it (probably snookered on eggnog) so most people were unshielded.

Guys like Samson considered it the greatest gift of all time. Samson went to bed Christmas Eve unaware vortex bubbles were on the way. Y’all know what vortex bubbles do? Right? No? Okay, I’ll give you the short version. Vortex bubbles are areas of null space travelling the cosmos. Several years ago they entered Earth’s neighborhood. The null space of the bubbles turns all mammalian life female. It affects humans most. An unshielded human male is instantly transformed into a girl if touched by a passing vortex bubble.

Samson woke up Christmas morning having slept on the couch. (If he had slept in his bed he probably would have been untouched by the vortex bubble.) He couldn’t believe the red outfit he was wearing. Samson started smiling at the late Christmas gift. He realized what had happened. Those wonderful vortexes finally gave him his wish.

Kylie. Samson laughed as he said his new name. He was so going to love this body. 

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Criminal Attorney for Christmas

Holidays are the hardest time of years for so many people. For Bernie it was harder than most. A stupid mistake and now he needed a criminal attorney. How was he going to find a cracker jack attorney from jail over the holidays?

The attorney pulled a matching panty and chemise from her purse. “Wear this.” It was a command, not a request. Bernie stripped and put on the panty and chemise. His body twisted and contorted until he was a beautiful woman. Magic panties! “Now let’s get you out of here. If anyone asks, your name is Erica.”

The guards were more taken by the hot woman walking to the door than worrying about Bernie in the side room. The guards thought Erica was part of the holidays festivities sent to entertain the guards. Once out the building the TG Inc. attorney turned to Erica and said, “No one will know your past. You are a totally new person as a woman. It’s the holidays. Go make some man happy.” So Erica did. She had the best criminal attorney ever.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Magical Night

Eric wanted to make Christmas Eve special this year. The warmth of the house on the magical evening brought back childhood memories for him. He wanted the warmth to permeate every fiber of his being.

Eric opened the door to see a beautiful witch. “You called?” she asked. Eric could not find the words. His wish brought the witch of the woods. With a touch of her TG wand Eric transformed into Trixie. Trixie tried on the outfit. It fit perfectly! There was only one thing left to make the magical night better; she called her best friend Carl to spend the night.

The warmth of the house on Christmas Eve does bring wishes true and love alive.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Secret Santa

After the magic panties did their job Sara handed her husband a gift with a bright red bow. Tom was so excited as he gently shook the box. What could it be? What could a newly minted woman want (other than the awesome bra/panty set)?

Ariel pulled at the ribbon until it came undone. She then lifted the cover to find a beautiful dress. Tears welled in her eyes. She kissed Sara full on the lips with some tongue. Sara was pleased with Ariel. It was a special night both women would never forget.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Christmas Lingerie

Tina handed her boyfriend, Scott, a red stripped package. “Merry Christmas, honey,” she said. Before Scott could open the gift she moved in to hug him. “Before you open it I want you to know I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I got you the gift you always wanted.”

Scott’s mouth was dry wondering what kind of gift could illicit such a response from Tina. He tore the wrapping paper off to reveal sexy Christmas lingerie. Scott looked at Tina with lust in his eyes when Tina said, “It’s for you. I want you to wear it.” Oh. My. God! Tina knew Scott liked to wear panties periodically, but this was too much.

“Do you like it?” Tina asked. “Like it? I love it,” Scott’s voice squeaked. “From now on I want you to be my Becky,” Tina said as she went down on her new female boyfriend. All Becky could think to say was, “Thank you and Merry Christmas, Tina.”

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Presidential Orders

Special thanks to Alexis at Captions by Alexis for today's caption, used by permission.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Trip of a Lifetime

While travelling alone in France, Harvey lost his clothes, passport and money. His belongings, all of them except the clothes on his back, were stolen from the hostel as he slept. With no money for food or another night of shelter, Harvey turned to the hostel owner for help. With an easy smile the hostel owner said in perfect English, “I know just the person who can help you.”

Harvey had no choice. He let the man put him in a swapping chamber and change his name to Zoe. Harvey works hard every day for his food, clothing and shelter. Soon, he will have earned enough to buy his manhood back and a passport. What Harvey didn’t know was that there was no “going back”. And he would work his new job for a long time. A very, very long time. And the hostel owner laughed as he collected his fee for stealing Harvey’s belongings.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

All Tied Up

Don was undercover to expose the Dalton gang. The Dalton’s are accused of nefarious crimes like kidnapping, extortion, murder, and worst of all, forced gender reassignments. Don had to bring these crooks to justice.

Hunting your prey on an alien world adds to the difficulty. Don will need every scrap of experience he has. Unfortunately, while on a stakeout, the Dalton’s flanked him while he wasn’t looking and kidnapped him.

The Dalton’s are consistent in their criminal activity. They kidnapped Don and gave him a sex change to keep him under control. The Dalton’s laughed at Don as they tied him up. “What a Nancy boy,” they jeered. “Hey, Nancy! That’s your name now. How’d’ya like it?” they said as they tied the gag.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

One and Done

The women on some worlds are so beautiful that to even see them will transform you into a woman. (This is where the legend of Medusa came from on Earth, but with a very negative effect.) As soon as Melvin learned of the women of Felix 9 he knew a day would come when he traveled there to catch the gaze of their magical women.

Friends and family tried to talk Melvin out of it when they learned of his travel plans to no avail. The trip was exciting and filled with anxiety. As soon as he set foot in the hanger of the spaceport a local woman turned to see Melvin. In moments his body quaked and twisted into Lacy. A short vacation to adjust to her new feminine life and it was time to return to her friends and family. Once they saw how happy Lacy was they accepted her decision. No more one and done for Melvin. Welcome home, honey.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Fortunate Accident

Technological advancement requires sacrifices from those developing the technology. Artie is a prodigy in the field of cellular biology and DNA transdimension.  His work focuses on using benign viruses to transmit genetic material. Artie’s work is revolutionary. His successes are nearing the human study phase. He has used his delivery technology to splice new genes into DNA of animals. He has started the process of his first human studies.

Artie’s lab assistant, Rhana, prepared the mixture for the first subject. Care must be taken as the viruses are airborne and spread easier than the common cold. The virus can only be released in a sealed area for fear of contamination and spread. The entire lab is also sealed from the outside world as a precaution. Rhana’s DNA was used as the test sample to splice select sections of DNA into the test subject. Artie could not allow anyone else to take the risk. He will be the first test subject.

The chamber sealed tight as Artie took a seat. Rhana released the virus. After two hours exposure, Rhana evacuated the chamber of all virus material and released Artie. He felt good; no ill effects. Rhana started testing Artie to examine the level of change. Rhana gasped as she focused the first slide on the electron microscope. Artie’s cells were still undergoing transformation. But instead of only a few minor splices of DNA, Artie’s entire DNA was being rewritten.

For safety Artie was held in confinement. Rhana stayed with him day and night as his DNA was completely replace with exact copies of Rhana’s. Once the DNA was rewritten, cell division took place as if it was Rhana’s body. The changes were subtle at first. Then there was no mistake, Artie was starting to look like Rhana. In three weeks Artie looked exactly like Rhana’s twin.

When it was clear there was no risk of cross contamination, Rhana took Artie home with her and started training him to act like a proper woman. He had to learn how to walk in heels and apply makeup. He also needed a girl’s name: Jen. Jen adjusted easier than Rhana thought possible. Jen soon wanted to wear pretty panties and bras with little bow ties in the middle. Rhana smiled at how much of a girl Artie is.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Sissy Assignment

Nick needed the vote of the transgender community if he was ever to win reelection. The district attorney’s race was more heated than at any other time in recent history. A lost case he never should have brought to trial marred his reputation and encouraged several attorneys to throw their hat in the ring. If Nick could lock the transgender community it might be enough votes to keep him in office for another term.

The Changing Room offered to help Nick fit right in. With plenty of makeup and a dress Nick looked hot! He took his clip board and marched right over to the meeting hall where the TG community met. He introduced himself as Nicole and asked everyone to sign his pledge to vote for him. The guys in drag smiled as only a woman can.

It was a wonderful meeting. They shared ideas with Nick while drinking coffee and enjoying dainty sweets. Nick thought the coffee was the best he ever had. By the end of the afternoon everyone in the room signed the petition promising to vote for him. As a parting gift, Nick posed outside the hall. The election was in the bag.

At the Changing Room Nick prepared to shed his skirt when the young lady helping him started to giggle. “You drank the coffee, didn’t you?” Nick nodded as the blood drained from his face and as he touched his smooth crotch. He grabbed the clipboard with all the signatures and for the first time noticed a note scrawled along the edge. “NICK IS A DWEEB, BUT WE WILL VOTE FOR NICOLE” Nicole turned to the Changing Room woman. She said, “They put TG Dust in the coffee.”

Nicole won the election by 78 votes. 

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Kinky Girlfriend

The Jewel of Odan took on different shapes as time progressed. In antiquity it was always a medallion. In modern times medallions went out of favor for multiple types of jewelry. Of course, there are still plenty of medallion Jewel of Odans in circulation. But a growing number of medallions were recast as rings, necklaces and anklets.

Chris has a very kinky girlfriend. She is into everything. One day she happened upon a Jewel of Odan in ring form. Chris knew what the Jewel of Odan was, but always recognized it as a medallion. When his girlfriend gave him the gaudy ring he put it on. It was awful in Chris’s opinion, but he loved his girlfriend so much he would accommodate her.

Like a typical guy, Chris had thoughts of other girls non-stop. It’s uncontrollable for most guys. Under normal circumstances this would pose no problems. Having such thoughts while in contact with the Jewel of Odan is a one-way ticket to womanhood. Chris’s girlfriend laughed when Chris transformed.

It took a day of two before Chris adjusted to life as Tonya. It felt strange wearing his girlfriend’s cloths; not that it was the first time. It was more strange they fit so well. Tonya understood her girlfriend made a one-way decision for him. There would be no going back. Chris was okay with that. The toughest part, though, was adjusting to life between the sheets with his girlfriend. Wild!

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Body Suit

The Runestone Federation has known peace for thousands of years under the leadership of Admiral Alexis Runestone. Paul Stone had the honor of serving on the battle cruiser commanded by Admiral Alexis, as everyone called her.

While on a peaceful mission of exploration, Admiral Alexis happens upon the Terra system. Finding no intelligent life she sets a course for the next system and retires to her room leaving Paul in charge. Alexis relaxes as her sentient bodysuit peals from her body. She falls into a deep sleep.

Paul is on the bridge when pirates attack. He knows the insignia on the pirate attack ship: his sister, Amelia! Paul engages evasive maneuvers while Amelia sneaks a shuttle to the battle cruiser and enters a locked bay door with Paul’s stolen passcode. Amelia uses the stolen floor plan of the battle cruiser to find Admiral Alexis’s room.

Admiral Alexis is stunned awake at the site of Amelia standing in the doorway. Before the body suit can wrap itself around Alexis, protecting her, Amelia pulls her laser and drills a hole into Alexis’s chest

Paul is warned of the intrusion and runs for the Admiral’s room. Seeing his sister he reaches for his weapon. “Not so fast, brother.” Paul freezes. “I don’t want to kill you. All we want is freedom from the Runestone Federation.”

In a flash of light the bodysuit snaps to Paul and seals him into the seamless suit. Paul looks down and sees he has been transformed into Admiral Alexis and his dead body lies on the floor. Paul raises his hand to his sister and points. A shimmering blue light shoots from his fingertip and cuts Amelia in half. Paul assesses the damage done and calls for security. He looks at the mirror and now understands how Admiral Alexis has lived for millennia.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Happiness is . . .

What makes us happy?  Some people say money, others fame, still others freedom. They are all wrong. Happiness is being who you really are. No lies, just a completely honest you. You can’t be someone inside and another on the outside and be happy. A free spirit is the only thing that can make you happy.

Terry discovered this bitter truth early on in life. He was born in the wrong body and he knew it by the time he was five years old. His parents thought it was a passing phase. Then, as the years grew long it became obvious Terry was a mistake. Their little boy was supposed to be a girl.

It is a wonderful thing to be born at a time in history when the mistakes of nature are easily fixed. Surgery and hormones can do wonders. Nanobots and other micro technologies can create a complete and perfect transformation. Terry’s parents spent their hard-earned savings to make a wrong right. They paid the doctors at TG Inc. to fix their little boy. For the first time in her life, Teri is a happy sixteen year old girl. It is true. Happiness is being true to yourself.

Now Teri is a young woman in college with a boyfriend who adores her. The smiling picture of Teri you see here would never have been possible if not for the love of her parents. Teri is who she was meant to be. Pray you are just as lucky.

Paying Bills