Sunday, January 31, 2016

Snow Job

All Jason wanted to do was enjoy a walk in the snow before the roads opened and had to go back to work. Living in the boondocks has one advantage during a winter storm; you get to skip work until the roads are plowed.

It appears the experiment went well. TG Inc. learned TG dust works well in all conditions, even cold and snow; and Jason learned he is a woman named Janey now. TG Inc. was a good sport about it. They compensating Janey for the inconvenience and offered her a job at the local TG Inc. office helping other men be all they can be. It was a win-win.  

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Great Expectations

Ted had a brilliant plan to get a massive amount of tax-free money legally. Credit card bonus rewards are tax-free, everybody know that. The trick is to spend the required amount of money to snag the reward. Most types of manufactured spending died as banks tried to stop the bonus hounds getting their credit card, manufacturing spending and then canceling the card.

The best way to reach the spending limit required to capture the bonus is to buy something that can be sold at the same or higher price. The Jewel of Odan is the perfect purchase. The high price and ready resale market makes for easy credit card bonus money. Ted had a handful of credit cards dripping with bonus money when he bought the Jewel. He maxed out 72 credit cards in one transaction. When he was done he would have over $100,000 tax-free.

Ted had a difficult decision to make. With a dirty grin Ted decided to take the name Beth and keep the Jewel of Odan as a memento of his womanhood. To pay off all those credit cards would be easy now that he is a girl. A good call girl can make $10,000 or more a night. He Beth was destined to be the best.  

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Real Doll

Curt felt different ever since he went through the body scan upon arrival on Xenix II. It was standard procedure to decontaminate before entering a world and the law. The scan seemed simple enough; walk down a lighted hall slowly until told to stop. Then on to the vacation.

One of the greatest things about traveling in the Community of Worlds is the number of planets that allow you to enjoy your vacation as a woman. It was a dream of Curt’s from as young as he can remember. He planned and saved for the month-long vacation as Rebecca. She knew the scan did more than decontaminate. Curt felt his body tremble as he turned into Rebecca. It was the best feeling he ever had.

Still, she felt stiff somehow. Her joints seem fine, but the rest of her was different. Wearing panties and a bra was awesome! But there was something not right. Rebecca looked around at the other tourists and noticed they were stiff, too. They all looked beautiful with long flowing hair. OMG! Rebecca finally saw it. She was a Real Doll!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Ultimate Paintball

On Rendor V they play a paintball game like no other. In this version of the game challengers face off to settle legal disputes. It keeps the prison population and taxes low. One paintball in each gun is loaded with TG virus. As long as it does not touch your skin you are fine; if it does. . .

Paul had a score to settle and accepted the order to solve the disagreement on the paintball court. All players are required to wear a suit and helmet to prevent permanent injury. It was a fierce game. Paul dodged every paintball shot at him. Paint splattered against the walls around him as he ducked and dodged. When the game was over he noticed his suit was loose. He stripped down as his opponent handed him a compact, laughing.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Monday, January 25, 2016

Second Chance

Crazy Hal noticed his good friend Ally was having a tough time of it. Hal loved his friend, the best friend he ever had. Years ago Ally was Aloysius. Aloysius had a secret he only told Hal. Hal encouraged him to realize his dream and become the woman he really was.

The pace of medical technology never stops. Back in the old days Aloysius had to find a doctor to perform the surgery in some small town in Wisconsin. Today there are therapies to make you young again and healthy. A small company planning on going public soon, called TG Incorporated, recently created a nano bot technology. The nano machines are injected in the patient. Over a few weeks the whole body is healed and rejuvenated by the micro critters.

Hal once again encouraged Ally to do the right thing. That was six months ago. When Ally first became a woman she struggled with her feelings. She stayed a virgin, if you can believe it! Not this time around. The young and vibrant Ally has a best friend who has waited for years to express his love. They make a lovely couple. And Ally does not care when people stare at the old guy (Hal) dating the young woman (Ally). She knows they are just jealous. And so the record is straight, Ally is not a virgin anymore. Actually, she wasn’t a virgin three times the first day and it got better after that.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Have a Drink

Sandy woke up dazed and confused. She remembered she was drinking the night before and was warned about the strong drinks served in the bars of Rigel V. That is the last thing she remembers.

There is something else Sandy can’t quite put her finger on. She came to Rigel: check; she was having an awesome time: check; she drank some of the local hooch when told not to: check; and. . .  and. . . OMG! I’m supposed to be a guy. Randy! My name is Randy, not Sandy. Then it all became clear; his drink was spiked. Probably with nanobots.

A kindly woman motions for Sandy to come with her. She has a warm, comfortable place with food. It will have to do for now. Then Sandy is forced to pay for her accommodations with services. The local men are gentle, but it is still something Sandy never dreamed she would be doing when she left for her vacation on Rigel. It certainly has been a learning experience.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

New Park

Dad said we would love going to the new park. Said there were prizes for a few lucky people. Well, we won the prize and now we are girls: Sammy, Tracy and Paula. I’m not sure if I like it, but then I look down and see my chest and I am glad dad talked us into going. Wonder if the kids at school will recognize us? Bet we will be the coolest kids in the college. I’m the one in the middle: Tracy. I can’t believe the size of my tatas. It is awesome the way girls get so much attention from boys. I have so many plans for my new body.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Revenge is a Dish Best Served TG

They left Ben Mathers for dead in the desert storm. The gang of outlaw marauders come across his homestead and murdered his wife and children while he was working in the fields. The five men raped and murdered his wife while his children were forced to watch. Ben started drinking and plotted his revenge. Too drunk to shoot straight, the outlaws beat Ben to within an inch of his life, leaving him for dead.

In a way Ben did die that day. When the doctors were done Salina took Ben’s place. Salina learned how to shoot. She also burned with hatred for the men who killed her family. Rumor has it Salina is somewhere in the outback keeping law and order. Five men were found dead week before last. Some say it looked like torture. Rumor has it a new gunslinger has come to town. She uses her womanly persuasion to bring bad men in close and then ends their pain. The world is a better place now that we have Salina on the job.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Twin Sister

I spent all my life growing up in the shadows of my twin
sister, Karan.  She was always so smart.  So pretty.  So
athletic.  So popular.  And me, well, I was just ordinary
Oren, the invisible brother.  I was just me.  Nothing
special about me.  

There times I really hated her.  Well, maybe no hate, but
sometimes I wasn't happy playing second fiddle to her.
Even my parents seemed to like Karan better.  They
were always talking about Karan did this, and Karan won
that award.  It was sickening.  

One day I finally had enough.  I wanted to be popular
like my sister was, and I was ready to do whatever it
took to reach my goal.  The question was just how I was
going to pull it off.  That wasn't going to be easy.  Then
I was at the mall after school when the idea came to me.

I stopped by the new TG Incorporated store, just to look
around.  That's all.  And as I walked around, I spotted
a spell.  Actually they had several different spells there,
but this one in particular seemed perfect.  It would give
me the chance to become as popular and famous as my
sister.  Nope, I wasn't going to swap with her.  This
spell would simply make me her equal.

That night before bed I opened the packet and looked
at it.  Seemed simple enough.  I said the words aloud,
turned off the light and went to sleep.

The next morning I woke up an I could see the spell had
worked. Of course my sister was a bit surprised at my
new look, but after I explained it, she was happy for me.
In fact, before we went to school, we had to take one
of those selfies.  We look pretty good, don't we?

Monday, January 18, 2016

A Girl With Skills

Connor adjusted to his new Monica body quicker than he thought. The required training before entering the general population progressed faster than average. The hardest part for most guys (ah, yeah) after a TG Incorporated transformation was the, ya know, oral exam. Monica seemed to do well in practice. She swallowed every time.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Hot Cocoa on a Cold Morning

TG Incorporated decided to enter the grocery business. Brand recognition made the TG Inc. groceries an instant hit. The number of satisfied female customers from the transformations business also helped with brand loyalty.

The next morning the thermometer showed twelve below. Carl heated a cup of water in the microwave and stirred in a packet of TG Inc’s hot cocoa. The hot, rich cocoa went down smooth, warming Carl from the inside out. Carl closed his eyes, enjoying the spreading warmth. Suddenly things felt strange. He opened his eyes to find dainty fingers holding the mug of cocoa.

Carl, okay, she prefers to be called Carla these days, smiled as she checked the cocoa package. There it was, a warning label. (Okay, it was small print.) The hot cocoa mix was a special blend fused with TG dust and nanobots. Inside the box was a picture of what you would look like after drinking the cocoa. Carla compared the picture with the face in the mirror. A perfect match.

For some reason Carla enjoys cold winter days now.

Friday, January 15, 2016

New Sister

“Put my panty on.” Carl stood dumbfounded as his sister held out a panty. “Catching flies, Carl,” Lisa said. Carl closed his mouth.

“I know you want to wear my clothes, Carl.” Lisa put up her hand, “Don’t deny it. All guys want to try it out. It’s natural.”

Carl took the panty feeling the soft fabric on his hand. Carl mumbled, “I don’t know.”

Lisa firmed her voice, “Take your clothes off, put them on the bed and put on the panty.”

Lisa’s hard demand shocked Carl into reluctant action. He placed his clothes on Lisa’s bed embarrassed by his nudity in front of his sister. He hurried on the panty to cover himself.

“Hold out your arms,” Lisa said. She fished his arms through the loops of a cute pink bra with a tiny flower between the cups, stepped behind him and hooked the bra in place.

Lisa smiled as she pulled a dress and heels from her closet. Without a word Carl complied as Lisa dressed him. Lisa sat him front of the dresser mirror and fixed his hair and applied makeup. Lastly, Lisa sprinkled a fine dust over Carl.

Carl had to admit he really looked good until Lisa sprung the surprise. “How do you like it, brother? You better. If you check down there you will find I changed more than your clothes.” Carl swallowed hard. “I always wanted a sister and now I have you Chloe.”

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Dream Come True

Traveling the world had been a dream of Scott’s for years. A large inheritance allowed him to quit his job and live his dream. Scott wasn't much of a family man; he preferred to live life on his terms. Scott did have friends, but they were more acquaintances than friends and none were close.

Scott’s adventure included all corners of the globe. His desire to see exotic lands was unquenchable. Scott wanted to see and live like the local people everywhere he went; he wanted to blend in. In a small Southeast Asian country Scott met a group of young women who created a commune. Men were not allowed to join because men frequently caused trouble, but they were allowed as guests.

Scott loved the commune. The lifestyle appealed to him. He knew it wouldn't last. The leader of the group would require Scott to leave after a few days. He knew it was his last night amongst the beautiful women and gorgeous estate. He retired to his room to prepare for the evening. As he sat on his mat a woman with deep black hair entered with an evening cocktail and handed it to Scott. “This will help you sleep well your last night here,” she said in a soft feminine voice.

The next morning Scott was woken by several giggling women and girls tugging on his arms to get him out of bed. He knew instantly something was wrong. He looked down at his new body and felt his breasts and crotch. The women pulled a dress on him and applied make-up. “Now you are one of us, Mary,” a woman to his side said with a huge smile. “Now you can stay as you always wanted.”

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Keep Hydrated

Drink lots of fluids, they told Hunter. The dry desert air could kill a man in hours if he didn’t keep downing the fluids. So Hunter took every opportunity to down more liquid. Only later did Hunter realize the fluids he was drinking was contaminated with TG virus. By the time Hunter realized what was happening it was too late.  The virus was a permanent condition for Hunter. She had no choice but to change her name to Noelle. Of course there was a lawsuit. A very big one.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Girls in the Park

The wacky world of Tarsis II is a delight to tourists around the galaxy. Take the five boys in this photo from Phimbis IV; they are enjoying the TG Park on Tarsis II. The park has a strict dress code: short-shorts, t-shirt and boots. What our boys don’t know is the boots are laced with nanobots. The heat from their feet and the sweat from walking activate the nanobots.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Just Punishment

Telex 5 does not put up with crime. The planetary authority punishes wrongdoers harshly. When Anton thought he could get away with rape he was in for a surprise. Back on Earth he might do a little time at worst. On Telex 5 they know how to deal with rapists.

Anton was smug in court as he accepted the plea agreement. The judge promised no prison or jail. Instead, he sentenced Anton to a life as Rebecca, a woman. A real woman, as Anton soon learned. He fought with all his might as several women forced him into the transformation chamber and slammed the door. Poor Anton screamed and pounded on the door as the women smiled and waved and flipped the switch.

Three years later, as fate would have it, Rebecca was raped at the beach by five men. The men were acquitted. It seems the jury thought Rebecca was asking for it. Now Anton knew what his victim felt like. Rebecca knew she deserved what she got.

Paying Bills