Saturday, December 31, 2016

Party Like It's 1999

The government has issued a vortex warning for New Year’s Eve! Earth is passing through a section of space filled with vertices of all sizes. People are warned to stay home New Year’s Eve or to only visit shielded establishments. The government warns everyone that there is no way science can reverse the effects of a vortex. Over 8,000 people in this country alone have been transformed by a vortex encounter. All safety precautions are advised.

Mark and Rodney heard the warning. “What are the chances a vortex would hit us?” Mark asked Rodney. “I mean, 8000 people out of millions. I say we party and not worry vortices.” The last part Mark said in his goofy voice. Rodney agreed, “We should have fun and not worry about it.”

So the boys went partying New Year’s Eve. And wouldn’t you know it, a vortex swarm hit the Earth. The number of transformations more than doubled in one night. Most vortices were small affecting only a few people or only one. Mark and Rodney were standing together discussing which one of them would approach a beautiful woman on the dance floor when the vortex hit them.

The boys never missed a beat. They looked at each other and laughed, turned and pointed at a group of cute guys. They introduced themselves to the cute guys as Ann and Gloria. They had a great time. And the boys got lucky. Their dates took them home.

Happy New Year’s, Everyone!

Be safe!

Friday, December 30, 2016

Caught in the Act

The opportunity for Jim to wear his sister’s clothes never came often enough. But today was his lucky day. Mom and dad were out of town and Jenny was going out with friends. No more was Jenny out the door and his clothes were on the floor and the panties were on. He picked a cute short dress and high heel boots, his favorite.

Jim knew he had hours to practice walking around the house as a girl, stepping one foot in front of the other. He even practiced his girl voice. To make it real, he fantasized his name was Carol. Then the door opened! His heart dropped as Jenny stood in the doorway with her friends and an evil grin. She was holding something that looked like a gun! Jenny held it up and then pointed it at Jim. Jenny fired the weapon and Jim’s body burst into a new shape, the shape of a hot girl.

“The dress fits you better now,” Jenny smirked as her friends pointed at Carol and motioned for her to follow. “We are going shopping for panties and bras. I’m sure you will want to come along. You have a wardrobe to fill.” 

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Enjoy Some Sun

You need to read the brochure when you travel to another world. Bill didn’t take that advice when he traveled to Bartner IV. If he would have taken the time he would have known the sun of his vacation planet had TG properties. So Bill, clueless, decided to enjoy some sun his first day on the planet.

Within an hour Bill was a woman. She could now enjoy all the sun she wanted on her vacation. Too bad she will have to explain to her family when she gets home how he turned into Erika. Oh, well. When you look like this you don’t really care what people think. 

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Always Coming Home

Life is rarely fair. Rory knew this all too well as he watched his wife, Emily, die slowly of cancer. When the final day came he completely broke down. Family helped his with the funeral arrangements. Everything Rory valued in life was buried that day.

When a man is thrown so low he thinks of things he should never think. When the pain was more than he could take, Rory planed his suicide.  Before he could carry out the act, he finds a postcard of his honeymoon with Emily.  After long tears, Rory calls and books a night at the secluded retreat where he spent a week with his wife. He is pleased he can reserve the same room from so many years ago.

Rory settled into the room, unpacked his clothes, and lay on the bed. He took out lingerie he loved seeing his wife wear. He cuddled the purple lace and breathed deep the lingering smell of his departed love. He fell asleep.

When he awoke he felt different. He was wearing his wife’s lingerie. He looked down and saw breasts. He ran to the mirror and looked himself up and down. He looked exactly like Emily! Rory was so happy. He was with Emily again. The innkeeper gave Rory a hug as he left the next day. “Now, young lady, live the life Emily deserved.” “I will,” he said, enjoying the feel of lace against his smooth skin.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Shy Girl

Ever since Oscar had a sex change she has been a shy little girl. As Tammy, she would always look down and twirl her hair as a nervous tick. She knew she was drop-dead gorgeous and loved her body. But the guys were relentless. Tammy had no idea how insistent guys could be when trying get up a girl’s skirt.

There was another problem Tammy refused talking about. She was starting to get feelings. You know, an attraction for some of the guys hitting on her. Alone at night she did a little rubbie rubbie to satisfy the lust. How long could she hold out before her body demanded the real thing for satisfaction?

The answer came soon enough. Now Tammy is shy again as she has been to bed with half the college. She also liked it. She had a hard time saying no to boys now. And why should she. She is a girl and a girl has the right to some fun several times a day. Right?

Paying Bills