Saturday, February 21, 2015

Master of Ceremonies

The Zemba celebration of the moon world of Qunix IX began in the eighth day of third month. Tradition required all people on the planet to join in the festivities, even visitors. Alan found the customs fascinating and enjoyable.

The people of Qunix IX went out of their way to include everyone. Alan found it strange when they started calling him the white jewel. When he asked what they meant by “white jewel” the people only smiled. Then several women started pampering him and measuring his body. “You are an important part of our customs, Alan,” a woman said to him. “We need to prepare you for your role as master of ceremonies.”  Alan didn't understand. He wanted to be a gracious guest so did as he was told. He was taken to a room with a chamber. He stepped inside when asked. When the door was closed it was pitch black. After what seemed a lifetime the door cracked open.

Alan instantly knew something was wrong. He looked down and saw the changes. “It’s okay. You will learn to love your new life. You are the guest of honor at the Culmiton, the final and grandest part of the Zemba celebration.” The women helped Alan into his costume. Alan thought the headdress was beautiful. They assigned Alan a new name: Xyla. “When do I get changed back?” Alan was curious how long he would be a woman. “Back? You don’t get changed back,” the woman said.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Trip of a Lifetime

Rigel VII is known throughout the civilized galaxy as an entertainment mecca. Unfortunately, the Rigelians only respect the feminine; men are not allowed to enjoy the exotic tastes of Rigel VII. Dan knew of the warnings against men traveling to the planet. He didn't care; he is a free man and will go where he wants.

To disguise his presence, Dan traveled with a female travel tour. He ordered the most expensive body suit on the market, fully equipped with everything a man needed to pass as a woman, even down to the pheromones. No one would ever expect Dan was a guy. He could enjoy the pleasures of Rigel VII without any fear of reprisals.

During the first show on Rigel VII Dan was asked by an usher to step out of the theatre. He was met by two security guards in a side room. The closest guard stepped toward Dan and ran her fingers along the back. The body suit pealed open. Dan stood naked before the female guards. “You can’t fool us,” the guard said with acid in her voice. Dan was pushed into a chamber, the door closed. Instantly the chamber began to whir. Ten minutes later Dan was taken back to his seat in the theatre. The guard handed Dan his new identification papers. He saw a picture of his new body on the papers, his new permanent body, and the name Lynda. “You can stay on Rigel VII as long as you like now, honey,” the guard whispered in his ear as he took his seat.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Guest of Honor

She looked so normal. All the women on Cetus VIII did. Come to think of it, John hasn't seen a guy since he landed. And where did all his buddies go. It was an all-man crew and some male bonding would be nice after the blank stares the women around here give.

John inquired to the whereabouts of his crew mates. A woman told him to follow her. They entered a huge brick building. Inside it was a jail. John was hurried past the cells to offices in the back. When the door closed the woman pulled a gun on him.

With her free hand she splashed John with a liquid. Soon his body twisted in pain. He fell to the floor unconscious. When he awoke he was in a cell. He looked in a mirror and saw the same blank stare all the women had around here. He had a visitor. “When we are done training you as a woman, Melissa, you will be free to leave.” “What about my ship?” “You have no need of your ship. You are a guest of Cetus VIII. Your ship has been decommissioned.”

Monday, February 9, 2015

Brave New World

Women on other worlds come in all stripes. For David it was a dream come true to hitch a ride on Altair’s spaceship regardless the risks. It would be decades before Altair came this way again, but David never fit in on his home world anyway.

The first stop in the journey was Betelgeuse IV. Altair warned David of the risks: most worlds didn’t want men and their aggressive behavior. Men, on most civilized worlds, were a tool to propagate the species only. Betelgeuse IV went a step further eliminating all males on the planet. Artificial genetic material was synthesized to impregnate women.

David wanted to see Betelgeuse IV badly. He had Altair dress him as a woman. He knew he passed with flying colors. Altair wasn't so sure.

The moment David stepped off the ship he was seized by two armed guards with long blond hair. “We can smell a man,” the guard to the left said as she shackled David. “We knew a man was on board the moment the door of your ship opened,” the other guard said as she placed what appeared to be a stun gun against David’s chest.

She pulled the trigger. Starting as a small spot and spreading fast, David’s body transformed into a woman. “There,” the first guard said, “now you may enjoy our planet.” David followed the guards and asked, “When do you turn…” They cut David off. The guard smiled. “Why would you ever want to go back now that you evolved to a higher life form?” “But…” “From now on you are Amanda. Get used to it.”

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A Good Run

Running on an alien planet is unwise until you have completely acclimated. The second mistake Alfred made was running as a man on Pentar III. The Pentarians learned a long time ago to root out aggression and violence from their society. The first step on that path was to subdue the masculine and promote the feminine.

Alfred was 3 ½ kilometers into his run when the bots found him. They sniffed pheromones the moment he stepped off the ship. Running flooded the atmosphere and sent alarm bells off for miles. The bots mounted a massive defense. Once they examined the scent they programmed a solution.

Breathing hard from running, Alfred inhaled the bots without notice. Soon the bots had control of Alfred’s system. Changes were made to his entire body on the cellular level. Then the bots went to work reprogramming his mind. When the job was done Alfred leaned over confused. After a few moments he gathered himself and finished his run. He never remembered his past life. The bots gave him new memories and goals. Alfred left for a run and Lisa returned and no one was the wiser. Such are the tales heard on Pentar III.

Paying Bills