Thursday, April 30, 2015

World of Clay

Every world has its oddities and Belsan V is no different. Kurt knew this all too well. Captain Altair warned him of the unique customs on Belsan V all visitors must abide by. Kurt was ready to leave his old life and start anew on Belsan V. Everything he cared about back home was gone.

Kurt lost his family to an automobile accident. It sounds like a page from yesteryear. People don’t die in auto accident anymore. People don’t drive autos anymore! People travel by transport tubes back home. But Kurt took his family to an amusement park. His wife and son wanted to ride an old fashioned automobile and Kurt gave his family what they wanted. The ride went smooth until a throttle stuck, accelerating the vehicle until it hit a wall. Too bad the ride didn't have airbags like the real thing did back in the late 20th Century.

Now Kurt wanted to start over on a new world hoping to forget all the pain. Captain Altair handed Kurt over to the authorities so Kurt could be modified to fit into Belsan society. Kurt called them the clay people. They looked like they were made of clay from what Kurt saw. He had no idea what he would look like after the transformation. When the lab tech held a mirror in front of him he was so happy. He was a beautiful clay woman, ah, Belsan woman. He was told his name is Irina. He was certain he would make friends fast with his new body.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Political Ambition

Candy. What kind of name was Candy for an official from Earth? And “the” ambassador of Earth at that. Jake was willing to do anything to further his political career, but he was beginning to question his sanity when he accepted the position of ambassador to Emlock Prime, a planet in the shoulder of Orion. Jake wanted the President’s mansion and the only way to achieve such a lofty goal was to pad his resume with a diplomatic mission like a term as ambassador to Emlock Prime.

Normally Jake would have jumped at the idea of an ambassadorship. The problem with Emlock Prime is that it is a matriarchal society where only women can hold positions of authority. Jake wanted the President’s mansion more than he wanted his manhood. He underwent the hormone therapy, nanobots and surgery. They did a helluva job if Jake didn't say so himself. He looked professional and attractive.

Jake put all his skills to work while ambassador. He forged stronger ties between Earth and Emlock Prime. As his term reached its end he had one problem: Candy was the one getting all the praise. It was clear now that the only way for Jake to win the President’s mansion was to remain a woman. Candy could win the election, Jake could not. Jake could live with that. 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Something Pretty to Wear

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Monday, April 27, 2015

A Short Vacation

Captain Alexis called Mark and Peggy to the lab over the intercom. Arrival at Seltax IV was only a day away and it was time for the transformation. To meet planet regulations Mark would need a feminine transformation before he was allowed to pass through customs. Peggy was there for support. The beautiful lab technician reassured, “The change isn’t permanent, honey.” Mark nodded nervously.

The vacation on Seltax IV went better than expected. Mark adjusted to his new look in no time and Peggy thought Mark looked wonderful. It always brought a smile to Mark’s face whenever he gave his new name: Laura. Life on Seltax IV is strange to most human eyes, but Mark, ah, Laura and Peggy learned to love Seltaxian culture so much they toyed with buying a vacation home there.

But all good things must end and all beautiful body suits must be removed. Mark had a tear in his eyes when he undressed. The clothing worn by Seltaxian women was regal, civilized. Peggy placed a hand on Mark’s arm. “Stop. I can’t do this,” Peggy said. “I prefer you as a woman and I love this planet.” Mark smiled and returned his female clothes to his body. Mark said, “I’ll have our possessions transferred here. We will buy an estate and retire to Seltax IV.” Peggy gave Laura a kiss on the cheek. “Thank you, dear.”

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Disappearing Act

A new body and a new world can make people do crazy things. Consider Cliff here. He traveled to Miranda 11 to get away from the stress of his executive job. Miranda 11 is a female only enclave. That was part of the allure for Cliff. He not only wanted to get away, he wanted to forget, and he wanted to be someone else for a while. As someone else he could forget the financial problems he left behind at his company.

The first thing that happens when you disembark your spacecraft on arrival is orientation. You are required to leave your clothes in a locker and slip into a body suit slimmer, as they are called. The body suit modifies your body until you are a fully functional woman. Then they give you your identity papers with your name. Cliff is Mary for his stay on Miranda 11.

Nothing brings out crazy fun like a body suit on Miranda 11. The body suit regulates environmental comfort so snowboarding, as Cliff is doing here, is a wildly fun time in a bikini. Cliff made the most of his vacation and for six weeks forgot all about the problems back home. But go home he must.

Cliff discovered a way to sneak off planet with the body suit. If he was willing to spend the rest of his life as a woman he could walk away from his financial problems and start over as Mary. Cliff knew what he had to do. It was easier sneaking onto the ship than onto the planet. Cliff hid in his baggage compartment until the flight was underway. Now it is smooth sailing all the way home. Nobody will be looking for him or hounding him for money. He will have a fresh start at life. 

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Frigid Fantasy

The snow world, Gundum 9, is a most unusual world. The cold temperatures keep all but the hardiest of souls from venturing there. Once there tourists marvel at the way the locals dress. In the bitter cold summers the indigenous people enjoy the weather in skimpy outfits.

Cameron was amazed how the locals lived on their world and handled the cold. In Gundumian society there are few men. All but a few men are transformed into women, the remaining are used as breeding stock. A beautiful Gundumian woman took a liking to Cameron. Before long she talked Cameron into a new life on Gundum 9. The tour guide tried to separate Cameron from the Gundumian woman to no avail. Cameron was hooked and the woman was reeling him in.

Cameron stepped into the swapping chamber and stepped out ten minutes later as Bandee, a Gundum woman. Cameron stopped playing long enough for the photo you see here. She loves how fun Gundum is. And for some reason she does not feel the cold. The world is a true wonderland of mystery and fun.

The tour guide returned every year and pointed out Cameron to the tourist warning them of what happens if you get too friendly with the locals. Cameron smiles and waves. If a tourist allows she will introduce herself as Bandee and tell the whole story, especially the fun parts.

Every few years Bandee convinces another human to make the transition. He sells the benefits of Gundum 9: long life (over three hundred years), lovely women everywhere, a winter wonderland every day and you never feel the cold. What a world!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Eye of the Beholder

They don’t call us a pretty species. I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder. After the death of my family  the Becktaran culture, a peaceful orcian people living life one way at a time, appealed to me. I first encountered the Becktaran people in a news feed while at the hospital waiting for my wife to take her last breath. There was no doubt she would die as well as my children. The accident did not kill my family all at once; it let them suffer before they died. Watching my family suffer so broke me. I snapped.

Grief goes in phases and I experienced them all. Once I reached acceptance I applied for membership in the Becktaran cult group. Only one person gets accepted per year. To forget my loss I wanted to leave my old life and start anew. Winning the lottery required a few changes before joining the Becktaran cult. I would be transformed into a Becktaran woman before entering the group.

When I received news I had won I was not surprised. I could feel in my bones my story would give me the edge needed to win. I underwent the transformation. You may think a Becktaran woman is less than attractive, but I think they are hot and I am a Becktaran woman. To my surprise my pain did not end right away after joining the group. Only after I met Tarzak and married him did I feel like Tessa, a Becktaran warrior woman. I lost a lot that day when my wife and children died. But happiness is possible again if you meet the right man.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Dream World

If I could be anything I wanted I would be a queen for a day, Keith thought. I would be queen of a whole world and would dazzle all who saw me as I strode before the people. Keith’s dream was no fantasy. For you see, on Xexter II, the dream world, all dreams became reality.

Keith heard about Xexter II years ago and saved every dime he earned so he could buy a ticket to Xexter. He was so excited now that he was enroute to his dream of a lifetime. On arrival he was treated like royalty. He was led to a dream chamber and placed inside. His dream was read by the computer. Once the parameters were set the chamber filled with fog as the nonobots and computer went to work. When the process was done the fog cleared and the door opened. Out stepped Belinda, queen of Bentalla IV.

You see, dreams become real on Xexter II. Keith really transformed into Belinda, the woman of his dreams. The transformation is for life. The world of Bentalla IV lost their beloved queen to illness and Keith will now be their queen. “The queen of a world,” Keith thought. “How wonderful to be adored by everyone on an entire planet.”

Our newly created Belinda trained easily. Her desire to act like a proper queen was unequaled. She dressed, walked, talked, and acted the part. News outlets the world over agreed Queen Belinda is the most beloved queen Bentalla IV ever had. In the dark of night Keith has a tear in his eye as he reflects on his life. Life has been good. Very good, indeed.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Family Jewels

Martin found a Jewel of Odan while rummaging through his grandparents attic after they passed away. The duty was left to him as the oldest grandson and because he is a successful businessman. Therefore it was felt by the family that Martin was the most qualified to manage handling the estate.

The Jewel of Odan was only a rumor, a story told by Martin’s grandparents. The whole family knew Martin’s grandparents were pulling their legs when they told the story of a magical jewel that transformed a man into the woman of his dreams. But the jewel was true. It looked exactly as it was described to Martin many times.

Martin placed the Jewel of Odan in his left palm, wrapped his fingers around it, and closed his eyes. The weight of always handling family affairs was too much for Martin. When any financial matter or difficult decision needed to be made Martin was put on the spot to fix everything. The weight was more than he could bear. Martin dreamed of the most beautiful woman he could think of. When he opened his eyes he was Marie. He took a deep breath knowing family matters would still fall on his shoulders, but at least now he would carry out his duties as the person he knew he always was.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Treasure Hunt

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The galaxy is filled with every conceivable type of planet possible. There is a world to fulfill every taste. There are worlds so exotic most people refuse to believe they exist unless they see with their own eyes. Take Bracken, a TG world near the Neston Cluster. Most people believe Bracken to be a myth, a made up world for people with over active imaginations.

Still, every chart shows Bracken clear as day. Since Bracken is outside the trade routes, few pass close enough to take a day trip to the strange world where all men turn female from breathing the air. The strength of the myth creates enough fear to keep casual inspection to near zero.

Captain Ben Sommers does not believe myths. He is a hard man of reason. There are only a few reasons, in his opinion, why a world would be protected by a myth: they are hiding something, protecting treasure, are undefended, or suffering mass delusion.  In Ben Sommers’s experience a world shrouded in myth contained great wealth, kept safe by fear and a few words.

Sommers set his spaceship down in the Western continent of Bracken. He filled a pack with supplies and verified his weapon was fully charged. The largest city of the planet was a day’s walk east. The planet seemed to have no security or advanced technology. He wanted to enter the city unannounced so he set down far enough away to remain unnoticed.

If Bracken had treasure he was sure there would be clues in the city. After a day of walking he entered the city. He found a quiet area to bed down for the night. The air burned his lungs after the long walk. He ate some food and sat back against a wall and bowed his head. In the morning a sword of light from a hole in the fence surrounding him hit his eyes. Several women stood around him. He jumped to his feet and started to say, “My name is Ben…” Ben looked down and saw his transformation. One of the women smiled and said, “You are Lucy now. Welcome to Bracken. You can stay as long as you like.” She took Ben by the arm and led him out into the open.

Monday, April 20, 2015

A World of Service

Winston searched for any way he could have the life he knows he deserves. You see, Winston was born in the wrong body; he should have been born a female. But fate played a cruel joke on our friend Winston. Still, nature abhors a vacuum and every action is matched to an equal, yet opposite reaction.
Cantor, a planet in the Orion cluster, needed warriors to keep peace on an unsettled part of their planet. Only women were allowed positions of authority in Cantor society and all military service was conducted by women. The Cantor government was desperate for more recruits and offered gender reassignment to those willing to sign an eighteen year contract of service.

Winston jumped at the offer the first time he saw it. He was given a one-way ticket to Cantor. While aboard ship the doctors used several techniques to make Winston presentable: hormones, light surgery and nanobots. By the end of the journey Winston was, Amanda, a highly trained warrior of the Cantor Security Force. Winston took pride in making Cantor safe for generations to come.  He looked forward to life after military service when he could marry a good man and settle down.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Time to Get Out of Dodge

Carl wanted to get out no matter what it took. He had had enough of Earth and all the bullshit politics. Earth evolved into a government center of human worlds leaving few job opportunities outside government paper pushing jobs. He was sick of the whole mess. Most alien worlds were by invitation only and predominately female.

Every world had a lottery system to apply for travel to that world. Carl entered the lottery in the permanent residency slot. He knew what winning would require. He was ready to do whatever it took to get away from the high taxes, high crime, poor job prospects, and deteriorating environment of planet Earth.

Carl won the lottery in the third round. He raced to the transition center with his ticket in his fist for light surgery and a nanobot bath. He was given new papers for his identity. Now Theresa has a ticket to a new world. She felt so good as the nanobots removed excess body parts and grew the right parts. Theresa felt so sexy as she prepared for her journey to a new world.

Saturday, April 18, 2015


Could Bentar really get away with it? The biggest scam in history was unfolding before the eyes of the Paxelian people as they saw their newly elected leader take the oath of office. President Christine Chazella placed her palm on the Book of Nanuck and spoke the oath.

The people cheered as they gained new hope from their new leader. Bentar and his gang kidnapped president elect Christine Chazella the night before and forced her into a swapping chamber with Bentar. When the switch was complete they disposed of Bentar’s old body containing Christine Chazella.

Bentar felt a rush of female hormones race through his body, excited about his ruse and female body and what it can do. His plan to rule Paxel VII with his gang of thugs was nearly complete. He would use his position to dismantle the Council and Congress before assuming Supreme Command of the world.

But several Councilmembers noticed changes in their new President. When confronted and interrogated the President did not know the code words planted on the real President to prevent a body snatch as Bentar committed. Advanced interrogation techniques forced Bentar to disclose his crime and accomplices.

Bentar’s thugs were arrested and executed, but Bentar was taken to a prison island and used as a prostitute as a warning to any that would consider such an act of treason in the future. For some reason others tried . And always male. Go figure. 

Friday, April 17, 2015

Feeling Cultured

Every world has a different flavor. Fred knew this and enjoyed the flavor of Pentham Colony. Of course the only way to savor the taste of this delectable civilization is to blend in. And blending in requires a trip to the swapping chamber. You couldn't hold Fred back when the opportunity arose to visit Pentham Colony. The swapping chamber was an honor to step into and walk out as Frieda. 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Pay it Forward

Deep in the Black Forest of Germany there lived a kind witch that offered travelers one free fantasy wish. Those ill, yet strong enough, came to the forest praying for the witch to find them. Others came to fulfill greed or lust. The witch was turned off by vain people and avoided them. She wanted to help only those pure of heart.

One day Randy was traveling through the forest when he became disoriented and lost. He did not sleep the entire first night for fear of things going bump in the night. By nightfall the second night Randy neared delirium when the witch found him huddled and cold against a tree. The witch took Randy to her home and gave him warm clothes and a bowl of hot vegetable soup. Randy slept sound that night.

In the morning she told Randy he was pure of heart and that she would grant him any one wish he desired. Randy drank the potion the witch handed him. Randy wanted to go home. But the witch knew what his real desire was. Randy never had the chance to say his wish. Merely thinking it caused the immediate reaction. Randy was transformed into Peggy, a beautiful girl from his younger days.

Randy wanted to thank the witch. The witch made it clear he was not to pay her back; he must pay it forward. The witch placed a bulb of potion in Peggy’s hand and said, “Find one worthy and grant his wish.” With that the witch took Randy home. Randy held the potion in his feminine hand and smiled at the departing witch.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

To Serve Human

How can I ever live on Bentar, thought Mike. He wanted to live on the exotic world so bad he could taste it. But the cost was more than any human could afford. The tax bill alone would exceed his income. Mike did have hope. Bentar offered a free estate on Bentar for anyone willing to serve in the Bentarian army as a female. The Bentarian army was always short female recruits.

Mike entered the lottery to serve on Bentar. He nearly fainted when he won. The hardest part of the offer was accepting the gender reassignment. Walking into the gender conversion chamber caused Mike’s heart to miss a beat. Spending the remainder of his life as a woman is something he never contemplated. When it was over and he was given his identity papers; he relished his new name: Casey.

Service for Casey was such an honor. When his term of service ended he was able to settle in a beautiful country estate in the Bentarian countryside. Of course she still served her adopted world whenever the opportunity arose. Mike loved training the new recruits. Dressing up as a Bentarian warrior always made Mike feel like he made the right decision. He was living his dream.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Mystery Solved

They were not the smartest race in the galaxy, but they were the most fascinating. Scientists from every advanced planet came to Corinth IV to solve the mystery of the only intelligent species there, the tarmins. Tarmin society was made up of only females. Scientists needed to know how they reproduced. No one ever saw a tarmin mating ritual or birth.

Gary joined the latest expedition of scientists. He was warned to stay in the research compound because there have been disappearances among the scientists. Rumor was certain male scientists wanted to stay on Corinth IV and enjoy the endless supply of ladies.

Gary settled into his work quickly. He was as perplexed as the other scientists. His research frustrated him as he saw no avenue to procreation or reproduction. Each member of tarmin society was a beautiful, perfect female without a male anywhere in sight.

The tarmin women gave Gary fantasies. One day he decided to leave the compound and follow his test subject home. He hid outside her home waiting to make a discovery. As the hours dragged on he fell asleep. When he woke his test subject was beside him smiling. She offered her hand and Gary took it. She led him into her home.

She guided Gary to the center of the great room and put her arms around him. Fear gripped him as he felt his body melt into hers. He was immobilized as the tarmin melted Gary’s whole body into hers. A few minutes after Gary was completely consumed he felt his body coalesce as he started to separate from the tarmin woman. Once separated Gary looked down at his new female body. The tarmin gave Gary a dress and said, “You are one of us now, Alice.”  The mystery was solved.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Turning Her First Trick

John was warned as he entered port about the local prostitutes. He did not pay attention as the tourists and he were eager to disembark for their adventure on Tenlax 7. They were warned to stay away from certain disreputable women bent on drugging and robbing tourists blind. John shrugged off the warning. He is a seasoned traveler and spent time on worse planets than Tenlax 7.

On the third day John decided to scout off the beaten path. He broke from his group and started mingling with the locals. At a lunch counter in a small shop he listened to stories the locals told to their guest. A prostitute was pointed out. He put up his hand in a “not interested” gesture. The locals laughed. “You think a prostitute on Tenlax 7 would be caught dead with an off-worlder?”  John furrowed his brow confused. They men laughed and pointed at the cup John was drinking from. Soon he felt the drug begin its work.

John’s head was filled with fog as he started to regain consciousness. “How do you feel?” a female voice inquired, offering a cup of water. As the fog cleared John realized what happened. And then he remembered the half-listened to warning. It wasn't to stay away from prostitutes, but to stay with the group least you be transformed into a prostitute. That afternoon a woman named Karen turned her first trick on the streets of Tenlax 7.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Coming Home

The Bengalan home world is populated by orcs. The galaxy avoided Bengala for that very reason. Orcs have a reputation for vulgar, rude, brutish, antisocial behavior. Ostracism by the entire community of intelligent species only made the orcs of Bengala bitter and more antisocial.

Bart, like the orcs of Bengala, is an outcast. Also, like the orcs, he is more intelligent than most. Bart knows people avoid him or treat him poorly or bully him because they are intimidated by his genius. As intelligent as Bart is he can only take so much abuse. No longer willing to suffer at the hands of the ignorant, Bart has planned his escape.

Bart stole a space freighter in dock. The crew wouldn’t return for several days due to a local holiday. Bart reprogrammed the guidance system to avoid detection before he arrived at his destination, Bengala. Everything went according to plan.

The orcs greeted Bart as an intruder and lived up to their reputation. But Bart was a patient man. He explained who he was and why he is on Bengala. The orcs agreed to take him in, but only if he transformed into an orc; they don’t want non-orcs on the planet. Bart agrees. He planned on staying the rest of his life anyway.

The orcs had an advanced nanobot technology. A pool was filled with programmed nanobots. Bart stepped in as directed and settled into a corner seat as the nanobots went to work. His whole body tingled as he was transformed. Only when he stepped out of the pool when the nanobots were done did he realize he was transformed into a female orc. No matter. He was at home with his new friends. He traded in his old human body for that of Mykala, a female orc. Soon he would have an orc husband and have an orc family. Bart was truly at home.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Don't Lean Out the Window

Scottie heard the rumors of alien worlds populated by little green men. But the rumors couldn’t be true. Most worlds were populated by females with only a few men kept as breeding stock. It was common knowledge. Scottie knew the other rumors, too; the ones about alien societies that transformed all but a few males into females.

Urban legend, Scottie thought as he prepared for his trip aboard Captain Altair’s spaceship. Captain Altair was quite a looker, Scottie had to admit. He read the article written by the Captain warning of the dangers of visiting alien worlds. Scottie was not scarred.

Zenxk 9 was the first planet on the itinerary. Scottie was warned to stay in the tour bus. The green Zenxkian women were more than exciting to Scottie, they were hot. At a rest stop Scottie cracked a window on the bus to speak to one of the green women. He grew more comfortable as they talked. Scottie opened the window all the way and leaned out as he continued the conversation.

In a flash, the Zenxkian woman jumped at him, grabbed his collar, and pulled him from the bus. The tour guide noticed too late and could only close the window and warn the remaining tourists of the risk they were in while on other planets.

The last day on the planet the tour bus passed a green Zenxkian woman, green and spring grass, holding her head and grinning. The tour guide spoke into the mic, ”That is your former mate, Scottie. He is a Zenxkian woman now. He will never leave the planet. His name is Xammie now.”

Friday, April 10, 2015

Opportune Break Down

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The women of Bendigo III are considered ugly by most species in the galaxy. That is the reason why Bendigo III has few visitors. When Captain Altair set down for repairs the Bendigans were nonstop help. Larry decided to take R&R and see the planet. Several of the Bendigan women acted as tour guides.

Larry found Bendigo III a remarkable, beautiful planet. The majesty of the scenery beat any to be found throughout the galaxy. After three days touring the planet several of the female guides gave Larry an offer. They offered him a life of royalty and comfort if only he would make Bendigo III his home. Larry hesitated when he was told they would make him look like a Bendigan woman. But the idea grew on him. He agreed.

Now Larry goes by the name Maxine. Most species consider him ugly. Larry thinks Bendigan women are outrageously sexy. Larry found a muscular Bendigan man to marry and bore him many children. Maxine looks back fondly now on the fortunate day Captain Altair had engine trouble on her ship and set down on Bendigo III. It was the best break-down ever.

Thursday, April 9, 2015


Captain Altair allowed me to travel on her ship to the Bengalese home world. I knew the risks. The universe had a decided feminine slant and I was a dude. All I could do was hope I remained a dude when we arrived.

I was warned about trying to fool locals with a disguise. Captain Altair told me stories of men who tried such stunts with bad results. My intentions were to be honest and straight forward. It was important I get to Bengalese and I have no time for deceitful behavior.

On arrival Captain Altair spoke with the authorities. I was brought out of the spaceship and stood before an officer of the Bengalese court. “State your reason for being here,” she said in a hard, matter-of-fact voice. I cleared my throat to dampen my nervousness and said, “I am studying flora with dBase inhibitors for my doctoral degree. Bengalese has the greatest diversity of such flora.”

The officer nodded approval of my reasons. “How long do you intend to stay on Bengalese?” “I would like six months, but any time you allow is greatly appreciated.” I tried to sound as diplomatic as possible. “We do not allow men on Bengalese unless they are breeding stock.” I swallowed hard. “You are approved for six months on Bengalese. You must wear a body suit the entire time you are here. Do you understand?” I nodded. “Good. While you are here you will have a guide at all times. Delilah is your guide,” she pointed to Delilah, “and you will go by the name Sulla.”

The six months went too fast. Soon it was time to leave Bengalese and my body suit behind. After long talks with my guide I decided to petition the court for permanent residency, knowing what that would mean. The court approved my request and made the body suit my permanent body. These alien worlds really grow on a guy.

Paying Bills