Saturday, August 12, 2017

Thy Sister's Keeper

Cherie had had enough of her brother rummaging through her clothes, dressing up and reading her books. Cliff didn’t care what Cherie thought. Her clothes felt so good against his skin even if the fit wasn’t perfect and her choice in reading matched his perfectly. Cliff would keep reading when Cherie entered the room as if she were not there. Dad and mom stopped talking to Cliff about wearing his sister’s clothes because Cliff refused to listen.

It would not be so bad if Cliff didn’t stretch out her clothes, Cherie thought. But he did. When a witch offered Cherie magic dust to sprinkle on her clothes it was an easy sale. Anyone, according to the witch, would turn into her twin if they wore her clothes. Cherie sprinkles the invisible dust on every piece of clothing she had and warned Cliff he’d turn into a girl if he wore her clothes again. Cliff pfffttt’d.

That afternoon Cliff settled into a nice book Cherie was half finished reading and her jeans, sweater, scarf and boots, not to mention her bra and panty. An hour later Cherie walked in. “How you feel, brother?” Cliff ignored her. “My clothes fit better now?” Cliff stopped reading as he did notice Cherie’s clothes did fit better. “I met a witch. She sold me magic dust. I put it on all my clothes.” Cliff put the book down and checked himself out. He was a girl! An exact copy of Cherie! “Don’t worry, sis. I love you and will take care of you. I think I’ll call you Chastity.” Cliff looked at Cherie for a moment and went back to reading her book.


  1. Cherie got what she wanted in the end! Wish it was that easy....zoe

  2. Nice job, that easy, to find magic dust to become who you were meant to be?
    Great job kay


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