Thursday, August 10, 2017

Hard Choices

Men are so excited about their transformation when they enter TG Incorporated they forget about what happens after. Mel came to TG Incorporated to start a new life as a woman. Of course the transformation wentsmooth. What do you expect? Some kind of malfunction, an accident, a change of heart. That hasn’t happened in decades.

The process is fast, complete and smooth. Once you finish orientation to make sure this is what you want—there is no going back—you choose the date for the transformation and method: surgery, hormones, nanobots, body suit, swapping chamber, girly light, the list goes on.

Mel chose nanobots. No surprise there. A full 72% of men now chose nanobots as their preferred method of gender transformation. When Mel stepped out of the hot tub as Erika she was so excited she could barely dry herself off. The next part is the hardest.

The orientation staff needs to get you dressed before they update all your identity papers to help you get on with life. They march you, bare-assed naked, into the on-site clothing store. It is your first opportunity to try on women’s clothing that really fit for the first time. Mel, like most guys, spends a lot of time in the store before making up her mind. Makeup causes the same problem.

Well, Mel is no longer with us—god rest his soul—but Erika is a hot little number in that pink skirt, don’t you think? Now remember, guys. Plan ahead when going to TG Incorporated. Leave plenty of time to find the right outfit the first day you are a girl. It’s important.

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