Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Hiding Places

It started as a prank. His frat buddies dared Tim to wear magic panties. Now Tim dresses the part of Tina. She hides behind sunglasses as if nobody will recognize her. Nobody recognizes her because Tina is a new girl at college and Tim dropped off the map.

Tina had to admit there were advantages to being a girl. Guys paid attention to her and were always looking over their shoulder at her. Heels are easier to walk in if they are boots; Skater dresses feel great when walking outdoors. If there was any problem at all it was washing her hair. Long hair takes more time to wash, dry and style than a crew cut.

Now Tina is ready to get her revenge. She snuck into the frat house and sprinkled a generous portion of TG dust in the underwear drawer of the frat boys. Looks like a few more boys will go AWOL and a new group of girls will be attending college this semester.

1 comment:

  1. Good story Kay.. How about a follow up to when the frat boys wore their underwear that was sprinkled with TG dust and their reactions and what happens next? zoe


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