Wednesday, September 20, 2017


Lucus loved to hunt for treasure is antique shops. Most stuff was over-priced junk. But every now and then a gem would appear from the bottom of a box or the back of a rack. Today was one of those days, Lucas thought. It was an old chest. By itself it had no real value. But inside there was clothing from another era. Again, the value was small. But one article of clothing at the bottom of the chest was a body suit, a body suit legend said could transform any man into a fully functional woman while he wore it. Even though Lucas doubted it would work the legend would make the body suit priceless.

Lucas paid the modest price asked for the chest without any haggling. Lucas normally would dicker on price, but he was too excited. Had carried the chest to his car and raced home. Curiosity had the best of him. He ripped off his clothes and pulled on the body suit. Instantly the fabric snapped tight against his skin. His body transformed within minutes. Then he was a beautiful woman. He called himself Lily.

He took out more old clothes and dressed his new body and took a walk around town. No one had a clue who he was. That night he dressed in the sexiest negligee he ever saw. In the morning he jumped out of bed and admired his beautiful female body in the mirror.

The novelty started to wear off. He knew a body suit with such abilities would fetch millions. He stripped off his clothes and stood naked in his bedroom. The body suit was so tight against his skin he couldn’t tell where it was. Lily, I mean Lucas, went back to the chest and found a book at the bottom. He started paging until he found a bold head: HOW TO REMOVE THE BODY SUIT. There was only one sentence. “The body suit cannot be removed until after the wearer dies.” Lucas’ heart sank. He was going to spend the rest of his life as Lily. And he was not going to make millions. 


  1. Well, worse things could have happened. At least he turned into a good looking woman and enjoys wearing beautiful, sexy lingerie. Really, not such a bad deal! Zoe

  2. I would love my new life as a woman forever and make the best of it! Very beautiful, attractive image!


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