Thursday, January 12, 2017

The New Model

The new model came out from TG Inc. and it was the model every guy wanted, too bad only seven of each model are made. Len wanted the new body so bad it hurt. He paid into the lottery and kept his fingers crossed. He nearly fainted when he got the certified letter in the mail.

The invite was the first step. At TG Inc. headquarters only seven of the 200 chosen will get the body of their dreams. It was Len’s lucky day. As the group was winnowed down in size Len kept making the grade until only seven remained. An attractive woman took Len by the hand and led him to a body mold. He stepped into the mold and the woman closed the cover over him.

Len could not tell how much time passed when the lid unsealed. The same woman was waiting for him and helped him dress as Marlene for the first time. Marlene enjoyed showing off her new body. She loved it so much she took a modeling job. It felt really good putting Len behind her and planning her life as Marlene.

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  1. I would be as aggressive as Len if I had the chance! Zoe


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