Sunday, January 8, 2017

A New Thrill

Warren was born into a rich family. Non-stop excitement and stimulation filled every moment of Warren’s life. But non-stop fun is an illusion and Warren soon bored from things that would make normal people drool with delight.

Warren used his family’s great wealth to body swap with a local stripper. He wanted the excitement of pole dancing while men lusted for him and women were jealous of him. With the money he offered there was no shortage of exotic dancers that were willing to swap with him.

He swapped with Dawn for an agreed upon price for three weeks of rent of her body. Warren made the most of his new body. He danced his heart out and loved the sexy lingerie that came with the job. At the end of the three weeks Warren was ready for a new stimulation. Only there was a problem: Dawn was nowhere to be found with his body. A search was made, but it soon became apparent Dawn wanted Warren’s body forever. No matter. Warren found plenty of excitement with his new body. He loved living the life of Dawn.

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