Monday, March 20, 2017

Lingerie Party

It started as a joke. Ten couples were at a karaoke bar when the discussion turned to who was the better singer. Before long the ten couple chose sides. Each group of five couples bet each other they could get a better cheer from the crowd. The losers would have the husbands get back on stage in magic panties and lingerie and sing until the transformation was complete.

Brenda thought it was hot her husband Kyle was willing to gamble so much on a song. As luck would have it Kyle and the boys were not able to get enough shouts from their singing so they took the stage again dressed as sissies. Kyle took the mic and gave the best performance of her life as the other men stood beside him. Before the song was over all the men were women.

Now Brenda can’t wait to get her husband, Cayce, home and into bed. Cayce was reluctant for about three seconds. The rest of the winners, I mean losers were escorted by their wives to home. Looks like there will be more quality singing before the night is over. 

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