Tuesday, March 21, 2017

For a Good Cause

Scientists discovered the cure for cancer by using penile tissue of men of a certain blood type and genetic makeup. When a survey of all men in the country was completed, it was discovered only 728 men had what it takes to save the lives of countless millions. A pharmaceutical company bought the patents and began soliciting the men. They were guaranteed a life of luxury if they volunteered: free pension from day one, free health care, free home, and benefits for all family members: kids and wife.

In the past, men who volunteered for the little transformation wanted to be women. The 728 were happy as they were; none volunteered. Lives were at stake. David was the first man forced to sacrifice for the greater good of mankind. He was married with three daughters. He fought hard to save his manhood, but it ended with one simple slice. The rest of the changes happened over the next two weeks. By then several hundred people were already cured of cancer.

David was reintroduced to his family as Erin. She discovered it was not so bad after all. It actually felt good to be a woman. Her wife and girls accepted Erin as she was, too. The new house helped.

The powerful medicine ran low quickly. More penile tissue was needed to produce more medicine. Time to test more men. You ready?  

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