Saturday, July 15, 2017

Severance Package

Carlin knew the job was a challenge when he signed the employment contract. What he did not expect is how long three years could be. He was exhausted and worn out from the never-ending hours of stressful work. Breaking the contract was out of the question; the severance clause contained punitive measures to keep all contract employees right where they were.

As the months wore on and the complete breakdown of his body from twenty hour workdays accumulated, the severance clause was not looking so bad. Carlin had no choice. He submitted his resignation. His supervisor smiled. He was taken to a room where he was asked to sit on a pedestal. A girly light ripped out of the ceiling. Carlin’s flesh melted away until all that remains is what you see here. Betsy’s resignation was accepted.

Anyone else want to tender their resignation?

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