Monday, June 5, 2017

Everyone Wants to be Gal

Ever since the new Wonder Woman movie came out starring Gal Gadot, men everywhere have wanted to enjoy the powers of womanhood. TG Incorporated and similar companies were swamped with clients demanding they be changed into Wonder Woman.

Gadot, seeing a massive marketing opportunity, licensed her image for reproduction. Men could now be exactly like Wonder Woman. The sales slogan: Be a Gal. Get it? Over 12 million men did.

Every available method to transform a man into a woman worked at maximum capacity. Gadot demanded TG Inc. push as hard as possible while the getting was good. Magic panties were sold out, nanobot production was at an all-time high, and hormones and surgery went on round the clock.

But all good things come to an end. Gadot enjoyed the run and all the licensing money. Eventually the number of remaining men wanted to be Gal ebbed. It wasn’t long before Gal Gadot perked up again, however. The promise of more licensing money was right around the corner. They just announced a sequel. 

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